“No negotiation with Kaliti prisoners” – Zenawi says – By Ethio-Zagol

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Zenawi says prisoners will be sentenced. (more…)

Zenawi says prisoners will be sentenced.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi says there has been no negotiation with the imprisoned CUD leaders. “Negotiation can only be made with two free persons. There can be no negotiation between an organ which has imprisoned the CUD members because they broke the law, and the prisoners on the respect for the rule of law, ” Meles Zenawi said in Parliament today.

The Prime Minister was adamant that the issue of clemency can’t be discussed in parliament before the court delivers its sentence on the prisoners as it affects the decision of the court.

EZ’s view:
From Meles’ statement, there is no possibility that the prisoners will be released before the sentencing which will either be a rigorous imprisonment or death. Last week, I wrote that the prisoners would be released this week unless Meles, the serial liar, backed down. He has done that again.
Posted by ethio-Zagol at 1:41 AM

It is sometimes unfathomable how some people are willing to act as utterly stupid to defend the act of others. Take, for example, Aigaforum’s consistent and persistent use of the term “Plea Bargain” to describe the agreement signed by CUD leaders in prison. One doesn’t have to be a lawyer to know some of the steps in a criminal trial:

-Plea Bargain is a prosecutorial instrument, and the deal is made between the prosecutor and the defendant.

-In principle, plea bargain must take place before the trial unless there is good cause for delay. Plea bargain, however, doesn’t take place after conviction.

-In civil law countries like Ethiopia, plea bargain can only take place in very, very limited circumstances.

The agreement the CUD leaders signed was made after their conviction. It has nothing to do with plea bargain.
Posted by ethio-Zagol at 12:16 AM

Thursday, June 28, 2007
Will Ephrem Isaac please speak up?
(By all EZ Post contributors)


The Ethiopian conception of Shimgelena is very pragmatic. It has less to do with justice and truth than crafting the conditions for coexistence. Thus, we say that Shimagles have a right(and even an obligation) to lie, hide the truth, and sometimes push one or the other party to accept deals which may be objectively unjust(based on a careful analysis of reality and balance of powers), to bring about reconciliation. That was why, all contributors to EZ Post, had no strong words against Professor Ephrem Isaac, the Chief Shimagele, during the process of the negotiation between CUD leaders and Meles, even though we firmly believed the prisoners were at times under intense pressure to accept unjust terms in the deal.

But Shimageles aren’t absolute Machiavellian amoralists. Their willingness to be less truthful and unjust has limits. Today was the second time Meles Zenawi backed down from a deal he agreed to in the past three months. He kept on changing his terms whenever he felt like it. He added more onerous conditions for the prisoners to accept after agreements had been made, sometimes embarrassing the Shimageles themselves. We think that even for a staunchly Ethiopian Shimagele like Epherem Isaac, Meles’ acts should be beyond the borders of what is acceptable in a Shimgelena process. We believe this is the time for the great Professor to speak up against Meles Zenawi’s blatant disregard of our long standing institution of Shimgelena, and his capacity to boundless immorality.

Reuters report on the release of prisoners

Ethiopia calls West’s appeals for prisoners “shameful”
28 Jun 2007 15:58:22 GMT
Source: Reuters

ADDIS ABABA, June 28 (Reuters) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi slammed on Thursday calls by Western diplomats for the release of 38 opposition officials as “shameful”.

In an address to parliament, Meles lambasted the Addis Ababa-based Western ambassadors, some of whom were listening to his speech in the gallery, and accused them of pressuring him.

“In Ethiopia there is nothing that can be resolved as a result of external pressure,” he said.

The officials were convicted this month of charges relating to violent protests over disputed 2005 polls that altered the political landscape in the country of 81 million by handing the opposition a vastly increased share of parliament.

Meles, a one-time rebel leader, said diplomatic appeals for the group to be freed were “shameful and wrong”.

The officials, who may face the death penalty, are among 131 opposition leaders, reporters and activists charged in 2005 of treason, inciting violence and attempting to commit genocide.

There has been widespread speculation of a deal to free the 38 this week. But Meles ruled out a pardon for any prisoners while their cases were pending in court.

“We know the country is rife with rumours about their impending pardon … but the government has not discussed this issue with anyone because it violates the right of the court,” he said in response to a question by a parliamentarian.

Once the donor darling of the West, Meles has come under growing criticism for his human rights record after allegations of a secret detention programme targeting suspected Islamist militants, and a post-election crackdown that killed 193 people.

