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As Franklin Delano Roosevelt talked of meeting “the unprecedented task before us” during his first Inaugural address in 1933, Ethiopia too, has now faced an unprecedented new crisis that demanded our unprecedented unity and unprecedented commitment to preserving Ethiopia’s treasured lands, justice, peace, liberty, freedom, that also calls for the situation, an immediate unprecedented steps and unprecedented action to bring down the TPLF dictators and Ethiopia destroyers. Therefore, the desire to be seen as treading on an unbeaten path should be a part of the Medrek and other opposition’s entire brand to win this battle of the modern day battalions.

Meles Zenawi is a truly foreign enemy hired agent with an Ethiopian face and a devil’s heart. Although he is a weak little man and far weaker than Adolph Hitler, but wicked perhaps, nonetheless the threat he posed on Mother Ethiopia and our future is better dealt with now before it is too late. But the history of appeasement does not change. Hitler was once a weak little man too, and it was the concessions of the appeasers like the west and our homegrown power hungry sods Lidetu Kihdetu, Jillu Hailu and all party members in EPRDF coalition who puffed him up to stay on power. Once Meles has the support of our enemies in the West and modern day betrayers and bandas, he will beat the drum of war against us as well as our neighbours to stay on power as in the past and continue to oppress and starve the nation. It will be a war that the new appeasers, like the old appeasers who rallied against Churchill after Hitler’s first blitzkrieg. Our opposition parties who are now wasting their precious time with the so-called Jewish Mediator Professor Ephrem Isaac (what a joke too, as if we don’t have elders and mediators in Ethiopia) will bitterly regret that they did not unite to fight when they had the chance to win. Why need a Jewish?

As the wise men rightly said too, success justifies all things. If the opposition unites, stood firm with their demands to install democracy and Meles is gone, peace and democracy flourishes in Ethiopia, his regime, supporters and appeasers Like Lidetu Kihdetu, Jillu Hailu Erkusu Chamisso and their likes will look ridiculous in the eyes of all patriotic Ethiopians and the entire world. If they fail to unite as they have always been in the past two or three decades to lose, again fooled by the so-called Shimagle scum and many things go wrong as always, Ethiopians shall have cause for tears. It is the great black hole at the centre of Ethiopian politics. Seldom has the opposition been presented with so many open goals and golden opportunities to win. But Increasingly, they manage to remain invincible, unheard, ineffective, irrelevant, disunited and disorganised. All what we hear is that they are at loggerheads with each other on a bowl of soup or they have formed a united front and yet no solid action. Some even are resorted to publishing articles and bashing one another over Internet, Radios and TV about things they should have sorted out behind closed doors. Meles may be as mad, bad and dangerous to know as he is; but as with so many regimes around the world today, the opposition seemed very content with him for a disturbingly long time, 19 years to be precise. So why hasn’t their recent Formation and Unification and plans seen the light of day, especially as it would undoubtedly have commanded massive support like in the 2005s?

