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Zenawi Threatens Committee “Mark-up H.R. 2003 and the Kality Prisoners Will Not Be Released!”? (more…)

Zenawi Threatens Committee “Mark-up H.R. 2003 and the Kality Prisoners Will Not Be Released!”?


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For Immediate Release
June 26, 2007


The Coalition for HR 2003 has just learned that Zenawi, through his lobbyists and intermediaries, has communicated to House Africa Subcommittee Chairman Donald Payne and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos that if the Foreign Affairs Committee goes forward with the mark-up of H.R. 2003, he will NOT release the Kality political prisoners.

On the eve of the mark-up scheduled for June 26, 2007, a steady stream of State Department officials, lobbyists and others have gone to the Hill or called to tell Chairmen Payne and Lantos that the fate of the Kality prisoners will depend on the Committee’s decision to mark-up H.R. 2003.

State Department officials have sought to persuade the two committee chairmen and other members that Zenawi is in the final stages of releasing the Kality prisoners, and that marking up the bill at this time would cause him unspeakable embarrassment. Members were told that by marking-up the bill at this critical time, Zenawi will “lose face”? among his people and the international community. To help him “save face”?, members were asked to delay the mark-up for at least two weeks.

A Zenawi intermediary who has been recently shuttling messages between Zenawi and the political prisoners reportedly called particular members of Congress several times yesterday to assure them that this time around Zenawi will surely release the prisoners. Members were further assured that this time around Zenawi was not up to his usual delaying tactics or tricks.

Delay of Mark-up of H.R. 2003

Zenawi’s threats to take the Kality prisoners hostage has caused considerable concern and consternation among the two Chairmen and other members of the Foreign Affairs committee.

The members are particularly concerned that they do not want to be responsible for the continued and needless suffering of the Kality prisoners by going forward with the mark-up of the bill at this time. They want to make sure that the Kality prisoners and all other political prisoners are set free and allowed to join their families. They were willing to delay the mark-up for a few weeks if that will help in getting them released.

Zenawi’s Hostage Taking Strategy

Zenawi’s threat to take the Kality prisoners hostage is a transparent strategy calculated to delay and ultimately thwart legislative action on H.R. 2003. His strategy is based on one or more of the following:

â—? By releasing the Kality prisoners in the next few days, he expects his
monstrous crimes will be overlooked or forgotten by Ethiopians and the
international community excited over the release of the political prisoners.

â—? By releasing the political prisoners and delaying mark-up action, Zenawi
expects that Congressional interest in H.R. 2003 will wane and decline
because members of Congress will be satisfied by the release of the
prisoners and not insist on passage of H.R. 2003 or other sanctions;

â—? By delaying the mark-up of H.R. 2003 until the Congressional summer
recess, Zenawi hopes opposition in Congress and in the Diaspora will
weaken, and the bill will not see floor action.

â—? By delaying the mark-up of H.R. 2003 Zenawi hopes that he could
trick the two chairmen and other committee members that the bill is
not necessary because he is doing whatever Congress wishes to achieve in
the bill.

â—? By releasing the prisoners and delaying the mark-up, Zenawi hopes to
hoodwink the Diaspora into believing that he is a is really a good guy.

â—? By delaying action on H.R. 2003, Zenawi thinks his old trick of DELAY,
DELAY, DELAY will get him through another Congressional session!

Zenawi is Feeling the Heat
For the first time in nearly 16 years, the mark-up of H.R. 2003 has put Zenawi on the defensive.

His arrogant bluster that Diaspora Ethiopians are shiftless do-nothings is gone!

His belief that he can not be held accountable by anyone is shattered in the face of the hard reality that he will be held accountable in the U.S. Congress, the European Parliament and many other forums.

For the first time in 16 years, Zenawi can see that JUDGEMENT DAY IS NEAR!!!

The Truth About H.R. 2003 or What Zenawi should Know About H.R. 2003
Zenawi appears to believe that H.R. 2003 is exclusively about the release of the Kality prisoners. IT IS NOT. The Kality prisoners issue is a paramount issue, but only one of many other issues. If Zenawi is not aware of the objectives of H.R. 2003 in Ethiopia, here is a short primer for him:

H.R. 2003 is about:

â—? gaining the unconditional release of ALL political prisoners of conscience.

â—? instituting democratic reform and accountability.

â—? restoration of the democratic rights of the people.

â—? strengthening human rights and civic society organizations.

â—? establishing permanent human rights monitoring and reporting processes.

