Manipulation of the legal system and the making of totalitarianism in Ethiopia

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Over the last 16 years the Ethiopian people have suffered under the tyrannical rule of EPRDF. (more…)


Over the last 16 years the Ethiopian people have suffered under the tyrannical rule of EPRDF.

The gross violation of human rights, the absolute disregard for the rule of law, and the general absence of basic democratic practices, like the independence of the judicial system from direct interference by the executive, has been well documented by various human rights organizations. This sad state of affairs is also well known to western governments who, despite the lofty rhetoric of championing freedom and democracy, continue to bestow external legitimacy on a regime that has completely lost legitimacy at home. The situation has been steadily deteriorating since the botched May 2005 elections in which the overwhelming majority of the people voted out the ruling party. Against popular will it however continues to cling to power by sheer force.

The Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (AFD) strongly condemns the conviction of the leaders of the Coalition for Unity & Democracy (CUD) on trumped up charges. This politically motivated, sudden and unjust verdict by the kangaroo court is another indication of the totalitarian nature of the EPRDF/TPLF regime and a sign of desperation.

Moreover, the ongoing brutal crackdown deliberately targeting the civilian population in Ogaden, the widespread arbitrary detentions of teachers, students and professionals in Oromia, Sidama and the Amhara regions and the general condition of state-perpetrated insecurity throughout the country have created a tense and potentially explosive political situation.

AFD believes the way forward is not more repression and another episode of perverting the rule of law, but rather the convening of an all-inclusive dialogue among all stakeholders leading to a peaceful transition to a more just, representative and democratic order. All past attempts at peaceful resolution of the conflicts in Ethiopia have been frustrated by the intransigence of the regime. AFD warns EPRDF/TPLF that the time of reckoning has arrived and that it will be solely responsible for all the consequences if it fails to reverse course and come to its senses.

We call on the international community to bring pressure on the TPLF regime to secure the immediate and unconditional release of the CUD leaders and all other political prisoners and heed the call for peace and reconciliation through dialogue. While the primary burden to make this regime accountable for its tyrannical acts rests with the people of Ethiopia, it is time for its backers to realize that the patience of the people to living under tyranny has been totally exhausted and that they can no longer be kept subservient even at gunpoint.

During this difficult and most trying of times the members of the AFD stand in solidarity with the unjustly convicted CUD leaders and all political prisoners languishing in the various prisons and secret detention camps of the EPRDF/TPLF and extend deep sympathy to their loved ones.

The just struggle for Freedom & Democracy in Ethiopia shall prevail!

Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (AFD)

  1. Mimi
    | #1

    It is uplifting to see the AFD members come together once again to address the burning issue of our time. The struggle a head of us needs our unity and if we are united, victory is a certain thing. Woyanne survives so far just because we created a comfortable environment for it. Woyanne is a disease that only lives in hateful and divisive environment. Now, AFD is a good start for strong unity and mutual respect that will bring us the peace, democracy and unity that we have been longing for.

    Thank you the AFD members for being there in these dark hours of our time.

  2. zalalm
    | #2

    afd is cud + olf + onlf

  3. Hagos
    | #3

    It is a great news Zalalm to see all those organization work together to solve their country problem. It would be a good idea for TPLF after diluting the false or the shadow EPRDF and join with their real exciting governing name TPLF before it is to late. This is a big step to the new miliniem. AFD showing solidarity with CUD

  4. Tegen
    | #4

    It is heart breaking to see that some people are hoping and praying desperately to see something come out of the CUD+OLF+ONLF clique, it’s like expecting an egg from a ROOSTER.

    Opposing the government is another thing but the combination of this three groups with conflicting agendas is doomed to fail from the begining,
    sometimes I wonder if those who support this unholly marriege know that they are directly or indirectly tightening the loop on their “incarserated leaders”.

    May God wake you up from your day dream.

  5. yaphet
    | #5

    A person with a right mind would not support AFD unless and otherwise the person is insane ,and Kinijit is like rocking chair it keeps you busy but it takes you nowhere.

    Woyane for life!!!!

  6. | #6

    your partial equilibrum is unstable .You should have equated it to ABSULUT ETHIOPIAN.
    It goes :-

  7. zalalm
    | #7

    dont forget that onlf and olf agenda ok

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