Zenawi Sold Africa like Humera – Tilahun Yimer.

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Dear all Africans and peoples of the Developing Nations

Robbing, Cheating, and Betraying are not new for Meles Zenawi. As African Saying goes “House behavior unveils itself in the market”. As he sold his own country(Ethiopia), he is selling his continent (Africa) cheap. (more…)

Dear all Africans and peoples of the Developing Nations

Robbing, Cheating, and Betraying are not new for Meles Zenawi. As African Saying goes “House behavior unveils itself in the market”. As he sold his own country(Ethiopia), he is selling his continent (Africa) cheap.

Ethiopia before Zenawi Sold Her
Ethiopia after Zenawi sold and butchered her

One concerned African diplomat stated that Ethiopia does not represent Africa. As Ethio-African, I am ashamed to here this. In fact Ethiopia has been a model of Africa for freedom and liberation. It is the first time in history that Ethiopia grew a national and continental traitor. Zenawi cannot represent himself let alone Ethiopia and Africa. He is a man without conscience and a man with no conscience is a mad man. Therefore, the mad man zenawi needs guardian instead of being a guardian for others. Ethiopia is the birthplaces of Heroes and Heroines that did not bend to any foreign pressure. Ethiopia is the motherland of Tewodros and Minilik who had been fighting for independence of Africa centuries ago.

Furthermore, Zenawi has no any value for human life. Look at the samples of his victims from the country he rules with assistance of western major powers who are buying Africa at a cheap price from him now.

martyr martyr

Then, why! Why Africa? Why you send this mad man as a representative of Africa. What happen to the leaders of Ghana, Botswana, and South Africa that do have legal representation of their people and hence Africa?

Anyway any negotiation signed by this mad traitor is invalid. When Africa gets free from hometown killers and robbers like Zenawi this agreement will be reinstated.

Africa shall prevail.

Tilahun Yimer.

  1. Anonymous
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    ምን ይደንቅህል የተለመደ ነው.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    When the TPLF robbers came into Ethiopia,they were broke and barefoot;but had a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians.The bandits then quickly moved into neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalised the lives of families.

    Meles Zinawi,the fugitive stabbed African leaders in the back,he settled for less for Africa and a lot for himself and for the crimefamily in the land they invaded 18 years ago.At the beginning,he was with African leaders to stick with what they would demand from the rich nations and reach a reasonale agreement in bringing necessary funds to Africa for climate remedy.But the boss of the bosses broke the trust amongest African leaders and stabbed them lethally in the back and settled for less.

    Zinawi the fugitive,dinned and wined with selective leaders of the rich nations in clandestine and disgustingly settled for a less quick cash leading to angering the rest of Africans.If you look,else where,people are perishing and rivers and lakes are poisioned and million lives are in grave danger.

    The mother of ten children became one of the thousands victims to the tplf evil and criminal activities;the mother brurried her children and husband who were poisoned to death by the toxic dump that has been dumped into the living rivers and lakes which are now declared dead along with the environment and its surrounding from the factories and industries that have been owned, control,and run by members of the crimefamily,in Ethiopia.

    Today,everything that has been available below and above the land the robbers invaded years ago is woned,controlled, and run by the invading and looting forces; and not only these robbers are looting the resources,they are murdering citizens on a daily basis.Zinawi is cold and dry;his personal value is below zero,but his fortune is above 1 billion dollar.To members of the crimefamily,death is cash because they are profiting from the death of rivers,children,and lakes.

  3. Ayele Hailu
    | #3

    It is difficult to represent a small country in Africa, let alone the whole continent. Leaders tend to dis agree and divide their own citzens to make sure that they stay in power. Meles is just one of them. Right now he seems to be the darling of the west and he may have assumed that most of the money will be spent in his area of interest. That may be selfish, but it had worked for him so far.

  4. D.Atuba
    | #4

    When Zinawi automatically volunteered himself to represent African leaders,they felt comfortable and were fully convinced themselves with whom they were represented by in Copenhagen to receive a doss of cash to cure the ailing environment and the habitants in it. Then, Zinawi sworn and promised to carry out the plan drafted with full responsibility and accountability;most of all, Africans and the environment in mind.

