Woyanne lost several towns to ONLF in a massive counter-offensive (AFP)

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ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopian rebels have launched a wide offensive in the southeastern Somali ethnic Ogaden region and recaptured seven towns from government forces, they claimed Saturday in a statement.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) said in a statement received by AFP that it had launched a broad offensive on several fronts on November 10.

“The operation involved thousands of ONLF troops and resulted in two days of heavy fighting. A significant number of Ethiopian troops have been killed and their military hardware captured or destroyed,” it said.

The ONLF said its forces entered the towns of Obolka, Hamaro, Higlaaley, Yucub, Galadiid, Boodhaano and Gunogabo, where government forces had deployed troops and positioned military hardware.

“ONLF forces were warmly welcomed by the population in these areas and are administering medical care to those civilians killed by retreating Ethiopian occupation forces,” the statement said.

Formed in 1984, the ONLF is fighting for the independence of ethnic Somalis in Ethiopia’s oil-rich Ogaden region, who they say have been marginalised by Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian military launched an offensive against ONLF rebels after they attacked a Chinese-run oil venture in Ogaden in April 2007, killing 74 people.

In April, Ethiopia said it had significantly weakened the rebels, a claim the insurgents dismissed.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    An army lead by its enemy is destined for defeat. It is just a matter of time to see Meles army disintegrate in front of our eyes.

  2. god keep ethiopia
    | #2

    don’t depaned on by millitary force ,than mass popular support, may woyanie starting lisning the pepopl.

  3. banjaw
    | #3

    I am proud on my somalian brothers courage and ditermnation. GOD bless you.

  4. Lemissoo
    | #4

    ONLF is doing its work. What is OLF doing? They have the support of 50% of the population in East Africa and they are doing any thing.

    Woyane is building Tigray by the selling OROMO coffee.

    Let the fight continue in aggressive manner.

  5. desta
    | #5

    viva olf get those weyane TPLF

  6. justice for all
    | #6

    As much as I want to see Meless defeated, I can not help to wonder who is behind the ONLF? May be the OIL LORDS? Where ever there is OIL, there is always trouble. Or, could it be Woyanes are giving up intentionally to dismantle Ethiopia? I bet Meless would rather destroy Ethiopia than stepping down from power.

  7. zeh
    | #7

    yeh viva Ogaden liberation front
    Males tranny shut the fuck up

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    Hi Dears,

    Those who are delighted with the victory of ONLF, you must be a member of ONLF, TPLF or EPLF because it is well known that EPLF, ONLF and TPLF are number one enemies for our beloved nation. All of them are targeting to destabilize our country. Those of you who are sympathizers for one or for all of these devilish groups, please be hopeless, you will never succeed, Ethiopia and the unity of the Ethiopian people shall prevail for ever .

  9. Major Dagnachew
    | #9

    They can’t represent the “Ethiopian government force”. These woyannes’doesn’t deserve this great name. They are “woyannes’ force”. And,they are lead by uneducated selfish Tigreans,that have no acadamic background to lead the military.They simply honor the name General and Cornel from their boss,Mels,for their role of bing mindless slave. That’s why they have been defeted by less armed Somalis. Death to them!!
    The Ethiopian Military force will soon be lead by true Ethiopian& Educated Militaries!

  10. Dody
    | #10

    great job ONLF!!!

  11. Anonymous
    | #11

    I don’t like the TPLF.I don’t like the ONLF,either.Both are nasty groups.
    Under TPLF,I live under tyranny and corruption.With ONLF,I am faced with cessation,disintegration and regional instability.
    I can’t ask ONLF to abandon its separatist agenda fueled by its so called Arabist identity as much as I can not ask the TPLF to give up its power.

  12. yasebal
    | #12

    It is just because we hate Woyane we are supporting the one who split Ethiopia for good.People, see their agenda before supporting.I hate Woyane, but when it comes Ethiopian disintegration Woyane are more Ethiopian than those who doesn’t even like to be called Ethiopian.

