Alert: The Truth inside Kaliti – From Informed sources

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The Aigaforum (TPLF) guys are busy trying to characterize the negotiation between the TPLF and the prisoners as a plea bargain and are also trying to insinuate that the prisoners in Kaliti are asking for mercy. (more…)

The Aigaforum (TPLF) guys are busy trying to characterize the negotiation between the TPLF and the prisoners as a plea bargain and are also trying to insinuate that the prisoners in Kaliti are asking for mercy. It also said that the whole thing has been initiated from the movement in North America while the reality is that the initiative is that of the shimagiles and others in Addis Ababa including the regime and the US embassy. The Aiga (TPLF people) true to the nature of their masters are busy attempting to confuse the public by also saying that there is division among the prisoners. There is no such thing inside Kaliti. None.

Here is the accurate information. The Meles Government is feeling the pressure from the international community, particularly soon after the guilty verdict. In fact, the guilty verdict which was written in the palace by Meles was meant to put additional pressure on the prisoners to submit to Meles’s demand that they absolve him from the crimes he committed. He is badly in need of face saving. There were repeated attempts made by the regime to make the prisoners self incriminate in exchange for the release which they have rejected. Meles and his TPLF clique are worried about the consequence of the blood of innocent people in their hands. They also know that their court case is totally without a single merit and that it is in shambles. So they want the prisoners to take partial blame for the post election crisis and absolve them.

No one has yet signed the draft sent by Meles through the shimagiles. Our leaders are carefully weighing the pros and cons and the language of the agreement. There is no plea bargain as the shameless Aiga (TPLF) guys try to insinuate. Any question of plea bargain has been tried since last year and the prisoners of conscience have rejected it.

You may also need to know that Meles is not in Addis Ababa the last few days. Unconfirmed reports say that he is being treated in an Israeli Hospital for some illness. God save him. We will know more about this over the next hours. We are told Bereket is the medium for now.

The prisoners are allowed to get together to discuss the issue freely. They are discussing it intensively as in the culture they started before and after the election. Everybody’s idea is respected in Kinijit and everybody is listened to. There are some who look at it from points of principle, there are others look at it from points of views of tactic. But they are all firm in their stand. Inside Kaliti there is only a robust discussion and comradely love and respect for one another. Not an iota of the kind of division the Aiga bullies are trying to make. We are told the prisoners are jovial and feeling no pressure at all. They are negotiating intelligently. As you can imagine these are the super brains together. They know what they are doing and their dedication and determination has never been stronger. Everyone should, of course understand that our leaders are negotiating under duress. Obviously Meles has more cards over his victims but also knows the buttered side of his bread. The American embassy is heavily involved, but its pressure on Meles is not what we expect it to be. The European Union is coming down on him heavily. The NYT story has shaken their ground. Even the Americans are a little more tired of Meles. Deep in their hearts they know the accusation against Kinijit’s leaders is a pack of lie.

Our leaders are with all their integrity and determination. They will decide on their best bet. May be they may give in on some of their positions to help Meles face save. But they have agreed to be unanimous in their decision. There is no bickering among them only intelligent deliberation. Be careful about attempts by Woyane agents to saw confusion and division among us. They are busy trying to create the illusion of two camps inside Kinijit. That is their wish. There is no such thing inside Kaliti.

Let’s also prey for our country and the prisoners. Let’s pray for the woyanes too for God help free their mind from the hatred and vengefulness that obsessed their mind.

Stay tuned and united.

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