Zenawi betrays Africa at Copenhagen climate change negotiations – By Lucas Liganga (This Day)

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THE misunderstanding among Africans when it comes to making crucial decisions came to light last week during the UN Climate Change conference held in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

After two weeks of intensive negotiations, the African group made a formal submission to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change on Africa’s position on dealing with climate change.

Unfortunately, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who is the spokesman of Africa on climate change uncharacteristically teamed up with France and heavily doctored the African document, a move that shocked the African negotiators.

Following this unprecedented move, more hard questions were asked by the African negotiators, journalists and members of the civil society but there were no readily available answers. Who formed the Ethiopia-France alliance to represent Africa? How was France picked to represent Africa on climate change issues?

Why Ethiopia, speaking on behalf of Africa, took a unilateral decision to compose a text for presentation to the Conference of Parties (COP 15) leaders which was contrary to earlier agreement by the continent’s negotiators?

All this amount to the betrayal of the African continent. Period.

The text document entitled: The Joint Appeal of France and Ethiopia, Representing Africa, for an Ambitious Copenhagen Accord, reads that France and Ethiopia, representing Africa, launch today (December 16) an appeal to all parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to adopt an ambitious agreement on December 18 limiting the increase of temperatures 2C above compared to preindustrial times as recommended by the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and ensuring that vulnerable countries will receive adequate financing to face the challenge.

For instance, the document presented by Zenawi shows that the African countries had pushed for the adoption of a “fast-start” fund of $10bn per year covering the next three years from 2010 through 2012 but the original document puts the figure at $600bn.

In addition, the doctored document indicated that 40 per cent of the fund should be dedicated to adaptation in Africa while the original agreement was 50 per cent of the fund.

Adding salt to the wound, the document stated that a high-level group composed of developed and developing countries’ experts will bring forward recommendations with a preliminary report to be presented no later than the next G20 summit in Canada, and its final report not later than the November 2010 G20 summit in Korea.

One may ask, why involve the G20 summits when they have nothing to do with the Copenhagen Climate Change negotiations?

And African parliamentarians and civil society leaders who attended the conference condemned the proposals made by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi saying his statement had no official bearing on the negotiations and it undermined the bold position of African negotiators and ministers represented at the conference.

A furious Mithika Mwenda of Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance said if Prime Minister Zenawi wanted to sell out the lives and hopes of Africans for a pittance – he was welcome to – but that is not Africa’s position.

Mr Meles’ announcement reeked of “divide and rule” tactics designed to subjugate Africa and undermine good faith in the United Nations negotiations.

African renowned environmentalist, Prof. Wangari Maathai, might have predicted the situation when she cautioned that the UN Climate Change conference might not come out with a perfect document.

She said she has been attending UN meetings since 1976 where delegates argue and wrangle over language and money, and at the end of the day no delegate leaves the conference with a perfect document and a perfect financial mechanism to implement their dreams.

Prof. Maathai, a Nobel Peace Laureate, Goodwill Ambassador for the Congo Basin Forest Ecosystem and UN Messenger of Peace, was indeed prophetic.

And the Copenhagen conference on climate change might not be any different taking into account the surprise move by Prime Minister Zenawi.

Frankly speaking, Prime Minister Zenawi should relinquish his position as spokesman for Africa on Climate Change lest he makes Africa a laughing stock.

  1. ደምስ
    | #1

    Lucas Liganga,

    It is news to you, but for Ethiopians the same old things. Dictator melese is a corrupt and criminal will do any thing to stay in power. He is a bucher of Addis and worest than Mugabe of Zembabwe.

    Tyrant Melese will never relinquish his position as spokesman for Africa. At the moment this is a jackpot for him. After next year fake election in Ethiopia the west will cheer him and then may be he will relinquish to some one else.

    I’m just happy every one knows who melese is; a dictator and barbaric too.

    The best solution is to have five representative for Africa. One from South, North, East, West and Central part of Africa. This way some one from Europe (London or Paris) will not make a surprise deal for Africa.

  2. Ferenj Lebaw
    | #2

    Ethiopian netsa lemawtat kefelegachuh, ferenjen bemulu ke ethiopia mabarer alebachuh. ye melese alekoch agerachinin lememrat eyemokeru new. Afachenen zegten yetem andersem. Kahun bohala “Ashkerun Melesen” teten “ferenjen” menager yebejenal. Meles is a the first Ethiopian “Bariya Leader” of Ethiopia. Ferenj zare megeb eyameta yegna geta lemehon simoker, afachehun yezegachehu bemulu “Bariya” nachuh

  3. atuba dolla
    | #3

    Yes,it is true.Zinawi the butceher is a criminal and has been a fugitive since he he left for Nakfa cave, now is the most wanted criminal in the list;and will, for sure be captured along with members of the crimefamily.

    He fooled African leaders,then betrayed them by settling for less for Africa and more for him and his known members of the crimefamily. Also,he demanded an immediate handover of the cash he negotiated with the
    leaders of the donner countries without them putting too much of their hand voice in the process.

    Talking about the real fact, it is immenient that Ethiopians will remove this robber and his crimefamily from the surface of the land they invaded years ago.

  4. Asmelis
    | #4

    Meles wanted to use this conference mainly for one reason. Western leaders has lost all their patience in Meles and his private company (EPRDF). They no longer need his service in Somalia or else where as his little image left was totally tarnished after killing hundreds in the aftermath of the 2005 election. No western leader in healthy mind want to have the dictator on his side even for photo ceremony.
    When it comes to self defence Meles had to use all amunition left in his disposal, not to win the heart and mind of the west but to blackmail them. so far his unsuccessful reaction was to use China as his next destination (as if China want him). Knowing that China is not stupid, he climbed on to getting hold of representing Africa in the Climate Change conference. Few months ahead of the conference he started sending blackmailing messages to the west in form of boycotting, demanding for big money, ..etc. An immediate response telling him that his minority revenge rule on Ethiopia is a concern from a US ambassador was part of the card game. Calling the ambassador the “Idiot” was Un-Ethiopian as Meles himself is, however what he wanted to say was that he had never been serious in his threats, just joking, idiot!
    Meles had never had the trust of Ethiopians, to day he is not trusted by the west, he is not trusted by Chinese even by African dictators. Meles is alone trusted by no one as he is running out of lies. This is the right time to finish him off once forever. Ethiopians United can get rid of this useless animal.

  5. Asmelis
    | #5

    Please stop comparing Meles the butcher with Mugabe the robber. Mugabe may have illegally confiscated land from the minority owners to transfer it the majority poor farmers at a cost of loosing his sponsors to power. Meles in contrast gave out Ethiopian legal access to sea, Meles sold out huge mass of land to Sudan and pocketed the money, Meles systematically destroyed Ethiopia’s Unity using his brutal army recruited from his tribe.
    Meles is the worst criminal Africa had never had in its modern history. Every one shall join together to bring him to justice for the numerous crime he has committed since and before he clanged to power.
    It is in his nature to betray every one for the sake of power and money.

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