The Siye Factor and Some Points – Zeinab Amde

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The opposition movement in Ethiopia and the repressive Meles regime are entering a somewhat unchartered, but predictable, political territory in respect to how things unfold in the coming election cycle. (more…)

The opposition movement in Ethiopia and the repressive Meles regime are entering a somewhat unchartered, but predictable, political territory in respect to how things unfold in the coming election cycle. It is evident that the EPRDF is faced with a challenge of having to see beyond Meles Zenawi, sooner or later. The tactical vows by the dictator that he prefers leaving office sooner, although a white lie which would definitely repeat for one more round in 2015, has inevitably sent tremor and the vying for control in the political, military, and intelligence sectors of the regime, who out of existential needs, look beyond what the political scene would look like in Meles’s absence.

What complicates the political scene from the perspective of Meles is the appearance of Siye Abraha and former EPRDF and TPLF (and to some extent Negasso Gidada and the others) into the political arena. Recently, ever since Siye’s release and his sly ascendance into the political scene by building his credibility in a shy but sure way, has caused a creepy fear in the heart of Meles Zenawi. Siye is not just a person in the EPRDF circle. He is an idea as well. He is still respected by the military and intelligence circle and now that Meles has become a politically expendable commodity, the intelligence and military circles of the TPLF/EPRDF are finding comfort that even the opposition would not be that bad if former TPLF/EPRDF members come into it. This tiny, but growing, germ of idea in the TPLF/EPRDF psyche is being observed by Meles and his attack of the army generals and officials was a clear lesson intended to send a message to the TPLF tagayoch and officers more than any of its collateral targets like Ginbot 7 and others. Meles looks into a future not as sure as his past and he does not want the military and intelligence people to take Siye and his movement as an alternative. Moreover, one cannot deny that time by itself begets change.

What is Meles doing to counter this?

1. Terrorizing the Military, the Intelligence, and the scapegoat Ginbot 7 – The first act is that Meles knows that he is left with no other choice than sending a tremor of terror in the army to let them know if any of them attempt to topple him in collaboration with Siye and the growing number of disaffected TPLF members, their end would be like those generals and officers condemned to death and life imprisonment. The potential followers of Siye understand that Meles has lost steam and that they need to take him as a sacrificial lamb in order to bridge themselves with the people. Meles believes that the discontent in the military and the intelligence units coupled with the growing understanding that they would naturally plan for an alternative to fill the vacuum if they do not like the transition “after Meles is out,” should be silenced by fear. That is what the “coup-turned-assassination-turned-Ginbot 7” terror is all about. The attack on the military is to intimidate the army and the intelligence that if they think anything differently, that would be their fate. Do not ever think of toppling me with Siye and the others is his message.

2. Hailu Shawel - The second phenomena of the Siye Factor is Hailu Shawel. Why did Meles need Hailu Shawel? Wasn’t Hailu the leader of the “neftegna-Derg” cult? Why did the “saintly and puritan” leader Meles fell in love with Hailu Shawel? The answer is very simple. One idea is that it is always good to have those who think ill of you as neutralized as possible to sway them out of their comfort zone of opposing. (Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!) But the other deep calculation for Meles is that the next threat is not the “neftegna-Derg” cult but the “ethno-centric Tigrian” and Oromo gang, which would have some challenge for the election of 2010. The next election cycle, EPRDF is going to sing the mantra of “MEDREK is going to disintegrate the country!” Meles would have wear the Emama Ethiopia t-shirt with the poster child Hailu Shawel by his side in a bid to attack Siye, Negasso, Bulcha, as Oromo and Tigrean ethno-centrists that have to be fought to “save Emama Ethiopia.” Recently, the former Air Force chief was the target of Meles’s extensive, but boring, narration that the former chief is also coming into the playing field suffocating Meles’s paranoid mind. Now the story is that the counter-intelligence against the non-Adwan TPLF members inside the military and army is tightening as Meles considers them, in the words of one insider, as “unpredictable.” Regardless of its sincerity, the severest accusation by Siye and friends is that Meles is a sell out who abandoned Assab and played too closely with Eritrea thereby harming the country. Thus, when these enemies ascend on the public ladder, it would help to have Hailu Shawel under your belts, won’t it? The ex-TPLFits are gathering steam and the fact that they had been on the victim side of the field makes them attractive and acceptable in the scheme of thoughts that is weaving in the minds of the military and intelligence people of the country.

3. Eritrea the Red Herring – Meles desperately needs Isayas (which could be mutual affection.) Both need each other as each other’s red herring, a way of distracting their unsuspecting citizens from their problems. More importantly, Meles needs Isayaas because he is always a threat to the ordinary Tigrian and that way Meles would take Tigrians as hostage. It is not that Isayas is that much strong that he cannot be toppled. As long as he is not strong enough to do serious harm, Meles enjoys the “No War, No Peace” status since if Isayas is not there, Meles’s would not be seen as the protector of the Tigrian people. Meles needs a controlled antagonism with Isayas and the non-Tigrian population in order to keep his base of Tigray begging for him. So when one hears of a flare up of clashes with Eritrea, the central message is to terrorize Tigrians in order that they would be keen on supporting Meles during the election or some uncertain seasons. The game would keep on.

4. Meles needs Eritreans and Adwans more: Why? Because Adwans are the closest to his military and intelligence muscle, led by Mulugeta Alemseged. But Eritrean-blooded allies are crucial for Meles’s survival because they do not have any constituency to in the even they plan of doing away with Meles. Imagine an Eritrean thinking to topple Meles – then what?

5. Birtukan Midekssa - The other Siye Factor, as eloquently put by the chief editor of Addis Neger, is Birtukan’s unfortunate fate. She being the symbol of justice for Siye and the potential of her appeal to the wider Ethiopian population, it is advantageous to eliminate her from the equation so that Siye would not validate himself and make use of her strength to make inroads into the hinter-hearts of the people. Hence, the fact that Meles believes that Siye is a real danger with all the reasons to see him bunker is defining the politics in an undeniable way.

6. Sentimental Massaging – Siye and his supporters believe that they have the “hearts and minds” of Tigreans and Meles is trying to compete for “I am holier than thou” prize. Recently, he talked of the “idiocy” of an American diplomat, not out of rationality or righteous indignation, but for the domestic consumption that he is more Tigrean than Siye and the others. This is another attempt by Meles that he is feeling threatened by the Siye Factor and the gathering storm that would be well programmed and executed by his former comrades in arms but his bitter enemies who are lying low awaiting and “making the war itself”. May you live in interesting times! You have not seen one like this yet!

