Birtukan Mideksa is Abugida’s Person of the Decade!

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Abugida chooses Birtukan Mideksa as Person of the Decade. By the same token, we chose “Legesse Zenawi” aka “Meles Zenawi” as Tyrant, Coward and Scumbag of the decade.

Birtukan Mideksa aka “Lady Liberty” is a defiant and courageous woman who transcends daily treachery of Zenawi. She chose unity over being intoxicated with ethnicism. She chose democracy over being a mechanism to oppress her people. She chose justice over being an instrument to commit injustice. She chose going to jail over succumbing to Master of Evil, Zenawi and becoming his puppet.

Prof. Al Mariam, in his recent article titled “Birtukan, Invictus! (Unconquered) – A Tribute” states:

“On a personal note, I thank Birtukan for inspiring me and many others like myself to be involved in the struggle for human rights and democracy in the country of our birth. The courage of her convictions refreshes us every day like the pure mountain spring water. For all Birtukan Midekssa has done and tried to do, and in the spirit of eternal gratitude, I dedicate to her William Ernest Henley’s poem, “Invictus” (Unconquered). Nelson Mandela had this poem written on a piece of paper which he kept in his cell to uplift his spirit over the long years of incarceration. I trust this poem will uplift Birtukan’s spirit as much as it did Mandela’s.”

It is for the same reason that we chose Birtukan, Invictus to be our person of the decade.

Meles Zenawi – It would not be an exaggeration to say he has committed every crime imaginable by the human mind. Here are some of his crimes:

He has landlocked Ethiopia without access to port by conspiring with an enemy.

He has disregard for the symbol behind the Ethiopian flag and ridiculed it to be just a mere sheet (“Cherq”)

He has jailed democracy. He has sentenced patriotic Ethiopians to death and life in prison. In reality, he was the one who supposed to be put to death in pain.

He has looted billions from Ethiopia and made deposits in foreign banks. One of his most memorable scam was on the National Bank of Ethiopia when he sold fake gold to the bank.

He has promoted division among different ethnic groups so that Ethiopians would kill each other.

He has jailed and killed across age, sex and ethnic lines.

Currently, in the name of investment, he is selling farm lands to foreign investors which will eventually make Ethiopian farmers slaves to these investors.

For the last two decades, he has been literally sucking the blood out of Ethiopia.

Melese Zenawi and his gangs have committed every crime that the human mind can comprehend. Check out the following link for some of his minor offenses:
Crimes of Zenawi

Bob Marley, in one of his songs says “Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!”

So, our message to Ethiopians in the new year is to “Wake up and Live!” No more submission to the treachery of Zenawi. Our vision for the new year should be to put zenawi behind bar and set Birtukan free!

We pray also that Ethiopians to be defiant of the Zenawi regime.

Zenawi is Ethiopia’s cancer cell so he must be removed by any means necessary.

1. Birtukan, Invictus! (Unconquered) – A Tribute – Alemayehu G. Mariam
2. Three Generations of Prisoners in Ethiopia Today – By Prof. Negussay Ayele

  1. ይቻላል
    | #1


    አዎን የዘመናችን ጣይቱ ነች::

    እውነተኛ ሐቀኛ በጥቅም የማትለወጥ ቅን ህዝቡን አከባሪ አገሩን አኩረ ጊዜው ያበቀላት ንፁህ ኢትዮጵያዊት ኮከባችን ነን:: እንዲህ ዓለም ዙሪያ የምታበራ ብሩህ ኮከባችን ነች:: ይብላን ለጭራቆቹ እንጂ ይበልጥ ማንነቷን አረጋገጡልን
    ሰው በላው አረመኔውን እንቅልፍ የነሳች የዘመናችን ክብርት ኢትዮጵያዊት ነች::

  2. ይቻላል
    | #2

    we need to unplug this life support. Without it he is history.

    ነጮቹ ተላላኪ አሽከር ይወዳሉ::

    ዋ – እትዮጵያዬ እንዲያ የአፍሪካ የጥቁር ህዝብ መመኪያ እንዳልነበርሽ ዛሬ የነጭ ተላላኪ በትናንሾቹ ሰዎች እንዲህ የአፍሪካ ማፈሪያ ትሆኝ? ጎበዝ እስከመቼ እንዲህ ማላገጫ ትሁን አገራችን? ትውልድ ይወቅሰናል የአያቶቻችንም አጥንት ይጣራል አንድ ሴት ብርቱካን እንደህ ካናወጠችው ብዙ ወንድ አለን አንድ እንበል ጎበዝ ሴት ወንድ ሳንል የእስካሁኑ ይብቃን እንዲህ የናቀንን ማፈርያ መድረሻ እናሳጣው

  3. anti teori
    | #3

    Long live Birtukan Mideksa!!
    Tank you abugida, she deserves it.

    Free Birtukan!!