â—? increasing the independence of the judiciary.

â—? creating and supporting a judicial monitoring process, with special focus on unwarranted government intervention in strictly judicial matters.

â—? arresting and prosecuting human rights abusers, torturers and murderers, and bringing to justice the killers of 193 innocent men, women and children and wounding of 763 others.

â—? improving election procedures and insuring fraud free elections, and restoration of the CUD leaders to their elected positions.

â—? removing press censorship and full freedom of the press.

â—? repealing restrictive press laws.

â—? establishing a program to strengthen private media in Ethiopia.

â—? training programs for democratic participation.

â—? limitations of the use of U.S. security assistance to peacekeeping and counter-terrorism and NOT against the civilian population.

â—? fostering stability, democracy and economic development in the region.

â—? establishing a program to provide legal support for political prisoners and prisoners of conscience

â—? providing assistance to strengthen local, regional, and national parliaments and governments, political parties, and civil society groups;

â—? strengthening training for political parties such as organization building and campaign management;

â—? providing training for civil society groups in election monitoring in Ethiopia; and

â—? professionalizing the National Election Board in order to address issues such as delimitation of constituencies, voter registration, political party registration and candidate registration, and it is quintessentially about

â—? accountability for crimes against humanity.

Next Steps: The Final Battle for Ethiopia Human Rights in the U.S. Congress
We expect the House Foreign Affairs Committee will postpone mark-up action on H.R. 2003 on June 26, 2007 for at least two weeks. The bill will be brought back on calendar for mark-up in a few weeks.

We must now ORGANIZE, MOBILIZE and ENERGIZE! We must work day and night to inform our members of Congress that H.R. 2003 must be marked-up and promptly sent to the House floor for a final vote.

We must never surrender to Zenawi’s blackmail, extortion or hostage taking. We must be single-minded in our desire to pass H.R. 2003. We must use our democratic rights as American citizens to the maximum to hold Zenawi accountable.
Zenawi is on the run!

Coalition for H.R. 2003 Will Launch A Campaign to Mark-up H.R. 2003
In the next few days, the Coalition for H.R. 2003 will launch a national campaign to Mark-up H.R. 2003, pass it in committee and send it to the House floor for final action. Stay Tuned!!!

Post Script: Zenawi’s Kangaroo Kourt Konvictions
In a real judicial system, after a defendant is found guilty, the following action is sentencing. Indeed, the so-called court had set July 9, 2007 as a sentencing date for the Kality prisoners of conscience. In Zenawi’s Kangaroo Kourt, judicial process means nothing. Zenawi is now negotiating for the release of the prisoners. But why? If the Kality prisoners are indeed guilty, they should at least be sentenced, and Zenawi can then exercise executive clemency (pardon).

But Zenawi has backed himself into a corner: The Kality prisoners were charged with bogus crimes, and they were never guilty of anything except winning the hearts and minds of 77 million people. For that “crime”?, all 77 million Ethiopians will testify for them.

Let us ALL join hands in writing the last chapter of a dying regime in the U.S. Congress!

  1. Mussa Ghedi
    | #1

    Dear All,
    Yes HR2003 is far more comprehensive and is not about some of the Kaliti prisoners alone. Zenawi’s demadns is a clear indication of his and his fronts decietful character and short sightedness. Yes all genuine human rights activists and people who stand for democracy and freedom would appreciate the immediate release of prominant democratically elected Kaliti prisoners but the buck does not stop there, there are thuasands more who are langushing in woyane prisons up and down the country. It is not only that Meles and his cadres are still harrasing, indiscremenately killing innocent citizens and suppressing germination of any democratic or civic organisation in the country the woyane cohorts are involved in a mega scale embesilment at an unprecedented rate.

    I beleive that most Ethiopians would have prefered to solve their own problem with out burdenning other countries and organisations with our problems. However, the intricacy of global politics justify the assistance recieved from the US Cngress and other concerned organisations who are trying to help us creat an Ethiopia that respects its populations’ humanrights,democracy and freedom.

    May Allah Bless all

  2. fish
    | #2

    Let him shit now this primitive woyane. He is uneducated bastard and he don’t understan that fire is burning unless he touched it. He can’t anticipate and learn from his mistakes. Now he is asking for more time like Endalkachew mekonnen.
    ” Dist blewawet wot ayatafitim”

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    I still think that Meles has a chance to make it up to the Ethiopia people and make things better of for himself and his family. His old tricks are not working any more. Even Ethiopians of Tigray origin are well aware of Meles’ evil nature these days. He lies, he kills and he has nothing good to offer for any Ethiopian or any decent human being for that matter. That kind of crazy man was not supposed to be a leader of anything. Apparently, he doesn’t quit digging his own grave. Let him dig deep and deeper!

