Ethiopia opposition says jailed leader ignored by West – By Barry Malone, ADDIS ABABA (Reuters)

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The West is ignoring a jailed Ethiopian opposition leader to keep the Horn of Africa stable despite her being this week named on a United Nations list of arbitrary detainees, her party said on Friday. (more…)

The West is ignoring a jailed Ethiopian opposition leader to keep the Horn of Africa stable despite her being this week named on a United Nations list of arbitrary detainees, her party said on Friday.

Birtukan Mideksa, leader of the Unity for Democracy and Justice party (UDJ), was first jailed with other opposition leaders when the 2005 election turned violent. She was pardoned in 2007 but re-arrested last year accused of violating that pardon.

“This matter is being more or less hushed,” Seye Abraha, a senior UDJ official, told reporters in Addis Ababa.

“They talk of security and stability in the absence of democracy and respect for human rights. We are cursed by geography.”

Analysts say Ethiopia has been a key U.S. ally in its fight against terrorism.

Seye warned that repression in Ethiopia could eventually destabilise the region.

“A country with a lot of internal problems, a country that is also in a region that is rampant with a lot of security problems, could take down the region (if) the political problems in this country are not corrected on time,” he said.

Birtukan had been seen by regional analysts as the country’s foremost opposition politician and critics of the government say she has been jailed because of the threat she could pose at this year’s parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has repeatedly ruled out releasing Birtukan ahead of the May 23 polling date.

The elections will be the first since the disputed 2005 election that ended in bloodshed when about 200 opposition protesters were killed on the streets by police and soldiers. Seven policemen were also killed.

Meles said they were marching on state buildings to topple him.

Experts expect the Meles government to win in May and the opposition say that is because they are harassed and jailed. The government says the opposition are trying to discredit the poll because they have no chance of winning.

A Human Rights Watch report last week also accused Western countries of being silent on Ethiopia and singled out the United States and Britain for criticism.

  1. Sekokaw Beza
    | #1

    ትላንት ዬንግሊዝ ከፍተኛ ባእስልጣን የመድረክ ተውካዮችን አነጋገሩ ሲባል ምንም ፋይዳ እንደማያመጡ ለመሻፍ ሞክሬ ሽሁፌ ሚዛን የደፋ አልመሰለኝም ይሁን ዌስት ዌስት ስንል ብዙ ቆየን መተማምን ያለብን ብሕዝባችን ብቻ ይመስለኛል መራባዊያኑ እኮ በጉልበት የጠነከረና የነርሱን ጥቕም ማስጠበቅ የሚችል መንግስት እንጂ እንደኛ ልፍስፍሱን አይደግፉም ወደድንም ጠላንም ይሔው ነው:: ለሚቀጥለውም ምርጫ መለስ ቢቻል በኮሮጆ ባይቻል በአጋዚ ስልጣኑን ለማቆየት ለመዘጋጀቱ ጠንቋይ መሆን የለብንም ተቃዋሚውስ ምን ለማድረግ እየተዘጋጀ ነው? መራባዊያኑ እንድሆን የሚያነጋግሩን ሲያታልሉን ምሆኑስ የሚገባን መቼ ነው? ሕዝቡ እኮ የመለስ ግፍ አንገፍግፎታል ታዲያ ይሕን ሕዝብ ማደራጀት ካልቻልን በጠላትኡ ላይ እንዲነሳ መራባዊያኑ ምን ያርጉን:: እባካችሁ ተቃዋሚዎች ሕዝቡን አስተባብሩ እምነታችሁ በሕዝብ እንጂ በመራባዊያን አይሁን:: ብርቱካንም ነሻ መውጣት የምትችለው በተባበርው የሕዝባችን ሓይል እንጂ በመራባውያን አይደለም እግዚአብሔር አምላካችን መንፈሰ ጠንካራ ያድርግልን:: አመሰግናለሁ::