  1. የ ቁራው
    | #1

    Dear Zeinab Amdek

    It is such articles that educate all of us and sharpen our dull mind. I enjoyed reading your article immensely and it is well writen , short yet to the point with a slight prediction the political uncertainty within the Meles group. Indeed, the former TPLF General Seye Abreha will be a conributroy factor that will open the door for other elite TPLF Military wings to join the struggle since the end of TPLF Apartheid policy is within a close range

    Excellent Piece of Article -Come Again

  2. Ogina
    | #2

    Why did the Unitarists opt to save the Hegemonists, instead of cooperating with the Federalists, the Liberationists and the Unionists?
    Interesting! I have got new personal and political program to stop writing in the cyberworld. But, and are driving me crazy to never stop writing. Yesterday came out with an interesting short comment: “An Alliance of Necessity: Last Ditch Effort to Save the Crumbling Empire” and it put on the Featured part of the website the following opinion originally posted by JimmaTimes:

    “Meles planning to replace UDJ with a puppet UDJ! Meles is planning to replace the real UDJ with a pro-Govt UDJ faction, possibly the one led by Prof. Mesfin. The aging Professor Mesfin is being assisted by the state media ETV. He believes closing the gap between opposition parties and uniting all opposition parties under one “MEDREK” umbrella will give more influence to supporters of “group rights” ideology over “individual rights” ideology. Thus Prof. Mesfin has officially joined the Lidetu Ayalew camp by attacking any opposition coalition that wants to remove Meles Zenawi. Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) leaders said the incumbent Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is conspiring against the survival of its main rival UDJ by supporting intra-party cracks which may lead to violence.”

    The above opinion of and the one published on JimmaTimes made me to think over the possible reason for the current quasi-alliance between unitarists like Hailu Shawel, Mesfin Wolde-Mariam, Taye Wolde-Semayat and Lidetu Ayalew with the hegemonist Meles Zenawi against the federalist coalition, MEDREK, and against the unionist future TIBIBIR (new AFD), which definitely will be forged by the freedom movements like G-7, OLF, ONLF, etc. What are the ideological differences between the five blocks mentioned in the title of this article? Let me put it in short as follows:

    - UNITARISTS do demonize the right of nations to self-administration and to self-determination as something “goosa or ethnic politics”. They still dream to bring back the old Ethiopia in which all nations will be assimilated to Amharic speakers. To them, it is “something natural” to claim Amharic to be a national language of Ethiopia and all other languages to be subordinates. Thinking otherwise, to make Oromic a national language and to demote Amharic to a regional language is, for them, like committing a crime. They, of course, still tell us the “nationalities will have the right to develop their language.” For unitarists, allowing certain songs of different languages in their Amharic-dominated media is enough. That is why they still work in Amharic and allow few Oromic songs to be transmitted in their media. They never dare to work in Oromic.

    - HEGEMONISTS just give only lip service for everything good including to freedom, democracy and the right of nations to “self-determination up to independence,” but they diligently work for their own dominance in the empire. For them, what matters is only their power and profit. As far as any movement does not challenge these two, they allow it to function in the empire. The moment any movement opposes their power and their amassing of profit, it will be called “anti-peace” and be eliminated.

    - FEDERALISTS in a form of Medrek seem to be the hope of nations in the near future. They struggle for a union of federated nations in the region called Ethiopia. Their democratic move is the anti-thesis of the dictatorial unitarists and dictatorial hegemonists described above. Their vision of forging and keeping the union in which collective rights of all nations and nationalities as well as their wish of promoting the individual rights of all citizens in all national areas of the federation is very exemplary even for all African region-states, formed by the colonialists, to follow in the future to liberate their respective nations and nationalities in the context of the respective colonially-constructed boundaries. The only thing what the federalists lack is the gut to push for self-determination of nations per referendum. This is their difference with the far-sighted unionists, who want to accomplish the lasting solution for the troubled region.

    - LIBERATIONISTS: are not satisfied with only federal arrangement, but they want to achieve freedom of nations like freedom of Oromo people (Bilisummaa) and sovereignity of national areas like sovereignity of Oromo land (Walabummaa). According to them a Union of nations can only be imagined after achieving their goal of national freedom and sovereignity. As an e.g, only free Oromo people and sovereign Oromo land can forge a union with other liberated nations in the region!

    - UNIONISTS are the solution for the far future in comparison to the federalists who are only good for the near future. The troubled region called Ethiopia or the Horn of Africa needs a meticulous and long-lasting solution for all the mess it has because of the divisions done based on the colonial past. All the conflicts in the Horn are the results as a colonial legacy. The conflict between Eritrea and Tigai (Ethiopia), between Djibouti and Eritrean Afar (Eritrea), between Abyssinia and Oromia, between Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Somalia, as well as even between Somaliland and Somalia, etc are the troubles originally caused by the colonial divisions. Now, the unionists want to get rid of this legacy and they are planning ALL-inclusive solution for the region. Their goal is beyond that of the federalists. They want to move from the status quo, i.e. from the Unity of Dominated Nations (UDN) in Ethiopia through the Union of Federated Nations (UFN) envisioned by the federalists to the lasting END-destiny, a Union of Liberated Nations (ULN) in the region called the Horn of Africa.

    When we look at the comments of and the post by JimmaTimes, it is not surprising to observe that the conservative unitarists are now rallying behind the hegemonist Meles Zenawi, where they are trying to hinder the Oromo movement, which seems to proceed first to self-administration in a form of true Kilil federation, which is the vision of Medrek and then a further move to self-determination in a form of a union between liberated nations, which is the goal of AFD. Both the unitarists and the hegemonists are in a great fear of losing both their power and their empire to the democratic federalists in Medrek and the democratic unionists in AFD. The political evolution/revolution in the empire was/is/will be as follows: from the rule of the past dictatorial unitarists —— through the present dictatorial hegemonists —— to the near future democratic federalists —— and then further to the far future democratic unionists as the END goal. Specially, did hit the head of the nail: it is the “alliance of necessity” between those forces which do want to maintain the hitherto unity of dominated nations in the empire. It is very scary for the unitarists and hegemonists to look at the currently coordinated move of all nations represented in Medrek to forge first a union of federated nations as a mid-goal towards the vision of AFD, i.e a union of liberated nations as the END-goal. Let the unitarists and hegemonists build whatever alliance they can, but they surely be never in a position to hinder the forward movement of all nations to their END-goal, however long it may take.

    Interestingly, the internationally famous journal, the Economist under published the following progress about East African Community (EAC):

    “East Africa’s common market, it really may happen. The region’s leaders take another step towards building a common market. FREE-TRADE fingers crossed, some time this summer goods should start being sold without tariffs across borders within the five countries of the East African Community (EAC). The new common market will take in 130m-plus people in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The next step is monetary union, with political federation a far remoter prospect. The agreement signed last year at the EAC’s headquarters in the Tanzanian city of Arusha was a first step. Optimists say the EAC should join free-trade blocks in southern and western Africa before 2030. The EAC is working off a small base. Its combined GDP of $75 billion is a sixth of Belgium’s. But scrapping tariffs should boost regional trade and improve competitiveness. The EAC should be better placed to trade with Congo, Ethiopia and Sudan. And if it can build its own wider manufacturing base, its goods may start to compete with cheap stuff from China. Kenya, which has the region’s strongest manufacturers, retailers and banks, is sure to gain most. But for the EAC to succeed, others must win too. Rwanda and Burundi should benefit from cheaper and quicker transport of goods to and from the ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam. Uganda is well placed to expand its agriculture for export. Tanzania is less certain to gain. It wants to keep some taxes on goods from Kenya. And it is wary of the free movement of labour, fearing that, in many professions, pushier and better-educated Kenyans will come and snatch plum jobs. Faustin Mbundu, a Rwandan who chairs the East African Business Council, says the real benefits of the common market will accrue only with more and better roads, railways and power stations. Some say a new capital for the EAC must be built from scratch, perhaps on a shore of Lake Victoria, with a new international airport to match Nairobi’s. But simpler things will be needed a lot sooner. For instance, border crossings will have to be kept open at night. Mr Mbundu wants to end the scourge of informal police checkpoints. Above all, the governments will have to avoid policy reversals that pander to their own industries, a tendency that has hitherto stood in the way of a proper common market.”

