Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of June 21, 2007

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June 21, 2007

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  1. matias
    | #1

    Dear Abogidas,

    First,I appricate ur lovely program.

    on the other hand ,at 21st june news when u read about weyane millionim organizing commitee leaders, u said Ato Nesanet Asfaw.but as far as I Know,Nesanet asfaw a women.

    I hope this information help u for future to see some kind erores.

    best regards

  2. wossen
    | #2

    not only netsanet asfaw but also giftye abasseya also awomen please makesure before
    u read

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    I learn a lot from the interview that you had with Dr. Abrahme Bekele. If Weyanne doesn’t release our leaders and work with them to bring a real democracy in Ethiopia, the formula that Dr. Abrahme discussed should be in place with out any delay. I also would like to emphasize the importance of teaching the general public regarding the peaceful struggle and how it works. Then most of us would a quire the proper value to it. Dr. Abrahme seems to know well the issue, and he is a great communicator about it. I hope the same lesson will be given to the Ethiopia people on Teansay radio. Finally, I would like to tank the abugida guys, particularly Asheber, for asking the right question when you discuss with Dr. Abrahme.

    See you next week!

  4. yaphet
    | #4

    Can somebody teach Yemisrach how to read I pesonally dont think she finished Abogida in back home. Please somebody buy her a Feedel. She must know somebody there to have that job. I dont think none of you have TV personallity. I think it is a family owned webpage who hire only family connection or those who are mad at Tigreans. Is there any Tigrean in Abogida? I am just jocking I know they all Tigreans. This webpage is owned by a hateful and blind poltician like Hailu Shawel and Negede Gobeze.
    Y’all know I am telling the truth.

    Woyane for life!!!

  5. Tigist
    | #5

    What a superb job that you are doing the abugida arbegnoche. All of you guys are beautiful and genuine. You are young Ethiopians with the right values. That is a big hope for Ethiopia and our people. Keep working hard, stay positive, forget the evil and the negative, be consistent and you will get what you ask for. We all get what we ask for. That is God’s principle and no evil can stop it.

    See you next week!

  6. yaphet
    | #6

    Some people might like what they hear all the time not because it is true or help for the success of the country as a whole but it just satisfy their evil and cheap mind. Loosers like Tigist associate greatness with hate politics that is why she said y’all are doing a great job. Her soul needs trash politics because this what keeps her going on a daily base. I am giving y’all a good feed back so that y’all could grow ,but supporters like Tigist is supporting for the sake of supporting ,and her dictionary lacks the word Why. Whenever kinijit is sneezing Tigist is caughing. She doesnt know which kinijit she is supporting. She is just a lost citizen of nowhere.

    Woyane for life!!!

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    Once again the abugida arbegnoche you are doing a great job. Now, we all know that when something good happens, it touch Weyannes nerve. Actually, you can use their reaction to see how well you are doing. Keep in mind Weyannes are incapable of critical and logical thinking. That is why they usually say something that has no sense to most of us. Just ignore them. There is no need to lower our self to their backward standard.

  8. kk
    | #8

    Keep it up you are doing a great job. Your presence scare all Woyane elements.

  9. kk
    | #9

    I have a request to Abugida. Please interview tactical or knowledgeable people how to make effective demonstrations wearing for example black cloth or a piece of black cloth on your arm or carying black covered funeral box etc. Why not interview people from Chile? They know how they fought Pinochet. I got a good lesson from your last interview with Dr. Abraham. Thank you.

  10. yaphet
    | #10

    Fear of criticism can affect anyone in ways both trival and seriuos. Lately some dispora supporters of kinijit are finding out that kinijit is full of mess. As we all have witnessed last week only 120 confused and low class showed up out 100,000 Ethiopian living in DC. What can we draw from this other than kinijit is a failed marriage. we will still see loosers supporting kinijit in fear of being left behind. The funny thing about this jock is that they dont know which kinijit they are supporting, now there are about six kinijit and we will see more division in days to come to point where kinijit will become a ghost. Kinijit is not meant to be together we all know deep in our heart. Finally, kinijit leaders in Addis came out saying we were wrong ,and we are sorry for doing the cheapest thing ever done in the history of Ethiopia. To our beloved leader Meles I have to say that you are son of gun. Thanks for holding kinijit leaders by there nose. If you would keep the boogeyman Hailu Shawel there to his death, he does not deserve to come out.

