The major-common factor: Tyranny; not color! – Belayneh Abate

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No degree of melancholy can accurately express what Haiti experiences following the devastating earthquake. As some may recall, San Francisco had gone through this magnitude of earthquake in 1989. However, the number of people died in San Francisco did not exceed 63. [1] On the other hand, some estimated up to 100, 000 deaths in Haiti. [2] The reason for this huge death rate discrepancy is too plain to explain. In my opinion, what needs more elaboration is the Haiti president’s consistent response when he was asked about this disaster.

It looks that the controversial “Haiti president” is more worried about his palace, corrupted ministers and others who work for him. As you might have noticed, when he was asked about the overwhelming tragic problems his country is facing, he answered “I have no place to sleep tonight “end of quote. Listening to his response during lunch time, my colleagues were troubled by his response; and so was I. Mind you! By the time he was saddened by the loss of his comfortable bed, many were asphyxiating- their body parts squeezed between building fragments. Fellow Africans! Does the Haitian president remind you the home grown rabid- gang hippos who compelled you and your people to suffer from famine, diseases, harassment, imprisonment, and to live in exile?

Haitians like the African people are coerced to live in abject poverty by corrupted dictatorial rulers who embezzle, harass, imprison and kill their own tax payers. In fact, natural disasters such as earthquake, flood and others boost up what these merciless dictators conduct on daily bases- kill people in one or another way. If one traces the number of people dying from tyranny- related causes in Africa every year, she/he may find five to ten times more deaths than the estimated deaths from Haiti’s earthquake. Tyranny- related deaths take place insidiously and do not include citizens from the wealthy nations unlike the current earthquake in Haiti. As a result, neither individual countries nor the United Nation dare to notice this magnitude of endemic- tyranny related deaths leave alone take measures to halt it.

It may not be overstating if one says these ruthless dictators amass wealth that could feed their people for at least five to ten years. Yes, besides murdering and jailing their own citizens what these despots do, on regular bases, is erect monuments of private wealth. They do have malignant phobia to establish public infrastructures, research institutions and other service centers. In Haiti, absence of infrastructures has been a major obstacle for Aide Supply. Furthermore, lack of resources and absence of registration system has led unfortunate Haitians to be buried in mass grave without any form of identification. Because of this degree of corruption in Haiti, many are hesitant to convey donations through the government channels even at this critical juncture. As a matter of fact, some assume the earthquake tragedy as ample opportunity for Haitian rulers to reap more money from foreign donors. Sorry, Africans! As you read this article, the ghostly pictures of your own backyard brutal rulers flicker in front of your eyes; Right?

Earthquake is considered as a natural disaster. Failure to mitigate its consequences, however, is not. While the USA and other countries minimize fatal outcomes of similar magnitude of earth quakes, why Haiti terribly failed to do so? Similarly, why African rulers remained being chronic-shameless beggars while Western leaders continued to be habitual donors? Does skin color have something to do with it?
Unfortunately some tend to associate the miserable life of Africans and Haitians with skin color. Despite some researchers’ effort to find one, no single valid study has demonstrated the association of skin color (otherwise gene) to poverty as far as I know.

One has to dig deep below the skin to explore the true nature of Africans. Contrary to the rhetoric, Africans and Haitians are hard working and capable people like any human race. The problem, however, is Africans’ brains and sense organs have been persistently muted initially by colonizers and later by home grown heinous dictators. In most African nations, people do not possess even their own flesh and spirit. Then, how on earth could people living under these circumstances expected to solve problems as big as earthquake? Indeed, the major factor that could explain the endless misery that African and Haitians experience in common is tyranny; not color. Therefore, funneling material aide to assist the tyranny victims is similar to providing Tylenol to a febrile patient while cultivating the germ that causes the fever in to his body. Instead (if sincere humanitarians really exist on this planet), benefactors better invest their donations to synthesize effective remedy that could eradicate the major cause of human death -tyranny. Thank you!

Endnotes (accessed on 1/14/2010)

1. Celebrate a quake?
2. Haiti Earthquake: Up to 100,000 might have died

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  1. Robele Ababya
    | #1

    Excellent article. The human tragedy is shocking. Any assistance we can give is morally right.

    The author is right that “…… The problem, however, is Africans’ brains and sense organs have been persistently muted initially by colonizers and later by home grown heinous dictators …. “.

    Tyrant Meles is the worst of all dictators; he must be politically dead without delay

  2. peace
    | #2

    You seem to forget, who breeds those dictators? Dictators are bred 1. through Western powers. 2. The people’s inability to unite and over throw dictators. These are the main thing that breeds dictators. There will always be an individual dictator if he does not have conscience or forced to mistreat his people. The question is, are poor nations are aware of this? The main thing is really, it has always been war against the Western powers that continues the blunder of poor nations. It is documented and very much exists today. Poor nations need to start to sacrifice in order for their generation to survive. Otherwise, this is going to be chronic.

    | #3


    The Haitian earthquake is all humanities’ disastor in which the world should do its best to alivate this natural disaster. This is possible only when donor countries play politics low or avoid altogether and only focus on helping the victims. From your article, however, you are in the position to oppose aid because the regime was dictatorial. I will not interpreted your opinion differently even Haiti was Ethiopia. During the Mengistu regime, famine had strike Ethiopia just as much it does at the time of Haile Selassie. At that time, an American politician had opposed America’s aid to Ethiopia because the country was ruled by a communist regime. However, despite his opposition, the bill was passed and Ethiopia had receieved the humanitarian assistance it needed. The same has been true since the Obama administration had already approved the aid package and the relief effort is underway. Therefore, your position to mix humanitarian need for Haiti with its “controversial” leader has no sound reasining.

