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A “paranoid” Zenawi declares a fake war with Eritrea to divert the attention of our people from the internal crisis. (more…)

A “paranoid” Zenawi declares a fake war with Eritrea to divert the attention of our people from the internal crisis.

Ethiopia’s prime minister says he is strengthening his army in preparation for an attack by long-time foe Eritrea.

Our defence forces have the capacity to deter aggression and to repulse it if it occurred,” Meles Zenawi told MPs.

An Eritrean minister said Mr Meles was “paranoid” and trying to divert attention from his domestic problems. He denied backing Ethiopian rebels.

The two neighbours fought a border war from 1998-2000, in which hundreds of thousands of people were killed.

They back rival sides in Somalia and there had been fears that they could clash there through local proxies.

Mr Meles also accused Eritrea of backing its rebel groups, in particular in Ethiopia’s Somali region.


United Nations peacekeepers are monitoring a buffer zone along the border but Ethiopia has long accused Eritrean troops of infiltrating the zone.

Under the deal to end their war, an independent boundary commission ruled on where the countries’ border should lie in 2002.

It awarded the town of Badme to Eritrea but Ethiopia has not handed it over.

Mr Meles told parliament that he did not agree with the border ruling but said he accepted it.

“We believe the ruling was wrong, we still believe it is wrong, but we accept the ruling even though it is wrong.”

He said he was ready to hold talks with Eritrea about implementing the ruling but Eritrea says there is nothing to talk about – Ethiopia should just withdraw from Badme.

Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu said Mr Meles’ comments were another attempt to delay implementation of the boundary commission’s ruling.

Eritrea wants the international community to put more pressure on Ethiopia to comply with the ruling.

In November 2006, the commission gave the rivals a year to physically demarcate their border or risk having it set for them.

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    keep on dreaming like the past 16 years ..

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  3. Mimi
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    “He was wrong from the beginning to try to undermine his opposition and use strong arm tactics and violence against average citizens. He has handled the situation poorly ever since. The game is up and we see him for what he is. ”

    Keitf Shleifer, Executive Director of the Empowerment Initiative

    Now more than ever Meles is a naked evil man before the whole world. Obviously, his mother didn’t teach him how embarrassing that would be, but he will find that out soon or letter.

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    He lost 123,000 last war by using human wave world war 1st shield innocent and poor people, again he will lose another 200,000 agame next war!!

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    Dear Reader,

    Why sadiest move make people enjoyable, TPLF has been in the bush for 17 years running war for whatever reason and this resultin many fighter lost their dear life everywhere.

    And another sensless war run and again for what ever reason and again cost a lot of life everywhere for nothing.

    Lastly, the same operation run in somali; result in dear life everwhere.

    Now once again war with Eritrea…., I could not see a war waged and its motive.

    I would imagine TPLF leader have deep heat toward its own Ethiopian people and its own brother Eritrean.

    Ethiopian and Eritrean do not need war rather they do need badly bread,shelter and medications.

    Howerver, TPLF leader prefer war now and then, just slash the number Ethiopian that is how they are revenging their own people and brother.

    I think that is GRAVELY CRAZY!!

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