  2. Sekokaw Beza
    | #2

    እባካችሁ በመራባዊያን መተማመናችን ይቁም:: እነርሱ እኮ ጥቅማቸውን የሚያስጠብቅ ጉልበተኛ እንጂ ለዲሞክራሲም ሆን ለሰባዊ መብት በተለይ በኛ አገር ላ ግድ የላቸውም:: ለመጪው ምርጫ ተብዬ ተቀዋሚው እንዴት ተዘጋጅቷል? ምውጪው ግንቦት ለመልስ በግድም በውድም የመጨረጻ ምሆን አለበት ባይ ነኝ:: ለዚህ ደግሞ ተቃዋሚው በሚገባ ማደራጀት ያለበት ሕዝቡን ነው ለሁለገብ ትግሉ:: “WE HAVE TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” ብርጥኡኽኣኝ ዬምጥፌጥኣውም ይኣኘ ኜው ሜርኣብኣውእይኣኝኡኝ ቤሜሌምኣሜት ኣይዼሌም:: ቤምእጜብኣ ዬጤዼርኣጄ ኣልኣምኣውኝ ይኣዌቕ ዬህዥብኝ ኣሜሽ ኤኝኽውኝ ኣጝኣዥእኝኣ ሜሌጽ ምኣኝም ኣይኣቕኦሜውም:: ጽሌዥእሕ ኣሕኡኝም ህዥብኡኝ ሌምኣዼርኣጄጥ ጝእዠ ኣሌኝኣ ህዥብኣጭኝኝ ሌሕኡሌጜብ ጥጝልኡ ኣዤጝኣጅኡጥ ኤምኜጥኣጭሕኡ ቤህዥብኡ ይሕኡኝ ዬሜሌጽኝ ኤዽመ ሌምኣጽኣቴር ዬብርጥኡኽኣኝኝ ጥኝስኣእ ሌምኣፍኣቴኝ ምኤርኣብኣውእይኣኝኡኝ ኤኝርጽኣ ህዥብኣጭኝኝ ኤኝኣጽኜጽኣ “ሌሕኡሌጜብ ጥጝል ኤኝኣዤጝኣጄው” ሜሌጽኝም ቤምእጜብኣው ቕውኝቕው ኤኝኣኜጝኣጝሬው ይ ጽእሕኦኝ ብጭኣ ኜው ጼልኣምኣውእ እጥይኦፕይኣኝ ሜፍቴር ዬምኝጭሌው:: ኣሜጼጝኝኣሌሕኡ::

  3. s
    | #3

    Responsible countries for backwardness, political unrest, genocide, unlimited corruption and extra judicial killing in ethiopia now a days, are United states and Britian… as they are helping a gangster group which has no concern for integrity and stable development of ethiopia….

    why they are cooprating with robbing and gangster leaders? It is so sad,,,

    | #4

    Birtukan Medeksa is in jail to this day because Barak Hussein Obama HAD ignored the civil rights issue altogether for Africa. This is contrary to all the speech that he made throughout the presdential campaign. We the Jews called such personality as a FALSE PROPHET, AND HE IS WELL DESERVED TO SUCH A NAME. I regreat voting for him but never again!

  5. mateos
    | #5

    There is a rule of law and there is a rule of the jungle; what Meles and his boss Bereket Simon practicing in modern day Ethiopia is the rule of the aiga jungle with the help of western opportunists. The only benefactors of Ethiopian people misery are, 1- the weyane mafia family along their cheerleaders, 2- the NGO’s who are pocketing millions of the dollars in the name of “HELP THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE”, and finally 3- the AU’s who makes the weyane thugs as they are representatives fo Ethiopia and in return weyane hoodwinkle the international community.

  6. መቅደላዊ
    | #6

    ምዓራቡ የራሱ ጥቅም አለው:; እኛ የባእዳን አገሮች ነጻ ያወጥናል የሚለው ዘይቢ መቀበል የልብንም:: እኛ በትግሉ ስንበርታ ነው ምዓሩብም ለመርዳት የሚራራጠው:: ስለሆነም ትግላችንን እህልገብ አደርገን የትጥቅ ትግሉን እንደዋና የነጥጻነትና የዲሞክራሲ መንገድ መወሰድ ይኖርብናል:: እስካሁን የሰላማዊ ትግሉ ፍሬ አላሳየም:: የትጥቅ ትግሉ ይሚካሄደው በጥቅቶች ስለሆነ የምንበዛው እንደደጋፊዎች የሚያስፈልገውን የቁሳቁስና የፖለቲካ እርዳታ ማደረግ እንችላለን:;