    In your article, you also cited the word of Haitian president who said “I have no place to sleep tonight” – a metaphorical or figurative speech that is so common in religious and secular world. The president’s speech should not have been taken out of context either to promote bias or some other end because every human being has his own way of expression of circumstance when matters becomes beyound what he can do. By the way, didn’t the Christian God (Jesus) said in the Bible “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the son of a man has nowhere to lay his head” Matthew 8:20. Under reason, you must reject the word of Jesus as you reject the word of the Haitian president because there are no TWO way to salvation but ONE and he is HASHEM, THE LORD GOD.

  4. Yonas
    | #4

    “In most African nations, people do not possess even their own flesh and spirit.” What does this mean?

  5. Eyoel
    | #5

    Ethiopian Jew,

    I do not see the writer opposing aid in this article. Either you mis-read him or you are putting in your opinion. please before you comment read carefully. Tnx

    | #6

    TO Mr. Eyoel:

    It is you who need to read or re-read the comment before critisizing the commentator who commented on the original writer, – Mr. Belayneh Abate. His concluding statement ” Therefore… funneling the material aid to assist the tyranny victim is similar to providing tylenol to a febrile patient WHILE CULTIVATING THE GERM THAT CAUSE THE FEVER INTO HIS BODY” is what called into question. I understood Mr. Belayneh’s statement that giving antipain medicine is good for the patient but that same medicine is useless (unreachable) as long as it is channeled through the bad nurse/pharmacist or the doctor. But where is the proof that the Haitian president is/was a bad medical profesional? According to Belayneh’s statement, the president is a “controversial” leader as to his administration or corruption. This statement by itself does not prove fact but conclusory allegation. In view of this, the whole concept of the writer should be construed as “opposing the aid” as long as the aid is channeled through the Haitian president which Mr. Belayneh believed that he is a tayrant. In my opinion, receiving aid through whatever channel including the president is better than NOT.

  7. Wochayo
    | #7

    Shelom Ethiopian Jew, if I am not out of the topic, you said “There are no TWO ways to salvation but ONE and he is HASHEM, the Lord GOD.” when you say HASHEM I think you mean, ALAH in ISLAM, so what makes Judaism different than Islam?. I don’t see why all this fighting with Muslim brothers and sisters while you believe in the same GOD. Regarding believing in JESUS/GOD, don not forget there is A New Testament which deals with all human beings but not only Jews. By the way how are you doing with Ashkenazis, fight for your right, there should not be a defference with an Ashkenazi and an Ethiopian Jew!!.

  8. Rasputin
    | #8

    I absolutely agree with you.Your comment is based on facts and to top it all you are very polite.A million SHALOM to you my brother\Sister.

    | #9


    SHALOM BROTHERS, Since both of you have presented to me religious and political questions, I would like to put my answer in a very brief term because there is no enough space to writ in this website’s page.

    FIRST, Why Muslims and Jews fight: The fight between Jews and Muslims is political specifically on the question of Palestine and Palestine’s land which the Israeli occupied by force. As to the truth in politics,(but there is no truth in politics because politics is a social science without moral) it is the British who handed over the Palestine’s land to Israel. The United Nations passed 46 different and FAVORABLE decision for Palestine but America as a unipolar power do not want the U.N. resolution to take effect. This cause most Arab countries to see U.S and Israel as enemy not only on land but religion as well. According to Bin Laden’s testimony his attack on America was because of the Paletinan’s cause. This in turn cultivate animosity between Christian America and the Islamic world in which George Bush went to war against the “feared” regional power of IRAQ under the pretext of Iraq’s alleged possession of Weapon of Mass distruction – Neuclear weapon- but the fact was not proven. If you count the Iraq war as a religious war christians against Islam, it is the 11th one which the first was called “the War of the Cross” but at ALL TIME ISLAM is the prevailing force. In a nutshell, the Jewish and Muslim fight is man made problem and both religions are close than anybody imagined. Of course, there are few theological difference but that is trivial.

    SECOND, Do Ashkenazi and Ethiopian Jews are alike? is the fact which needs greater understanding from a learned Jewery and not from me. However, Ashkenazi and Ethiopian Jews are not the same because alike the Ashkenazis, Ethiopian Jews do not traced our origin in Europe specifically mainland Germany, but from Israel itself. In 956 BC. an Ethiopian Queen, Sheba or SABA visited King Solomon and according to legend, had affair with king Solomon and produced a son (Minilik I) whose decendents become Ethiopian citizens in Northern Ethiopia in the province of Begemider (Gonder). The second legend also hold that the wife of Moses was Ethiopian and fromthere, a certai trbal affilation might have been traced. My knowledge on this is so shallow and shal refrain from misinforming people.

