Acknowledgement to Tigray region members of EDP – By Fikir from Addis Ababa

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Dear the ex-tigray region EDP members,

The purpose of this short acknowledgement is to honour your approach and give significance to the role you are playing in Ethiopia’s politics. You have played an exemplary role which can be considered as a significant lesson to be learned country wide.

Dear fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters, I felt so overwhelmed with admiration when I listened to the VOA Amharic program aired on the 26/11/09 while Ato Tekle Bekle was being interviewed. The issue seems very small and insignificant. However, it is the first ever in Ethiopian politics. It is obviously not so common to see such an event in Ethiopian politics where ordinary members conduct sincere evaluation and take necessary steps and measures on their leaders.

Your way of handling your party leader makes you stand out and deserves acknowledgement from your fellow citizens. Ato Ledetu’s undesirable approach towards the leading party EPDRF and his notion of attacking the opposition camp is not a new phenomenon to the people of Ethiopia but what is new is your way of handling the party and your firm stand. As it is well known not many of us (Ethiopians) function in such a wise and democratic manner.

To me what you have done sets a good example and sends a strong message to all political movements and groups of the country. You did convey a very clear message from Tigray to all political leaders of the country to respect their members’ voices. It can be regarded as a good start in giving insight about how to fight dictatorship in Ethiopian politics.

Nowadays as it is well known, in Ethiopia, politics is no more a matter of interest in which only few can play a part. It is a matter of survival to all people of the country irrespective of age, sex, religion, ethnic group etc.

So my final statement to you the ex- Tigray EDP members and to all Ethiopians including members of the Tyrant EPDRF regime is to open our eyes and learn from this experience and combat dictatorship in our country!

My last suggestion and expectations from you (the ex-Tigray EDP members) is to see all of you playing a change agent’s role in your new non-ethnic, nationalistic political involvement.
God bless you all,


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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    People have not commented on your article for the last 2 weeks because it is impractical to remember what was said on radio and made comment based on the news broadcasted therefrom. I suggest to you to put your future articles based on information the public see on the website screen. For this reason is why I choose to advance this suggestion to you rather than commenting on your article.

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