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The title: Ato Seye and Dr Negasso Joins UDJ! Shuns Arena and ONC/OFDM was posted on website – the official subservient mouthpiece of TPLF- on 27 November 2009. (more…)

The title: Ato Seye and Dr Negasso Joins UDJ! Shuns Arena and ONC/OFDM was posted on website – the official subservient mouthpiece of TPLF- on 27 November 2009. It ridiculed Andinet as a ‘little known party’.

There is no doubt that the recent membership in UDJP of the two highly experienced political leaders has sent shivers of fear down the spine of the TPLF thugs in Arat Kilo despite their futile effort to show a brave face to the public they either hold in contempt or whose intelligence they habitually underestimate.

It is so easy to understand that the sinister headline is wishfully meant to alienate Dr. Negasso from the Oromo people and Ato Seye from the Tigrai people. But that wish is on the verge of death for the sun is setting fast in the land of divide and rule never to rise up again. The victory of the Ethiopian people at the historic election of 15 May 2005 has sealed the fate of the ruling party in an unprecedented referendum overwhelmingly rejecting ethnic-based politics. That day of crushing victory morally and politically shall be indelibly written in the annals of the history of our motherland, Ethiopia.

Is Andinet a ‘little known party’?

Any reference to Andinet as a ‘little known party’ is a contradiction in terms on the part of TPLF which brags, to appear democratic to donors and the international community, the existence of 92 political parties in Ethiopia. It would be logical to ask how big these parties are. The answer is obviously that close to 80% of them are surrogate tiny parties created by the repressive TPLF to impress donors on which it so heavily depends to stay in power under the tight grip of a perpetrator of genocide and all those other heinous crimes well known and recorded by independent human rights advocates and the US State Department.

Andinet has surely become a thorn in the throat of the greedy and corrupt top echelon of TPLF thugs in view of the shameful measures taken by the repressive regime against the leader of the party, Birtukan Mideksa, whose names and charisma are dear to millions.

The panic in the TPLF camp which calls the icon Judge by the deriding code name ‘that woman’ is evident. To wit:

• Birtukan Mideksa was whisked to the infamous Kaliti prison by ten armed security guards. She was manhandled in full view of citizens who witnessed the sad event. It would have been sufficient to telephone to her to report to the prison. She was brutally snatched away from her five year adorable daughter and septagerian mother both craving for the freedom of their daughter. This act of savagery and cruelty was deliberately done to intimidate the public through a show of force;

• The icon Judge Birtukan was kept in solitary confinement for 170 days in a dark filthy cell infested with rodents. This is cruelty of the highest order against any prisoner serving life. Incidentally, Ato Seye Abraha served six years in Kaliti prison on a tramped up charge and upon his release he coined the immortal words, “The prison speaks Oromiffa”

• Birtukan is born to a mixed parentage originating from the first and second largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia. She is however committed to universal respect for human rights and freedom of the individual. As such she is the very antithesis of the ruling thugs feeding and thriving on divisive politics along ethnic lines. She genuinely believes in peaceful change, which belief scares Meles to death. The tyrant was gripped with paranoia as to rudely and angrily call her “that woman” at a news conference. Her names, Birtukan Mideksa, which are dear to millions, her charisma beaming love and sincerity, and her rising popularity as Chairwoman of Andinet certainly frightens her number one adversary – Meles.

• The brutal regime grudgingly limited public demonstration in support of Birtukan to only 200 members of Andinet. What was the repressive regime afraid of?

• The regime resisted the formation of Andinet in every way it could. Why so if Andinet, in the words of the regime, is ‘a little known party’? Why does the regime continue to place hurdles in the way of Andinet at every opportunity denying it police protection to conduct its lawful meeting? The answer to all these questions is that tyrant Meles is sacred of Birtukan and her genuine dedication to peaceful change.

• The regime rejected pleas from renowned international human rights organizations for the release of Birtukan. Surely, the reckless regime has incurred a huge political cost and further damage to its image increasing with each passing day.

• The regime denied the constitutional right of Birtukan for trial in accordance with Article 21 of the constitution despite two court orders to that effect. If this is not a flagrant breach of the TPLF constitution what else could that be?