Where are their diplomatic campaigns? Where is the pressure on TPLF? Simple! Because some of them still foolishly think it undermines their attempt to present themselves as an inclusive, touchy-feely parties. Pathetic! But then, this is part of an all too familiar pattern we have witnessed in the past 40 years. That is a gift to their opponent TPLF if they fail to do that. In politics, there is a room for only one great man or woman at any time. Hence party leaders must stop dreaming to be on top before even been elected to rule the country and think of saving Ethiopia & the oppressed Ethiopians for a change. Their lack of unity for the sake of our people, beloved country and lack of a killer instinct and above all, their lack of any political instincts at all is becoming not just embarrassing, but tragic too, & badly hurting the struggle. Their lamentable ineffectiveness and lack of courage leave a yawning gap in politics for extremists like the TPLF led by Meles: the Eritrean trained foreign agent to exploit and further damage Ethiopian unity and sovereignty. Uncertainty, lack of confidence, a shortage of intellectual convictions, a strange desire to only please few circles and wishful thinking for power could be among the problems of some opposition parties. Hence if any one is isolated from reality, if any one is detached from plain commonsense, it is not only Meles Zenawi and his cronies in the past 19 years. It is also those puffed up opposition parties who were talking gibberish all the time and fighting each other like school bullies. We must not also forget those opportunist and failed politicians, weak individuals & useless intellectuals. As a result of these ridiculous weaknesses, we are all sleepwalking into a reckless war of aggression in and outside the oppressed, looted, disease infected, starved and landlocked Ethiopia. History is littered with examples of failed generals who lost many battles because they prepared for the last war instead of the next one. In its anxiety to learn the lessons of three fraudulent elections and one or two before that, these opposition parties must guard themselves against making the same mistakes again. Inability to recognize that the 2010 election will be fought in totally different and difficult circumstances from the previous contests could cost us dearly than before. The coming years will bring more evidences of TPLF’s brutality and misfortunes. So, why hasn’t all these opposition political parties started to make more impacts now on their own instead of playing in the same old Professor Ephrem and TPLF dramas? Forgive me, but I have anger against some opposition, individuals, who are flirting with ex-TPLF officials. Having said that, the self-flagellation amid evidence of TPLF failure on almost every side is bewildering to those genuine Ethiopian voters seeking an alternative to a very traitorous regime that tries to hide its shortcomings and blunders behind a smokescreen of deception, corruption and the dying people of Ethiopia. The millions of people threatened by consequences of TPLF incompetence and terror grows every day. They yearn for some group or some party to give them hope. Therefore, I urge all Medrek Coalition members and all other political activists like Ginbot 7 etc…to act really faster and stronger than before. Otherwise, better not participate in the unfair election. To achieve that, opposition parties “must place the national duty over and above their differences” to be able to genuinely work together. They should further strive to provide “honest and clear” opposition manifestos in the face of a very cynical and increasingly discredited TPLF regime that clearly been proven to have been supported by the US not to do good but to divide, weaken and destroy our Ethiopia. The opposition parties don’t want endless self-analysis but some real and practical alternative to the present weak, divided, too frightened & support-less government. It is time to go beyond saying we’ll help the oppressed, and the vulnerable citizens.

Therefore, for all major opposition political parties, 2010 could be a defining and do or die year. Failure to do so would sap public morale further and could mean the party members and the public in general looking somewhere for better leaders and better strategies like that of the armed forces and the Ginbot 7 strategists that seemed be able to topple the un-elected and fascist regime by all other means than the so-called peaceful methods that did not work to date while TPLF seemed to be allergic to peaceful transition of power after been defeat through ballot boxes in 2005. The opposition parties will be letting down not only themselves but also Ethiopia if at the middle of 2010; the people of Ethiopia cannot look at them as an alternative to the TPLF government. If you take a great public show out of the “we are different now” project, you accomplish three things: you remind everybody pointedly of how unattractive they thought you were in the first place, you make it look as if you are consumed by appearance and propaganda rather than a good principle (thus understanding your most effective charge against your opponents), and you appear insecure, weak and vindictive toward those who have been loyal followers (which makes voters more inclined to think you are bloody stupid). None of these can agree and say it is a good thing. It is not their principles, ideas and or change of names that make parties loose or fail in elections. It is lack of principle and absence of ideas and unity. The Ethiopian electorate and the public in general may not seem idealistic or ideological, but it does not like political parties that seem to have no firm beliefs or philosophical directions. I believe our children and future generation will have a better chance of growing up in a safer and peaceful world if we help to put Ethiopia back on more progressive and democratic path. With the political stakes rising by the hour in our country and in the Diaspora, history will judge our opposition political parties if they fail to unite and take action against the present regime. The big door is wide open for them. They must make an impact soon. They must stop looking and acting frightened, selfish, greedy and ridiculous. The public is fed up of their silly ‘theatre of politics’.

I would also like to remind the general public that we either “unite behind them or shut up and die with shame.” That is not a threat but an appeal for unity and a strong warning against the opposition to save our country. The Ethiopian people are not the slightest bit interested in all these nonsense, mutterings, accusations and counter-accusations that go on in and outside the country. All they want to know is whether a party/coalition has a clear sense of direction and if they are the right alternative to a rapidly falling government. Yes, stop running to foreign Embassies to lick their boots and mobilize the public behind your programmes. The foreign Embassies especially the American and British Embassies are proved time and time again to be supporters and appeasers of the EPRDF regime sadly ignoring all the human right abuses, atrocities, beatings, imprisonments, massacres and all thefts of the nation’s wealth.

