Alert: The Truth inside Kaliti – From Informed sources

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The Aigaforum (TPLF) guys are busy trying to characterize the negotiation between the TPLF and the prisoners as a plea bargain and are also trying to insinuate that the prisoners in Kaliti are asking for mercy. (more…)

The Aigaforum (TPLF) guys are busy trying to characterize the negotiation between the TPLF and the prisoners as a plea bargain and are also trying to insinuate that the prisoners in Kaliti are asking for mercy. It also said that the whole thing has been initiated from the movement in North America while the reality is that the initiative is that of the shimagiles and others in Addis Ababa including the regime and the US embassy. The Aiga (TPLF people) true to the nature of their masters are busy attempting to confuse the public by also saying that there is division among the prisoners. There is no such thing inside Kaliti. None.

Here is the accurate information. The Meles Government is feeling the pressure from the international community, particularly soon after the guilty verdict. In fact, the guilty verdict which was written in the palace by Meles was meant to put additional pressure on the prisoners to submit to Meles’s demand that they absolve him from the crimes he committed. He is badly in need of face saving. There were repeated attempts made by the regime to make the prisoners self incriminate in exchange for the release which they have rejected. Meles and his TPLF clique are worried about the consequence of the blood of innocent people in their hands. They also know that their court case is totally without a single merit and that it is in shambles. So they want the prisoners to take partial blame for the post election crisis and absolve them.

No one has yet signed the draft sent by Meles through the shimagiles. Our leaders are carefully weighing the pros and cons and the language of the agreement. There is no plea bargain as the shameless Aiga (TPLF) guys try to insinuate. Any question of plea bargain has been tried since last year and the prisoners of conscience have rejected it.

You may also need to know that Meles is not in Addis Ababa the last few days. Unconfirmed reports say that he is being treated in an Israeli Hospital for some illness. God save him. We will know more about this over the next hours. We are told Bereket is the medium for now.

The prisoners are allowed to get together to discuss the issue freely. They are discussing it intensively as in the culture they started before and after the election. Everybody’s idea is respected in Kinijit and everybody is listened to. There are some who look at it from points of principle, there are others look at it from points of views of tactic. But they are all firm in their stand. Inside Kaliti there is only a robust discussion and comradely love and respect for one another. Not an iota of the kind of division the Aiga bullies are trying to make. We are told the prisoners are jovial and feeling no pressure at all. They are negotiating intelligently. As you can imagine these are the super brains together. They know what they are doing and their dedication and determination has never been stronger. Everyone should, of course understand that our leaders are negotiating under duress. Obviously Meles has more cards over his victims but also knows the buttered side of his bread. The American embassy is heavily involved, but its pressure on Meles is not what we expect it to be. The European Union is coming down on him heavily. The NYT story has shaken their ground. Even the Americans are a little more tired of Meles. Deep in their hearts they know the accusation against Kinijit’s leaders is a pack of lie.

Our leaders are with all their integrity and determination. They will decide on their best bet. May be they may give in on some of their positions to help Meles face save. But they have agreed to be unanimous in their decision. There is no bickering among them only intelligent deliberation. Be careful about attempts by Woyane agents to saw confusion and division among us. They are busy trying to create the illusion of two camps inside Kinijit. That is their wish. There is no such thing inside Kaliti.

Let’s also prey for our country and the prisoners. Let’s pray for the woyanes too for God help free their mind from the hatred and vengefulness that obsessed their mind.

Stay tuned and united.

  1. Girma
    | #1

    Hey Guys ,
    please don’t give attention to the so called Aiga forum a collection of Rubbish people so Rubbish Ideas.You know why this is great thing for them there class is interviewing rubbish people such as Solomon and the parilament member (I dont want to call his name my toungs will damage).I understand you thought they may mislead people but now everybody know who they are.