    Zinawi the fugitive,before he set out to Copenhangen,he had a plan of his own designed to benefit hemself and bring a win/win fortune to his family of criminals who have been holding millions of Ethiopians hostages at gun point since the invasion.

    African leaders thought they would bring a win/win solution to Africa and its citizens;but what they didn’t know and paid no attention to was that Zinawi was a spy and and agent for himself and for his crimefamily.When later found that Zinawi privately dinned and wined with selective leaders of the rich countries and settled for less for Africa and for the citizens they represented for, but secured a lot and a guick gain for someone else,they became helpless and found themselves gullible and were angryly mad at Zinawi.

    Right at the beginning, Only one African leader raised a grave concern with the issue about the professional and moral integrity of Zinawi as a representative for African leaders.

    Clearly,Zinawi will return to his crimefamily not as a bread-winner,but as a robber with millions dollar to build fortune and business empire for members of the crimefamily.

    when TPLF invaders came into Ethiopia,they were broke and barefoot;but had a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians.And then they quickly moved into the neighbourhoods and broke into the homes of citizens and vandlised the lives of families.

    Today,all members of the crimefamily and Zinawi,the boss of the bosses are both millionaires and a billionair.Evertything and anything above and below the land they invaded 19 years ago is owned,controlled,and run by members of the crimefamily and their partners in crime.

    For members of the crimefamily,death is cash;rivers,lakes and children are dying of the toxic that has been dumped from the companies and industries that are owned,controlled, and run by members of the crimefamily. Sadly, what is allocated to climate and environment fund by rich western countries to Ethiopia, the greatest majority of it will definitely go to the bankaccounts of members of the crimefamily.That is how Zinawi set his goal.

    | #5


    Please clarify your ambigious statements to me because I do not understand what you have said.

    FIRST, I do agree with you that “it is difficult to represent a small country (Ethiopia) in world conference let alone a continent big as much as Africa”. While the contentious issue was about carbon monoxide in which the Developed countries had cause the problem, I do not understand, however, why you brought the divisive nature of African “leaders tend to disagree and divide their own citizins to make sure that they stay in power”. SECONDLY, what is the relationship of Africans (and for that matter world leaders’) disagreement on the issue of carbon monoxide that contaminate and increased the temperature of our planet to the benefiting of a particular country such as Meles’s interest that you said “had worked for him so far”?.

    My understanding is that African leaders may have been bribbed to say or vote something “favorable” to the industrialized nations but that may not extend to the conclusary allegation that the benefit they receieved shall mean an instrument of ethnic group in a single nation for reason of one “favorable” leader for staying in power. Thanks for your reply.

    | #6


    CORRECTION: Please read my statement (3rd paragraph) …”ethnic group” as “ethnic division)

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    I think you diasporas don’t know what you are doing and talking about, you better check yourself before you say something about politics. Do you think the people of ethiopia will trust you? Soemetimes, atleast you should admire instead of always objecting. I am not a supporter of any political institutes, but I have an optimistic attitude towards the current government doing..Ofcourse sometimes the thing I like may be bad to the other side or the thing I hate may good for the other because of humans behaviour is differnt, but we have to reconcile all our difference and try to develop our beloved country. You guys just staying on confortable life and try to complicate our poor life, don’t be fool, nobody is listening you, we are now concentrating how we develop our country and how we improve our life as well, no body care about your nasty political attitude. If you really think about your country and about your poor people, why not you contribute and send the money in order to improve your poor people life. We know you are caring about how you going to the power. Please..stop what you are talking and atleast think about yourself instead of telling for these innocent people to sacrifice his life for your politics. Most of you can think that I am from the current government but believe me that I am not the supporter of any political institute, but the reason why I try to comment was due to the fact that you diasporas attitude towards to any thing about the government doing is irritating me always, I am telling you this is my first comment on any of such shits. But, please, please, please, let us live our life, don’t confuse us.

  8. Tefera
    | #8

    The bucher of Adwa is realy the darling of the west.

  9. Ayub
    | #9

    Ato Tefera, what do Butchers do? are you suggesting he has murdered people in Adwa? and he is a leader of 80 million nation. i think your story needs clarification

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