Even his greatest ally, the United States, has criticised donor-dependent Ethiopia for the arbitrary arrests of tens of thousands of opposition supporters and restrictions on media freedom, including the detention of journalists.

Meles has said he regretted the post-poll violence, but blamed it on opportunistic rioters and an opposition conspiracy to topple him by force.

“I had advised them (the opposition) not to violate the constitution, which they did not heed,” he said.

  1. kaliti
    | #1

    Meles’s drama will never end. We will hear some more miracles. Now, I am convinced with those arguing for armed struggle. He doen’t know democracy, he is not concerned about the ethiopian poeple. If he had had a real concern he wouldn,t have committed those killings and mascres in Gambella, he would have negotiated with his “brother” Esayas afeworki to avoid los of lives of the more than 70 thousand ethiopians, Recently, he is killing with his mig jets the poor nomadic ethiosomalies.

    He will never stop killing those who resist his brutual ethinic based, corrupt politicss.

  2. abeshaw
    | #2

    god, what kind of person is he? were he will go when he die? even esregochu enkwan atefetew bihon badisu milinium erek fetro yekerta adrgolachew addisu milinium yeselam ena yelemat endihon begara yeminesubet mehon sigebaw bmilinium wazema dem mafses men yelutal? I have one qustion for Ethiopian? is he real a person? is his teeth is as Vampire? or he looks as normal, I afried to search his picture over the Internet, pls pls don’t use free Educated Ethiopian and poor Ethiopian blood for Milinium

  3. shotolay
    | #3


    don,t blame avery thing by meles from the begining he is not ethiopian he is banda he came from banda family.we have to ask our self CUD what they did now and befor wans they tray riaght way after that they start to co-operate with ethiopian enemy.now ethiopia is very difficalt time our enemys more dangerous than wayane.ONLF suported by shabya attacking our enocent civilian and burning our countris economical stracture OLF all around ethiopia they killing and raping enocent women and childeren the name of nefetengeh.SLAM the name of sidama laibration movement attacking enocent ethiopian around sidama zone.CUD leaders they lost there dream political chair theye start distraction to co-operate terrorist facist groups they criminated them self they are now criminal we don’t need them any more.FORGET CUD.

  4. tigrai_hates_zenawi
    | #4

    I just called back home(Tigrai,Ethiopia)…my mother who live there tells me that people of Tigrai are revolting against Zenawi. This is solely on the release of the CUD prisoners. They are asking “How come CUD Leaders are being released before Siye Abraha?” This issue has been the talk of the town for the last couple of days.

  5. kadu
    | #5

    Gobez! What the hell is going on? where is all these confusion leading? One man just doing what ever he wants amidst of 70 million people. There is no future for ethiopia and ethiopians as long as meless is in power.
    My greatest fear is meless may use what CUD leaders signed in the negotation to verify the veridict!! what a shame on all us! Not knowing his tactics and tricks!! shame on all of us!!!

  6. tigrai_hates_zenawi
    | #6


    Did you say 70 million people ? I say 70 million rats running around and just feeding off whatever is left of Meles. If there are 70million real people they would have stormed the Palace by now …there is no more shame than this one. One egoistic lier deciding the fate of 70million people. We used to say “Arab” is “Shiritam” and “Arab” is “Feri” …It is us who are low life “Feri” and “Shirtam”….

  7. wana
    | #7

    Dear shotelay, you remember! you said the following a couple of days ago.

    shotolay Says:
    June 23rd, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    Iam proud of our leders the name of ETHIOPIA they pay price.it,s ok becouse they are the son of sun they are not the son of banda look like meles zenawi.i am dien her avery day when i am thinking that banda son inside emeye menilik house.

    How come your today’s “forget CUD”. we never do that, we will neber forget that. you know meles is devil. If you read the bible, you know how devil try to test Jeses. When he failed in one, he tried the other way. Meles is also doing what he has learned from his advisor, his devil spirit. In the end, CUD will win. Meles might order the judges to decide death penality or life long imprisonment or what so ever. BUt they can’t imprion or kill CUD. CUD is in the hearts and minds and thoughts of the ethiopian society.

    What am masing political party. I am proud of those who sacrifices their life for democracy.



    ye ethiopia amlak yiferdal sayiwul sayadir new yalew zefagnu enkua.

  8. wana
    | #8

    dear tigrai_hates_zenawi Says:

    don’t shout sitting behind PC, don’t you remember? who was shooted with meles’s blind federal and agazi? it is the poor ethiopians. who has fought with the armed weyane with out having even a stick? the poor young ethiopians. Do not forget the sacrifices the poeple are paying.

    ye ethiopian hizb hulem jegina new. Sooner,or later meles will taste who they are.

