Miss Africa USA 2010: Contestant Sofia Bushen from Ethiopia – By Miss Africa USA 2010

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Sofia Bushen from Ethiopia: Doro Watt is one of the most popular dishes among Ethiopian traditional foods. (more…)

Sofia Bushen from Ethiopia: Doro Watt is one of the most popular dishes among Ethiopian traditional foods.

School/Institution: Nashville State Community College

Major/minor: Health Information Managment

Giving back: I currently serve as Vice President of the National Society of Leadership and Success at Nashville StateCommunity College in Nashville, Tenessee. My role is assisting the President with all duties necessary to successfully run the Chapter. I have participated in the Food Drive at Voltee Church of Christ hosted by National Society of Leadership and Success.

Five-Year Aspirational Plan: In five years, I endeavor to have my bachelor degree in Health Information Management. In addition to my degree I want to develop my leadership skills and receive the National Excellence in Leadership Award from National Society of Leadership and Success Organization. After my leadershipskills are proven, I intend to be a leading motivational speaker who is determined to bring positive change in women’s lives. I hope to bring lasting positive changes to less fortunate African sisters. Above all, I would like to see myself being an icon for African women whom everybody won’t hesitate to turn their face for help.

Country you are representing: Ethiopia

Platform: I want to help abused African women develop and enhance their self esteem and leadership skills.

UGPulse: If Miss Africa USA had a cooking segment, what would you cook to represent your country and walk through the process of cooking involved in preparing your chosen dish?

Sofia Bushen: If Miss Africa USA had a cooking segment, I would cook Ethiopian chicken stew or “Doro Watt”. Doro Watt is one of the most popular dishes among Ethiopian traditional foods. It is mostly served during holidays, special occasions, and events. This chicken stew has its own unique flavor that makes it a popular dish around the globe.

Doro Watt is made up of a huge amount of red onions, traditionally prepared spices, butter, ginger roots, and hard boiled eggs. In preparing the dish, the first thing done is the washing of the chicken thoroughly with salt and lemon juice. The next step is to marinate the chicken. After the marinating is complete, chopped red onions are mixed with traditionally prepared spices and butter – “the special sauce.” Together these ingredients are to simmer for about thirty-minutes. In the meantime, and with a knife, the chicken is to be punctured multiple times in order to allow flavors to seep through, making the chicken flavored inside-out. Afterwards, the chicken is cooked for about another thirty minutes with “the special sauce” prepared from red onions, butter, and spices. Following all this is the addition of hard boiled eggs into the mixture of chicken and “the special sauce” – the stew. Finally, theDoro Watt is poured on top of the pancake-like flat bread called “injera,” and served.

UGPulse: If you watched the new incredible movie, Avatar, what moved you most in the movie and what positive or negative message did you take home from watching this movie?

Sofia Bushen: I have watched Avatar. It is a movie where naive nature of forest life and the authority of humans on nature prevails. What really moves me the most is the determination and dedication of Neytiri. What she has done to save her tribe and Jake, whom she falls in love with, helped me realize the capacity of a woman’s strength when it comes to protecting her family.

The positive message that I took from the movie and what matters most is the amount of trust, confidence, and courage that was held in hearts of the characters and not the heavy weapon that is carried to make one feel superior. Astoundingly, although the people from earth had superior technology to destroy those who were less technologically advanced, they were still unable to subdue those is the forest.

The negative message that I’ve derived from Avatar is one that is widely pondered about throughout the world – the development of technology and the threat that it harbors (i.e. nuclear weapons, etc). The fear is that all this technology may perhaps be more harmful (destructive) if we don’t take appropriate precautions. In watching Avatar, this issue has resonated.

UGPulse: What do men say is the sexiest thing about you?

Sofia Bushen: The sexiest thing men say about me is my eyes and, my confidence, and even my compassion. I feel that I have to stay confident even through the hardest of times that I may go through in life. And my compassion, to take new risks and attain my goal no matter how rough and time consuming the way to my success might be.

UGPulse: After what he did to Rihanna, would you buy another Chris Brown song or CD? What do you think about the whole situation?

Sofia Bushen: First of all, I strongly condemn what Chris did to Rihanna. Nonetheless, I focus more on his accomplishments and the important role that he has played in the music industry. I believe everybody deserves respect and recognition for the things that they have worked hard for and their contributions. Therefore, I would definitely buy his CD. His music doesn’t reflect his personal life. Besides, refusing to buy his music doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with resolving his personal issues with Rihanna. Chris has asked for forgiveness. I feel we have to give people a chance to work on their mistakes.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    congratulation Sophieye! We are proud of you.. especially “Bucha”


  2. Mejemeriya Tingentel
    | #2

    This is going to be one hell of a doro wot!!!!
    Minew lije dorowa satigenetatel? A “punctured doro wat” sounds like it came right out of a bugs bunny clip!!! Good Luck anyways!