  4. Eskinder
    | #4

    June 26,2007 at 21:00 pm.

    Thise event will be a lesson for all African how the devloped country support for the struggel of Democracy and all over Human rights,realy it is in the the begining for Ethiopian people for future steps one foot for Democracy.It is clear that USA Governemnt have crucial evidence for evrything the fact is fact what ever it even if takes time,let me ask one question could you give the chance for Ethiopian people to decide what thay wonts it is realy they wont Democracy.

    If i may it will be more but first it is better to see the release of prisoner still the decion is under one person is not legistlative court wright it can be changed with in one night.who knows????????

  5. Habesha
    | #5

    I think Ethiopians should take this as an indication that the Anti-Ethiopia TPLF (has nothing to do with Tigray) will never do anything good that will put our nation in the right track! Sebhat and Meles Zenawi are persuing a quest one of the oldest nations on earth. Their fight not against CUD or any other opposition group, their fight is against democracy and human rights – that’s why they spent millions to block the Pro-Ethiopian democracy bills in US and that’s the reason why Meles is holding our leaders hostage to withdraw the Markup of HR2003…So my question is to TPLF supporters: Do you want Ethiopia to suffer under such group of non-Ethiopians ?

    (Meles (50% Ethiopian -50% Banda (not even Eritrean), Sibhat (100% anit Ethiopia Banda, Bereket Simon

  6. habesha2
    | #6

    I think Ethiopians should take this as an indication that the Anti-Ethiopia TPLF (has nothing to do with Tigray) will never do anything good that will put our nation in the right track! Sebhat and Meles Zenawi are persuing a quest one of the oldest nations on earth. Their fight not against CUD or any other opposition group, their fight is against democracy and human rights – that’s why they spent millions to block the Pro-Ethiopian democracy bills in US and that’s the reason why Meles is holding our leaders hostage to withdraw the Markup of HR2003…So my question is to TPLF supporters: Do you want Ethiopia to suffer under such group of non-Ethiopians ?

    (Meles (50% Ethiopian -50% Banda (not even Eritrean), Sibhat (100% anit Ethiopia Banda, Bereket Simon

  7. Mimi
    | #7

    You come up with a good question Habesha! I read somewhere that Ethiopians of Tigray region are seeking a way of having their own political party other than TPLF. I think that is a good singe that all Ethiopians are on the same page when they ask for a real democracy. I just hope the TPLF supporters answer for your question “Do you want Ethiopia to suffer under such group of non-Ethiopians?” would be a big NO.

  8. yaphet
    | #8

    Meles you doing a great job and keep it up. I am very thankful that you creating so many Meleses in Tigray who has a bigger vision like yours. I can not thank you enough so I have to say that you are one in a million. There is no way a donkey will enjoy the taste of a honey. Donkeys everywhere are shouting at the top of their lung ,but the good thing is they do not do anything pass shouting. Donkey will stop complianing if she/he gets grass. We all know that they love their stomach more than anything even more that their mom. Have you ever seen a donkey worried about the well being of her/his mother.

    Woyane for life!!!

  9. gone
    | #9

    Yaphet is the master evil himself. No way and nowehere to hide yourself.

    This is just the beginning of the heat. You will be buried deeper than you think. you better look for where to hide yourself. Dedeb wede dedebit.

  10. Mesfin
    | #10

    Apparently, Meles found himself in a corner. To begin with his ideology is so primitive and backward that has no place in the modern human history. He manages to survive so far due to two reasons. First, he got support from people that are incapable of critical thinking. They follow him with out questioning where he is taking them. Second, there wasn’t organized effort to mobilize the Ethiopian people. However, now Ethiopia is experiencing a revolution. Meles is going down right in before our eyes. Almost 80 million of the Ethiopia people are people of history, culture and long tradition. The psychological make up of the Ethiopia people is tested by Meles and his moron supporters time and time again, but it prevails. God knows Ethiopia, and God knows the Ethiopian people. An evil such as Meles can’t do anything about it. The reason I called Meles an evil is just because he lies, he kills and he has no compassion at all. His passion is destruction. According to the Hole Bible, what Meles does is what an evil person does. That is enjoying the suffering of human beings, causing bloodshed and misery. I believe the time is closer more than ever for evil Meles to go down. so Ethiopia can see a day light once again.

