Ethiopian Airlines plane makes emergency landing – (AFP)

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NDJAMENA — An Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet which made an emergency landing in Chad due to a radar problem took off again Friday, but 120 of its 150 passengers refused to board, airport authorities said.

The plane, a Boeing 737 en route from Dakar in Senegal to Addis Ababa via Bamako in Mali, “left this morning at 5:00 am (0400 GMT),” said an airport official, as well as airport police.

The incident comes days after another Ethiopian Airlines 737 with 90 people on board crashed into the Mediterranean minutes after takeoff from Beirut during a raging thunderstorm on Monday. There were no survivors.

Of the 150 passengers on the African flight, “120 refused to leave on the Boeing,” an airport official said. “They have been put up in different hotels. A large plane will come to collect them.”

Contacted by AFP, an Ethiopian Airlines spokesman in Ndjemena declined to comment and said that an “information office” had been opened by the company in Addis Ababa.

On Thursday, the Boeing 737 “circled around N’Djamena for one hour before making an emergency call. There was a radar problem, so it landed,” an airport official said.

An airport source said the plane, which had made a stopover in Bamako, Mali, was dumping its fuel before landing.

The same plane had already experienced electrical troubles when leaving Dakar earlier Thursday, and had had to return, passengers said.

  1. peace
    | #1

    Some thing is wrong with our EAL. Weyane/TPLF people are tampering with EAL to discredit the pride and joy of Ethiopia. Remember, TPLF/Weyane hates everything Ethiopia that brings out the name of Ethiopia. I am not surprised if they buy someone to destroy EAL. The COO of EAL Weyane is also making the lives of the pilots helll and favoring Tigrayans. Because of their power, they want to by-pass years of knowledge just by being pro Weyane they operate. This is very sad! Ato Girma Wake will retire soon and that COO Weyane is taking over. As it is, he is destroying the pilots live and this is the result to shame EAL’s name. Isn’t it better to have outside enemy than Weyane?

  2. gobez
    | #2

    Please don’t be alarmed by this news. If you spend a day in a busy airports like New York, London, LA, Atlanta, you will learn that emergency landing happens everyday. From sick passenger to any kind of minor problem on the plane, it is considered as emergency and it’s not reported on mass media. The only reason this one made it to the news is because of Monday’s crash. ET has one of the youngest fleet in the continent and the best maintenance facility, as well as excellent safety records and bad customer service. Yes I am not woyane advocate. I hate woyane. I am speaking from experience since I spend a lot of time at airports.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    who are you giving such type of comments? Are you really with your mind? I do not really think so. for sure you are not from Ethiopia. I have never come across such type of illogical and unreasonable critique. This has nothing to do with the existing government. If you like what i would like to tell you frankly is that i have a lot of disagreements with this government. But what i would not deny is that there might be something with our EAL. why? what happened? Let Almighty God showers his grace and mercy on our EAL and save its reputation. Long live our pride Ethiopian Airlines.

  4. Abebe
    | #4

    Well,one thing Weyanne and its supporters should know is that they lost the trust of the Ethiopian people. Now, anything is possible. If there is no trust you don’t know with whom you are dealing with.At the end of the day you can’t get people’s heart by force. It is only respect and love that open the heart. I am kind of suspeciaous about what is going on…

  5. Ayalew A
    | #5

    Stop finger pointing at woyane……nothing to do with it.
    Let’s be logical the issue is about EAL emergency landing.
    This kind of incident happens to any planes around the globe
    So EAL pilot did it as a precaution …let’s leave it at that.

    | #6

    Mr.Ayalew A:

    Ethiopian Airlines (in which I have woked for it several years until 1983 G.C) was, and remained to be, public property which Weyane has full control of it be it financial, technical or administrative matters. For this reason alone, whatever issues exixted on the safty of the airline, the government is accountable and be subjected for “finger pointing” by those concerned for society’s life and general well being.
    Therefore, the problem that manifested public danger is legitmately aggregate to the higher institution that has full control of it.

    I do not know where from you are writing your comment (unless it is in Ethiopia) but if you are living somewhers in the Western world, you can witness for your self that whenver such incident arise, it is the High Level Government Officals (HLGO) who become the subject of dismissal from their post such as former CIA director, Homeland Security secretary of America etc..among the few. Those people are part of the government to which the public mistrust them and pave the way of their departure. By same reasoning, all Ethiopians are correct to finger point against their government whether the government in power is a legitimate one or not.

  7. Babu
    | #7

    I think this Boeing 737 must have real serious mechanical problems. Many airlines that operate it have had problem with it. May be time for EAL to not use this type odf airplanes….

  8. atuba dolla
    | #8

    There is no argument that Woyanes own,control,and run EAL.This time,there must be something wrong with the system they built into the EAL;so to speak.Half of the passengers who were supposed to aboard the EAL refused to take the flight to their destination chiefly because they chose to live not to perish.

  9. 11
    | #9

    some ones comment indicates happiness on the crash…
    these people are negedegobeze and his fellowship
    who always thirsty blood of innocent ethiooians…
    they are always yawling about weyane because since weyane exists
    they cannot quinch their blood thirst..but it is a dream negedes fellowship cannot appear again in ethiopia…..
    be sure weyane always change with the need of people…weyane respects and fellows the need of majority…the one with rational minded always respect and accept the need of maj
    ethio will change pesimist and negedes will yawiling………….

  10. abrham
    | #10

    ethio air line is the proud of ethiopian
    guys think as ethiopians it is better to go to solution
    rather than talkig some silly ideas…..
    ethipian airline should control the flow of his expriensed technicians
    and pilots…this may be one of the problems

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