Main parts of crashed Ethiopian jet found off Lebanon – BEIRUT (Reuters)

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Search teams have identified the location of main segments of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that had crashed off the coast of Lebanon last month killing all 90 people on board, the Lebanese transport minister said on Saturday. (more…)

Search teams have identified the location of main segments of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that had crashed off the coast of Lebanon last month killing all 90 people on board, the Lebanese transport minister said on Saturday.

“We have pinpointed the location of the main parts of the plane at a depth of 45 meters (148 ft) under water. This is a very big progress,” Ghazi Aridi told Reuters. When asked if that constituted the plane’s fuselage, Aridi said it was still too early to determine that.

He said the “Ocean Alert” vessel was combing that part of the Mediterranean and taking pictures for search teams to have a better idea of the find.

The Boeing 737-800 plane was carrying mostly Lebanese and Ethiopian passengers and was headed to Addis Ababa on January 25. It crashed minutes after taking off from Beirut in stormy weather, plunging in a ball of fire in the sea.

Lebanese and international search teams have been scouring the Mediterranean along Beirut’s coast to look for the bodies of victims and wreckage of the plane.

The U.S. navy vessel, USS Ramage, located the flight recorders some 1,300 meters underwater on January 27 but has yet to retrieve them.

The flight recorders should shed light on why the pilot did not respond to a request to change direction even though he acknowledged the control tower’s commands.

The plane had apparently made a sharp turn before disappearing off the radar. Lebanese officials have said it was too early to draw any conclusion of pilot error.

At least 15 bodies and some body parts have been recovered.

The eight-year-old plane last underwent a maintenance check on December 25 and no technical problems were found.

(Writing by Yara Bayoumy; Editing by Jon Hemming)

  1. Joseph
    | #1

    Dear all,

    Who is this person, Yara Bayoumy? Is he/she writing to consolidate the version of the story that has been circulating around in Beirut by some media groups, the Transport and Defense Ministries in Lebanon?

    These so called journalists of our time started to make stories in a vague crude and strange way. Why on earth they echo the Lebanese authorities by saying “The plane had apparently made a sharp turn before disappearing off the radar” Was this a turn made intentionally by the crew or by the forces that caused the danger/accident? One has to be careful with how they play with words!!! Don’t point fingers at the crew, as the problem has to focuss on the Traffic controls primarily. It is too early to make any inference but one has to ask the question: Did the traffic controllers in Beirut supply the crew quality information to take off in that bad weather conditon in the first place?

  2. seifu
    | #2

    all tplf/tigrain are looting ethiopian. we ethiopian must joint and fight them

  3. Ferenj lebaw
    | #3

    This is also a work of the Ferenji. We will find out what really they are after. Who is being fooled here?

    | #4

    MY OPINION TO THE CONTRARY: My opinion about the plane crash is contrary to the majority of Ethiopians who intertained diverse opinion in the media, be it radio or websites. WHY? because everyone’s opinion are not facts but conjuture, pure hypothesis and speculations. To allege or consider that the Lebanese control tower and the transportation minister’s statements about the conduct of the pilot is difficult to reject it altogether. The simple reason is that the person who actually control the movement of the traffic (the flight controler) is more belivable than the people who discredit the person who is in the profession. This person is the person most likely believed in the court of law and not people who comment on the website. Be that as it is, I must speculate that the mistake should be a human one because (the pilot) because the weather was stormy, rainy, cloudy and as the control tower man revealed the pilot was also in the wrong direction where he realized something and make an attempt to turn in a “strange way” that probably caused to loose its balance and engulfed with fire and collapsed.

    As a former employee of Ethiopian Airline,(1978-1983) I must also state the human factor as I knew: Ethiopian Airlines pilots and the women crew are the best trader of Alchoel (every kind of expensive liquares) – so called Ayer-Bayer-Trade and there is no strict law for pilots to board the aircraft after the process of pre-screning; and there is NO PRESCRENING to begin with. I know some pilots who fly after consuming alchol. IT IS A FACT. Some pilots who fly to the country where alchol is forbidden (mostly to Arabian regions) they carry it in their briefcase and enjoy it at their hotel room. More than the hosteses and the pilots, the anti-hijackers do it more offen because I knew when I checked their belongings and assigned them seat numbers. So why not the human facter can not considered and blame the employee of the Lebanes Control Tower. Most Ethiopian, I suppose, may disagree with me as a matter of nationalism. But to attempt to mask truth doesn’t constitute nationalism but further damage since from masking the probable truth one can’t learn for the future. By the way do any one knows that as recently as two month an Ethiopian Hostes was arested and sentenced for three (3) years of prision for her dealing in the drug business? What factor this can be?