For me to go public on exposing and reminding these parties is not a personal matter but is a belief that the best way to beat off poorly-organized oppositions and conspiracies is to face them down directly on behalf of the public and for the sake of our country. My message is simple and stark: unite and beat evil forces and or die in vain. It is time for honesty and realism. If a country was in need of a fresh start, it is Ethiopia. From almost every perspective, Meles’s premiership has been a total disaster. Soon or later, Ethiopian voters have the chance to sack him and bring him to justice in The Hague. They should do so if they have a strong opposition party to lead them. But if a change of government is to make a real difference, Ethiopians also need to be honest with them. All Ethiopians and not Mr. Zenawi, should stop blaming others for their misfortunes. Meles stands accused of ignoring humanitarian norms and basic human rights that most people in this modern world take for granted. It is really obscene; it is nauseating and evokes both anger and sheer contempt. Now, he started selling our lands, gold mines to amass wealth for its endowment companies and their private accounts held offshore secret banks in Asia and in the West. It is a mystery to still seeing him highly motivated to stick to power as industrial glue. He lacks not only all the credentials to be a leader but also a leadership image and personality despite wearing his costly Italian suits. But democratic oppositions are at great disadvantage in dealing with Meles. They always foolishly believed in fair play not knowing that fairness was not in TPLF’s dictionary. Meles is a tyrant and as history has shown tyrants do not respond to diplomacy, they only use it for their ends. However, much we long for peace we must not be suckered into Meles’s macabre. As we all have witnessed in the past 19 years it looks as if God is banned from the Ethiopian constitution to avoid causing offences to Meles and his henchmen, a view not shared by millions of Ethiopians. The sooner he is perished with his tribal-apartheid system, the greater victory is for all Ethiopians. A fresh start therefore requires honesty & realism about all threats to the integrity and cohesion of Ethiopian society. And in all honesty, who would re-elect a cruel man with such a grotesque record? Perhaps, some TPLF demons out there. The danger of course is that Meles could simply take all muttering for acquiescence. He is not a leader of much self-doubt, and his power over the past 19 years has been so awesome that he has lost the habit of taking advice from his cabinet colleagues and totally lost interest for Ethiopians.

Therefore, he backs his own hunches to destroy Ethiopia. As a result too, we are on the brink of another war and real tragedies surround us. Well, this is a time for us all to challenge and change his habit of a lifetime. The public is mightily angry at this regime. As an Ethiopian & freethinker too, I decided to again speak out on this serious issue for that anger, with annoyance and that disappointment the public have suffered. At the very moment, Meles Zenawi is entering the most perilous phase of his premiership; the opposition has resorted to its favourite pastime ripping itself apart than ripping the TPLF apart. The public who believed that the unification signalled the end of division and bring modernization can barely conceal their glee. Some opposition is using their customer bluntness to dance on the graves of the other modernizers. EDP and AEUP, phantoms and so-called oppositions are now reduced to redundant and irrelevant rumps in the Ethiopian politic. They had sadly written themselves out of the debate by pretending to look the front-runner by excluding Medrek from signing the Code Misconduct to shine, wine and dine in the TPLF camp for the next 5 years. Medrek should not “click its heels” and allow EDP and AEUP or other “awkward squads” to spoil their fast marching to unity and victory. All sides of opposition must abandon rhetoric and give the public serious arguments if the right choice is to be made. In my opinion and that of millions, EDP and AEUP are comprehensively off the field of play as oppositions. They unashamedly became TPLF puppets. All these suggest the opposition have not yet learned the lessons from the past and that they have little idea of how to do things differently before the next one. They must learn that, predict the future and form the present winning strategy. Otherwise, Meles must be pleased to have something to smile about again for taming the two party leaders. Therefore, whether one likes it or not and increasingly a defining debate for the next general election will be between the present government, Medrek and three major puppet parties of EPRDF: OPDO, ANDM, and SEPDF that will team up and or unite with the TPLF. And the other two recruits EDP and AEUP of course? What shameless creatures too, to betray 80 million Ethiopians? Therefore, unless these parties in Medrek make major games fast, they may well be in the contest for less time than the late Sadam Hussein’s anger therapist. If Medrek stands for democracy, they would have been in a good position by now, to show the people of Ethiopia a “better way” forward. Instead they are showing some weaknesses in negotiating with the wicked regime and even within themselves to devise in unison a truthful strategic vision to win in the next election. The opposition’s in fighting reflected the collapse of their self-belief.

Is Medrek listening to the Ethiopian people’s cries or just talking gibberish with the TPLF Jewish Kingmaker: Nutty Professor Ephrem to surrender like Jillu Hailu and Lidetu Kihdetu?