  9. Chaltu
    | #9

    To All Friends and Foes,

    Please stop reacting anger and frustration blinds us and does not allow us to focus and that is what little monster wants to be in a stuper. We need to focus on what we need to do. This is the time to call your State Representative and appraise him/her of the situation. Write letters to the Editor of the your newspaper stating that the Congress of the United States is being held by a thug who hires lobbyists with our tax money that is given to help the poor in Ethiopia. Hold candle light vigils in every city. If you are going to Dallas make sure you participate in the demonstration planned in the city of Dallas. Lets stop reacting and doing something. Call your families and firedns in Ethiopia and ask them to have candle light vigil and prayer meetings in the churches and mosques. Call on the Mighty to prevail with his justice and demand fro ALL political prisoners to be released. Pick up the phone and make your call let all the people go to church or the Mosque and Cry for justice it takes all of us focusing our anger to work together channel it to a positive action. If praying together frustrates the JR.Satan at least we will know that holes will be burning in his heart. We can save Ethiopia only when we get out of our fear, he cannot do more than what he is doing NOW he has killed imprisoned and is starving the people, we have to stop this enabling him and hoping he will stop his atrocities. He feeds on frustrating and vicitmizing us. Once and for all lets use our heads and hearts and think like our forefathers. Ethiopia Salavation has been its Spritualatiy, Ethiopia streches out its hand to God, we have not done that.

  10. shotolay
    | #10


    i am the woed of men ethiopia is avery thing for me and my family i lost avery thing becouse
    ethiopia my two brother die fighting with shabya my father die borena zone(dolo)fighting with enveder somalia troops my gran dad die ogaden fighting with white enveder(italin)i am refugee me and my family we are morthan CUD.
    I don,t havem home i lost my home,my family becouse of ethiopia i am aganist the all enemy .our historical enemy is tribal,facist groups they are dangerous morthan wayane CUD they are co-operate with them that very big mistek that,s whay i am aganist them.

  11. habesha2
    | #11

    Meles finally figured out that if an opposition member can write a 500 page book while he imprisoned him, he know his clique so called “TPLF” will not hold on to its power – it has already been loosened!!

    Meles is talking tough against Eritrea to divert attention from the sacrifice Sebhat said he will pay for that country over the interest of Ethiopia!!

    In 1998, Meles waited for months until Shabia had finished digging 100km hidding cave and set the whole Badme town with land mines and explosives – that was when we were invaded. Does anyone think Meles will go to war with his mother land Eritrea?

  12. voice of Afirca
    | #12

    To Reuters guys!

    Do you think we are fool… Meles is speaking Amhric and I know what he said… he did not say they way you wrote it…. don’t be happy by those cud supporter that you might enjoy here they too can understand Amharic they don’t need you to rewrite it in English but the thing is it help their cause therefore they don’t care if you lie or not…. that is why they are supporting you not because they are fool…. go to govt. site and you can hear what Meles said in full in Amhiric… Thanks from now I will never trust those Western media… now I know how they twisted to sale the news….

  13. yaphet
    | #13

    Who is going to throw rocks for confussed dispora kinijit supporters. Even the artists are saying dispora kinijit supporters go to hell with your craps. Read this for more info.
    Ethiopia: Artists See Danger in ‘Divided Diaspora’

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    Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa)

    26 June 2007
    Posted to the web 26 June 2007

    Endale Assefa
    Addis Ababa

    Ethiopian artists, authors and musicians residing in the capital jointly urged on Sunday for unity and harmony among the people and government of Ethiopia to avert possible harmful consequences from the already ‘divided Diaspora.’ The artists speaking at a consultative meeting with the Ethiopian millennium Council Secretariat vowed to prepare themselves to receive, in a unified heart, the Diaspora they said is divided with political and social ideologies.

    The said they don’t rule out the possibility that some members of the Diaspora could try to use the millennium event to instill among the innocent Ethiopian public their politics of hate and theory of divisionism to further disintegrate us.

    “The Diaspora who left the country “mainly for political reasons” is already divided itself living in foreign lands,” the artists unanimously agreed.

    “This might create unwanted spirit among the citizens and overshadow the millennium celebrations” “The millennium event should not be a venue for political grudges,” one of the artists stated.

    Apart from trying to use the millennium event for political grudges, the artists said there was another aspect of the Diaspora.