    Of course, I did write in one of my past articles that the move of EAC can be a very good example for the vision of the unionists in forging the far future union of liberated nations in the Horn. One of the die-hard unitarist websites,, wrote the following comment regarding the above current move of EAC:

    “Abbay Media Editor’s Note: While TPLF is busy dividing us as a nation and selling off our lands, our neighbors are moving ahead with the modern times. TPLF should look no further than our neighbors to see how much backward and outdated its methods and policies are. Also on the same token, the Ethiopian people will soon have a good local example to refer to when debating on the future of our nation after the demise of TPLF.”

    Here, we see how the unitarists do accuse the hegemonist TPLF. For the position of the unitarits, TPLF as a hegemonist party went too far for allowing even the fake ethnic federation. They still dream to rewind the political evolution/revolution now happening in the Horn back to a unitary Ethiopia. For them, the fake federalists aka the hegemonists are better than the forward pushing genuine federalists and the radical unionists. That is why they opt to save the hegemonist Weyane from being overtaken by the federalist Medrek. Unitarists like it or not, we, all nations in the empire, want to move forward from the present fake federation through the true federation planned by Medrek to the lasting union of liberated nations envisioned by AFD, but never backward to the unitary Ethiopian empire. The current “limimix poletika” of the unitarists in relation to the hegemonists can never save the crumbling empire for all freedom fighters and all democratic forces are now trying to come together under Medrek and under the future Tibibir to forge the effective and efficient alliance against the present fascist regime in Ethiopia and to build a common home for all nations and citizens in a form of a federation in Ethiopia or a union in the Horn, but never a region-state in the form of unitary Ethiopia.

    Galatooma and Adieu!

  3. Desta
    | #3

    Because Hailu Shawel has a strong base with millions followers in Ethiopia .And moreover he is a walthy person.
    UDJ are a bunch of weak and old people cannot lead a country.(I dont reccommend those)They alomost disintegrated…AMEN
    Ginbot 7 is a fake outsider party.
    Birtukan mideksa a weak politician.
    So putting Hailu Shawel The strong party in which once the big segement for the formation of the former CUD for the next president of Ethiopia with a big parade in Addis is the extension of his power.Smart choice.

    Politics became more wisdom nowadays!!

  4. Biri
    | #4

    A very interesting artcle to read. The fact is that, tyrant Meles Zenawi has figured out that:

    1: Tigreans getting closer to other opposition presents threat to his divide and ruin strategy

    2: Birtukan is an acceptable face across all the political spectrum

    3: Siye joining the unionist party kills the TPLF agenda of ethnocentrism

    4: Hailu Shawel and the rest can be got rid of at a stroke through allegations or political actions.

    Therefore, it serves the temporary objective for Meles to use Hailu Shawel and Lidetu Ayalew to fight the dangers posed by Tigreans moving to the center and the Oromo-Tigrean coming together.
    However, this shortsighted calculation would not save the tyrant from the eventual demise.

  5. mateos
    | #5

    I believe there should never be any more analysis to the nature of the weyane mafia families and particularly Meles and his bosses/advisors Bereket Simon’s. Meles might be the so called prime minister but he is nothing but a symbol. As of 1991 Ethiopia had so many leaders: those of the west, east, south, and north; the ngo’s; the diplomats; the rich man; and above all America. I will never by that the Eritrean people or in that case Issayas have to do anything with Meles post 1998-2000. Meles back stabbed his old masters, his friends, his comrades, his family, and he continues to be a new puppet of the west in the horn of Africa for just a few handouts. People this little midget must be kept back in the aiga jungle or his puppetness and short sightedness will lead Ethiopia to YugoEthiopia and many generations will pay huge price.

  6. Fayyis
    | #6

    Hallo dear Oromo,
    thanks for the complementary opinions you gave in I do also thank for calling all Oromo to be FAYYIS’IZED! It is encouraging to me to be seen as such a model. Before you be Fayyis’ized, you all need to know my position. Of course you can guess from my hitherto articles. Let me put it in short. Politics of the Empire/Region is rotating around the issue of national rights. To me it is not about left (socialist) and right (capitalist) based on the policy each has got regarding economy. It is also not about the difference of position on the merits like democracy, justice, peace, development, security, etc. The main cause of the conflict in the Empire is based on the position every individual or organization has got on the ‘right of nations to self-determination’. As AFDist correccted my position above, I would like to include Liberationists in to the cascade. Then we do have Oromo and non-Oromo who are pro:
    - Unitarists
    - Hegemonists
    - Federalists
    - Liberationists &
    - Unionists
    I don’t want to describe again what the position of these groups is, but important is that I want to tell you my position. I AM A UNIONIST!! I know that the END-Kayyoo of Oromo nation is Self-determination on the issue: Independence with or without a union. I do prefer Independent Oromia with regional union of nations, be it include or exclude Abyssinia, our hitherto colonizer. That is why I am ready to move with Federalist Oromo one step forward, with Liberationist Oromo two steps forward and then get to the END-Kaayoo I do want to achieve. Are you people ready to move with me in this journey? Then get Fayyis’ized. It is clear I am against Unitarists and Hegemonists, but I do see at the Federalists and Liberationsts as my co-travelers up to Diredhawa and Adaama respectively (using the famous metaphor of liberation journey). At the END, I would like that they move with me to Finfinne, but if they want to stay in Diredhawa or Adaama, I do respect their position, if and only if they don’t use force to hinder my last move to Finfinne. Of course Oromo people will determine per referendum, whether we all stay together in Adaama as our capital (Independent Republic of Oromia) or move further to Finfinne (Independent Oromia with a Union of nations in the Empire/Horn)!


  7. aha!
    | #7

    If you are now talking about the scramble for power between Meles and Siye, it is like what some one commented about between chosing between these two officials, as “kezinjero konju min yimerartal”. If the Diaspora elites do not discern that Medrek is mirror image of TOPLF/eprdf, and their differences is that of rivalery and revenge over the same ethnic agenda, as the president Esayas Afeworki, the first and last time he responded in Amharic when interviewed, said “Benena Be Meles mehakel liyunet binor be Ertria guday ine ibelte, ine ibelte bemalet bitcha new”.

  8. Asefa
    | #8

    What an intersting article. Meles and his evil empire cannot continue to rule Ethiopia by being a puppet of the west. There is a need to make concerted effort to unite the various players to get rid of the ethno-centric parasite and liberate our country. I hope Siye’s involvement will encourage other sensible tigreans to join the opposition.

  9. Milat
    | #9

    None of the above suffix the Article.But one thing for sure In the next election Eng.Hailu Shawel become the President of Ethiopia for the coming 5 years Prime minister Meles Zenawi continue on his postion and those of high personalities in Hailu Shawel party(AEUP) like Dr.Taye woldeseamayat will go in Ethiopia and have government position along with the others.
    Some EPRDF members is subjucted to retire and replaced by youngs.
    And more new young personalities assigned in the new government that is formed by Hailu Shawel and Meles Zenawi.
    Just watch!!!!