  7. አብደላ ከማል
    | #7

    ብርቱካን ትፍታልን ባዓሰቸኮአይ

  8. Thison
    | #8

    I totally agree with the statement. Judge Birtukan’s an illegal imprisonment shows how the west’s dirty game with african’s criminal dictators and double standard.The west has been using all cannels like un existed UN and other organizations to critize Robert mugabe for the simple reason he said enough is enough for british land lords in zimbabawi and distributed the land to the land tillers. But in ethiopia case , Britian and USA are ethiopia’s number 1 enemies in ethiopia’s hsitory. Melese is british and USA’s agent and servant. All ethiopia’s gold and stolen mney are in british banksBirtukan’s imprisonment is the wish of both britian and America. Obama is a lair amn.He said during his presidential election , he will never work with dictators, but now he is selling even weapons for dictators to kill poor africans.I do not trust the black Americabs any more after condlece rice, janday freeze and Obama. The black americans do not deserve to have equal right with the white americans because they have shown in practice that they arer anti democracy, they are lairs, they are anti africans . How on earth those who were a slave could forget Birtukan even for a minute? does Obama think he will win terrorism by creating an alliance with east africa terrorists group like TPLF? THAT is realy a joke of a 2010. Ethiopians must stand and give lesson to all greedy westreners and their slaves for once and for all. IT may take time , but we will win all the eviles . Obama shame on you. you are a sham for Africa. You are a sham for Dr MARTIN luther king. Dr martin kuther king paid the highest price in his life for human right[ for black americans ]. now you became USA president and became anti democracy in ethiopia. the white westreners have deep hatre to ethiopia because ethiopia has done every thing for the freedom of all african’s countries, but the african coutries gave their back forf ethiopians at this difficult time when ethiopia is under the leadership of westren agents.

  9. atuba dolla
    | #9

    The criminal gangs,in the regime they established,democracy is squeezed to a snowball sized and many democractic leaders are intimedated and imprisioned;the west ignored it.Ethiopians have taken their own destiny in their hand with immenient victory to come and the regime to be abolished for nonce and for all.

    We shall defeat the gangs and demolish their house,the house where in the crimefamilies are settled in.

  10. Ethiopian palestinian Christian
    | #10

    For the first time in the written history of the earth I come with agreement with my counterpart, the Ethiopian Jew.The guy in the white house has deceived millions around the world, as a likeable and positive character, and being received with an open arms.As it is written in the old book such a character should be expected and should be repelled immediately before he inflict a major catastrophe unto the world or in our case,Ethiopia.

  11. Ayub
    | #11

    It is good to hear that ” an Ethiopian Jew and Ethiopian Palestinian Christian to agree on something.

  12. በምን ክንካ ልናገር
    | #12

    ቡዙ ታሪክ አለ በዚህ አለም ጊን እንደዚህ አሰያፊ ታሪክ የለም ለነሳንት መለመን.ጉድ ነው ያለ ምክኒአት አይደለም በመገመሪአ ዪህ ሲራት በምርችሃ የመታ አይደለም ታዲያ ሚን ጊዚአ ማትፋት ሁለት እድል ነው ያለው የመገምሪአው በረሃ ወትቶ መታገል ሁለተና ሰራቱን ተከብሎ መኖረ እና ያለነው አመሪቻ ወይ አውሮብ አይደለም አንድ ኧስት አውሮባ roz revolution በኢትይፒአ አይሰራም ምክኒአቱም የንዛ ስረአት ወታደሩ, ፖሊሱ, ደህኒነቱ ከህዙቡ የወታ ነው, በሁለተና በህዝቡ ላይ የሃዪል እርምጃ ቢውስድ ሃያለን አገሮችህ ማእከብ ያደርሉ የና ጊን እንድ ዚንጀሮ ነው የሚያዩን ሁዙቡ ቢሞት ጊድ የላችሀውም ከዚህ ሲሁም አንድ ትማር በነ ገነራል ደምሰ ቡልቱ አንድ ገነራል ኩምላችሀው እለናለሁ አሁን የምውዳደሩት መድረክ የሚባሉ አትመናችሀው. አሰብን የሚአክል ወደብ ስሂተው ተሳስትን የሚሉ ሰዎችህ ናችሀው ታዲአ ሲልታን ቢወቱ ደግሞ አዲስ አበባ ስሂተው ተሳስትን ሊሉ ነው

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