  4. Anbese
    | #4

    Thank you Abugida electing owr own real Ethiopian Sister Birtukan Mideqssa as the Person of the Decade. All real Ethiopian struggle should be continue in strong endurance through the G7 Movement for Justice, Freedom, and Democracy.

  5. Free Birtukan
    | #5

    Birtukan went to jail for disclosing the truth, which is a taboo in Ethiopian politics. She could have outsmarted government machinery and fled for her life. But, God is teaching us all to be truthful through her life. She is winner in the prison cell rather than the “warlords” in the palace. As Ato Meles himself claimed it, he has been in prison for the last 18 years, confined to his palace and his entourage. She commands more admiration, popularity, respect and credibility in prison than in the open. She will come out as a model African political leader if we continue to suport her cause.

  6. ደምስ
    | #6

    Thank you Birtukan and We do not have to look from out side and waiting miracle to happen. God also will help us if we do our part. At the moment we are in the hope of some kind God intervention. It may or may not happen.

    Birtukan gave up her life for us. Unlike the kehadi engineer hailu,the other fake or greedy oppositions and an evil called Dr.Elani are betrayal of Ethiopia.

    If we want change in our country all we have to do is to sacrfiy ourselves like Birtukan. No Birtish or American will die for our cause. Starting from myslef, we are very selfish and do not want to sacrify like Birtukan.

    No freedom can be achieved with out some kind of sacrify. Every one knows, there is no free lunch. We want free lunch and freedom with no sacrify.

    Happy New Year Every one!!

  7. mateos
    | #7

    I strongly believe Birtukan represents not only Ethiopia but the whole continent of Africa for the 21st generation; HOWEVER, as the old saying, “for every action there is equal reaction”, Abebe/Legesse/Melesse also represents Africa’s worst sophisticated slave in the history of Ethiopia or in that case Africa in its entire exitense. Lets hope the 2010 brings the end of the weyane mafia families in the entire horn of Africa and it will peace and prosperity ones this modern sophisticated slaves are gone!

  8. የ ቕራው
    | #8

    Birtukan Mideksa -A Symbol of Our Resistance Against TPLF Apartheid !

    Throughout the history of Ethiopian politics and its sleazy leadership history, we have experienced nothing but embracement,division and dysfunctional political leaders whose ultimate goal is self glory and self distraction which enabled dictators from Derg to TPLF to stay in power with a minimal challenge from so called oppositions. For Once! We have a leader who is Honest, Trustworthy, Modest above off all a Fearless Leader who refused to bow dawn to TPLF intimidation and imprisonment; a young woman who was raised from a modest income family risked all she worked for throughout her entire life for the call of our people. That is why BIRTUKAN MIDEKSA has become not just another political party leader but a symbol and the uniting force against TPLF Apartheid in Ethiopia.

    I believe Other Political Party Leaders & Carrere Politicians could learn from Birtukan Mideksa the following:

    a)Practice what you preach. If you don’t have the courage to fight TPLF you shall not preach others to fight for you while you are seating in your comfort zone abroad.

    b)You can’t shoot TPLF from Europe or North America, nor can you diminish the power of TPLF by a daily dose of press release and multiple meeting and eloquent speeches. You must submerge yourself within the society in Ethiopia and Fight with the people.

    c)Never compromise National interests for self glory or political power.

    d)Even when you defeat your enemy, be humble. But be fearless and standstill when you loose the battle field.

    e)Learn to compromise ,since you can’t build unity by dividing supporters in political groups to gain momentum for your own political party.

    I believe the Diaspora community could learn from Birtukan Mideksa that:

    a)We can’t claim that Birtukan Mideksa is hour hero. Yet, tarnish the image of UDJ or its progress.

    b)Birtukan Mideksa is not just a fearless leader she is also forgiving for the sake if our Nation’s future. Therefore, we should encourage anyone who is denouncing TPLF camp and eager to join our cause for the sake or our country. Remember, in political there is no permanent enemy or permanent friend.


  9. abbyca
    | #9

    I was hoping if teddy afro sing about patriot Ethiopian or freedom fighters (Mandela). That will be big blow for woyane.

  10. Babu
    | #10

    Yes Mme Birtukan should be free not because of the party or the ideology she leads but for being a human and as such she deserves her human rights respected. Meles and co. are being very vindictive in her case. There is nothing that amounts to level of incarceration and brutality she is suffering in jail. So Mr. Zenawi please free this lady so that one day you may not have to account for her incarceration.
    Happy New Year compatriots.

  11. Robele Ababya
    | #11

    Thank you ABUGIDA for speaking loud and clear consistently in support of icon Birtukan languishing in TPLF jail for speaking the TRUTH that we all need. Ethiopians are entitled to know the TRUTH about the process leading to the pardon of the illustrious leaders of Kinijit.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    thank you so much Abugida Birtukan should be our leader

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