  10. aha!
    | #10

    The next anticipatory set, I predict coming from Siye or Gebru Asrat would be similar to that stipulated by Issayas Afewerki, but in a different context. “Be kefafleh gizaw yezerengneth agezaz, inishalen, Benagna be meles budin yale liyunet binor, igna kenante inshalalen bemalet bicha new bezer agenda guday”, by inference from their previous assertions.

  11. Oromboona
    | #11

    Here we need to ask: who is needing who? Hailu the unitarist in need of Meles the hegemonist or Meles in need of Hailu? I think they both need each other to save the empire. Interestingly Meles is becoming a bit unitarist, he is almost about to wear the flag of the Imiye and sing the song of “UNITY”. Hailu has already accepted the supremacy of Tigreans as far as his own business in the empire is going good. So Oromo, whom are you supporting now?
    - ODJ (Oromo for Democracy and Justices), oromo individuals rallying behind the UDJ, who still didn’t explicitely accept the existence of Oromia?
    - ORD (Oromo Revolutionary Democrats), the Oromo individuals rallying behind the EPRDF to keep the status quo?
    - OFC, who wants to achieve genuine Federation?
    - OLF, who struggles for liberation of Oromia? or
    - OFD (Oromo for Freedom and Democracy, i.e the Oromo part of the AFD), who wants to forge a union of liberated nations beyond federation and liberation of nations?
    I personally will forget ODJ, tolerate ORD, but support both OFC and OLF to finally consolidatre the move of OFD!! Clear message??

  12. True
    | #12


    Brilliant analysis! We need such articles indeed from you. Please post it everywhere you can so that everybody can see it. I fear there are lots of groups that are against eachother in one way or the other. Even those the not obvious ones such as those who believe in One democratic Ethiopia. I hope these groups can compete for power but not to the point that it is detrimental to Ethiopia that gives opportunities to anti-Ethiopians groups such as the Liberation Fronts (TPLF, OLF, ONLF and Shaebia). Please support eachother those pro Ethiopian groups despite your policies are differences. At least it is better to take risk from them than to anti Ethiopian factions. It is soooo true that Meles needs Eritreans than the Tigrayans to stay in power. Tigrayans are becoming more aware of their isolation from the Ethiopian people and want to change this. I hope also despite for power struggle that might appear from Siye and Shawul, I hope they are not stupid enough for greed of power to have animosity. If any of their party wins, they should leave the power peacefully without any aggression.

    God save Ethiopia!

  13. mulu
    | #13

    What do you mean to tell the power struggle between Hailu Shawel and Siye as both of them are on diffrent politics.
    Siye is the one time policy maker of this government until he is purged by Meles and fighting to get back on again.
    Hailu Shawel is the chairman of Popular opposition party CUD and now the president of AEUP and never been the member of the existing government.

    | #14


    More than anything else, your observation on the possible formation of fictional UDJ party led by Mesfin Woldemariam is the danger we should fear most. Why?? because a as past experience showed us, once a party member is expelled from the house, his choice is not only to form new party or establish an nalliane with others who are against UDJ as the same way Meles had created TELETAFI Kinijet led by Ayele Chameso but, also to attack his former party. And Mesfin is in a best position to do such a move because he is a disgraced figure by those who ousted him. It worth to remember that Mesfin who disrupt Medrek’s party conference a month ago is not another Mesfin who declare that “Weyane is not enemy to the Ethiopian people”. Also don’t forget that his former wife and her line of relative are Tigrians having connection with this ethnic based family government of Weyane. NO one knows how he can possibily accomplishe such a drama of political prostitution but one thing is certain that he is out of the sight of Amhaeas’ trust as the rumors circulated from predominantly Amhara regions proved to us who followed his activity from homeland and abroad. He is called AYATHOLA (order giver/dictator who attempted to dictate those whom he was removed by. Whatever action Mesfin contemplate to act upon, the effect will not be more than Ralph Nadar of the AMERICAN INDEPENDANT party candidate who may affect the balance of struugle and nothing else. Before that, who knows, Mesfin may die as he is 80+ and 5 packet of cigarate a day. I dont wish him to die but if GOD say so AMEN TO THAT.

  15. Dave
    | #15

    Check out this, in case you didn’t see it.

  16. beles
    | #16

    I was looking for if there is any role give to the Ethiopian people in this articel. To the farmers, to buisness men, intelectuals, the military personel, even to eprdf members.
    The writer is a typical 60s elitist who gives lip service to the masses but want to dectate history how it shoud turn out.
    One of the things that makes the oppostion in the country especially AEUP and EDP different from the rest is that they belive the people of Ethiopia have the biggest role to play on where the country should be heading. The rest are only interested on polishing their polimics prowess and looking for a short cut to power. They don’t want to have any thing to do with the people. Especialy those that are in diaspora.
    In 2005 a specatcular victory was achved because AEUP and EDP for years insisted on equiping the people of Ethiopia with an organization instead of rheoteric. They are insisting on the same formula now. But this time they have to go on by themselves without the bagage of collective leadership that doesn’t want to touch the stinking peasant.

  17. Qum-Neguer
    | #17

    የወያኔ ተባባሪ ወይም ተመሳጣሪ የነበሩ ሰዎች; ጥፋታቸውን አውቀው; ለመስተካከል ልባዊ ፍላጎት ሲያሳዩ ማበረታታትና አክብሮ መቀበል የብልሕነት ዘዴ ነው:: የዚህም መሰረታዊ ጥቅም; ለቀድሞዎቹ ወያኔዎች; ኢሐድግ ከተገረሰሰ በሑዋላ በወንጀለኛነት ተጠይቀው ከመታሰርነት/ከመገደል;ቤተሰባቸውንም ከውርደት ሊያድና/ንላቸው ሲችል; የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብም ጥፋታቸውን ያረሙ ግለሰቦች ከግል ጥቅማቸው በላይ ለሰፊው ሕዝብ ጥቅም የሚሰሩ ሰዎች ሊያገኝ ስለሚችል ነው:: ቢሆንም; እንደነ ገብሩ አሥራት; ስየ አብርሃና ዶ/ር ነጋሶ ጊዳዳ ያሉ; ከወያኔ/ኢሐድግ ጋር በተባበሩባቸው ዘመናት ለፈጸሙዎቸው እጅግ ከባድ/አስጸያፊ ጥፋቶች/ወንጀሎች ባሁኑ ጊዜ ተጸጽተው በልባቸው እውነተኛ ለውጥ መስረጹን ለማረጋገጥ ተገቢ በሆኑ መስፈርቶች በመጠቀም መመርመር ያስፈልጋል:: ከነዚሁም መስፈርቶች ሊጠቀሱ የሚገባቸው;

    (ሀ) ከዘረኛነት ይልቅ በኢትዮጵያዊነት የሚያምኑ መሆኑን ማረጋገጥ (በዚህ አጋጣሚ; ከላይ ስማቸው የተጠቀሱት ሶስት ግለሰቦች አሁንም የዘረኞች/የጎሳዎች ስብስቦች አባላት በመሆናቸው; አሁን የሚያንጸባርቁት አስተያየት; ለምሳሌ የገብሩ አሥራት ዓረና ትግራይ አባልነት; “አልሸሹም ዞር አሉ” ዓይነት ዘዴ ይመስላል::)