    Woyane for life!!!

  11. Boru
    | #11

    Thank you so much for an excellent interview with Dr.Abraham Bekele. The man is very well rounded and I wished he was a key strategist for te CUD. I look forward to te rest of the program.

    Keep up the great work ABUGIDA

  12. Temelkach
    | #12

    Comment on June 21, 2007 TV Program

    One of your journalist, while reading news, he said “Ato Gifti Abbasiya ” but Gifti is female and she is an officer in Prime Minister women affairs.


  13. Mesfin
    | #13

    I like what Dr. Abraham discussed on your show. I think there has to be a serious of teachings on the civil disobedience issue. It is very important to know for the general public how the method of civil disobedience implemented and its effect. Weyanne is a very minority group with identity crisis. It is certainly easy to push weyanne over the edge with out any violence and property damage. We all just have to participate in the civil disobedience. It is embarrassing to all of us we let moron weyannes run our country for so long. The good thing is that now we rise up, and no one can stop us.

    Keep it up abugida!

  14. Habesha
    | #14

    Everything that all Opposition supporters need to know is that we have to pressure the leaders that we need a 24 hour radio or television service in Ethiopia to educate our people all over how to liberate themselves from ethnic-centered tyrany!! If Ethiopians had access to everything we in the diaspora enjoy, forget the oppression of Meles, the would have a leader that the people themselves can instruct to get Ethiopia our of the poverty hell it’s in at this time!!

    For how many hours?
    24 hours/day or at least 12 hours!!

    This is the key to the survival of this struggle in Ethiopian people’s heart!!

    Every civil disobediance failed due to a lack of communication amongst the people!!!

    I don’t know how I can see this and the so-called appointed leaders can’t!!!

    That’s why Meles sensored every media including the internet and cell phone text messaging in Addis!! He knows the importance!! Instead of complaining about the censorship and oppression we need to overcome those difficulties seeking alternative ways to reach our people!! This struggle is not something we do in secret, let our goal known and work toward it with the support of the Ethiopian people thos who live all over Ethiopia but not only in Addis Ababa!!!!

  15. Tigist
    | #15

    Good point Habesha! We don’t need to buy tank or fighter jets to fight against the primitive Weyannes. We just need to rally our people and move on, and media is a key on that…The opposition party leaders should work on the media issue, for Ethiopians that live in Ethiopia, more than ever. We need result sooner rather than latter, let us act right now. We are good people, and we deserve a civil and democratic government. Let us go and make it happen!

  16. yaphet
    | #16

    You can buy any kind of tank or fighter jet ,but you can not use it like the son of a gun, Woyane. No one can use both the tank and the fighter jet like we do ,so you are out of luck. It is better if y’all keep crying like always and come with new slogans. We ,Tigreans, kicked kinijit ass inside out. Keep wishing y’all never catch the fish.

    Proud to be born with a woyane blood!
    Love’em to death!!!

  17. Mimi
    | #17

    Evil Meles and his followers stupid weyannes are suffering from a disease called a little man syndrome. There is no need for tank or anything else to fight with them. We just need to reject them and keep reject them. That will exacerbate their disease and eventually kill them. One evidence of weyannes’ little man syndrome is that they keep posting meaning less staff on a pro democracy site such as abugida. No one should pay attention to them or respond for their non sense. Let us keep reject them.

  18. | #18

    Selam abugida !

    We are enjoying your news is been long time now but still we are not comfortable what you wear please be proffesional.

    thank you

  19. Habesha
    | #19

    Ashebr and Asnaku are professionals, this girl that read the news always wearing party cloth. She need to be professionalize, she is good at what she does but appearance means a lot more!!

  20. Tigist
    | #20

    Well, the abugida arbegnoch, you look fine to me, and the most important thing that we all real Ethiopians should focus at this point is the real problem that we have. That is Weyanne. The rest is a bunch of bull crap. We don’t have time to talk about what kind of dress the abugida guys should wear or not. Let that decision made by them. After all they are dressing for themselves not for any body else. Our common thing is our country Ethiopia and the democracy movement. That is where our focus should be.