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    Thank you for the updated information on this very important news. Keep all of us informed with the real thing. The Aiga forum is for stupid and crazies. Nobody even should care about what Aiga says.

  3. sholla
    | #3

    God bless our leaders

    Those poisonous trees which grows on aiga will be burned like before
    when the time comes.The patriots of ethiopia will get them

  4. ben
    | #4

    hello evey body we like it or not Aiga is reporting the truth the facts right on the not fool you self.

  5. Billal
    | #5

    Thank you guys .Yes, they are trying to save WO-hyenas’s face but a little too late. Our true heros are finally wining. Even America acknowledged that Kinijit in solitary confinement has more power than Meles in Arat Kilo. They came to prison where K is living…. to negotiate.

    Allhu Akbar !

    Remember ,Ethiopian attinku! Prophet Mohammed (PBA).

  6. Zola
    | #6

    Every thing is going as it should. The sacrifice that our leaders paid is not in vain. What ever they decide I take it for granted. They have children they should care for, they have life to live, they have medical problem to be addressed…..So some way some how if they come out free they will be able to lead the struggle. But if they naively die then may be the will be at least a temporary halt in the our fight against terror in Ethiopia.

  7. Habesha
    | #7

    Four sure Billal, Ethiopian atinku, the habesha land where no one is wronged – a land of rightousness…may God turn our History around and I am sure he will! As always, we have confidence in the confidence of GOOD over evil!!!

    Goe Bless Ethiopia!

  8. Alemtsehay
    | #8

    Oh, Thank God for the News. Medhaniyalem yikber yimesgen. Why should they suffer ? Why?

    Please ignore TPLF (aigaforem).After all we know who they are, they love to see division among the people of Ethipia as well as our leaders in Kality . Division is TPLF cadres dream for Ethiopia, their dream will never come true. kifuwoch

  9. Tegen
    | #9


    For humanity sake can’t you be happy with the fact that this people that you have cried so much cockodile tears for are finally getting a chance to be free??? isn’t that all this HOYA HOYE was all about?.

    The “prisoners” have recognized the legitemacy of the government by signing the deal….whatever kind of deal that is. By now you should have understood that confrontation is not gonne get you anywhere, they and many of you thought that you can topple the government in a matter of weeks by sucrificing the poor and unsuspected…….today you are degraded to name calling and doesn’t even know how to react to the breaking news that “real journalists” presented to the public, instead you go on and take it on AIGA forum……shame shame shame.

    The prisoners will come out soon and I just can’t wait what your website is going to report about it and the developments after.

  10. Mimi
    | #10

    The so called “Tegen” if your stupid brain recalls, the Kinijit leaders didn’t jump into Kality jail. Weyanne put them there hoping that that would help him to crash the democracy movement. Well, it doesn’t work out that way! Does it? We love and respect the Kinijit leaders just because they conveyed the majority of Ethiopians quest for vibrant democracy, and they struggle for it, unwavering, in a very peaceful and civil manner. We admire them, we love them and we respect them so much for the sacrifice that they have been paying so far. Their release brings a light in the long struggle we are engaging to bring democracy in Ethiopia. However, whether the Kinijit leaders are released or not, Weyannes need to know that up until there is a real democracy in Ethiopian the struggle will continue. We all remember the main reason why the Kinijit leaders go as far as Kality. It is just because they ask the democracy institution to be placed in Ethiopia. This fundamental question needs to be answered, and then we will live in peace and harmony in our beloved Ethiopia.

  11. Mimi
    | #11

    By the way I encourage every one to watch this week’s abugida TV especially the interview Asheber had with Dr. Abrahme Bekele. It is a must watch and follow the lead thing. I am kind of excited about it.