    (ለ) እነዚህ ግለሰቦች በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ባደረሱዋቸው እጅግ ከባድ ውድመቶች; ለምሳሌ የኤርትራ መገንጠልና በዚህም ክፍተኛ ስሕተት ምክንያት; ሐገራችን ለዓረቦች (በጅቡቲ አማካኝነት) በየዓመቱ 1 ቢሊዮን ዶላር ወጪ እየገፈገፈች ስለ መሆኑዋ; ክኤርትራና ከሱማሊያ ጋር በተከናወኑት የማያስፈልጉ ጦርነቶች ስለ ተሰዉት ከ100,000 በላይ የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን; መሬትን የመንግሥት የግል ሐብት በማድረግ የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ በጪሰኝነትና በድሕነት አረንቁዋ ፍዳውን እንዲያይ ማድረጋቸው; ሥልጣናቸውንና ጥቅማቸውን ለማካበት; ዲሞክራሲና ፍትሕ በሌለበት ሥርአት በእሥራት; በአንግልት; በግድያ ስለ ተጠቁት ዜጎች; ብልሹ በሆነ የኢኮኖሚ ስልት በመጠቀማቸው 14 ሚሊዮን ኢትዮጵያውያን በረሐብ አለንጋ እየተሰቃዩ ስለ መሆናቸው; እጅግ ሁዋላ-ቀር በሆነ ሥልት በመጠቀም ከፍ ያለ የአየርና የአካባቢ ብክለት በማስገኘት ስላስከተሉት ጠንቅ ሁሉ; የሐገራችንን አንጡራ ሐብትና መሬት ለሌሎች ሐገሮች; ለምሳሌ ለሱዳን; ለግል ጥቅም ብቻ; አሳልፈው ስለ መስጠታቸው; ወዘተ; ወዘተ; ስሕተቶቻቸውን አምነው የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ ይቅርታ መጠየቅ;

    (ሐ)ለወደፊቱም; ከተመሳሳይ ከባድ ጥፋት እንዲገለሉ ቃል መግባት ብቻ ሳይሆን; በዚሁ እጅግ ከባድ ጥፋት ተዘፍቀው የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ እያሰቃዩ ያሉትን; በመከላከያ; በፖሊስ; በጸጥታና በመሳሰሉት የሚገኙትን እንዲሁም ቀንደኞቹን አነመለስ ዜናዊን; ሥዩም መስፍንን; አባይን; ሳሞራን; ወዘተ; በወንጀለኛነት ከመያዛቸው በፊት ከማያዛልቅ የጥፋት ጎዳናቸው እንዲመለሱ ያልተቆጠበ ጥረት ለማከናወን ዝግጁ መሆናቸውን ማረጋገጥ;

    (መ) ሐገራችን ኢትዮጵያ; ዲሞክራሲ; የሕግ የበላይነትና ፍትሕ; አንድነት; ልማትና ጸጥታ የስፈነባት እንድትሆን ያልተቆጠበ ጥረት የሚያደርጉ መሆኑን ማረጋገጥ;

    እና በሌሎችም ተጨባጭ ውጤት በሚያስገኙ መስፈርቶች በመጠቀም እነዚህ የቀድሞ የኢሐድግ ተጠቃሚ የነበሩ የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች መታረማቸውን በማረጋገጥ ጥሩ የሐገር ዜጋዎች እንዲሆኑ ማድረግ ለዘለቄታው ብሔራዊ ጥቅም የሚያስገኝ ብልሕነት የተላበሰ ዘዴ ነው::

  18. Gin Eko
    | #18

    Nice article. Thanks.
    Let me say something about UDJ.
    I think Siye and Dr Negaso should work hard to bring the Professor group back. I know the group made a grave mistake but for the sake of UDJ and Birtukan, they better discuss and get them back. Other wise, EPRDF will use them. GIZACHEW,SIYE AND DR NEGASO make some compromise and get the people back as far as they dont demand much preconditions.

  19. Lema
    | #19

    I like the article.
    To some OROMO brothers,
    why do they always talk about separation???? Unionist Federalist Liberations…… Do you think there are no countries where many ethenic groups coexist? I know previous governments did some mistakes not only to oromo but to the whole Ethiopia. There can even be some people who may want to repeat that but i am sure these are not the majority. The majority Ethiopians want to leave in peace, in equality and in respect. My guess about some of you guys is that you always look at the bad people who are few in number. please look at us – the majority and work for genuine unity rather than preaching separation which will benefit no one but some individuals.

    Believe me things are more difficult when u start doing it practically than talking. you separate and then you will be but weak. when we are united with eqaulity we are strong and will help our society get out of poverity soon.

    How to bring true unity in Ethiopia? if only all Ethiopians work hand in hand.

  20. Moti from Ambo
    | #20

    ውድ አቶ ” Lema” ከላይ በአጭሩ የሰጡት አስተያየት በጣም ጥሩ መልእክት የሚያስተላልፍ ነው :: በሀሳብዎ ሙሉ በሙሉ እስማማለሁ :: እኔ ኦሮሞ እንደመሆኔ በኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ላይ በተወሰኑ ቡድኖች ሲደርስ የኖረውን ግፋዊ አገዛዝ በጣም እቃወማለሁ :: በቀድሞ ጊዜ የተፈጠርውን “የታሪክ ቁስል ” ዝም ብለን ልናልፈው ከመሞከር ነገሮቹን ይፋ አድርገን ተነጋግረንበት እርቅና ሰላም አውርደን ወደሚቀጥለው ምእራፍ መሻገር ይጠበቅብናል :: ይህንን ሲል የርስዎን ሃሳብ ለመቃወም ሳይሆን የበለጠ ግልጽ ለማድረግና እኔም የሚሰማኝን ለማለት ነው ::በእውነቱ ከሆነ ባለፉት 100 አመታት ጊዜ ውስጥ በኦሮሞ ህዝብ ላይ የተደረገው ዘመቻ ቀላል ነው የሚል ግለሰብ ካለ ታሪክን ቢያገላብጥ ሃቁን ሊገነዘብ ይችላል ብዬ አምናለሁ :: ሆኖም ግን ያለፈውን ስህተት በልባችን ይዘን የዛሬውን የአገራችንን እጣ ፈንታ ማበላሸት የበሰለ አማራጭ አይሆንም :: ዛሬ አዲስ አስተሳሰብና የላቀ አገራዊ ፍቅር ብቻ ያዋጣናል :: አገርን መውደድ ብቻውን ምንም አይሰራም :: አገሪቷ በውስጥዋ የያዘቻቸውን የተደበቁ ድንቅ ተፈጥሮአዊ እሴቶችንም ጨምሮ መውደድ ፍቅራችንን ሙሉ ያደርገዋል :: ወያኔ የተጠቀመብንም ያለፈውን ክፍተት በመረዳት ነው ::

  21. Hundahore
    | #21

    painting Oromo movement as “separatist” movement is the known tact ic of Weyane! Are you one of their cadres? Otherwise enjoy here for what type of “unity” Oromo struggles, for regional UNION, not for unitary region (which you do have in mind):

    “”Oromian Unionists’ END-Kaayyoo is the Union of Nations with Bilisummaa and Walabummaa

    I definitely will stick to my new personal and political program. Here I came back only to clarify confusions. Because of my last article, I got a lot of e-mails full of questions, criticisms, protests and “corrections.” The main complaint was that “I am a unionist = Ethiopianist who systematically opposes the right of Oromo nation to struggle for Bilisummaa (freedom of Oromo people) and Walabummaa (independence of Oromo land).” Is it really so? Were my hitherto articles as such confusing for people to raise such questions? Here I want to put my position as clear as possible in a short essay.

