“TPLF’s Invisible Constitution” – Seyoum Gelaye, Professor

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Medhin has posted, “A Must Read!” Woyane’s manifesto designed to promote and entrench “Scientific Socialism” or a “Democratic Revolution” in Ethiopia. The 68-page Amharic document was first published and covertly distributed to TPLF cadres sixteen years ago in June 1993, the year when Woyane was calling itself a “Transitional Government.” An abridged English version of the same document was made public by Ethiopian Register in June 1996.

Woyane sees the rural population and the urban petty bourgeois as its natural alleys and both groups, according to TPLF, could be led by a communist party.

Those opposing TPLF will have to be: Bribed, repressed, imprisoned, and tortured into submission, of course using the “make-believe” court system as a cover so westerners will not be against Melese’s rule.

Woyane’s policy document further states that means of production will have to be directly controlled by the regime: Hence the justification for the TPLF’s ownership of both rural, urban lands, and the rest of the economy.

Since the world is no longer divided into socialist and capitalist camps, Woyane’s document unashamedly states that the western world will have to be hoodwinked into believing that there is a private sector economy, when in reality most of the private sector is directly owned by Woyane’s economic conglomerate, the Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tegri (EFFORT).

It further states that there should be elections. It quickly adds that, “If we lose in an electrons even once, we will encounter a great danger.”

Hence, Woyane is now controlling the media, the economy, the military, the judiciary, education, security, government, even religious organizations, and aggressively implementing its “Scientific Socialism.”

Woyane was Woyane eighteen years ago and it still is a Woyane with no iota of change or reform in its policies.

The following are lists of abbreviated major outcome of TPLF’s manifesto so far:

• Both urban and rural lands are still owned by the TPLF.

• Out of the 65 percent arable-land, it is only 16-percent that is under cultivation. The rest (8 million hectares) is being parceled out, almost free-of charge, to foreign invaders from Sudan, Middle East, India, and south East Asia while 8 million Ethiopians are locked up in ethnic enclaves and 12 million starving.

• The regime’s top officials (Abadi Zemu and Azeb Mesfin) are managing more than 100 so called “private” but TPLF owned corporations controlling directly production, manufacturing, financial, distribution, import and export, and construction businesses organized under the umbrella of a firm known as Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigri (EFFORT).

• The country is still divided into 9 linguistic enclaves, known by the regime as Nations and Nationalities, with unlimited rights for secession enshrined in Woyanne’s constitution.

• Education system is still completely disjointed from the country’s economy, culture, values, and mores, and most graduates lack skills, and appropriate training to help promote the nation’s agricultural and manufacturing economy. The education system is consciously and systematically manipulated to program the young-mind and entrench TPLF’s scientific socialism in the country.

• The newly promulgated Press, NGO, and Antiterrorism laws further violate TPLF’s own “constitution”, muffling the democratic process, incapacitating competitive and democratic elections, and entrenching Woyane’s Scientific Socialism in Ethiopia.

We invite all Ethiopians to review TPLF’s “Invisible-Constitution” posted on “Medhin.org.”

Seyoum Gelaye, Professor

E-Mail: seyoumgelaye_medhin@windstream.net

  1. aha!
    | #1

    Bravo! that is one of kind of an article that touches on the core problem in Ethiopian ethnic and seccessionist politics to-day, which is sustained by loyalist opposition parties and put under the rug by party like UDJP or holds on to two agenda.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    Addendum: This a government the that was geared towards development before democracy in East Asian Style, while as a democratic movement of the splitof Kinijit you gave a press release in which you advocated of “No Change but Durable Democracy”.

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