Why can’t these people behave more truthfully and sensibly? The exasperated question needs, partly a psychologists response. People trapped in self-destructive cycles of violence often want to get out of the trap, but they still couldn’t. But the standard response is wrong and superficial for another reason it confuses consequences with causes. Everything has gone badly wrong. It has become irrelevant to ask some opposition parties to stop their daily bouts or bad circus entertainment. Because political parties are groups of ambitious people bound together by the desire for self-help and promotion. They are vehicles whereby the views of self-chosen elites can be imposed on the democratic masses. And the clarion called for party unity and party loyalty work when the party itself works as a vehicle for careers. Politicians then see the collective as the most efficient way of promoting their self-interest. Therefore, in my humble opinion, honest and unbiased political judgment, we have an excellent multi-ethnic coalition and a better future with Medrek. We should all rally round behind them or work with them. We should all support them because if we do that now, we can go on, we show the people of our country that we can provide them with a better way of doing things and secure our country from further destruction if the votes are not stolen again by TPLF or we miserably fail to secure victory. Therefore, I believe there is room with disagreement between opposition parties and or even personalities but there is no room for lack of seriousness for Ethiopia. In the past 19 years of their struggle, we all expected to see them do better than this. But they have repeatedly failed miserably to date. Hence if these oppositions could not agree on simple issues like working together on important matters and unite to topple this evil and most hated regime, how on earth can they be able to unite a terribly divided nation and heal the wounds? And if they can’t now fight for our sovereignty, in my opinion, they can go to hell forever. Nevertheless, I believe the only possible way to force Meles into resignation without bloodshed is for the whole opposition parties to line up shoulder-to-shoulder against his misbehaviour, without any gaps. There are millions out there to be persuaded “steadily, month by month, our influence and credibility is fast growing.” The electorates are no longer interested in labels of left and right, Tigre, Amhara, Oromo or Guraghe so on and so forth. But and instead are striving to get rid of the traitors and the knaves to set out a new landscape for a united new politics and real democracy. Hence the message the opposition and the public as a whole need to give the government are: they may walk over our lands for a while but they cannot walk over us anymore and sell our lands as well. Meles Zenawi may have crowned and appointed himself king of the Tigrai jungle. But this should not last for too long. He should be deposed.

Ethiopians have learnt to their cost that, with Prime Misery Meles Zenawi, his political advantage usually takes precedence over any other considerations for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The only consolation for Ethiopians is that Meles Zenawi is now at the end of his present and probably last term, so in six months time, Ethiopians will have to vote him out. Ethiopia deserves a patriotic and loyal leader than Meles Zenawi. The steadfast path toppling him, with legal methods and force if necessary is right too? As the years go by, one disaster after another shows clearly what some people refused to admit: the problem is Meles Zenawi. A brand new and strong challenge this time to destroy the dictatorial regime could be the only solution. It is the obligation of all of us Ethiopians to avoid further disaster and prevent the suffering of our people. And the first person required to do this is Meles Zenawi himself. It all depends on him otherwise; it will be fatal if the public reacted angrily later. The difference of Medrek’s approach lies in this: they believe these problems can and must be solved by peaceful political and democratic means and I go along with that too? But they should always re-examine their plans and strategies too, if it has really worked or not. They should also do their utmost to work with other major opposition parties and the public. I would like to also add that in my opinion, there has never been a better time to be a good opposition and to choose time to fight. It is now or never. Nevertheless, it is not enough to simply say: other plans and strategies adopted by some major opposition parties like Ginbot 7 and the armed forces are very bad too? The ability to define clear narrative is a key test for all incumbent opposition parties. If action is not taken peacefully some groups may help ignite the public’s frustration, and fuel the extremist parties and groups that have mushroomed in recent years. And what are we doing too, about OLF’s and ONLF’s questions? Are we going to keep alienating, belittling, ridiculing and labelling them as terrorists and engage ourselves in armed confrontation with them year after year like TPLF or involve them for the roundtable talks to minimize the differences, solve the problems to defeat TPLF? Think about these too? The opposition has to discuss how to mobilize the forces of good against evil.