    One of the critics was based on the’s comment, which the publisher put in the front page of the website: “Get Fayyis’ized, Paradigm Shift Happens.” People understood this as if my position is a “paradigm shift” from the “kaayyoo ganamaa = original goal.” I personally think it is good to get “Fayyis’ized,” but for whom is the paradigm shift suggested? If that was meant for the unitarists, hegemonists and even for federalists to make a shift of their paradigm towards the lasting solution proposed by the unionists, that is fine. As far as I am concerned, the end-goal expressed as ULN (Union of Liberated Nations), is inclusive to the “kaayyoo ganamaa” aka bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia. Without national bilisummaa and territorial walabummaa as prerequisites, there will not be any genuine union of nations in the region. So, for Oromo freedom fighters, there is no necessity of a paradigm shift, but a need for far-sightedness to be inclusive in a possible regional union, instead of thinking and talking about only a national liberation.

    Then, there was a question whether G-7 was a unitarist, federalist or a unionist. Some Oromo individuals think that till now the move of the organization is somewhere between unitarists and federalists just like that of UDJ. Here I can agree with the comment. Time will tell us whether these two araada organizations really are federalists, let alone unionists. Leave alone such Amhara-oriented parties, actually when we look at the conflict between the states like Somaliland and Puntland or the still existing conflict between Abyssinia and Oromia, we just think that a union of independent nations envisioned by some of us goodhearted people is a very far goal. It suggests that we now better concentrate on the liberation struggle of nations at hand, not on the far-fetched union of nations. I personally did not forget that there was national territorial liberation in a form of walabummaa between the stages of federation of nations (pre-walabummaa union) and union of liberated nations (post-walabummaa union). In my last article, it was taken as if this was already understood. It is fact that Oromo nationalists do first struggle for Oromian national liberation and then discuss about regional union, be it that of transforming the Ethiopian empire (union per force) to Ethiopian union (union per free will) or forging the union of nations in the Horn of Africa.

    When we look back at the hitherto alliances forged by Oromo liberation movements, Medrek is a federalist, ULFO is a liberationist & AFD is a unionist in a true sense. Oromo people need all of them. We have to support Medrek to come to our next mid-goal (federation). We need tokkummaa for bilisummaa (unity for liberty) of all Oromo liberation movements, like the vision of the ex-ULFO and the goal of the future only one OLF, to secure the very much needed bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia. Then, for the very end-goal, we should foster AFD-like unionist alliance to promote a union of all liberated nations in the Horn for our common benefit. To understand what I wrote in my last articles, we should take into consideration the level at which the three very important Oromo organizations do move. OFC as a federalist party wants to realize Oromian autonomy in the Ethiopian context; OLF as a liberation front wants to achieve both freedom of the Oromo people and sovereignty of the Oromo land; AFD as a supranational alliance of the organizations in the region wants to struggle for a union of all the liberated nations in the region. Only if we see how the cascading of this Oromo move is leading us to accomplish our Oromo cultural, economic and political interest, then is it possible to comprehend what I have tried to put in my hitherto essays.

    Well, I forgot liberationists in my last article. Then, the cascade/spectrum of the politician in the empire (when put in line) is as follows:

    - Unitarists (past oriented)
    - Hegemonists (present rulers)
    - Federalists (short-goal oriented)
    - Liberationists (middle-goal oriented) &
    - Unionists (end-goal oriented)

    To describe the LIBERATIONISTS: they are not satisfied with only federal arrangement of the federalists, but they want to achieve in addition to freedom of nations like freedom of Oromo people (bilisummaa) also a sovereignty of national areas, like sovereignty of Oromo land (walabummaa). According to them, a union of nations can only be imagined after achieving their goal of both national freedom and national territorial sovereignty. As an example, only free Oromo people and sovereign Oromo-land can forge a union with other liberated nations in the region. Then, we can say that it is not abnormal to see Oromo individuals rallying behind the unitarist Amhara parties, the hegemonist Tigaru organization, the federalist Oromo parties, the liberationist Oromo fronts and the the unionist Oromo organizations. Let’s just register this fact, teach those Oromo individuals rallying behind the unitarists as well as the hegemonists to stop their madness and then move on to achieve the three consecutive goals we envisioned aka federation, liberation and a lasting union – one after another.

    According to the line of the liberation journey I described till now, it is as follows: from the past unitary empire —— through the present occupied Oromia —— first to Oromian autonomy —— then to Oromian national independence —— and at last to a regional union of liberated nations in the Horn. My hitherto writings seem to be confusing for I sometimes emphasized the true Ethiopian federation to realize Oromian autonomy; sometimes stressed bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia to secure the independence on which we all Oromo seem to make no compromise; and, of course, as I did in my last article, sometimes I used to talk about the regional union of independent (liberated) nations. Only those who understand this line of thinking can comprehend my opinions. Let us forget the past-oriented momentarily-powerless Habesha unitarists, but fight against the presently ruling powerful Habesha hegemonists and let us concentrate on the Oromo movement in our future journey. Here, according to the line I put above, there are three Oromo forces: the autonomists (federalists) who want to be satisfied with Oromian autonomy in the Ethiopian context, e.g OFC; the sovereignists (liberationists) stressing to build only independent republic of Oromia, e.g OLF-KY, COPLF, FIDO and OLF-QC; the unionists, who do want to move beyond independence and forge a union of independent nations (these groups are ready to give away certain part of our sovereignty for the sake of common benefit just like EU member states did), e.g is OLF-SG, which is still striving to rebuild AFD. My hitherto job was to show that these three kaayyoo’s are not contradictory, but they are like three cities to be liberated one after another on our liberation journey. I gave the metaphor of the liberation journey from Djibouti (Garbummaa) to Finnfinne (lucrative Bilisummaa): Oromian autonomy is like liberating Diredhawa; achieving only Oromian independence is like liberating Adaama; and fostering Oromian national independence with a regional union of independent nations in the Horn is like liberating Finfinne (the most advantageous form of our sovereignty). With this help, I hoped that all Oromos in the walk of life could move together first to Diredhawa, then together to Adaama and lastly together to Finfinne.

