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Who is causing global warming and yet, pretend to represent African continent as an environmentalist who cares about climate change? The one big thing people can do to reduce hunger and global warming is destroying all tyrants from the face of the earth.

A political circus is rolling into Copenhagen to save the world and one of life’s savors is Meles: the human butcher of Ethiopia. The summiteers need cool heads to combat global warming. Science must take precedence over politics and panic too. Copenhagen has prepared a lavish program for the climate change summit that will produce as much carbon dioxide as a city the size of Nazret. Yes, the climate summit in Copenhagen leaders needed 1,200 Limos, 140 Private Planes, Caviar Wedges and many other things that cost many millions. We thought they were not going to have many cars, due to it being a climate convention not a holiday. But it seemed that somebody last week looked at the weather report and told them not only they needed their winter coats but also limos and jets. It makes no sense at all, but it’s very Danish lavish to entertain dictators and their appeasers like Meles Zenawi. Climate change poses a huge barrier to a fulfilling future. According to politicians, it is both a national and a global problem and an issue that transcends political affiliations. But governments had not done enough to address the global warming crisis that threatens to destroy millions of lives worldwide in the years to come. Our children and those as yet unborn deserve to live in a world that is healthier, more equitable and which offers a sustainable future exactly the type of world we ourselves would want to live in. When world leaders sit round the table in Copenhagen to try and tackle what has become possibly the greatest moral crisis of our generation, a unique responsibility rests on their shoulders as they try to decide what kind of world future generations will inherit, what price will children have to pay for the three or four carbon-happy generations that have lived before them? At a global and national level, climate change responses must focus on long-term sustainable solutions to ensure the well-being and needs of future generations are met. This means minimising the impact on future generations caused by the current level of CO2 emissions from the industrialised world.

So, we must stop borrowing from the future and act now, with world leaders putting the rights and needs of children at the core of the climate change policy framework. We must start putting the rights and needs of children at the core of the climate change policy framework. But realistically, will climate change act as a barrier that prevents future generations reaching their full potential? Are world leaders obliged to act under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? I very much doubt it. All because Politicians have hijacked “Global Warming” which is now a very massive revenue generator for governments, there is no thought at all by them towards stopping or slowing down the so-called carbon emissions. As we read, the evidence is at best circumstantial. Politicians and the business world are generating billions at the expense of the general public, who are actually being lied to in some ways. The earth has warmed and cooled many times in the past, this is a continual cycle, but what governments are attempting is to alter nature just to feed their greedy pockets and all at our expenses. As you see, the latest banner to be used in this massive con trick is “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?” an emotive title, designed to generate emotional blackmail, just another slogan and empty project. The rights of our grandchildren’s children to inherit a safe, clean, nurturing and sustainable environment are intrinsically linked to all levels of leadership and governance. Whether that be decisions, inactions and actions made by global/industrial or domestic corporations, or policies and laws enacted upon by world governments. The future generations of all must be taken into account and adequately considered before any actions in this generation are carried out. This way of thinking forward really needs to be imbedded in our dealings with all issues that affect Earth’s productivity and sustainability. We need effective thinking forward models within our education systems, legal systems, health systems and social institutions. Most of all we need thinking forward mentalities and policies within our economical and political systems and structures. This is the only way that our children’s rights to be sustainable and healthy lives can be addressed and actively sustained. Many children still have their rights denied to access and drink clean water, safe fertile soils, safe and adequate food, safe and adequate shelter, to grow in loving and nurturing environments.

Often a child’s right to live and benefit from the nourishing sustenance provided from their land is ignored by peoples motivated by immediate monetary advantage rather than the future sustainable health and well being for all peoples and life. The UN Convention on the Rights of Children needs to act to ensure that all leaders and governments are obligated under Law to consider and ensure present and future rights, equally, of all children are factored into, and protected in all and every decision, policy, inaction or action enacted. Yes, I wish the best possible future for future generation. For this reason I shall be glad when this baseless obsession with the mythical hot air affect finally becomes just another one of history’s great follies, which this generation can rightfully laugh at us for taking so seriously. Children will have a far brighter future in a world not artificially impoverished with wealth concentrating scams like TPLF or needlessly denied reliable energy. As for the existing 3rd world impoverishment, the solutions are easy: 1. Eliminate tyrants and corruption, which is certainly not aided by debt relief schemes of the like championed by Bono and Bob (since it gives tacit consent to the leaders of wealthy nations like Nigeria to continue to plunder their own people’s future, nor the sort of claptrap treaty evidently sough at the present Copenhagen press junket. 2. Population control – famine is nature’s way of telling you there are too many people in a given area of marginal agricultural potential.

