EFFORT emptied development bank – Abebe Gelaw

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In mid-January, the ailing Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) declared once again that in need of rescue fund. The business weekly, Addis Fortune, reported that the bank called on the national bank to inject more capital to refill its empty cash registers. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

  1. Andent
    | #1

    she is too too selfilsh really even if she is femail but she didn’t
    care for those more than 200,000 ladies work at Arab country new 21 century slave market really she is mind less .but no longer.

  2. mateos
    | #2

    The Ethiopian people must be rescued from the jaws of: Azebe, Melese, Seyoume, Susan Rice, Dr. Frazier, and their boss Berket Simon. Ethiopia and Ethiopians can not and will not affortd the road-path of the aiga jungle rules and regulations. It’s time to burry them in the aiga jungle!

  3. Yinegal
    | #3

    As of me, will be good enough if those blood suckers took whatever amount they want to take, if there is any more left in the bank, and go where ever they want to go. I am praying, CIA as usual to come and do brokerage between the TPLF celebrities’s and host countries.
    ጌታ በዚሕ በቃችሁ ይበለን!!!(በገንዘቡም ማለቴ ነው)

  4. insider@gs.org
    | #4

    insider report – globlsecurity.org (declassified information)

    undercover agents of an international anti-terrorism task force investigating illegal money laundering, terrorists’ money flow, terrorism funding and all other large amount money wiring and transfer recently found out about a suspicious activity originated in ethiopia.

    the main reason which alerted the agency and other international anti-crime units was the large amount of money, in billions, which is being wired and transferred from ethiopia to banks in malaysia. according to the report, the investigating agents first start to focus on people who previously had link to somalian terrorist groups but the amount of money and the way it is being transferred caused the agents to focus on other wealthy people who might be doing a legitimate money wiring and transfer. The investigation cleared out wealthy business men, including few well known ethiopian billionaires. what happened next took the people who were doing the investigation by surprise. some people in ethiopia who realized the seriousness of the investigation and the fact that they can no longer keep the money wiring and transferring secret came forward with their story.
    according to the report, the reason these people came forward was to keep things from blowing up and becoming a headline news. It was a smart move as this investigation was leading the investigators to very powerful people within the federal republic of ethiopia.
    still the investigators were not convinced and they pressed for more visibility. finally they got the cooperation from law enforcement and other government officials regarding the money transfer. the money transfer was being made by legitimate and government approved organizations named in the report as “tda” and “effort”. but still the money which was supposed to be wired by these two organizations did not add up to the nearly 12.58 billion u.s dollars which has been transferred to banks in malaysia. officials from “tda” and “effort” did admit their organization had transferred 8.35 u.s dollars to malaysia and they have provided legitimate documents which led the investigators to believe their story. but still an accounted 4.23 billion u.s dollars baffled the investigators until they received a letter from the office of the prime minister and the first lady of ethiopia. according to the letter received by the international investigating team, the nearly 5 billion u.s dollars in fact is a personal asset of the prime minister’s family supposedly earned from their government compensation and legitimate business investments. the investigation was closed since all the money was traced to people and organizations with no link to international crime or terrorist organizations.

  5. atuba dolla
    | #5

    It was not long agothe crimelady, Azeb Golla,ranked second to the crimeboss,Zinawi,this crimelady she veered off her daily course and spilled bad beans on Ethiopians.Quote:I have other children to take care of;she publicly declared, end Quote.Ethiopians continued to mind their business as they would see any benefit of wasting their time.She repeated the same thing again and again and said,”I have other children to take care of.”

    when Azeb Goala said,”I have other children to take care of”,Ethiopians thought that she had or has children outside her marriage;what else would it be said?

    Again,she repeated the same thing;but,no single Ethiopian would think she would have said this:- In my leisure time I would go out to the sreets and would comfort the homeless and give changes to street kids.Gentle readers,Isn’t she crazy enough when she claims she has a warm and giving heart when she deeply dislikes Ethiopians?

    She talks ugly when she gets drunk with Ethiopians blood.will she speak of the truth when she gets sober?

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