    As I repeatedly put out, the politics of the empire/region is rotating around the issue of national rights. To me, the conflict in the empire is not about left (socialist) and right (capitalist) based on the policy each party has got regarding the economy. It is also not about the differences of positions based on the merits like democracy, justice, peace, development, security, etc. The main cause of the conflict in the empire is based on the position every individual or organization has got on the ‘right of nations to self-determination.’ That is why I used the above mentioned cascade/spectrum to classify the polity in the empire. I don’t want to describe again what the positions of these groups are, but important is that I want to tell my position explicitly. I AM A UNIONIST. I know that the end-kaayyoo of Oromo nation is self-determination per referendum on the issue: independence with a union vs independence without a union. I personally do prefer independent Oromia with regional union of independent nations, be it the union including or excluding Abyssinia, our hitherto colonizer. That is why I am ready to move with federalist Oromo one step forward, with liberationist Oromo two steps forward and then get to the end-kaayyoo I do want to achieve (independent Oromia with union of free nations in the empire/Horn/region). It is clear I am against unitarists and hegemonists, but I do see at the federalists and liberationists as my co-travelers up to Diredhawa and Adaama, respectively (using the metaphor of the liberation journey). At the end, I would like that they move with me to Finfinne, but if they want to stay in Diredhawa or Adaama, I do respect their position, if and only if they don’t use force to hinder my last move to Finfinne. Of course, Oromo people will determine per referendum, whether we all stay together in Adaama as our capital (achieve only independent Republic of Oromia) or we move further to Finfinne (foster independent Oromia with a union of independent nations in the empire/Horn/region).

    Here again, I need to take care that my position may not be confused with being Ethiopianist. I think people need to understand the difference between pre-walabummaa union and post-walabummaa union. The first one is what is said to be a union of federated nations before the independence of nations, which is a union like that of the nations in ex-Soviet and ex-Yugoslavia. The second one is the union like EU (European Union) to which now the ex-members of Soviet and Yugoslavia have become members after getting their independence. So, the union I do support is the union of independent nations in the empire/Horn/region or even union of nations in the whole African continent (post-walabummaa union). Then, the future move of Oromo sovereignty will be first to a union of federated nations (federation = pre-walabummaa union = a move to Diredhawa) —— then to walabummaa Oromia (= a move to Adaama) —— at last a move to union of liberated (independent) nations (post-walabummaa union = a move to Finfinne). If we all Oromo individuals and organizations divide our goal-setting into these three, then there will never be a confusion among us. We all can support together the move of OFC to achieve Oromian autonomy (federation), then we all can support OLF for further move for Oromian independence (liberation), and, of course, at last we can support organizations like AFD to forge a regional union of nations in the Horn for common economical benefit. In such case, I did prefer to be a unionist, the goal of which actually does include federation and liberation as the mid-goals to our end-goal (union of independent nations). So let us forget the past-oriented unitarists, but let’s fight now against the present powerful hegemonists by building, strengthening and coordinating the following three alliances functioning at the three goal-levels described above: OFC’s alliance aka Medrek, who can promote our liberation movement to Diredhawa; OLF (one and only one OLF after a hopeful merger of the present three factions and other liberation movements like COPLF and FIDO) to help us move beyond federation to liberation as a precondition to self-determination per referendum, a move to Adaama; and AFD to lead us to the regional union of liberated nations after independence of each nation in the Horn for our common benefit, a last move to Finfinne.

    Then using and coordinating these three alliances/organizations, we can move through the two mid-goals (federation and liberation) to our common end-goal of all free nations in the Horn to build a prosperous common home. Last, but not least, as I already wrote, the issue of ’self-determination of nations’ is the burning one in the empire and the region. To my hitherto readings, all the three politically very active main Oromo organizations (OPDO, OFC and OLF) now started to talk about the necessity of a union of free nations in the region. But where is their difference? Here is it: OPDO’s version of a union lacks both bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia. OFC’s version promises bilisummaa Oromo, but lacks walabummaa Oromia. OLF’s version promises both bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia. Simply put, there is no Oromo who is against a necessary union of liberated nations in the empire/Horn/region. But all Oromo individuals and organizations do differ in the content of the union they want to materialize. So let’s be ready to move from the present union of nations in the empire which is devoid of both bilisummaa and walabumma, first to the version of OFC, and then to that of OLF! Is this not good idea?


    | #22

    TO ALL

    The question of “Oromo independence” is the problem of oromos alone. This will continue as long as you carry such demand indefinately whether Weyane stay in power or not. More worse, the demand of Oroms for secession from Ethiopia will be unproductive because the question by itself is nonsense. How a majority (the TREE) seek independance from the branch (the leaf) There is no plant on earth that has no leaf to absorve oxygin so that the tree will sustain its life existance. Without a leaf, the tree will no have oxigin thus is considered as a “pillar of salt” according the biblical story. The writer (comment No. 2,6 and 21) had intertained us several opinion but the underline is should be to FORGE STRATEGY HOW TO BRING OROMOS INTO ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR -UNITY – with Ethiopia with a democratic principle of one-man-one vote and end minority rule foreever. If Oromo insist on its demand of independence from Ethiopia, this is my (and all other Amharas) position on the issue that “LET THE TIGRIANS RULE US FOREVER THAN TO ALLOW OROMOS TO SECEED FROM ETHIOPIA”. But what secession means in the Ethiopian context?? It means the complete give-up of everything the country has to the Oromos just everything was left for ERITRIA when it secured its independance. Imagine the whole city of Addis Abeba built by all Ethiopian people is going to the Oromos alone and we, the rest of us ordered to leave Addis Ababa within 24 hours, or else Ormos, using F-16s will rain bombs on Gojjam and Gonder . This much is what the non-oromos are worrying about the future. Do our oromo brothers understood our fear?. If the answer is yes then why not drop the stupid question of “independence”? PLEASE DROP IT !!

  23. Moti from Ambo
    | #23

    To “GONDEREW ” your comment lacks civility and without any doubt, you are uneducated and you cannot think positively at all . Before you jump into criticize someone or some kind of idea , you need to think twice . The notion of independence held by oromos is the last option which means if things fail to get better in the country, we may seek our independence . IF WE NEED IT, NO ONE CAN STOP US ! My friend , you need to give a limit to your arrogance when you say “LET THE TGRIANS RULE US FOREVER blah…..blah..” This idea of yours clearly shows us that you must be someone filled with hatred or an EPRDF cadre who can only think about “his next meal ” . I am an Oromo and I love my country(Ethiopia) more than anything in this world . But it is difficult for people like you to accept and respect every citizen equally . That is how you have grown up ! the question of independence is not “stupid ” and “nonsense” as you tried to state,it is a question one can call “the mother of all questions” about human rights. And one thing I would like to tell you from my experience is , my brother, drop your fear about the use of F-16 against each other . Oromos are not Israelis or Americans to use these kinds of weapons in order to kill any human being ! If you are from the remote part of the country (to the north) ,please pay a short visit to Oromia and you will learn what kind of people Oromos are . The major problem which makes us fear each other is “WE DON’T KNOW EACH OTHER !” The system we were practicing for the past century had put some sort of enmity among our beloved people . Come to your sense ,my friend ! Study the history of our country and you might get good information why Oromos raised that “stupid”??? question . ወንድሜ ሆይ ! አንተን ለማሳዘን አስቤ የተነሳሁ እንዳይመስልህ ! የሰጠሐው አስተያየት ስሜቴን ስለነካው ነው :: ሆኖም ግን እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን ቆም ብለን መደማመጥ ባለመቻላችን ዛሬ የወያኔ መጫወቻ ሆንን . የኦሮሞ የመገንጠል ጥያቄን ከመቃወምህ በፊት የጥያቄው መነሻ ምን እንደሆነ መመርመር ይገባህ ነበር :: ይህ ጥያቄ የተነሳው በነገስታቱ ጭፍን አገዛዝ ዘመን ነበር :: የዛሬው የኛ ጥያቄ ግን የማንኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ጥያቄ (የዲሞክራሲ:የእኩልነት:የሰብአዊ መብት …) ነው :: ያለው ነባራዊ ሁኔታ ግን ጥያቄን የሚያበዛ እንጂ ጥያቄን የሚመልስ ሆኖ አልተገኘም :: አመሰግናለሁ ::

  24. Lema
    | #24

    To Moti,
    It is a prevelege to have you agree with me.
    I am sure you know this but let me give you an advice. Every where you go, there will be bad people and good(normally the majority) people. Always focus on what you believe and on the majority good people.Few bad people should not distract you from your track.

