Welcome home Dr. Negasso Gidada and we are still waiting for Seye Abraha’s arrival !!! – Tedla Asfaw

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Ato Shiferaw Jarso, the Minster of Water Resources in Ethiopia, on the Ethiopian Civility Paltlak Room interview today, was answering unrelated question to the day’s topic to satisfy his listeners. He said Seye Abraha and his friends struggle fruit, Article 39 of the TPLF/EPRDF Constitution is here to stay no matter “Seye” and his friend Dr. Negasso denounced it last Thursday and join the UDJP party led by charismatic leader, Birtukan Medeksa, who has been jailed for almost a year now.

Ato Shifereaw focus on Seye was interesting. Maybe Ato Shiferaw believes that the Hidar 1987 EC imposed constitution is Seye’s TPLFmade and other players like his OLF was not relevant. It was Dr. Negasso Gidado/OLF who apologized for his role and ask forgiveness from the Ethiopian people and Ato Shiferaw focus should remain so.

Dr. Negasso change of heart is from his own experience and what I hear from Ato Shiferew Jarso is just pure propaganda. He said that the people thanks to the sacrifice of Seye and his friends/TPLF, Ethiopian people are enjoying the fruit of article 39. The lives of Ethiopian people have changed beyond anyone imagination and those old and and new who would like to take this “peoples victory” are day dreamers.

Seye and Negasso he said, have democratic rights to join any party of their choice but their influence is limited and TPLF/EPRDF learning form past mistakes and the defeat of 2005 he will be peoples choice by wide margin and Seye and Negsso joining a unitary party, UDJP is irrelevant to the Ethiopian people.

This is the first time I heard from TPLF/EPRDF commenting on this recent development and the Diaspora as always is divided on the Negasso and Seye’s new role as UDJP for the struggle. It is hard to see the impact of such move in a country where there is no free press and media. My position on this issue does not confirm to many here even if I see some expressing their views close to mine.

When the news broke out the same day I send my position to EEDN. I commend Dr. Negsso Gidada for his sincere apology and if I am not wrong he is the first one from the Victors of Menelik Palace in 1991 to make such very honest apology. He denounced the heart of the TPLF/EPRDF policy of building Kilil and the reason for it is the last fifteen years of impact in our country.

Unlike Shifereaw Jarrso’s claim today that article 39 promotes development, Dr. Negasso as a president had a chance to talk to the people directly that this policy of building wall has been negative to ethnic group relationship, unnecessary contest for resources and in some areas innocent blood spilled which Ato Shifferaw never mentions when he glorify article 39 and warn all of us that the people will “rise up if you take article 39 “.

However, Ethiopians gave referendum on TPLF/EPRDF on May 2005 and the main victim of that day was of course Article 39. Similar to todays warning by Ato Shiferaw Jarso, TPLF boss Meles Zenawi called for ethnic solidarity after his defeat in 2005 and he got none. Dr. Negasso Gidada has now joined Ethiopian people five years late and he is welcome, his contribution to the struggle will be valuable on national and international level.

The TPLF Oromo Cadres like Shifferaw Jarso are still living in past and try to scare our people that “they are coming to take your right to live in your kilil”. Dr Negasso Gidada who has large followers in Dombi Dollo, Wolllega and millions of his country men who heard his apology are behind him one hundred percent.

However, Seye Abraha who was mentioned by Ato Shiferaw Jarso did not apologize for his role on imposing the TPLF/his Constitution and it is up to the public to put pressure on him to speak up or stay , “Yetaweke Sewe” prominent person and write a book as he promised.

No one asking Seye Abraha to “Hisab Mawerarede” /accountability for crimes he or others participated and that is only possible where we have a government elected by people. The demand now is very limited in scope. The TPLF Constitution that is imposed on our people was the biggest mistake of his life and accordingly he should apologize for our people before he joins UDJP.

Some who challenged this notion that this is the business of UDJP, I say the apology is for the Ethiopian people not for a single party. A party who is struggling for Unity, Democracy, Justice (UDJ) should bring anyone to its fold but can not be above country and should demand official apology from Ato Seye for his anti-unity role fifteen years ago that is enshrined on article 39 of the TPLF Constitution.

  1. Walfidaa
    | #1

    “….Just as Weyane cadres and their web-sites rejoiced and jumped because of the advantage they did get from the handshake between Meles Zenawi & Hailu Shawel, the handshake of Negasso Gidada with Gizachew Shiferraw also made pro-unitarity Amhara elites to sing and jump with joy. Why? Because they perceived it as a triumph of their movement of unitarity over Oromo movement for liberty….”

  2. tazabi
    | #2

    very funny!
    As the Ethiopian saying goes: “kememihiru dekemezmuru” is a perfect fit to this Shabia/woyane (OPDO) cadre Shiferaw Jarso. He hade been operating as Shabia/woyane spring boy in the then ARDU project and joined them when they reached Menilik´s palace. He was one of the responsibles for the masacer of innocent Ethiopians in Arbagugu and many parts of Arssi. so long he fills his belly any one can buy him, real HOD AMLAKU and anti Ethiopia element!!

  3. aha!
    | #3

    See what I had already projected Medrek as mirror image of TPLF/eprdf of sustaining ethnic agenda win or loose. It is just like an entitlement to loyalist opposition parties, just like Social Security. With UDJP wearing two hats: one ethnic and one national Ato Seye’s joining want do much to offset the resultant force between the negative forces of disintegration and the positive forces of integration. It behooves UDJP to opt out of the coalition if its goals is for Unity, Territorial Integrity, Sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Sovereignity of Ethiopians supercedes ethnic and seccessionist rights to form a democratic government, which governs by the will of the governed, by excluding ethnic dictatorship. There will be no democracy under ethnic dictatorship of one kind or another, no matter how they they label themselves as democratic movements on the surface.

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