Lies and anger caused by trepidation

The above caption sums up what the editor of aigaforum forum wrote – quoted below for ease of reference:

Quote: Today both have decided to join a little known new opposition block called UDJ shunning other political organizations. Ato Seye joining UDJ is essentially disapproving ARENA Tigrai a new opposition organization founded by his former comrades Ato Gebru and W/ro Aregash. Similarly Dr Negasso who aspire the same wishes -politically speaking, as that of Ato Bulcha and Dr Merera is shunning ONC and OFDM!” in its futile attempt to discredit Dr. Negaso and Ato Seye. Dr Bulcha Demeksa and Dr. Merrera Gudina are both seasoned and able political leaders to fall prey to the divisive sinister motives of opportunist elites serving genocides and perpetuators of crimes against humanity.

DR Negasso former president of Ethiopia and Ato Seye former head of EFFORT, an endowment conglomerate, left EPRDF some eight years ago.

Ato Seye as we all know was charged for corruption and spent some six years in jail defending his case and Dr Negasso after finishing his term as president is now serving as an MP in the Ethiopian parliament. Today both have decided to join a little known new opposition block called UDJ shunning other political organizations. Ato Seye joining UDJ is essentially disapproving ARENA Tigrai a new opposition organization founded by his former comrades Ato Gebru and W/ro Aregash. Similarly Dr Negasso who aspire the same wishes -politically speaking, as that of Ato Bulcha and Dr Merera is shunning ONC and OFDM!

MEDREK, the coalition, is formed to fill the gap the now defunct coalition “kinjit” used to hold. Kinjit was hailed and promoted as “biggest opposition” in Ethiopia by many western newspapers during election 2005. Similarly Medrek is being touted as the next “big opposition” by their handlers. Out of the blue Ato Seye and Dr Negasso joining UDJ is considered a big blow to the Governing party EPRDF! This after Seye and Negasso left the party some eight years ago!
Since Seye and Negasso left EPRDF, the party has transformed itself and the country! In fact PM Meles and many senior leaders will leave their post within five years! While PM Meles and others are leaving the leadership role of their party to new and young, Dr Negasso and Ato Seye are clinging to any political organization that may bring them back to power. If you ask us, It seems power by any means is the driving reason for Ato Seye and Dr Negasso wanting to join UDJ! Else, tell us what Ato Seye and Dr Negasso see in UDJ an organization that is formed by Kinjit/Derge and EPRP left over’s? Why was ARENA not good enough for Seye? Have your say! Unquote

This writer has his say too as follows

The first paragraph is desperately meant to alienate Dr. Negasso and Ato Seye from their base of support imagined by the thugs who seem to have forgotten the historic election of 2005 at which the TPLF party was roundly crushed in a referendum that had sealed the fate of political parties that seek power through divisive means along ethnic lines.
The second pargagraph is an actual. Dr. Negasso and Ato Seye left the EPDF party eight years ago.

The third paragraph is to mislead the public that Ato Seye was jailed for corruption. The truth is however that he was a dominant threat to tyrants like Meles who abhor any kind of rivalry. The fallout between the two became public during the 1998 – 2000 Ethio-Eritrean war where Seye stood firmly on the side of the national interests of Ethiopia and the tyrant was treacherously on the opposite side. The tyrant concocted the charge when he saw his power was in grave danger and sent Ato Seye to jail. Period!

The fourth paragraph reflects the panic within the camp of the ruling criminals. Peaceful struggle scares them to death. They are therefore worried at the prospect of MEDREK replacing the former Kinijt which they thought they had suppressed for good. To the dismay of its adversaries MEDREK is gathering steam to prove itself worthy of the trust of Ethiopian people.

In the last paragraph the author claims that EPRDF party “has transformed itself and the country! “ The truth is however that EPRDF has transformed itself for worse of in terms of gross violations of human rights and sell out of national vital interests, all of which are well recorded and needless to enumerate in detail. The assertion that Meles et al will leave the leadership to new and young is the familiar lie coming out in abundance from a repressive regime that breaks its own constitution routinely. In 2016 Meles will stay in power as a patriarch of the party unless he dies of his secret illness before that.

First of all the murderous thugs in the EPRDF leadership have neither the moral authority nor legitimacy to accuse others for seeking power by any means. They stole votes in broad daylight, killed hundreds in cold blood and incarcerated tens of thousands of mostly young citizens for the singular purpose of clinging to at any cost power. The thugs have to be reminded once again that Is it not true that it TPLF marched to power on a long trail of blood and corpses of children of Ethiopian peasants strewn all over its path?

