UDJ celebrated Birtukan Mideska in Boston Massachusetts – By Teodros Kiros (Ph. D)

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Hail to the Queen of Truth (more…)

Hail to the Queen of Truth

Slow, steady and determined

She moon walks to the pinnacle of power
power with grace
Style with purpose.
Never waiver says
The queen of Truth
I will be there for you sisters
I will walk with you brothers
Together we will march
Towards the tower of justice
My people
We have a rendezvous with victory
Says the tall queen of Justice

The elegant, Ms. Birtukan Mideksa, the voice of the silent Ethiopian people was celebrated in Boston, Ma, on December 26th, 2009, at a specious Italian club, in Arlington, MA. UDJ’s (Andinet) Association of Ethiopian Women organized the spectacular event.

The master of ceremony was the diligent and quiet Mr. Aklog Limeneh, who introduced the distinguished Mr. Williams Brownsberger, a state house representative of Ma.

Mr. Aklog paid tribute to Mr. Brown Berger’s commendable role in contributing to the release of Kinijit’s leaders, when the Ethiopian government imprisoned them. He declared that ones again, he and his colleagues would play a role in securing the release of Mrs. Birtukan Mideksa. The members of his family were visibly impressed by the hospitality of the Ethiopian people. The family was touched by Birtukan’s brilliant speech, the delicious Ethiopian dinner, and highly impressed by Mrs. Bethlehem’s classical Ethiopian songs. I was very proud to translate the songs to the family, and also lead them to the dance floor, upon their request.

Mr. Brownsberger raised his hands and said Birtukan Tifeta in Amharic. An adoring crowd cheered his melodic Amharic.

An impressive crowd of over three hundred people attended the event. The guests were serious and determined to release Mrs. Birtukan by any means necessary.

Abugida, the Ethiopian Diaspora’s, leading television program, covered the event with a brilliant play, young Ethiopian children’s inspiring program, and the energetic poet, Mrs. Debri, who managed to raise $800, through a successful auction of a traditional Ethiopian dress.

This extraordinary event is part of an ongoing fund raising effort, with spectacular results that UDJ is organizing around the world.

Ethiopians from all walks of life are wrapping themselves with Ethiopianity and Unity and determined to release the chairwoman of UDJ to the sunlight of justice and provide the Ethiopian people with an alternative national party ready to end Ethnocentricity and replace it with Ethiopianity, so that the Ethiopian people could choose a party that represents them, stands for them, and vows to end famines, cycles of poverty, armed with a new economic policy that would fight for the poor, the vulnerable, the alienated, and organize a party for all Ethiopians and by all Ethiopians.

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