A ‘truth and national reconciliation’ demonstration may be needed to help heal the wounds inflicted by all former and present governments as well. No harm in trying but I very much doubt if it works at all with TPLF. Politicians rarely say sorry, but we need to reconcile people with other means and methods. Revenge and recrimination and or retribution will not help our divided nation. In fact, I suggest a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” be established at home and abroad. Perhaps, it would have been a demonstration to carry out investigation to give people an opportunity to forgive each other. This can call the previous leaders and present one’s testimony before it, so that all perpetrators of crimes can be brought to justice and the victims families be compensated for the sufferings and losses of their beloved ones. All the crimes committed by regimes may be forgiven but must not be forgotten at all. Perhaps it would have been less a demonstration, more an assembly of a people, rejecting TPLF’s policies for the world to see. It will certainly be a rebuke to those who argue that no one cares any longer about politics in our country. Against the background of the worst crisis in Ethiopia for the past three decades and 19 years in which the government did nothing to stem a mounting bad atmosphere of public tension, the demonstration also represents a refusal to be rendered powerless. Then, if Meles Zenawi remains deaf to a nation’s plea for peace, reconciliation and change of bad and tribal policies or regime, he will be in great trouble soon. The hopelessly frightened opposition parties will be judged if refused to do that too?


The US is not at all concerned by the reduction in political space and the inability of opposition parties to operate freely despite the fake rhetoric by the US government. As some sources confirmed, The American government is using public money to support dictatorial EPRDF, EDP and AEUP teaming them up against others knowing fully well that the Ethiopian regime is not remotely interested in opening up a political space. Who are they trying to fool? We Ethiopians no longer would be willing to tolerate such double-standard political behaviour by the new US administration or any country. We are sick to our teeth and are all fed up of being treated like fools. Enough is enough! If such a concern had been voiced publicly when foreign Minster Seyoum Mesfin visited Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the State Department recently, a case could have been made that the US administration is serious this time about its concerns. But it was not meant, and that was done deliberately to fool and betray the Ethiopian people as exactly as the Bush administration, his father then Clinton did for many years against Ethiopia and oppressed Ethiopians. It is now apparent that there isn’t a slightest difference and or a better attitude in US foreign policy towards Ethiopia between Obama administration and his anti-Ethiopia predecessors. Hence to believe that an American government cares for the oppressed Ethiopian people and democracy in our country would be like saying, Meles Zenawi would be the next Catholic Pope. And soon, Ethiopian/African-Americans would start regretting to cast their votes in the last election too?

As for the TPLF, an Ethiopian patriot once said the following. TPLF considers our country, as its war booty and its resources, as its private property, to the extent of selling Ethiopian fertile and borderlands to Sudan and dishing out the rest to anybody with US dollars. The TPLF is not your run-of-the mill political opponent but a very cunning Mafia type crime syndicate. (The seamless transition of our country from the hands of an almost cannibalistic military dictatorship to such a devil incarnate is really and truly stunning). Rest assured therefore, that the TPLF is planning for the long haul, and the gimmick, smoke and mirrors game with the forthcoming elections, Code of Conduct and or Misconduct and all the lies, bloody blablas and razzmatazz are all deception to please their western appeasers including the US administration that turned its eyes away from us and let us down for many decades. Are we then to give up on the “non-violent” struggle? By no means, we only need to apply it properly. Convincing the nasty TPLF to see reason in incremental steps is pointless, as the TPLF demonstrably knows no reason. The objective of the non-violent struggle therefore must be to force it (in incremental steps, if you wish) to let them see reason. The resentment, the sense of alienation, the repression, etc. will sooner or later culminate in a popular uprising. The objective of the non-violent struggle must be to prepare the good ground for this battle. Does participation on election organized by the TPLF fall into this category? In my opinion, yes, but the objective should be to show to the Ethiopian people and the wider world that the election is only a farce and the TPLF is imposing itself by deception and terror. And it will also help to make the point that any TPLF government emerging from such an election is illegitimate. This violent regime is prepared to go to any length to maintain its iron grip at all costs but seem to be much powerful than they actually are. The TPLF is a very weak regime that has no genuine supporters but millions of opponents.