  12. Netasnet
    | #12

    Look! Our Kinijit leaders are selfless individuals that choose to fight for the freedom of their people over their own.So, do not even try to misdirect our struggle. Why are they behind bars in the first place??? Isn’t it because they stood up and speack aginest the illegitmate TPLF gang Led government. We honor their sacrifice only if we stay true to and struggle for the very ideals they suffered for. Remember, kinijit’s vision for ethiopia is beyond personal interest. I can assure you that we will continue our struggle until we achieve an Ethiopia whre every body has a say.

    We all know that woyane is doing this to save its own ass form the jaws of the people. Remeber You will never steal the people’s heart like you stole the the people’s vote. If you want to be in our heart just like the our kinijit leaders follow their deeds.

    Trying to Full the people is not the solution.

    Long live Kinijit, Long live Ethiopia!!!

  13. kadu
    | #13

    hi gobez, what a good news! after two years of suffering our beloved leaders are finally going to be free. But on what condition? Is meles ready to endure CUD functioning again, or is he planning another trick. I think we have to know and reserch these things. I hope and belive our leaders have discussed all possibilities and conditions before their release. But Meless will never sleep until he sees CUD eradicated from Ethiopia. He will try to eliminate each individual cold blooded style. That is what we going to see in the coming fee days. ONE THING MUST BE CLEAR TO OUR LEADERS THEY SHOULD BE CAREFUL FOR THEIR LIVES. SPECIALLY IN ADDS WHERE MELESS CAN USE TRUCKS TO RUN OVER SMALL CARS TO KILL PEOPLE INSIDE.

  14. | #14

    Dear Abugida

    I thank you for your marvellous job please keep up.

    We all know that Aiga is born to lie and they are pack of lie so we do not care what they said. However please keep informing Ethiopians with your quality work. Our leaders shall be free soon.
    Together we can make a difference

  15. fish
    | #15

    always ppls win and teh ignorant and primitives are now waiting for their turn.
    Go tigres go to the cave.

  16. zalalm
    | #16

    AFD Statement On The Conviction Of CUD Leaders
    Please be advised that the member organizations forming the Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (AFD) have issued the following statement. Once again, the member organizations of the AFD are

    Coalition for Unity & Democracy (CUD) Also knowns as KINIJIT
    Ethiopian Peoples Patriotic Front (EPPF)
    Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)
    Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
    Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

  17. sg
    | #17

    Even Ethio-Zagol reported a split in the CUD leaders. Read the latest entries.

    These discussions were initiated by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Professor Ephraim Isaac and US Ambassador Donald Yamamoto.

    Kudos, especially to Meles for realizing the need for peace and coexistance and especially to Prof. Isaac who has flew back and forth between his home in Princeton, NJ to Addis Ababa and back to solve this issue.

  18. zalalm
    | #18

    Reliable sources from the town and its environs report that a fierce battle took place in the outskirts of the town between Ogaden National Liberation Army, ONLA, and the Ethiopian military station in the town.

    Although no official reports are available yet however eyewitness accounts indicate that the Ethiopian military are wining in this battle . Ethiopian soldiers started entering the town over town and searching for the onlf group.

  19. ewnet
    | #19

    Guys! let’s give glory to GOD!!
    Cause He is worthy and deserve the glory!
    Mind you He never forget or forsake His people, but reaches out in His own time to rescue the hostages, downtrodden,helpless etc.
    Let’s know Him! not only mentally but relationally.
    This is the prophetic message from God the
    people of his own (Ethiopia)..READ Is.49:14-26
    Then we know that He is God Almighty!
    He uses man for his plan and purpose= the CUD in our own country! ETHIOPIA
    It is His act of Restoration.Let’s stick together humbly and see what our lord is going to do!!
    Christ is revealed to crash the work of the devil and who serve him!
    Jesus is Lord, Amen & Amen.

  20. Dr.Getachew Lemma
    | #20

    why do you try to play with emotion of ethiopian
    lovers all of the world.Just wait and tall as the good news.God bless ethiopian lovers all over the world.

  21. samson
    | #21

    conga!fellow ethiopians!
    we are proud of you,great leadres!

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