How On Earth Obama make a pact or a deal with Meles Zenawi: The devil, servant of western and Chinese masters? and or, was it just a false marriage of inconvenience to fool the two-faced Satan of Ethiopia? – Capt. Woldemikael Dagnachew

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Was this the beginning of a marriage of inconvenience with the devil? (more…)

Was this the beginning of a marriage of inconvenience with the devil?

Ethiopia and America are like a married couple who cannot live happily together yet cannot live apart either. One-day America warns Ethiopia about the abuses of human rights and the next day, it is a golden handshake with financial assistance and all other things behind closed doors. Another day Meles Zenawi insults an American Ambassador saying idiot, and next comes, Obama’s phone call to the Ethiopian tyrant to ask him to betray Africa and to save him from signing an agreement in Copenhagen. Let’s assume the American President and our own devil got on famously, and they wanted everybody to know it as well about their conversation. It would be easy for a writer like me or cynical reporter too, to belittle the ostentatious and fake display of the Ethio-Franco-America friendship. We all know the bilateral relationship has been poisonous for the last four and a half years at least, so why should we be impressed? Mr Sarkozy and Mr Obama are both likely to remain in power for some time to come. If they both win their next general elections, another eight years of bilateral relationship beckons. They are both professional enough not to allow personal enmity to stand in the way of co-operation with each other and their demons like Meles Zenawi. I am not predicting the three countries will miraculously start to agree on everything where they used to disagree. Coming back to American foreign policies and on all other occasions too, the White House released hundreds of pages of detailed reports after reports and none-stop press releases saying they are concerned about the lack of free presses and spaces that the opposition parties are allowed by the regime and all other continuous atrocities, and yet, no single action but talk & bloody talk. The two countries’ marriage, so far as it derives from mutual interest rather than a romantic attachment, might, in the old days, have been described as a marriage of convenience.

A marriage of inconvenience would, however, be a more apt description of a full co-operation and or a union in which partners who are incompatible in many respects yet are welded indissolubly together. It is comforting that wedded bliss is not conspicuous in the Ethio-America household. There is solace in the fact, too, that when the West is challenged from without, domestic friction diminishes. But it is not only against a chronic threat from the East that it has had to close ranks. There are new developments within the West, and as it tries to adjust itself to these it may be thrown into vexatious disarray. But now another stage has been reached. Ethiopia, having been looking towards the Chinese, it feels less dependent on America than before; separation if not divorce from its consort is in the air. Will the Ethiopian independence that America itself fostered goes too far? Further, is the new relationship more likely than the old to drag everybody into another direction? To go to the east, at what price? That is, for both Ethiopia and America, one of the great unanswered questions. To check the disruptive and stress the cohesive-such is the task confronting the United States as leader of the West. President Kennedy, borrowing a theme from President Eisenhower and Macmillan, has therefore suggested a Declaration of Interdependence. When, moreover, he remarked on July 4 that the United States will be ready to discuss with a united Europe the ways and means of forming a concrete Atlantic partnership, he also envisaged it as not only fortifying the defence of the free world but as looking outward to cooperate with all nations in meeting their common concerns. He did not add that an inward-looking Europe might aggravate rather than allay current perplexities. Oh, we have been conned, fooled and betrayed, by the west in the past many decades and yet, instead of strengthening our unity & resolve, we still beg them.

Did Barak Obama: a Saint really & truly made a deal with the Devil too?

Barak Obama: the man, who alleged to have made a pact with the Ethiopian devil, betrayed Ethiopia. Many famous characters of histories have been suspected to sign agreements with devil. The great power of the pact with the devil is to make the person, who has made the pact, think that he is condemned, no matter what. How would one go about making a pact with the devil Mr Obama after all what you have promised the oppressed world? There are risks and the risks are great that could also make the President’s good reputation tarnished beyond any repair. This could become particularly troublesome for his new administration’s foreign policy too, that begun to look identical to that of his predecessor G W Bush. You can’t make a pact with the devil. He never keeps any sort of covenant. Such man has never been truly committed to anything except sin. Proverbs warns against shaking hands in a pledge with strangers. The devil is a stranger and a sinister one, booted from heaven for his horrid blasphemies and pride. Anyone foolish enough to entrust anything to such desperate evil is one who hates his or her own soul. That is a prime example of Satan being the Father of lies. Of course he will do that, as he is the one that encourages materialism and hedonism. He is a messenger of the devil and advocates a crafty way to take our eyes off our creator and good things using the lusts of the World.

The great power of the pact with the devil is to make the person, who has made the pact, think that he is condemned, no matter what. It is difficult to convince a person, who has signed such a pact, that he continues to be as free as ever. But that is what happens. To make a pact with the devil all you have to do is to reject your creator God and His Holy words. But what you must remember while doing this is that the devil hates anything to do with man for he has been created in the image of God, and he only desires to kill all those who are made in His image. Therefore, Mr President, in this day in age, only fools will make a pact with the devil. It’s similar to making a pact with Bugs Bunny or the tooth fairy. If you want to make a pact with the devil, just do whatever pleases yourself, without regard for the impact of your pleasures on others or environment. You’ll be well on your way & destroyed before you know it.

