Ethiopia launches new Omo River hydroelectric plant

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A new hydroelectric plant has been inaugurated in Ethiopia – part of a controversial project on the Omo River. (more…)

A new hydroelectric plant has been inaugurated in Ethiopia – part of a controversial project on the Omo River.

Ethiopia hopes the cascade of dams will turn it from a country suffering crippling power cuts to a major electricity exporter.

But critics fear there will be consequences for the environment and for people living along the river.

The latest phase, Gilgel Gibe II, has the capacity to generate more than 400 megawatts of electricity.

The plant gets its water through an underground channel from the first Gilgel Gibe hydroelectric project, which is fed by the Omo River.

This is the second plant to be inaugurated in almost as many months.

And a few more projects are in the pipeline to ensure that the power shortages of last year never recur.

The next stage, Gilgel Gibe III, is expected to generate about 1,800MW of power.

Ethiopia’s government wants the country to generate its own electricity and export it to the region.

The BBC’s Uduak Amimo in Addis Ababa says Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan have already agreed to buy power from Ethiopia.

She says if all goes according to plan, electricity will overtake coffee as Ethiopia’s biggest export within the next decade.

  1. Ayub
    | #1

    One which all Ethiopians should be proud of.The Road to self reliant has started.

  2. sami
    | #2

    nice nice. go ethiopia!!

  3. Emawayesh Ethiopia
    | #3

    development and National intrest of a nation never done by dictatorial Ethno-Centeric regime,its just the reality.

  4. Ayub
    | #4

    Emawayesh,what do you call the completed Dam Project? sister/brother for any country to show any advancement in Transport,Industry and so many more, Energy is the key what you see is Development for the National interest one you should be proud.If you yourself can not benefit from the advancement at least your children and children please it is not an endorsement of the current government,if you say any thing positive but at least it says how just,truthful and fair you are in your assessment.

  5. habesaw
    | #5

    yes its real,

  6. Rasputin
    | #6

    Ethiopia is heading toward a right direction.

  7. ophir
    | #7

    I amproud of the project. we need hydroelectric dams that enable us to be succesful in the next century.That suports our financial problems and electric shortage. But we need accountablity on the money generated by this big projecs. Inaddition the govenment should reduce the electric tarif so that every body rich and poor can use the electric power for a day to day activity. we can reduce deforstation if we start consuming our hydro powers instead of depending on forest woods.

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