Let us see what have transpired in the last eight years since the two left EPRDF:

• It came to light that the TPLF stole donations meant for the famine victims of Tigrai to build its military power to dismantle Ethiopia.
• Tyrant Meles became a wholesaler of fertile Ethiopian farmlands;
• The brutal regime unleashed unprovoked naked aggression against a neighboring country and left a legacy of biter relations between neighbors;
• The regime lied about its claim of double digit growth of the national economy; whereas the fact now is that the rate of growth is only 1.7% presently;
• The regime is exposed globally for its attempt to cover up the magnitude of hunger and famine in Ethiopia
• The regime miserably failed to reduce its heavy dependence on handouts from donor countries;

On the issue of apology

Dr. Negasso has clearly and courageously apologized to the Ethiopian people. To those who are in doubt about Ato Seye, it is a matter of public record that: he has expressed his gratitude to the Amharas for their leadership role in ensuring the independence of Ethiopia; he has acknowledged that the Oromos are tied by blood with other ethnic groups including Tigres; he has delighted his audience by his famous words “Birtukan yegnam nat eko!” -”Birtukan is ours too!” He has further said he lacked political maturity at the time when everyone else was enthralled by Marxist-Leninist ideology. Now he is a former Marxist turned a national political leader in pursuit of peaceful change. That is good in the opinion of this writer.

The big political benefit is clear in the two joining UDJP. The domain of parochialism exacerbated by ethnic-based politics shall be severely dented. The prospect of bloodshed will reduce significantly not to say completely.

At this juncture, this writer of Oromo origin would like to assure his readers that he has never met BIrtukan, Dr. Negasso or Ato Seye. He has been an ardent supporter of Professor Asrat Woldeyes right from the beginning eventually becoming a member of Kinijit. The point is his longstanding commitment to the unity of Ethiopia in diversity.

Wholesaler tyrant on business to Copenhagen

“The statesman leading Africa” is apparently set to go to Copenhagen to misrepresent Africa at the Climate Change Conference. This wholesaler of Ethiopian national interests including the recent sales or ceding of fertile farmlands at this time of hunger and famine when arable lands are scarce; this invader of a neighboring country who has destabilized the entire region of the Horn of Africa, lacks moral authority and legitimacy to represent any genuine interest of the continent of Africa.

Vestiges of former colonial masters in New Europe and the ultra-right conservatives in the USA have no shame in playing double standards when it comes to Africa. Their dealing with dictators gives them benefit for swift wholesale delivery of what they seek. Tyrant Meles is in that enviable position with his immense experience in serving neo-colonial interests.

Meles is not going to storm out of the meeting if African demands are not met. He was just bluffing to conceal his secret agenda to highjack the leadership of the delegation.

The challenge to the new breed of Ethiopians is whether the tyrant and his secret accomplices should be allowed to betray: Emperor Theodros II whose vision was modernizing Ethiopia in order to preserve every inch of her land; Emperor Yohannes IV who gave his life in Sudan in the battle to pre-empt foreign aggression; Emperor Menelik who vanquished Italian invaders at the famous Battle of Adwa – victory that became the beacon of hope for all black people in the Diaspora;

The African continent of the visionary leader, Kwame Nkrumah, who was instrumental in the establishment of the former OAU in collaboration with Emperor Haile Selassie is in danger of being betrayed by tyrant Meles. The leaders of the African Union should not be seen to be accomplices to such unholy act of betrayal.

For us Ethiopians, the spirits of our heroes and heroines: Alula Aba Nega, Abebe Aregay, Abdisa Aga, Belay Zeleke , Baltcha Aba Nebso, Abraha Debotch, Desta Damtew, Gebeyehu Wube, Haptegiorgis Dinegde, Mogues Asegedom, Shewa Reged Gedle, Taitu Bitul, Takele Woldehawariat, Woqgira Gemeda, Zerai Derese, the list is endless, will not forgive us if we fail to bring tyrant Meles to justice. To that end, the International Criminal Court in The Hague is our credible partner.

“The tyrant wholesaler of Africa” would be a fitting description of agent Meles serving neo-colonialism. He is not “The statesman leading Africa” as his opportunist elites portray him to be in their hidden design to create a personality cult. Ethiopians and concerned Africans at large should be alert to this danger and act timely to avert it.
In closing, this writer would like to renew his call to opposition democratic entities committed to the unity of Ethiopia in cultural diversity to set aside minor differences and concentrate on evicting Meles from power.

Keep writing to soften the target in the hideouts of TPLF in preparation for spontaneous, massive and legitimate demonstration to save Ethiopia – in case in election 2010 the repressive ruling party reverts to its habit of stealing votes and declaring a state of emergency to silence peaceful protests.

Release Birtukan Mideksa and all political Prisoners!



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