Therefore, the rich and powerful west should stop buying democracy for the poor and appeasing them too? And the poor must stop selling themselves and their sovereign countries to the highest bidders. To convince Meles to betray Africa was wrong as well. The common man cannot be the end objective of democracy, unless they are also its agent. Therefore, let each lover of freedom and democracy, invest his or her widow’s mite in the development and refinement of our electoral process, and so keep tainted dictatorship out of politics. If not, the price we will pay for democratic politics is continued political serfdom and betrayal by those elected to serve the best interest, of the nation. Let us remain mindful that in politics, as Dwight Eisenhower said, “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists-and will persist”. Political sponsors and benefactors of poor politicians will always have their own hidden agenda, which may not necessarily redound to the public good. So, we must remain vigilant and jealous of our democratic freedom-lest we lose it to unscrupulous western appeasers, whom we are driven by want and lust to trust-against, our better judgment. And lest we forget, with these power-enforcers. Last but not least, I dare to say to western leaders, stop appeasing African tyrants at once!

“The last temptation is the greatest treason; to do the right deed, for the wrong reason”
T.S. Eliot “Murder in the Cathedral”

Capt. Woldemikael Dagnachew

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  1. peace
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    I agree with you except one thing. I agree with you that it was already planned. To get recognition and leadership and to make himself important even for the election, Melese made sure he took the leadership for the climate talks. Fortunately it back fired on him where Africans are concerned. Never the less, he will still get full support for the Westerners. Last week, Western press came out opposing the human right abuse of Melese. Do they care? Why now? To the first question no. The second question it is now because they wanted to blackmail Meles that if he doesn’t agree to their climate deal, he will not win in the election not only that his human right abuse will be an issue. As a result, he met with Sarkozy and cut the deal. Unfortunately even if Meles is a good leader for Ethiopia for example, if he is a threat to the the West, they will oust him like they did with Patris Lumumba. However Melese is evil man and he knows everything he has done in Ethiopia and Somalia will haunt him one day. His plan is when he is ready to leave Ethiopia, he will dismantle Ethiopia to keep the people in civil wars while he is escaped. However, he will make sure he leaves Tigray save guarded perhaps form the greater Tigray with Eritrea so that Tigray won’t face enemies from both North and South. He can even cut a deal easily with OLF and give them what they have always wanted, Oromia. He can even settle peace with Eritrea by giving Badme but the problem might not be as easy to solve for him with Eritrea unless they are economically stable which it wants trades and resources from Ethiopia to sustain itself. Tigray needs to sustain itself and may not be able a provider for resources for Eritrea.

    The part I don’t agree with you Captain that we Africans don’t get over and over again is the view of the West on developing countries or Africa. The West only interest is resources and the North hemisphere. Period. The only way to deal with them is by “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” even where they are concerned, they will not seek equal partnership with poor countries because they have the power to get more benefit out of it than the poor getting benefit from the West.We should always get this in our head. I really also don’t understand where we are getting the idea that, the West should have the morality not to associate with the dictators. As if the West is dictator itself and in fact worse because they are the culprits of the demise of Africa or developing nations all over the world in the past,present and future. Does this mean they are the enemy? No because their interest is only for self so it is upto Africans to get educated in this guard themselves. Even for diplomatic reason because Africa is weak and West is powerful, Africans make sure they talk positive about the West and no other way. One thing we can do is get educated about the West and try to guard ourselves as much as possible and continue the diplomatic and attempt the equal partnership as much as possible in order to sustain and survive ourselves.

    The outcome of Meles and Climate change is this is a lost battle for Ethiopians who are fighting for human right and democracy. Because of this climate deal with the West, Meles is going to keep getting the green light and win the election without a doubt. This will confirm that opposition will not even have a chance.

  2. ደምስ
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    US and European got a perfect person to represent Africa, name called evil dictator melese. What does this evil want? From the western point of view a public hand shake or a call from WH and a bribe. They got the deal they wanted. Unfortunately you can see the disappointed African leaders except the dictator melese.

    Mr. Obama is a big disappointment in many areas. He let us down with health care and financial reforms too. The reason we elected him to make real reform. Sarkozy’s interest is to protect Europeans. He is doing an excellent job so far.

    Carbon caping is nasty deal for Africans. Wall street wants to make money out of it. For example some land can’t be used for farming or some thing else because of carbon emitting. Part of the money is going to poor nations is to agree they can’t use their own land for any thing. Imagine if you are a poor farmer family told not to touch any of land in this area.

    What we are witnessing is a climate colonialism. Wall street they are going to use it as a hedge fund and bundle with some thing else like mortgage fund. The worest from this climate deal to be witnessed in the coming years. Africans should step out ASAP. They are the biggest loser in this deal.

  3. Denbit
  4. peace
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    Denbit and Captain,

    Captain, I think credibility is more important than plagiarism. You can’t win people’s heart if your passion is not from your heart.

    Thank you.

    Long live Ethiopia!

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    You are correct in exposing theft in the work of news making. Good observant. Keep up exposing plagarism.

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