But for God sake, why would Meles Zenawi and his African Dictators Club Members pretend to care for the environment? He hasn’t a clue about the physics of climate at all. Meles is just a merchant of lies and crimes. He favours the interests of the few TPLF members over the mainstream majority and the world. The entire group argues that conflicts will be ignited because of the affects of droughts, famines, floods, and hurricanes brought on by human caused global warming, and America and China must become a constructive force in ending it. And those civilized, advanced and democratic countries have to be lectured about it by these African despots too, who does not care for human lives let alone for a global warming. It is like asking a blind man to fly a Plane or drive a fast car in a busy city. And why should we rely on strategic guidance from these stupid men too but not scientists? They only wanted us to heed their dire predictions on unproven theories of human-caused global warming? They should have no reasonable expectation of us listening to their advice on anything at all. Ridiculous! If we, as a nation, divert our economy to fight the phantom threat of the man-made global warming myth, our belligerent competitors around the world will benefit. Administering the prescriptions offered to combat global warming is a kin to throwing trillions of dollars down the drain. Some say, there is no problem with CO2. It is not a poison/pollutant at present or even future levels. Climate Change has always happened and mankind has adapted to either hot or cold changes.

The IPCC is a political animal and no right to quote chapter and verse on climate, about which it ignores the facts and twists any data to suit its own point of view. Therefore, we may dare to predict that future generations will look back at our futile and pathetic attempts to control the climate in the way that we look on leaders command to the tide. If the vast sums of money currently spent on the increasingly discredited theory of anthropogenic global warming were diverted to real, practical programmes of assistance to those in Third World countries, perhaps the prospects of future generations would be a bit brighter. I will not believe these theories until there is a substantial debate amongst the many scientists who deny these statements. Why has there been no such debate? What are the politicians afraid of? There is absolutely too much money involved, and there is no longer any trust in the political administrations; too much greed and graft over the years, which is really what the problem has been. Government has been at fault and now they want the taxpayers to fix it and give them lots more of our money. I say its all baloney. On the other hand, think of China. China would be more than happy to see us divert any part of our economy from capitalism to fighting global warming in a fruitless effort. Wasting those resources gives China a way to speed its efforts to catch and surpass us as the preeminent world power. Our economy and security are dependant on growth. Every dollar wasted on global warming takes away from the growth of our economy and allows China, and other belligerent conventional competitors, to close the gap. China is delighted to promote the myth that America must stop growing to preserve our environment; not because they care for the environment, but because they see it as an opportunity to catch the west on the world stage, while they are exempt from the same restrictions under the Kyoto Accords. The same can be said for any peer competitor, but more importantly for any asymmetric competitor of ours.
I am not sneering at anything Woyane or world leaders did in our name but I am telling what I think is the truth And no cadre would deny at all, as there is a possibility of thousands of people losing their livelihoods and possibly losing their lives and no one especially TPLF Cadres are talking about it. Therefore, we must take care of our brothers and sisters back home not to be slaughtered or be removed from their livelihood just to build a damned dam to seek foreign currency for TPLF mafia Group. We cannot just ignore them and turn our backs if there are any affects in their poor lives and we need to improve their way of life as we are going to do for us. Sometimes, cadres who are misguided souls would use this climate change hullabaloos and will do things for the sole benefit of themselves and at the end whatever they did will end up benefiting the once who didn’t have the power to do what’s necessary and not the once with evil intention, nature has a mysterious way of balancing. This new and big Ethiopian dam will produce far more electricity than the country is capable of consuming, and most will be exported to neighbours like Sudan and Kenya to amass foreign monies for TPLF official’s foreign bank accounts too. It would be a disaster in this climate change period. Therefore, I think that this project is fatally flawed in terms of its logic, in terms of its thoroughness, in terms of its conclusions. Even if the science is in dispute this is reason enough to invoke the precautionary principle and stop the project before it is too late because if the Ethiopian government is wrong, those communities living along the lower Omo River Valley all the way down into neighbouring Kenya will pay a heavy price. I believe that one immediate consequence will be the aggravation of armed conflict in a war over the already very shrinking Ethiopian natural resources. The Environmentalists lobbied European Investment Bank (EIB) to withdraw funding from Ethiopia’s dam, and sure enough, they got what they really wanted.

Financing from the EIB for Gibe III has been stopped. Why did it? The Bank said it has decided to pull back its Euro 1.55 billion hydropower dam funding following the calls from the Environmentalists that “the Gibe III Dam threatens the food security and local economies. Ethiopians all over the world can’t take our eyes off issue number one: The demise of tribal TPLF leadership who grossly affected the unity and sovereignty of the entire nation and violated the civil, human and democratic rights of our people. So, in my opinion, these are not morally accepted at all. Alas, you would say, for most of us, it is a situation or predicament from which it is impossible to extricate ourselves from the vicious cycle of Zenawi’s cruel administration and the danger to the national interest of Ethiopia. It will not be an easy choice; rather, it is a choice that we would have to make in pain for the sake of our country and aspiration of the future generations. For example, Fengjie is a small city with an ancient cultural centre along the Yangtze River in central China, which is about to disappear as the world’s largest dam takes shape soon. At the end of 2009 they would relocate about one million residents of this ancient city to another location. Then, the land that has had the ancient city would be the world’s biggest dam. Then, at the eve of the disappearance of this ancient city, the most vocal issue has been if such large-scale disruptions were outweighed by the presumed benefits of the multi-billion dollar dam. Experts argued for and against it. The success will be that damming the World’s third-longest river (Yangtze River) will create a reservoir of 365 miles (600 km) long. Aswan Dam of Egypt, Meowed of Sudan and other dams have had similar problems and gains. It is inherent with any dams to cause forced or voluntary evacuations, pollutions, and loss of spectacular scenery that has inspired many world poets and painters for many century’s shrines, mosques, synagogues, churches, cultural sites and archaeological excavations. Dams affect farmlands and the river’s marine life, a very vital source of food in several communities. They consume (flood) in large areas, and cost billion of dollars, making a big dent on a given national economy.