  13. Lemissoo
    | #13


    Who started and still persuing disintegration? Is not woyane here for this purpose? Do not be hypocrite. ONLF is not to be blamed now.

  14. Helina
    | #14


    There are many people who may agree with you. But TPLF is fighting for the lost cause. I am sure Melese and his associates know it well. TPLF gave somali to decide their own fate by the highest law o the land, the constitution. Why then TPLF went into war with its own constitution. The simple answer is to prolong its life and looting spree all over Ethiopia before its disintegration. If you think TPLF is fighting for Ethiopian integrity, you are dead wrong my friend.

    I am afraid we lost Ethiopia when we were forced into ethnic encalves and our children endoctrinated with ethnicity and deprived ethiopian patriotism.

    Dea Yasbal,

    Dont’t act like Hailu Shaulel who is trying to sleep with the devil who is raping, his mother Ethiopia for the sake of “better tommorrow.”

  15. south peoples!
    | #15

    keep on with the good job.We in the south ethiopia are in support of ur struggle…

  16. ደምስ
    | #16

    I’m not sure this is true or not. Somebody has to back it up with some kind of video for me to believe it. They do not want to be part of Ethiopia, they can go to hell. I’m not sure why the joy because ONLF attack our country.

    This could be the dictator Melese strategy to get support in the coming election. Ethiopian will be united when it comes to our country.

  17. Ethio-Man
    | #17

    I am against ethnics politics of TPLF/EPRDF. But I support fully the government of Ethiopia when it comes to the fight against these narrow minded liberation fronts (ONLF, OLF, etc..) that do not represent the interest of Ethiopian people.

  18. Somalew
    | #18


    We Somalis do not beleive in coersive unity. If you think Ethiopia can be united by force, you are daydreaming. And if we go by your attitude we should stop fighting TPLF and cooperate with them. Think of Ogaden, Gambella, Afar, beneshagul, Tigre, Oromo, Sidamo and many more as one front against those, like you, who want Ethiopia of the past.You better THINK before you TALK.

  19. Justice
    | #19

    Viva ONLF!!! keep it up. Please my Ethiopian brothers and sisters don’t get wrong from ONLF They aren’t fighting for separate country but for self-determination of Ogaden people so if you treat well with the Ogadenis they will choose to stay with Ethiopia and vice versa. Let a peace rain over the horn of africa people.

  20. ethiopiwi
    | #20

    “But I support fully the government of Ethiopia when it comes to the fight against these narrow minded liberation fronts (ONLF, OLF, etc..)” you mean Ethiopian government is this banda dictator meles and he is not narrow minde and he is represent Ethiopian interest. fanny are you sure you are not weyane banda ?????

  21. olega
    | #21

    What is ONLF ? they can not be a treat for united Ethiopia , this is a fabricated news.

  22. Gezaw
    | #22

    ethiopiwi,Ethio-Man,yasebal and others,
    What are you thinking? if you don’t know the art of politics just shut the f*** and don’t open your mouth wide to destroy the country you love by inflaming the problem. Learn to approach in matured way. you should learn how to respect these poeple such as ONLF and OLF Your kind of arogance will lead Ethiopians to more problem,if not destroying the country(Ethiopia)you love. Why don’t you find a way to connect to these people which may change their mind if approached in proper way. Learn the art of engaging in meaningful way!!

  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    All LF’s are narrowly Organized and United for Certain group of ppl ,What I wanna see is a United prosperous and democratic Ethiopia which is suitable for all its Citzens ,All This LF’s as We learned from TPLF started to “librate themselves from Certain Groups”Once in power they are in a massive looting Campaign of Others inorder to Enrich their area of the Country -Its and Evil and Unjust -A struggle I support is not a movment of one Ethnic -I’m for A united Democratic and justice Strugle for All Ethiopians

  24. Kebede
    | #24

    We Ethiopians should be wise , ONlf objective to sceced the somali region from EThiopia, they are devil group and a messager of Arabs mercenary. We should hand to hand elaminate this devil forces.

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