    “Not all the Diaspora come with good behaviour; some might be addicted with drugs which is harmful to disrupt the cultural ties of the people of this country,” one of the artists noted.

    “We have to receive all with a unified heart or else we might end up being an instrument for various political agenda and a place to harboring various damaging attitudes.” Veteran singer Ayalew Mesfin, who said he landed from America recently, said the millennium should be a time of peace, national consensus among different political parties and the people because that is helpful to achieving development in this country.

    The one day consultative workshop was organized by the Addis AbabaMillenniumSecretariat Council for the artists, the media to discuss on the ways to and raise public awareness on upcoming big event.

    Artist Aselefech Ashene from the National Theatre blamed the millennium council for calling the artists for a meeting only three months before the millennium.

    She said a lot could have been accomplished by working together had they been contacted since the first day of the establishment of the council.

    Relevant Links

    East Africa
    Arts, Culture and Entertainment

    The artists also pledged to sing the eve of the millennium for free to do their share saying they, as citizens and professional society, also shoulder responsibility for their country.

    Another artist, Debesh Temesgen, from Cinema Ras criticized the council for not doing enough on awareness creation among the people on the concept of the millennium.

    He said however that, that won’t be so much of a problem as “Ethiopians know how to celebrate holidays.” “But we should let the people realize, first and for most that the millennium is a national holiday, “which has nothing to do with political or ideological differences that exist among the citizens, period,” the artist asserted.

  14. Mimi
    | #14

    “He was wrong from the beginning to try to undermine his opposition and use strong arm tactics and violence against average citizens. He has handled the situation poorly ever since. The game is up and we see him for what he is. ”

    Keitf Shleifer, Executive Director of the Empowerment Initiative

    Now more than ever Meles is a naked evil man before the whole world. Obviously, his mother didn’t teach him how embarrassing that would be, but he will find that out soon or letter.

  15. good
    | #15

    Guys honestly I hate you. You don’t know what is struggle about. It is not a part time job.

  16. | #16

    Look all Despera haters going crazy and frustrated
    “hodam bicha”?
    Well your dream is over and Thank you to PM Meles Ethiopia is doing well.
    So help your self and learn some thing form the past 16 years crying doesn’t do anything so start to do some thing positive we can talk about.

  17. john
    | #17

    Please don’t confuse yourselves! I pretty sure that Meles and Eprdf are fair everytime. They used to carefully think about anything before doing it.

    Down to CUD and long live to Meles!!

  18. john
    | #18

    Hey! please try to browse to “www.hagerfikerradio.com, http://www.aigaforum.com, http://www.waltaingo.com” to get true status of Ethiopia if you really think positive for Ethiopia.

  19. Mimi
    | #19

    “As I hear the audio record on Aiga web site what Meles Zenawi has to say about his organization’s performance in the country: I found the usual fools who are kept in the great household of the TPLF parliament to provide the casual entertainment dressed as political opposition most puzzling than that of the stage actor of the TPLF parliament in Addis Ababa. Leaving the causal entertainers aside, let us straight talk about the fellow who is “genuinely incompetence and idiotic”? enough to see diplomatic negotiations and national reconciliation as “shameful”? (in fact he said during the election, to go for national reconciliation is to create anarchy). When it comes to the issue of the opposition groups at present suffering in jail illegally, the current event seems unfavorable than ever before judging the power and the intelligence of the man behind the court (Meles Zenawi).

    Many of us who knows the TPLF cruelty in Tigray where no one is safe in the dark but also in sunshine day with all its spy nets and intimidations by storm troopers of the TPLF whose essential function is to carry out the fabricated play acts edited by none other than Meles Zenawi. Few heed us when we have been warning the nation for many years now that the fellow is seriously anti Ethiopia begot congenitally malfunctioned who “has spent almost all of his political life in navigating political storms that are fabricated because of his congenital malformation attributed to deep seated existential pathology”?.

    Getachew Reda

  20. Mimi
    | #20

    Here is another logical observation of Meles from Ethiopia: “Zenawi, he does not have the slightest care for the people and the country. So yes, he, usually turns out to be winner of his dirty games. One good example in the post election before they were imprisoned was the last minute cancellation of the stay-home strike. Our leaders called for a stay at home strike if Zenawi does not return the votes he stole. Zenawi knew what that meant. He couldn’t risk, at that moment, the world see what really was going on in Ethiopia. A strike is one the western would not love to see. So Zenawi run up and down with diplomats residing in the country.