Gibe III dam is no way different from dams built all over the world. It has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages. But it should not be built with grants, aid and borrowed monies, as one predicted for its long-term disasters. African Resources Working Group (ARWG) disputed the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment done by the Ethiopian Government citing more potential risk to the environment and the indigenous communities, mainly: first, they urged the Bank not to fund the Gibe III because the affected communities could not withstand any more pressure on the little resources along the lake. Second, Gibe III Dam would lead to the ecological and economic collapse around Lake Turkana, adding that it would also fuel tension in the volatile east African region, specifically: They vehemently argued that Gibe III dam would violate human rights and social justice of the inhabitants of Lake Turkana as the dam is destroying their source of livelihood as well as their environment.

Nonetheless, the environmentalists encouraged Ethiopia to pursue an alternative forms of energy development that avoid unacceptable trade offs which jeopardize indigenous economies and completely destroy the eco-system, like constructing small dams. Africa Development Bank (ADB) also said the Gibe III Dam violates the Bank’s policies on environmental and social assessment, ongoing poverty reduction, resettlement, public disclosure & trans-boundary water management. The environmentalists went to the extent of convincing donors not to fund ADB what they are not prepared to fund through EIB. Therefore, what EIB should know is that, at any cost now or later, Ethiopians will complete Gibe III dam construction. However, EIB would stand to loose its goodwill and trust with Ethiopians and the international community. The Ethiopian government should form a water resources management group with the other nations, which share the river, and should share the responsibilities and benefits of the dam. Another factor to consider is what the impact of climate change will have on this watershed, what is the expected life of the dam and is it worth building if it runs out of water in say; 25 years? Or would TPLF leave the next generation big debts and a very bad legacy? In addition to maintaining the long-term magnitude of water supply, are essential for maintaining long-term viability for local human populations, their fisheries and agricultural systems, and the resident fauna. Therefore, it would be totally impossible to imagine that both these requirements can be met by a project the size of Gibe III.

Therefore, and returning to the Copenhagen Climate Summit too, hope they reach their full potential. Climate change will ensure that millions of people, men women and children around the globe will die. Food and water shortages will lead to more wars and conflicts, which will exacerbate matters. The frustrating thing is that the science has been known and people have refused to listen. I do all I can, but most people won’t even share a car to work in the morning, let alone get on a bus, never mind walk. I hope they will remember it is their fault when the bad weather really starts hitting them. I think that sometimes, the world’s continuing failure to act on climate change simply feels like too much to stand, and as a result we end up simply spinning our wheels out of frustration. Attempts to frame climate change in terms of human rights or its impact on the ability of children to reach their full potential in the future are technically sound but they should be entirely beside the point. All things being equal, it should be obvious that we ought to avoid the prospect of destabilizing climate patterns and risking rising sea levels, awful heat waves, dust bowls, etc without being used by greedy politicians and businesses Yet the denials, the inertia, the finger-pointing have all combined to make this simple conclusion, let alone a course of action to do something about it, seemingly more elusive than middle east peace.

Thus, we have the spectacle of reasonable, intelligent people going to greater and greater lengths in an attempt to explain why sleepwalking into global environmental catastrophe will be a very bad thing. You almost have to laugh or else scream. Or this has to be the biggest scam ever pulled on mankind. Now, we try with the emotional blackmail. Wake up people this could also be just another tax that will not reverse a thing at all as nature takes its course. If I said a thousand times no, would it make a difference? How about its not the weather, stupid? Sadly, I have nothing to offer as the means to save those children, or any children referred to, in this or the future generation. Our children and those as yet unborn deserve to live in a world that is healthier, more equitable and which offers a sustainable future. I don’t clearly see the day when what is considered equitable in Somalia, Ethiopia will be agreed upon in Seattle, or Washington. The hoax of global warming has captured the attention of the gullible news media, which now serve as minions to the hucksters. Global warming controls will not save the planet and provide a better future for the children. The will set in stone a future of poverty, despair, disease and death. Get rid of the smoke, so you can look in the mirror? Is that what the environmental movement is all about? Seems so to me. What do you think? Watch out your footprint. I thank you.

Capt. Woldemikael Dagnachew
8 December 2009

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