Woyanne returns Badme to Eritrea – AP

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UNITED NATIONS “” After years of conflict and a tense border dispute, the Woyanne regime in Ethiopia has accepted a U.N. commission’s ruling to turn over a disputed town to Eritrea. (more…)

UNITED NATIONS “” After years of conflict and a tense border dispute, the Woyanne regime in Ethiopia has accepted a U.N. commission’s ruling to turn over a disputed town to Eritrea.

The Woyanne dictatorship gave its unconditional acceptance of the commission’s decision, announced five years ago, that it return the key town of Badme to Eritrea, in a letter last week to the U.N. Security Council.

“I believe it’s good news “¦ that was one of the bottlenecks in the situation,”? U.N. associate spokesman Yves Sorokobi said Thursday. “If they do agree, it should move the process forward a bit more quickly.”?

The Horn of Africa neighbors initially promised to accept the boundary commission’s 2002 ruling awarding Badme to Eritrea, but Ethiopia has not handed it over.

Both countries claim Badme and fought a bloody 2 1/2-year war after Ethiopian soldiers opened fire on Eritrean soldiers in the border town in 1998.

A 2000 truce agreeing to cease hostilities has made the border more peaceful, but tensions have occasionally flared to the point international observers feared a new war could break out.

Sorokobi said there have been no relations between the two sides.

The commission renewed its call for a response from the two countries last month, giving a November deadline for the implementation of its decision on the new border.

Eritrea responded to the commission’s request in May, agreeing with the decision.

Since its publication last week, there has been virtually no reaction to the Ethiopian [Woyanne] acceptance.

Eritrea’s U.N. Mission said no one was available to comment.

“There needs to be an official reaction and to the best of my knowledge it hasn’t happened yet,”? Sorokobi said.

The Security Council will be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Friday and Saturday to meet with African Union and Ethiopian officials at the start of a five- country African mission. Sorokobi said the Ethiopia-Eritrea border issue will probably be discussed.

A 2005 U.N. resolution called for a 1,000-kilometer (620-mile) buffer zone between the two countries, but in the past year Eritrean forces have moved into the zone and have stymied efforts by U.N. peacekeepers to monitor the area. The Security Council has repeatedly called for Eritrea to lift its restrictions, including its ban on U.N. helicopter flights and night patrols.

Sorokobi said there is not much the U.N. can do to force the two parties to cooperate.

“The U.N. has not handed out any punishment to Eritrea even though it is aware for several months now,”? he added.

The U.N. peacekeeping force in the tense buffer zone has been reduced in the past year by 2,500 troops to 1,700. Authorization for the force expires next month, but Sorokobi said that it will likely be extended.

If the new border decision is not implemented, Sorokobi warned that “positions will probably harden.”?

“There has been an increase of hostile rhetoric from both parties and it’s something that has preoccupied the situation,”? he said.

  1. Michael Moore
    | #1

    How come those all people died for nothing? Look please this video how those 123000 Ethiopians died for unwanted war!

  2. rkely
    | #2

    what a shemles is it this is don by the melese zenawe to move back the world tention over his head and making a dsition on the polectical presoner what he wont but recently you will see the ethiopian solgers began to seplite and have a good respond to zenawee

  3. Haile
    | #3

    The people of Ethiopia and Eritrea are one and the same. They do not deserve all this killings and distructions. it breaks my heart to see all these childrens (soldiers) dead. Theey all have families, and mothers who love them dearly. It is Isayas and Woyane who are coninousely bringing death and distructions on them. Their childrens and family memebers are not dying. On the contrary they are enjoying by spending millions of dollars stolen from the poor.

    I pray that one day the selfish Woyne and war lover shabia will face justes and pay for the distuction they cause to this two countries.

  4. Jiovanni
    | #4

    Why are some of you still saying that we the Eritrean people and you the ethiopians are the same people? It is amazing that I do not hear any one of you say the same to the Kenyans or Botswanians or Somalis for that matter. Let it go. We are not the same. We are foreign to you just like you are likewise to us.
    You will be in peace with your self only and only when you let go every thing Eritrean, just like you are about to do with the barren land of Badime, which is going to be used as a garbage dump site for us.

  5. Jiovanni
    | #5

    Oh by the way, worry about your deads and do not mention of ours. Again, I wouldn’t care if any ethiopian dies in a proccess of trying to distabilise our Eritrea or to take what is ours. So,are you saying that you are sorry because my Eritrean brothers and sisters died doing what is right? In other words are you admitting that you were trying to steal Badime? For you to be sorry for people who do not like you (Eritreans) is an assertation that you were wrong to initiate your evil war towards us.
    Just get the hell out as fast as possible and let’s go our own way. As usual you go one foot back wards and we will go one foot farwards.