    He persuaded our leaders to call off the strike just a night before it was supposed to take place by promising them what not. Our leaders thought it was for the best of the country and the people. Little did they know Zenawi is one big crook they ever came across (oh, well they knew, but still they were optimist Zenawi would be a human being and as a government of one nation, would abide by an agreement he makes). Many occasions he done that. The latest one is the recent negotiation. It has been nineteen months and our leaders give it a shot when the agreement seemed sensible. He did it again and thinks he won. What Zenawi missing is, this was also his biggest chance he could have come out a bit of a human being and someone which our leaders might consider talking more and try to get this country out of this impasse. He had the chance to come out hero had he never rigged any of the vote we gave to our leaders in 2005. A historic moment he missed. And now this.

    When everybody thought he has become a lesser evil, he let us down. He let our country down. He let our leaders down. Question now is, where would he be heading if the prisoners say “okay, that’s it. We thought we were dealing in a civilized way with a civilized being. If that’s not the case we are out of any negotiation that might arise. We will just see what happens while”

    Temelkach blog from Ethiopia

  21. | #21

    Ethiopian people: you can forget justice from the midget, bold, butt face, ugly, and modern slave of Africa. The only option is to revolt!

  22. Birhanu
    | #22

    I don’t agree with EZ’s view. It’s totally out of line. It’s very judgmental. The judgment is based on some rumors spread around by parties who don’t want the negotiation to go through; Parties like OLF, ONLF and Eritrean Shabea. What is the motive of discrediting the negotiators? Of course negotiation isn’t about justice. It’s about creating a common ground for the two parties in disagreement.

    Our imprisoned leaders have always been saying that they want the political problem to be solved by peaceful means. By “peaceful means” it might mean that one day EPRDF will wake up that it’s in so much internal and external stress and decides to call the prisoners and says to the CUD leaders “Well you guys were right about everything and I want to hand you the leadership of the nation”. Well, we all know that this kind of power handover is never going to happen. In our dreams!!! Ok now let’s talk about some practical ways of going about a peaceful means of settling the current political problem.

    The other best way is for the two sides to discuss the differences. Since a lot of bad things have happened since the election, it probably isn’t a good idea to have the two parties to have a one on one negotiation. Obviously EPRDF has done a lot of harm to Ethiopian people and CUD. So the best way to go about it is to have mediators (negotiators). That’s the need for Individuals like Prof Ephrem Isac, which are not in any side of the political faction. Now discrediting these honorable individuals will only be disrespecting oneself.

    When negotiations happen between the party in power and individuals in prison, there are usually deals that have to be made on how to publicize their release. The perfect example is the release of Nelson Mandela. He made speeches to the public in such a way that his opponents will save faces. He only cared about saving his country and offered to help his opponents save face. The release of prisoners is simply showing that the government is giving up; which once used to be very arrogant about arresting the elected leaders.
    So do we have a problem if EPRDF gives us our nation back and release our elected leaders? Do we have a problem helping EPRDF save face in the mean time? Do we have a problem setting a trend for the future where the retiring politicians can peacefully hand over the power and still be contributors to the future of the nation? Believe it or not they have valuable experience, good or bad; that they can contribute to help the future Ethiopian leaders lead the country. Why do we have to take EPRDF as an evil? Even the evil does some good in it’s pursuing to cause destruction. As no one is capable to do things 100% right, no one is capable of doing things 100% wrong. So if we can’t acknowledge the good things any evil person had done, we then can’t see any bad things our good future leaders would commit. That’s when we end up in deep trouble. As part of life any one does good and bad and it only helps appreciating the good works and mentioning a solution to their wrong doings.

    So why don’t we let the normal negotiation process go ahead? Why do we have to make wrong assumptions and speculations? Why don’t we let them finish the negotiation and start something else until they finish the negotiation? I’m sure there’s a lot to talk about our people and our nation, things that can be helpful at the moment. Assuming EPRDF gives up the power, what’s the media going to talk about if all we can talk about is EPRDF. It’s a lot like EPRDF talking about Derg 15 years after the Derg era ended.

    So let’s not curse either side of the political faction and let’s give them some time, just for the moment. Let’s give peace a chance.



  23. | #23

    meles is the hero of afriac the hero of ethiopia the best pm ever n the best thinker
    god bless u n stay 4 ever meles shukor

  24. | #24

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article “No negotiation with Kaliti prisoners” – Zenawi says, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  25. tekeste
    | #25

    hi sg you are another azeb(nazi meles wife)dectator nazi meles is the worest leader in the world!! even dectator issayas he love his country!!! short live for nazi meles and issayas!!! ok

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