  11. Tobiayawiw
    | #11

    The goat focker arab Al Mudi

  12. Mussa Ghedi
    | #12

    Histor 1: some of the reasons your people who went in the bush gave in the seventies as tigrai libration front were that tegarus were being demeaned by deragotary terms and phrases from your cousins the amharas. They have used it to mobilise followers on that pretext alone. However, as many mature political analysts agree that was just a cover up,seasoned with phony dogma and hate. the aftermath of that dogma nevertheless is the production of numerous cadres that still retain this obsolute and the narrowest ethnocentric view. You seem to be one of the products. Do not throw a stone if you are living in a glass house. Your foul view will only backfire on yourself as many genuine ethiopians prefer to build an ethiopia where one ethnic group does not demean the other as your boses think but will live an equal society.

    Allah bless

  13. john
    | #13

    KINIJIT is DEAD!!! don’t waste your time anymore pls. No more kinijit in ETH. Try not to live in the fog. Just come to the real world and ETH. Please listen to Solomon Tekalign’s interview at “Hagerfikir.com”

  14. Mimi
    | #14

    “Sega Kuter Bilute Tafia ande ale”? Yelale Yagere Seaw. “John” you are one a hell of stupid weyanne. I am Kinijit and you are telling me basically I am a dead person, and your evidence is Solomon Tekalign. Do you expect any body to take you seriously on that? You are a typical bone head Weyanne that has nothing to do with the reality.

  15. Tegen
    | #15


    I must say that I agree with you, Kinijit is dead and burried not once not twice but many many times, the die hard supporters are still in an illution that WOYANE will fall within weeks…….kkkkkkkk but what happend is exactly the opposite.

    They underestimated WOYANE from the begining but they were beaten squarely by WOYANE in every from whether politicaly or in deplomacy.


    They tought WOYANE was a laim duck….loosers….I would sing for you AYBELNANDO….(ALALNIM WEY) thank you WOYANE FOR SHOWING US THIS.

  16. Reppi
    | #16

    Yaphet ena Tegen

    The west(Your Masters)are uniting and they tell you(woyanes) to devide the country(Ethiopia).You woyanes must be stupid and fool of inferiority complexes.You would even sell out your kids and partents to please your masters.

  17. Tigist
    | #17

    There are a couple of things all Weyannes should know. First, Kinijit is not just a political organization. It is the majority of the Ethiopian people dream of Ethiopia. That is why we say that Kinijit is a sprite. Second, if you haven’t got it yet, once again most Ethiopians think of Weyannes as group of people that are stupid, primitives, and traitors with identity crisis. Apparently, one of the Weyanne leaders Sebhate Nega confirmed this fact by confessing the fact that Weyanne worked for secession of Eritrea. Over all, there is no way that Weyanne (a very minority group) will keep doing whatever it is doing to the Ethiopia people. If Weyanne prefer peace, it has to respect the voice of the Ethiopians. We know that the last two years have been a nightmare for all Weyanne members. Well, they will keep having the nightmare up until they are ready to reconcile with the Ethiopia people. “Kinijit will go away” is just a dream of Weyannes. Kinijit is a sprite of love, peace and unity of Ethiopia and it is in the heart of most Ethiopians. Evil Meles or anyone can do nothing about it.

  18. yaphet
    | #18

    Kinijit is already dead what we are dealing now is with its left over. These people have been changing names over the years right and left ,and this is the sine of being confussed. Please next time before y’all open your mouth understand how to form a party or anything for that matter think like a human being and try to loose your donkeyness. Kinijit was a collection of closed minded people who used hostility, prejudice, indifference,and inattention to keep new or different ideas from gaining a foothoold in the country. Kinijit was trying to stand in the way of learning and change ,but thanks to the nobel childs of woyane they all are crippled. Our PM Meles, we thank you for inserting a melted iron in the ass of kinijit and their lower IQ supporters. A job well done.
    I am proud to be a Tigrean,Woyane,T.P.L.F and an Agame.

    We Will keep riding the donkeys!!!

    Woyane for life!

  19. yaphet
    | #19


    I did not know that name also repersent mind. Your mind is mimi too. Lazyiness is contigious so please stay away form my Tigrean people.

    Woyane for life!!!