  3. atuba dolla
    | #3

    Yes,indeed;Sophia has successfully exhibited herself as skilled leader and a confident person.Her personality suits her own unique style;that is a plus to her intellectual achievement.

    We wish her the best success both in her life and endeavor.Last but not least,she is both pretty and beautiful.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Thank you sariyae,and i love you all, and Abucha very much@Anonymous

  5. deleted
    | #5

    Thank you for the correction but i didnt forget about that. the reason i didnt write on was not to pass my limit.@Mejemeriya Tingentel

  6. deleted
    | #6

    Thank you all, i apperciate your love and support. Anyboday who want more explantion on Doro watt recipie, i am more than willing to give you more explantion. Thank you again!

  7. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #7

    Thank you all for you love and support. That really would help me. And “Megemeria tingentel” if you want know more about “Doro Watt” recipe i am more than willing to give more explantion.The above is just give you the overall hint. Thank you

  8. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #8

    If you want to know more information about “Doro Watt” recipe i am more than willing to give you an explantion.Thank you

  9. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #9

    @Mejemeriya Tingentel Hello “mejemeriya Tingentel”, thank you for your comment, then if you want more explantion about “doro watt” recipie i am more than willing to give you more detail. the above is just general hint that i am trying to give for the reader.I didnt forget about the 12 bones of chiken to be separated :)

  10. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #10

    Thank you all for your love and support, it helps. :)

  11. Sam
    | #11

    Sofia, Congradulations I hope you win and you are vey pretty. But I found your answer about Chris Brown to be very weak. Think about it, and put yourself, or your sister or you mom even your best friend in place of Rihanna, would you still buy his CD? I would NOT. What he did to Rihanna is trouble.

  12. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #12

    @Sam I accept and respect your opinion since thoughts are unique to individual. And i dont expect others to think the way i think. I strongly beleive that ya can change things by being more postive or open minded. I didnt say it is trouble. As i said i strongly condemn what he did to her. Let us put it this way, as a person you made mistake and when you ask forgivness, if you got turned down what would you say. He asked for forgivness that indicates his first major big change. If there were no forgivness in our world God wouldnt save us and we all would have gone to hell. But God love us despite our sin and weakness. Additionally, we are image of him so we should follow his footprints. Asking forgivness is a major change that paved a way to good behavior and displiene. What if i dont buy his CD and he never got changed? does it make any difference? NO.

  13. abagadda
    | #13

    yiknash etu!

  14. gessese
    | #14

    You are so beautiful and pride for us. God be with you and fulfil your wishes.

  15. mimi
    | #15

    Congra sofiyyyy me proud of you…..wish u the best..go gurl!!

  16. boy
    | #16

    if so many people at once tell you that you are wonderful,
    believe them. you are hot as Ethiopia.

  17. ObamaJr
    | #17

    IF Beauty is measured by the nose, the lips and the eyes, i will say she is beautiful. but if we add more other packages like body, waist, legs and busts, she is no where near even to an average ethio-beauty


  18. Beru
    | #18

    I agree with you. I also don’t see the shoulders, the hips or the arms that makes one beautiful. What is our definition of beauty as Ethiopians? Please revise your vocabulary people, demgebat, yedesdes, dale, bat….etc.

  19. abdi
    | #19

    Hey guys i don’t think u know the meaning of beauty, besides she don’t have to show u guys her arms ,shoulders ,dale and every thing. She got every thing what makes one beautiful (inside and outside beauty)so guys get some education.

  20. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #20

    @ObamaJr Thank you for the comment. What matters the most is knowing who you are and believing in urself. That is what made me to enter to the pagent. I wanted others to see the power in me not only the body structure i have. Only the body pakage is like a model doll with out inside compassion, confidnece and power.I have prefered invisbility when it comes to showing my busts. My compassion to help others isnt in my busts,legs, waist and body but in my brain and consiousness.
    Thank You

  21. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #21

    @abdi critisizm wont hurt but it gives you intense feeling to accomplish your goal. Thank you abdi

  22. siyamrsh yker….
    | #22

    oh!!…that is her nightmare …. Please ….
    She isn’t tall enough…and so on…..

  23. siyamrsh yker….
    | #23

    Siyamrsh yker …..

  24. Sofia Bushen: contestant Miss Africa USA
    | #24

    You guys are so funny. What else ya have to say? lol

  25. Anonymous
    | #25

    oh! my sister I am proud of you
    please keep your confidence. Almaity God is with you.

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