    To Hundahore(I like the name anyway)
    I am not EPRDF cadre. I am just a simple Ethiopian who believes in the greatness of Ethiopian people and Ethiopian Unity. I believe i love my people and i want to make a difference in some way but the ideas of separation kills me some times.
    When I say Unity, I mean genuine Unity no Tenkol no conspiracy. who will not benefit from true Unity? why do we need to create a new system? I want Ethiopia to be like South Africa, like Ghana. are there Unionists, Separatists there? Our problems arise from lack of democracy and true Unity. let us bring true Unity and democracy and leave together in love. that is all what i wanted to say my brother.


  25. Meraraw
    | #25

    Aite Gonderew,
    you are actually aite Ag’amew! No question, you are the still sleeping Weyane cadre who still thinks to sow a discord between Amhara and Oromo for the sake of your devide and rule. Thanks to the farsighted OLF and CUD, this game is over. Now Amharas started to understand that the question of Oromos is beyound independence, i.e UNION of liberated nations. It is a union of liberated Amharas, liberated Oromos and liberated others from your fascist rule. The future Ethiopia will be not UNITARY Ethiopia, but definetly Ethiopian UNION. Can you understand the difference between the two? Go back and read the articles you mentioned, which are posted under this thread probably from our Oromo friends!!

    Motii from Ambo,
    well said!!

    | #26


    I do not understand why you call me in different name? Do you think that will change the reality. You are the foolish victims of your ignorance and this is easily proven from your record. You join TPLF with the hope to annihilate the Amhara and to be the sole ruler of Ethiopia because in your foolish calculation, you were expecting to win overwhelmingly Weyane in a parliamentary seat but despite your huge population, you only were offered 12 seats. You rebled against Weyane by surrandering 50,000 men and ammunation. You would have been in state power by know had you intertained the concept of UNIONIZED STATE that was the good Oromo’s idea such as Merara Gudina, Negede Gobeze and the rest. You choose miscalculation, cause the death of countless youth and hoplessly scattered all over Kenya, Ogaden, Germany and elsewhere. Now as a last resort, you inclined to accept “union” but that wont’t guarantee you state power but a “dream” only. WHY?? because you have no experience in the administration of a nation but AMHARA does. This is not my “boastful” assertion but the testimony of your scholar, Prof. Fikre Tolossa. You can read his article entitled “A HISTORICAL EXPLANATION AS TO WHY MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS OF THE TPLF ARE ETHNOCENTRIC” at: (If the pages failed to open let me recite Amhara and Oromos and Tigrians experience for the record:

    Yekunoamlak Amdetsion (1314-1344)
    Dawit I (1380-1412)
    Zere Yakob ((1434-1468)
    Lebne Dingel(1508-1540)
    Gelawdios (1540-1559)
    Sertse Dengel (1563-1597)
    Suseneyous (1607-1632)
    Fasiledes (1632-1667)
    Yohannes I (1667-1682)
    IYASSU I (1682-1706)
    Bekaffa (1721-1730)
    Iyassu II (1730-1755)
    Iyoas (1755-1769)
    Menelik II (1889-1909)
    Haileselassie (1930-1974)

    Emperor YohannesII (1872-1889)

    Mengistu Hailemariam (credited for Oromo)(1974-1991)
    No nationally recognized administration but the local Gedda.

    As the historical record indicated above, the Amhara rulers, no matter you hate them, are the fathers of the nation but Oromos do not like such personalities. Case in example is Minilik II where they were gathered at Arat Kilo to distroy Minilk’s Statute where one Gondere Kes who was in the scene said : OO !! The bible had a prophesy saying that “A SONE WILL RAISE AGAINST STONE”. What a shame when a human being called in such manner because he was destained to distroy his own History.

    Mr. MOTI FROM AMBO: As you can read from Prof. Fikere Tolossa’s article, Oromos and Amharas knew each other when you Crowned Emperor Susenyus (1607-1632) in Gonder and therefore your invitation to come to the Southern region to learn “how Oromo people are good people”is not necessary since I know wery well before I left Ethiopia 27 years ago for America. I remember Ambo in many respect but the FLIES are the most I hate and remember. What the the government do to alivate the problem? How they failed to kill flies while they slaughter thounands in Oromia regions one of my cousin at the Awassa religious Massacare?. Good Luck from NE USA.

    In conclusion, I welcome the Oromo peoples’ determination to recognize that separation is a wrong avenue for progress.

  27. Lema
    | #27

    To Gonderew,
    your talk smell very badddddddddd!
    Now I know you are EPRDF if not your a so outdated person.
    Irelevant to Ethiopian politics. achhhhhhhhhhh

  28. yiba
    | #28

    Siye and Meles, birds of the same feather !!!!!!!! Have u ever heard Siye critisizing TPLF ? Never ?

    | #29

    To GELETA:

    (The parallel word in Amharic is “GELTU” and it means “Dedeb” or “stupid”

    I have carefully viewed your Amharic comment and I have learned your inability to grasp the substance of my comments – it is sad !! My comment
    only indicated Oromos’ weakness in dealing with Weyane and all blanderious miscalculation either in surrendering its weapons and the ultimate rebalious act without strategy. You did not challenge my opinion with logic or reasoning. FROM THIS I ONLY LEARNED THAT YOU ARE A GOOD OROMO BUT BAD ETHIOPIAN. (Dont worry!, you are not alone since there are many like you whom I expelled them from my class when they poorly performed on their homework or act differently against their peers (according to the College’s rule.)

    Secondly, you denied Ethiopian history because you hate Amhara. But who cares for “few” oromo’s denial of Ethiopian history as long as you do not believe that ancient history is not “yours/Oromos’history”. FROM THIS I LEARNED THAT OROMOS ARE THE DIVIDED PEOPLE SINCE YOU ARE A GOOD DENIER OF HISTORY AND OTHERS SUCH AS DR. NEGASSO GEDADA WAS IN THE AMHARA REGION at this very day to WRITE ANOTHER HISTORY.)

    Thirdly, you FABRICATED words that I have not used. I said “the most I remember and hate in Ambo was the flies” and NEVER said “AMBO ZENB BECH NEW” nor anything of derogatory statement to society. You said, however, YENEGESTAT MEDER” the lands of the king is where I brought…”. FROM THIS YOU CAN ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD AS A COMPULSIVE LIAR AND NOTHING ELSE. Let me leave it here bucause you did not advanced civilized argument but insult. I am not expert in insult and that makes the difference between Amharas and “FEW” bad Oromos

    | #30


    Thank you for clearly manifesting “few” bad Oromos’ culture and level of civilization as indicated at your comment No. 31. You will hear somthing from me in the near future. Dont’t think you will hide yourself forever as to your identity because there is a “way’ to trap persons of your nature before the law.

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