  20. Tigist
    | #20

    Not only Ethiopians the whole world knows the maniac nature of Weyannes. They are unfit in the contemporary world. I don’t see any rational thinking in their part, and at least on this site we shouldn’t respond for their crap. The Abugida guys, thank you for letting even the weyannes non sense to be posted on this site. That shows the confidence that the civil and contemporary Ethiopian enjoys, and that is something Weyannes don’t have. They are trapped with inferiority complex. That is why CPJ, Reporter with out any borders and other international organization condemn Weyannes pretty much every week. Weyannes can’t give back what they enjoy on this free media.

  21. Mimi
    | #21

    The whole world is waching what evil Meles is doing. Take a look at the follwing paragraph:

    International Rally to Free Ethiopian Civil Society Leaders on Thursday
    WASHINGTON – JUNE 26 – For Daniel Bekele and Netsanet Demissie, coordinators of the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) in Ethiopia, speaking out against poverty has meant a gruelling 20 months in detention while on trial for treason. As one of Africa’s largest treason trials in recent years comes to an end in Ethiopia, 10 out of originally over a 100 accused await their verdicts in prison, including Daniel and Netsanet.

    On Thursday, 28 June, people around the world ““ e.g. in Washington DC, Geneva, Pretoria, Accra, Kampala – will rally and offer petitions at Ethiopian Embassies in an appeal for authorities to acquit and release Daniel and Netsanet. Via web people will send letters to the Ethiopian government.

    “These two gentlemen are peaceful anti-poverty activists who have been struggling for the betterment of their country. But rather than celebrating their courageous work, their government has imprisoned them and accused them of treason,”? said Kumi Naidoo, secretary general of CIVICUS. “The show of solidarity from around the globe is to give hope to Daniel and Netsanet and will remind the Ethiopian authorities that the world is watching this trial with keen interest.”?

  22. TATEK
    | #22

    Dear Netters:
    Lies after lies do not make accurate news. It always amazes me on how pathological liars such as Tamagn B try to undermine their audiences. “Zeywegh-ya mesiluwas ab Buckra……..”
    Yesterday, I stopped by a local Ethiopian restaurant in town. It was 7pm Eastern standard time. The TV at the restaurant was on with “Ethiopian Television Network News.” Although I heard the existence of It, I never had a first hand exposure to it until yesterday. Anyhow, as I just took my sit and started to watch the news broadcaster, Tamagn B, or should I name him Aytamen, oops. He pops up on the screen and asking his viewers an apology for not able to have his guests appear on time as planned and that there will be 15 to 20 minutes delay. Then, about fifteen minutes to the hour, he comes back and states that there is “seber zena.” That is, breaking news.

    That breaking news was, according to him, “Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, has arrived in Washington DC. this after noon” means on June 26, 2007. And he goes on and on insinuating as why the PM has arrived and that he was in town to lobby Congress not to pass the so called HR2003.

    As I watched that news, I did not have any reason to doubt or not to believe him. How ever, I wanted to know more of this breaking news and headed back to my office searching for more news pertaining to the arrival of the PM in DC. No any Ethiopian related web sites has carried the news yet.

    This early morning I surfaced some sites again, but non of them carried the so called breaking news at all. Honestly speaking I started to suspect the so called seber zena broadcast by Tamagn Beyene, hence Aytamenm.

    Finally, just a moment ago, I opened some Ethiopian sites, including this one, and I read news from Addis that Prime Minster Meles Zenawi will present the performance report of the Government on Thursday to the House of Peoples’ Representatives.[ENA.

    Well, I leave the rest to all the readers, but this is what we call Tsa’eda Hasot or Nech Wshet means white lie. But I still could not believe that someone can go to this length and tell unfounded, unproven false story. Gmel sercko gombes gombes say our country men. I wonder when they are going to learn to tell the truth. The good news from this is, the more they lie, the more they get exposed and shame on them.

  23. Reppi
    | #23


    Donkeys was what eritrians were for the italian solatos. Donkeys were agames for eritrians.
    Donkey talk is a tigre matter, it has no meaning in this forum.
    He who demeans himself and others to please a master is less than a donkey,that is what woyane is.
    Your masters wants woyane to invade your cousins(eritrians).Woyane has no choice but to do it (like a donkey).Another donkey sebhat nega was claiming to be more eritrian than the eritrians.Now is he going to invade Tigrai?
    If there is anything or anybody dumber than
    woyanne it must have not been discovered yet.

    yaphet you Poor agame! Maybe several generation of Beles diet has turned your brains into mud.

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