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Students from San Diego State, UCSD, UCLA and UCR demonstrate against human right violations and unjust imprisonment of Judge Birtukan Mideksa, Ethiopia’s prominent opposition party (UDJ) leader by Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi.

The students demonstrated in support of , raising awareness and asking the public for participation by writing to the US State Department, attention to Secretary Hilary Clinton, passing flyers and post cards stating the unjust imprisonment of Judge Birtukan Mideksa and other political prisoners. This one of a kind solidarity of students was held in Little Ethiopia block of Fairfax Ave.

It was inspiring to see these young Ethiopian and Eritrean-Americans come out with one voice and speak against injustice. Students we talked to told us that they do not know much about the political situation in Ethiopia; one thing they know is that they can not be silent when fellow Ethiopians are put in prison for just speaking facts. “No one should go to jail for speaking about any process”, said one activist. “I know it’s wrong to arrest people based on their opinion or what they said, what the Ethiopian government doing is wrong, we all should do something about it”.

The Students were visibly vibrant, passionately against the unjust imprisonment of fellow Ethiopians, and they are happy that they are now organized and poised to be actively involved in doing what ever they could to help Ethiopians in their fight in achieving a free and democratic country.

Before concluding their activities students enlightened all participants with a power point presentation describing the sequence of events which led to the re-arresting of Judge Birtukan Mideksa. A candle light vigil, which started with a moment of silence for Ms. Birtukan and all prisoners of conscience ended with energetic chanting up and down Fairfax Avenue.

We are touched by their inspirational and courageous acts. Kudos student!

We are with you in the struggle for peace, justice and democracy. Judge Birtukan Mideksa’s unjust imprisonment is a cause that units all fair minded people around the world. The fight goes on until there are no more prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia.

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  1. atuba dolla
    | #1

    Yes,indeed;all political prisoners who have been kept in jails for being democratic leaders of Ethiopians must be released and lead their fellow voters who gave their invaluable votes in the election.

    Birtukan and others shall definitely be released by the power of people;people and citizens who voted them to lead Ethiopians.

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