Mark-up Vote for H.R. 2003: Scheduled for June 26, 2007

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“We can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, as we are sure the enemies of freedom and democracy see darkness on the horizon!” (more…)

“We can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, as we are sure the enemies of freedom and democracy see darkness on the horizon!”


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For Immediate Release
June 25, 2007

The Coalition for HR 2003 is pleased to share with all of our pro-human rights and pro-democracy supporters and allies that H.R. 2003, the “Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007″? introduced by Chairman Donald Payne on April 20, 2007, has been scheduled for a mark-up vote at the U.S. Congress Committee on Foreign Relations on Tuesday, June 26, 2007, at 10 AM.

Under the leadership of Chairman Tom Lantos, who is a co-sponsor of H.R. 2003, Subcommittee on Africa Chairman Donald Payne and Ranking Subcommittee member Christopher Smith, we believe the House Committee on Foreign Relations will overwhelmingly pass the bill and send it to the House floor for a final vote in the foreseeable future.

The mark-up process allows members to propose amendments to the bill if they have any. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE MARKUP PROCESS IS NOT A HEARING. We do not expect any unanticipated amendments to the bill.

H.R. 2003 aims to bring democratic reform and accountability to Ethiopia by requiring the release of all political prisoners, restoration of the democratic rights of the people, strengthening human rights and civic society organizations and human rights monitoring and reporting processes, increasing the independence of the judiciary, prosecution of human rights abusers, improving election procedures, removing press censorship and repeal of restrictive press laws and provision of various training programs for demcratic participation, and limiting U.S. security assistance to peacekeeping and counter-terrorism only, among others.
We are grateful to Chairman Don Payne, Chairman Tom Lantos and Ranking member Chris Smith for their commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia.

We can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, as we are sure the enemies of freedom and democracy see darkness on the horizon!

  1. amoraw Ferrede
    | #1

    Indeed, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. With the strong support of the US Congress and that already avalable from a pro-democracy EU Parliament, freedom and democracy are bound to be realized in the very near futre.

    This is the beginning of the realization of President Bush’s promise in his second inaugural address, and an opportunity for all of us in Ethiopia to regain our confidence in America as the genuine defender of Freedom and democracy.

  2. rahel yergashewa
    | #2

    Please God Help us.
    Help Ethiopia,as we Ethiopians are in a very sad postion

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    Indeed, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am a witness of that natural phenomenal. Evil lies, and kills, but never wins the heats and minds of good people and never last longer. I am thankful to see when the light and hope takes over the darkness in Ethiopia. Something is happening for Ethiopia. Something good and no evil can stop it.

  4. Tigist
    | #4

    The quest for vibrant democracy is growing in Ethiopia and it is getting support from the international community that is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

    There is also another good news. It looks like Ethiopians from Tigray region is taking the next step to make democracy a reality in our common mother Ethiopia. Take a look at the following news:

    Dekialula) – According to reliable sources, former TPLF officials led by Gebru Asrat and other prominent Ethiopians have submitted an application to the National Electoral Board of Ethoipia for a formation of a new political party. Sources say the TPLF dissidents submitted all the necessary requirements including the party’s name, program, by laws, and over 1200 signatures to the NEB in March but the electoral board has not approved their application yet.

    (Picture – Gebru Asrat)

    Sources say although the constitution stipulates a multiparty system, the ruling party leaders led by Sebhat Nega and Abay Tsehaye are busy preaching to their supporters/cadres that Tigreans are one and the same and no alternative party to TPLF is needed in Tigray. In fact, the government has distributed a list of the people who signed for the party formation to its cadres and the cadres in turn have started their intimidation and harassment campaign.

    Many observers say this new development is a major breakthrough for Ethiopians in general and Tigreans in particular who have been yearning for a formidable alternative party for years. Sources say an overwhelming majority of Tigreans are enthusiastic by this development and hope the NEB approves their application soon.

  5. Jyigzaw
    | #5

    Dear EAC
    It is my pleasure to hear all this news that our great patroitic leaders will be free.
    They are our leaders and we have to stand with them until the end.
    Meles zenawi(the butcher of addis) is absouletly running out of time. He will buried soon.
    Ethiopia will prevail.

  6. yaphet
    | #6

    Every Tigrean read and know the e-mail that was sent during the election by kinijit against Tigreans ,so do not waste your time talking about Tigreans. I save the copy of the e-mail and always forward it to my people to show how evil you guys are. Talk to the hand we know y’all evil heart.

    Woyane for life!!!

  7. effort
    | #7

    yaphet is meles slave. your slavery will be over soon, if you want to be free.

    No one needs you here. Go where you belong. Aiga, dedeb dedebit.

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