  21. edgwood
    | #21

    Please, leave this people alon who cares what they wear. They are doing this free. Look how many post trash but never even try to do half as much. Get over it!!!!

  22. edgwood
    | #22

    Leave these people alone!!!!!

  23. Hana
    | #23

    Edgwood, there is not anything wrong with a genuin comment to improve these young patriots…it would be ok if I am told to leave them alone if my comment was insulting! I care about Abugida as much as u do…that’s why I still stand firm with my comment that their appearance means a lot if they do a televisiion show!! It’s not hard to to take that step!!

  24. AB
    | #24

    By responding to the destructive comments, don’t loss focus on the most purpose of this media; struggle with Woyane to bring them to their sense. They lack common sense. So, by watching this kind of media, they will get back to their sense.


  25. john
    | #25

    Don’t imagine to bring about positive progress to Ethiopia. “BECHIFIN TIKAWEMALEH BECHIFIN TIDEGFALEH”. Example: Netsanet Asfaw is a lady but you said “w/ro”!!!!! hahahaha. Please try to know the reality before blindly opposing and blindly supporting. I know the very reason is that you are just suffering from “Ethnicity” and hatred to all Tigreans.

    Woyane for life!!!

  26. habesha2
    | #26

    John…wow…u can’t get dumber!!

  27. addi
    | #27


  28. dan
    | #28

    This is 4 all’y try to fight ‘DEHENT’ not meles poverty is our enmey and I agree with yaphet try to talk reyalit ONE LOVE

  29. Abraham
    | #29

    What I don’t understand is “HOW CAN ONE GO INTO A PEACEFUL STRUGGLE WHEN THE OTHER SIDE IS NOT AT ALL PEACEFUL.” What happened to the good old and effective ARMED STRUGGLE. OR have we all become FERI????

  30. | #30

    Hi, I am nathan and I like to ask about the girl who read the news. When I see the news reporter she can’t read very Well, and There are a lot of people who can read better than her and Is this the right place for her. I mean I don’t think so. She was missing the words. I am still student at middle school but I can read 10 times better than her. That is all and Don’t E-mail me just call me and My numer is (260)5572896

  31. | #31

    Wow wow it is interesting!!
    keep up doing this I got so many things..

  32. Genet
    | #32

    Ye Abugida azegajoch endemn alachihu. zigejitachihu tiru new neger gen yemtakerbut zena biyans ye 1 ye 2 ken leunet binorew dehna gen yenant kesament bewhala bemekrebu tinish yeadmachin semet yitebkal malet yaschegeral. Lelaw degmo engdochen setegabezu hasabachew sefa argew endigelsu lemegabez mokeru. yihen yalkubet bezu gize semelekt ketelo yemeteykeh eyalachihu selehon engedochu yenanten tiyak enditebku yigededalu. yemiketelew asteyayet degmo ebakachihu yemetanebutn negen lehzeb kemakrebachihu befit bedenb anbebachu lemakreb mokeru mekenyatum berasachin kwanqwa yetesaf selhon liyaschegrachihu aygebeam. beterf wedefit beteshal endemetakerbulen tesfa adergalehu bertu.

  33. zellalem
    | #33

    i support the group who they want to challeng the reble Ethiopian govt.in the other way i prefer to destroy them from their own root.since the biggining they were ethiopian enemy.now their people repited their own history on Ethiopia.kehadiwoch.

  34. ponte
    | #34

    well look this is for all ethiopians regarding our port of assab i never heard any one talk about this issu i’m one of x ethiopian shipping line this time hunging out
    djibouti next to our abandend ethiopian ships
    just look at them rust out due to poor mentnance LOOK ETHIOPIANS assab is not eritrians the port is part of ethiopia please say some thing just dont talk about gadem kenjit 24/7 even eritrians know that to well assab is not eritria but look they can’t say NO
    when it comes free gift this exactly hapen back in 1991 OK
    i born and grow up ponte ras mekonen deldey
    my first job is serving my ethiopia as sea man
    well few times i fell like I MISS MENGESTU he was real hero stand for his border ethiopians
    u all know ethiopia map is not the way it looks
    i ask all of u to stand together for our and the only sea port assab ur fathers hand to u
    keep it

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