Strategic foe of Ethiopia is rewarded with Fertile Ethiopian Land – By Tatu

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The current buzz word that comes out of Ethiopia is the government’s desperate attempts to cheaply (as low as 1.50USD per hectare) sale Ethiopian land to anyone who has a foreign currency. (more…)

The current buzz word that comes out of Ethiopia is the government’s desperate attempts to cheaply (as low as 1.50USD per hectare) sale Ethiopian land to anyone who has a foreign currency. (Ethiopian Farms Lure Investor Funds as Workers Live in Poverty, Be it a corrupted leader like Nigerian Obasanjo, or a friend indeed like Djibouti’s leader Guelleh, and Saudis king, it seems land for tit-for-tat. Among all the news which caught my attention and worth more analysis is the land awarded to Egyptian government. As all Ethiopians in abroad and at home know Egypt is a strategic enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopian people.

As a person very familiar with the hydro-politics of Nile (I will call Abay henceforth), I have read extensive literature on this regard. I don’t support any political view, but revealing the facts that benefit the people to make a rational decision is one of my moral obligations. I understand the sensitivity of the issue since I have been working on the Nile river water and exposed with the situation for more than a decades.

Anyone who reads this article may posit “how is Egypt a strategic foe of Ethiopia?”. I will try to concentrate on the facts that help me prove this claim.

First, we need to know that without Abay River, Egypt is a desert land. The life and civilization of Egypt is located on the river of Abay. Almost 96 % of Egypt land is worthless desert and inhabitable. Since the dawn of civilization, the primary emphasis of Egypt is to secure the river flow at all cost. Hence the strategic national security of Egypt is to secure the smooth flow of Abay water to its territory. To do so, so far it has created different onerous mechanism towards Ethiopia and its people. One which has worked for long period of time is to weaken Ethiopian economy in all its comparative advantage and help to create instability so that the focus of Ethiopia diverted away from developing Abay River. Let see examples.

Arun Elhance (Hydro-politics in the 3rd world, 1999, p. 66) states the situation as “Egypt has on occasion been accused of fermenting dissent and helping rebellions in Ethiopia.”

The current president who will be awarded to thousand hectares of fertile land from Ethiopia, Hosni Mubarak says, “If Ethiopia plan to build dam in Abay River, Egypt will bomb it”.

Moreover, the former Minister of foreign Affair of Egypt and former UN Secretary General says, “The next war in our region will be over the water of Abay.”

Strategically speaking, Egypt has been in war with Ethiopia all the time to protect its national interest. In addition, it is our recent memory that Egypt is officially supporting a military attack against Ethiopia through Somalia, Eritrea and helping armed opposition within the country. Creating instability and a chaos of any kind within Ethiopia is the prime national interest and function of the Egyptian government. Those who have a common sense can judge that this is the government, unfortunately, who will be awarded a fertile land in Ethiopia.

Next, Egypt’s prime emphasis is collapsing the financial capability and political strength of Ethiopia at all expenses. For instance development loan and grant from the World Bank and other institutions have been blocked by Egypt. One which was a big success for Egypt is making Ethiopia a landlocked country. If a country is landlocked, it economic advantage and development effort would be on the hand of other country. Hence this homework was done through supporting Woyane, the current Ethiopian government, who now pays the debt it owed while in struggle.

All the plots of Egypt have been worked in a third party. But we now come to realize, it is given the opportunity to finish the homework of eradicating Ethiopia once for all so that it can get the Abay water without any further wary. This helps Egypt to harvest the blessing of Abay River and the fertile soil it carries. The shocking reality is that in addition to the soil carried by Abay, this nation is on the way to get thousands hectares of fertile land from Ethiopia. On the other side, the poor, helpless farmer of our citizen is cursed with owning even less than one hectare of land. What type of government is this, which awarded the enemy and cursed its own citizen?

When it comes to international relation, Egypt has played a big role in controlling the regional economy and politics so that it can get the unfair share of Abay Nile. In 1959 along with other enemy of Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt signed “Full utilization of Abay water.” The two countries who don’t contribute a single drop of water claim “full utilization of Abay water” by allocating amlsot 60 billion metric cube (bmc) of water for Egypt and the remaining 18 bmc to Sudan. In order to protect this claim in the international forum, Egypt presents a “reality on the ground”. This means the status quo water allocation of the 1959 agreement have to be respected through creating facts that help to convince negotiation. One of the claim is that Egypt import food and energy. Now Egypt will produce food for its own people and import from Ethiopia. So respect the current water allocation!!!!!

It is a shame that a produce from Ethiopia is presented to Saudi king while the government is busy begging wheat from the western. It is shame that farmers are deprive of their right to own a land while Djiboutian are fed with wheat from Ethiopia. It is shame that Ethiopian pays nearly a billion birr for port while Djibouti enjoys a fertile land with zero cost. It is disgraceful to give Ethiopian comparative advantage to those who plot our destruction and weakness.

Unfortunately almost 10 million people a year is starved to death in Ethiopia for almost a century. The Ethiopian government is busy in begging food and other aid, and it announces the occurrence of famine with great honor. Instead of the government of Egypt produces food in Ethiopia, Why not the Ethiopian government produces food for its own people? When does Ethiopia establish a government whose prime concern is its own citizen. How will save Ethiopian people?

It is difficult to mention the entire ploy made by Egypt against Ethiopia and its citizen. When Ethiopia is librated and become a country of Ethiopians, not only the Egypt who maneuvers our destruction, but also the Ethiopia government should face justices. Who should go to jail, Birtukan Medeksa, an innocent citizen or the Egyptian whooficially dodge war against Ethiopia?

I am a strong supporter of investment. Investment creates capital, wealth, employment, knowledge and other important component of economic benefits. But investment should be compromise with the need of its people, national interest and the future of the country as a whole. A country without a national interest is a country without people. With a farmer struggling with less than a hectare of land, it is mindboggling to award thousand of hectare to its enemy.

Hence all Ethiopian in the country and around the world should condemn this irresponsible investment. Ethiopian enemy shouldn’t deserve Ethiopian land, instead justice. Land to the poor farmer who struggle to feed his/her family. Land to the tiller. We need to speak at every angle and stop awarding Ethiopian land to the strategic enemy who wage war against Ethiopian.

Make no mistake that Woyan came to power through the help of Egypt. So woyan stop paying your 17 years of war debt by using Ethiopian (our) land. It is an outrageous. Every Ethiopian loving citizen should condemn and make sure his/her voice heard.

Our land is not for our enemies.

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