Most of its purported members are there for the simple reason to be left alone in freedom while earning some Firfaries to fill their greedy bellies. All the cadres are simply cheap mercenaries like those weak Ethiopians who were in the degrading service of the Italian Fascists in 1937. When the direction of the wind changes, all the cadres will be the first to jump out of the sinking ship abandoning their paymasters to save their lives from the big wrath. Seen from this context of the recent handshake between the dictator and sad Jillu Hailu Shawel the two-faced betrayer and all the hullabaloos accompanying it thereafter on Aiga and EthiopiaFirst were counter-productive. It gives the semblance that the TPLF is compromising although there is absolutely no sign of it whatsoever as the photos clearly showed when Lidetu and Meles were laughing at Jillu Hailu from the back waving the agreement book they forced him to blindly sign on, to foolishly surrender. No handshake with Lidetu too? Is it not surprising then that the so-called Foreign Minister of the regime took the next plane to Washington DC to report to the US Administration that they are moving towards more democracy? It was secretly designed to be at the cross-purposes with what others in the main opposition are doing (classical divide and rule strategy). It also smacks of an attempt on part of Jillu Hailu’s confused and bewildered group to curry favour and enter into the good books of the dictatorship at the expense of the struggle for democracy. His foolish supporters in the west especially a Psychopath named Getachew Reda seem to think that Jillu Hailu is the only person who can liberate Ethiopia from the TPLF dictatorship by signing a Code of Conduct agreement by shamelessly accepting the legitimacy of an election in which the TPLF is the election commission, the main opponent and ruling regime, the public vote counter, the referee and the judges for all the future disputes that is inevitable. Ginbot 7 and others (whom he so disparagingly dismiss out of hand), contend that liberation can only come when the people of Ethiopia rise up and force the TPLF dictatorship to see reason and accept the simple fact that it cannot keep the people of Ethiopia in its bondage indefinitely by brute force and terror. When did this Psychopath change from EPRP to AEUP?

Finally, I say these too. Jillu Hailu and his some die-hard supporters are going down the Lidetu Kihdetu line and what this can achieve is already clear. Nothing whatsoever, except humiliation and disgraceful defeat to prolong the sufferings of our oppressed, terrorized and starved people. And perhaps few seats in the rubber stamp parliament to raise hands only to agree with everything Meles & Co; brought for approvals and to look ridiculous. What we have now is AEUP’s an unconditional surrender. The proof: Jillu Hailu publicly accepted the TPLF Election Commission as a legitimate and neutral body. In other words, he accepted as legitimate the fact that the TPLF conducts the election, counts the ballot, and declares the winner. It stands to reason to assume that the TPLF is going to declare itself the winner. In other words, Jillu Hailu is accepting the hegemony of the TPLF and is willing to fight over whatever left over the TPLF is willing to give away. I did not know that Jillu Hailu has some fundamentalist supporters, i.e. following him unconditionally regardless of what he stands for, unconditional loyalty to the person Jillu Hailu. They are of course free to do so. But they should not be offended when people suggest that let him trade with the TPLF or do whatever he does in his own name, not in the name of all Ethiopians. Does Jillu Hailu Shawel, really remember too, that TPLF were the same party who imprisoned him and passed a judgement on him for life imprisonment with his many dozens of coalition and party colleagues that resulted in many innocent people slaughtered with false and trumped up allegations and how does it feels for him now, to forget all that and join hands and hearts to only wine and dine with people who almost murdered him by denying him God-given freedom, peace, medical care, not to mention the fact that these same people also systematically killed the late Professor Asrat too, for exercising his basic human and democratic rights to oppose TPLF’s inhumane, divide and rule backward tribal policies? Does he remember sabotaging the AAPO behind Professor Asrat and the 15 party coalitions too? For God sake, how can Jillu Hailu Shawel forget and or ignore all that? Amazing! Mind you, this Jillajill was the tough and very wise looking and sounding gentleman who once boasted saying that he would not share or drink coffee with those TPLF thugs at all, totally forgetting that he once flirted with them for a high position. I guess he wanted to wait for 19 long years until they kindly invite him for total surrender followed by a handshake that put a big smile on his miserable face and Cheers Letenachin at Sheraton. He should now be officially appointed as the next Ethiopian President to virtually do and change nothing as a reward for betraying the nation and his surrendering to the Ethiopian worst enemies called the TPLF. Any way, there may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Therefore, let’s forget the sick betrayers and join hands with Medrek to win this battle of the battalions. Go for it folks? Ethiopia is now left only with God & her children. Ethiopiam Ejochuwan Wode Egziabeher Zergtalech!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall Hence Get Up and Be Counted As Brave Ethiopian Patriots!

Capt. Woldemikael Dagnachew – (28/11/2009)

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