  6. Habesha
    | #6

    All Ethiopians need to realize who is leadeing us…Meles is half Eritrean (His father was Ethiopian, but a banda kicked out of Adwa to Eritrea.) Sebhat nega is derivative of Eritrean bandas who fought along side Italian fascists. Unfortunately, they have used the name “Tigray” People’s Liaberation Front in their quest to take power. Middle Ethiopians have been the guards of our people from Tigray when Sheabia invaded us when Meles waited until Sheabia finished digging a 100km long hiding hole in badme in the name of diplomacy. He is quick to kill our people when his seat is threatened, but allow the Eritreans base firmly on our land while we were invaded!! over 100.000 Ethiopians paid the price of Meles’ strategic waiting game and we took back our land!! Dear Ethiopians from TPLF itself like Seye Abreha were thrown in jail when they questioned Meles’ backing of Sheabia! Meles went to Aljeirs and signed to abide by a border ruling comission and gave them eveidences that point to Badime being as part of Eritrea and not Ethiopia, the commission ruled according to Meles’ evidence and said the town belongs to Eritrea. Meles then was hesitant to give away the Ethiopian town since it may raise an oppositiion from TPLF itself. Eritrean were crossing borders into badme during the post war period and forcing villagers in Badme to say they are Eritreans while EPRDF officials ignored the situation.

    Weeks after Sebhat Nega gave an interview that exposed his inner-love for Eritrea and all out againsst Ethiopia, Meles’ government agreed to give away badme without any preconditions, like they gave away Asab, to Eritrea.

    This is a time for Ethiopian unity based on our common interest to maintain our Nation. Few individuals under Ethnic-biased support are detriorating Ethiopia slowly while some of us support them, most of sit asid and watch, and few of us fight!

    What in the world are our oppositiions doing? Drinking beer in DC?

  7. dildil
    | #7


    Are you one of those hybrid shabia? you know what I mean ….selato/shabia or italian/shabia.

    Eritrean people and ethiopians are the same in terms of what they eat and how they dress. As far as intelligence and pride is concerned …you are right we are not the same. Eritrean people are real backward. Their biggest hope is to be a servant for an italian.

    Serve your masters as usual.

  8. Haile
    | #8

    Jivoanni when I write about ethiopians and eritreans I am not including you. as for you i see that you are a selato who is raped by your master italians…do not woory you are not part of this discussion you are busy giving a head to your masters

  9. zalalm
    | #9

    no one nows where badam is located

  10. Dan
    | #10

    Hey hey hey,

    Leave Giovani alone. Unlike in Ethiopia, in Eritrea there is no division of any type as far as the people are concerned. There can be black Eritrean, there could be cloured Eritrea , there can even be white Eritrea. All Eritreans are equal irrespective of there colour, religion, or Ethnicity. Keep your rediculous division in your part of the country and stop exporting it to Eritrea.

    If you do not agree with Giovani’s idea, then respond to his idea not to his colour.


  11. dildil
    | #11

    Hey dan,

    It is “yadebabay mistre”(an open secret) that you guys are really messed up as chaos itself. We know that there are dislikes among shabias from addis(amiche) and native ones, muslim and chritians, Essayas supporters and non supporters and so on . No surprise that you are defending giovani, your master’s blood.

    So you need to chill …
    you spagheti eating
    Italians’ ass licking shabia


  12. Dan
    | #12


    I am an Amiche. But, I do not have any problem with any Eritrean. Half my families are in Eritrea and the other half were in Ethiopia. Do you thing that I have enemity with my cousin who is born in Asmara ? You must be kidding. The division that you are writing about is only in your mind. Like any normal society, there are government supporters and opposition supporters. But all this has nothing to do with colour, Religion or your country of birth. This division based on Ethnica background (the most backward form of division) is officially available in Ethiopia (thanks to the Dedebit policy makers).

  13. Hagera
    | #13

    Forget about ethiopia and eritrea everyone is the same in Eyes of God! Amen Lets not be narrow minded wasting our lives by hating others when we could be injoing our live by having personal relationship with Jesus and The Lord God. Really I do care about who Bademe Belongs to but Its better to go and Join the military and fight than Just sitting under the computer getting angry at what someone wrote that you can’t even see the person. My God help us live in peace and Harmoney again. There is too many distructions between Ethiopia and Eritrea as well as around the World. This is a sign of the end of the world according to the Bible of Mathew chapter 24.

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