    As to me, I choose Judaism on my own accord with the deeper understanding of the Christian Bible, The Jews Torah/Talmud and other scholarly written books that finally compelled me to decided and make Judaism my way to God’s door. To understand all Abrhamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) it may have taken me more than 7 years, which more than my graduate and undergraduate years combined. And there was no Christian, Islamic or a Jewish scholar I have not talked nor visited their institution be it school or mosque, church or Synoguge. IN ALL THIS I AM THE ONLY HAPPY PERSON BUT ONE MAN WAS SADDENED FOR REJECTING CHRISTIANITY AND CHOOSE JUDAISM OVER OTHER FAITHS, HE IS MY FATHER, THE HEAD OF A CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN ONE OF THE ETHIOPIAN PROVIENCE IN THE NORTH.

    IF YOU LIKE READING ON RELIGIOUS DEBATE WISIT MY ARTICLE AT: and see comment no.16 where a link will get you a debate under the titlee “DIALOGUE ON FAITH BETWEEN ETHIOPIAN CHRISTIAN AND ETHIOPIAN JEW. The PDF file contained 19 pages of my argument. GOOD LUCK.

  10. Wochayo
    | #10

    Dear Mr. B.A. Kassa, I read your article and Mr. Assta B Gettu. I appreciate the effort you made to justify your belief, but at the end you despaired and I didn’t like what you wrote:
    “let me mentioned some of churchs you are familiar with: D/T Eyesus, Lejetu Mariam, Enatitu Mariam, Medahenialem, Tesgur Michael, Ajibar, 7th Day Adventist Mission,Sebeseba Meda, Theodros II school, Segno (Manday)Gebeya,….”. Few personalities include: Hogambic, Vesilimay, Arvid, Teshome Wagaw, Kebede Mera, Abegaz Mera, Mollalign Misganaw….”
    Thank you for your good judgment regarding Palestine’s and Jews war. It was to say Ashkenazis and Ethiopian Jews have the same right, but not both are the same. Thank you for the legal help you are giving to Ethiopians and keep it up.

    At last I want to extend my appreciation to Mr. Assta B. Gettu, he is not someone you respond the way you did above.

    | #11


    Thank you for reviewing the article(s) I and Mr. Assta Bereket Gettu had posted. It would have been “good” (and is desirable) if you tell me the REASONS why you did not like my article. I do not mean you should like it per se but the HISTORICAL FACTS AND THEOLOGICAL REASONING AS TO WHY YOU DID NOT LIKE IT. In other word, the REASON, REASON and REASON.

    As to Asta B. Gettu, believe it or not, HE is the only person I like among the many students/teachers of the christian faith because he is the one who “attempted” to persuade me that Christianity is not a wrong religion while others attempted to strike ME because they have no the capacity to convience except by means of violence. But at the end his behaviour had changed as his language becomes so offensive and unnatural. I insisted to ex-communicate with him and it was so amenable to him. I also appreciated that.

    If you have a question on religion, I can answer to you (whether you are Muslim or Christian) but I am not interested to engage in a debate. Thank You and have a new year.

  12. Wochayo
    | #12

    Dear B.A Kassa, disregard what I quoted that you wrote to let him know from which area Mr. Assta is. I liked the extent you went to prove your conviction. But all those are what Jews have been saying, you are quoting Jews Bible with all the contradictions. On one point you said there were man GOD-MEN by the same name Jesus, and yet you try to tell as Jesus was crucified by the Romans. What would have been better was if you were able to give direct response to Mr. Assta B. Gettu, but without answering his questions and comments you preferred to write what Jews have been writing and your attitude against Christianity. To the contrary, you said: quote,”The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, which is out of the context, you said you didn’t respond to him, but that doese not hold water.
    The main point is you did not respond in kind, the story wha the Jews say about Jesus, forget it we know that. There has been intentional communication barrier on your side.

    | #13

    You presented question without reading the relevant part of each case that I and Mr. Assta had exchanged. If you want the answer why the one line statement used as “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog…”, the answer was already given and explained at comment number 25, paragraph 3. The rest of your statements is not clear to me and can not respond for this reasone alone. The other reasons I mentioned about semi-deity figures like Jesus of Nazarath including Buddah, Indra, Attis, Mithra, Quirinus, Krishna and Dynosus IS TO SHOW THAT THE CHRIST MYTH WAS ASSESEMBLED from these God-Men stories by Airus Calpurnius Pso in order to confuse and disrupt the Jewish Rabbies rsisting Roman occupation and to raise the status of jesus from manhood to Godhead.
    Whether this satisfied you or not, this much is what I can tell you.
    Because of time constraint (legal and acadamic work), I want to utilize my time on important tasks and let us stop here our communication on all matters including religion. Thank you and good-by

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