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No degree of melancholy can accurately express what Haiti experiences following the devastating earthquake. (more…)

No degree of melancholy can accurately express what Haiti experiences following the devastating earthquake. As some may recall, San Francisco had gone through this magnitude of earthquake in 1989. However, the number of people died in San Francisco did not exceed 63. [1] On the other hand, some estimated up to 100, 000 deaths in Haiti. [2] The reason for this huge death rate discrepancy is too plain to explain. In my opinion, what needs more elaboration is the Haiti president’s consistent response when he was asked about this disaster.

It looks that the controversial “Haiti president” is more worried about his palace, corrupted ministers and others who work for him. As you might have noticed, when he was asked about the overwhelming tragic problems his country is facing, he answered “I have no place to sleep tonight “end of quote. Listening to his response during lunch time, my colleagues were troubled by his response; and so was I. Mind you! By the time he was saddened by the loss of his comfortable bed, many were asphyxiating- their body parts squeezed between building fragments. Fellow Africans! Does the Haitian president remind you the home grown rabid- gang hippos who compelled you and your people to suffer from famine, diseases, harassment, imprisonment, and to live in exile?

Haitians like the African people are coerced to live in abject poverty by corrupted dictatorial rulers who embezzle, harass, imprison and kill their own tax payers. In fact, natural disasters such as earthquake, flood and others boost up what these merciless dictators conduct on daily bases- kill people in one or another way. If one traces the number of people dying from tyranny- related causes in Africa every year, she/he may find five to ten times more deaths than the estimated deaths from Haiti’s earthquake. Tyranny- related deaths take place insidiously and do not include citizens from the wealthy nations unlike the current earthquake in Haiti. As a result, neither individual countries nor the United Nation dare to notice this magnitude of endemic- tyranny related deaths leave alone take measures to halt it.

It may not be overstating if one says these ruthless dictators amass wealth that could feed their people for at least five to ten years. Yes, besides murdering and jailing their own citizens what these despots do, on regular bases, is erect monuments of private wealth. They do have malignant phobia to establish public infrastructures, research institutions and other service centers. In Haiti, absence of infrastructures has been a major obstacle for Aide Supply. Furthermore, lack of resources and absence of registration system has led unfortunate Haitians to be buried in mass grave without any form of identification. Because of this degree of corruption in Haiti, many are hesitant to convey donations through the government channels even at this critical juncture. As a matter of fact, some assume the earthquake tragedy as ample opportunity for Haitian rulers to reap more money from foreign donors. Sorry, Africans! As you read this article, the ghostly pictures of your own backyard brutal rulers flicker in front of your eyes; Right?

Earthquake is considered as a natural disaster. Failure to mitigate its consequences, however, is not. While the USA and other countries minimize fatal outcomes of similar magnitude of earth quakes, why Haiti terribly failed to do so? Similarly, why African rulers remained being chronic-shameless beggars while Western leaders continued to be habitual donors? Does skin color have something to do with it?
Unfortunately some tend to associate the miserable life of Africans and Haitians with skin color. Despite some researchers’ effort to find one, no single valid study has demonstrated the association of skin color (otherwise gene) to poverty as far as I know.

One has to dig deep below the skin to explore the true nature of Africans. Contrary to the rhetoric, Africans and Haitians are hard working and capable people like any human race. The problem, however, is Africans’ brains and sense organs have been persistently muted initially by colonizers and later by home grown heinous dictators. In most African nations, people do not possess even their own flesh and spirit. Then, how on earth could people living under these circumstances expected to solve problems as big as earthquake? Indeed, the major factor that could explain the endless misery that African and Haitians experience in common is tyranny; not color. Therefore, funneling material aide to assist the tyranny victims is similar to providing Tylenol to a febrile patient while cultivating the germ that causes the fever in to his body. Instead (if sincere humanitarians really exist on this planet), benefactors better invest their donations to synthesize effective remedy that could eradicate the major cause of human death -tyranny. Thank you!

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