  5. teklu teklai
    | #5

    Do you want to fool us by calling yourself an ‘Ethiopian Jew’. This is completely absurd. Ethiopia doesn’t have any Jews at all. That is why the true Jewish state is discriminating against so-called “Ethiopian Jews” in the Jewish State. You counseled us to listen to the tower control man; okay let’s agree with you for a while and ask ourselves the following question. How come the pilot take a sharp turn at one point after taking off immediately? Couldn’t it be that the Lebanese air traffic controlers failed to provide him with the requisite information before take off? Couldn’t it be the case that maybe some crooks forced the pilot to take such a turn – why do we rule out possibility of terrorists, especially given that it is Lebanon? Isn’t Lebanon the birthplace of Hizballah?

    Your argument that Ethiopian pilots carry liqours with themselves in flights is ridiculous unless you can show that the crew of ET-409 has done that beyond reasonable doubt? Hopefully you cannot do that for you said that you left the Airline in 1993. Since then many things have changed. Even you aren’t informed of the fact that Ethiopian is the best Airline Industry in Africa. How can an Airline where the crew members lack basic discipline on earth become the fastest growing Airline in the continent? Do you think the people who make the quality assessment are fools? What has the court sentence of UK on an Ethiopian hostess to do with this crash? Your ignorance was revealed in citing this case as you couldn’t connect the dots and show us the relevance of this drug case. If you want to write comments that helps our Airline to learn from its mistakes, this is not how to do it. I urge you to stop your nonsense or write facts and critically.

    | #6

    TO Teklu Tekli: (are you the man who Tesfaye Gebreab in his two volume books YEGAZETEGNAW MASTAWESHA called you “a man with confusing name and character” ??)


    Your comment as a whole is rubbish as your arguments are baseless as there is no facts in it since none of your rehoterics establish the required facts. Let me tell you more about the points that you mentioned both on Jewish community or their religion and the ill fated aircraft of Ethiopian Airlines that crushed into the sea of the the cost of Lebanon, Beruit, as follows:

    I. THE JEWISHNESS OF ETHIOPIANS: You said that “ETHIOPIA DOESN’T HAVE ANY JEW AT ALL…” and therefore my pen name should not have been true or be appropriate to use it. Well I do not know in which part of the world you are living but I must say that your view on world history, politics or religion is masked by your limited acadamic standard or far worse, by your prejudice towards Ethiopian Jews because the very denial of the existance of the Jewish community in Ethiopia is undeniable from historical and religious point of view:

    Revisit the following facts from your Bible:

    (1) “Mariam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the CUSHITE (Ethiopian) woman whom he had married” Numbers 12:1, Exodus 34:16; Dueternomy7:3, and 1 Kings 11:2.

    (2) The Jewishness of Ethiopian is also traced from the seed of Solomon to whom Queen of Sheba (Saba-in Amharic) conceived Minilik I, 950 BC that you outrightly denied facts that are absolute factual both on historical and biblical accounts. In fact, Ethiopia was not a christian Island as “falsly” claim by “christians” to this day because for more than 2000 years before Jesus, Ethiopians (without exception) were Jewish and believed only ONE God. That is the reason why say the religion of Ethiopian before Jesus was “AMELEKOTE EGZIABHER” implying that the belief was based on Judaism. And from historical points of view Queen of Sheba was a “jew”. For general understanding, see 1 Kings 10:1-13 and 2 Chronicles 9:1-12. or visit: In a nutshell, the existance of Ethiopian Jews (whether they have or not racial discrimination in todays Israel) is empirically verifiable and you can not assert that Jewish community did not exist in Ethiopia. So fellow Ethiopian, do not deny truth. Rather it is better for you to acknowledge facts because in the end, “truth makes you free” (John 8:32)but before you expect to be free from the inavitable judgement of God it is better first to you to repent to God not, Jesus, the human semi-deity god, and live in this world because said God said ” ….I am HE before me there was no God formed nor shall there be after me” (Isaiah 43:10). I will not waste time in lecturing you Theology but if you are interested about facts as to the false godhead of Jesus see my religious debate at:

    (II) ON THE ILL FATED ETHIOPIAN AIRCRAFT: True as you said I left the airline in 1983 (not in 1993 as you said) and do not know the pilot nor the crews by name or their performance. However, I am testifying facts as I know the industrial culture of my service years. Yes, Ethiopian Airlines is the most corrupted government institution operating in the name of private establishment. The critical point of the issue of the case at this point, is that ETHIOPIAN has not established its factual defense against the claim made by the Lebanse Control Tower. I gave more credit to the testimony of the Control Tower because HE WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO KNOWS THE CIRCUMSTANCE and NOT people who comment on the internet or someone’s opinion in the Ethiopian Airlines’ office in Addis Ababa.

    SECONDLY, I testified about the corrupt nature of the crew as I knew THEN and, concluded that the uncontrolable and proportionally wrong industrial culture may have contributed to the current situation. It is true that this reality has manifested by the misconduct of one of the crew who was arrested for possessing illigal drug and sentenced to prision. This has a direct correlation whith the value and industrial culture of a reputable institition such as ETHIOPIN. This is true even if she was the airline’s resaurant worker, let alone a flight crew.Therefore, Ethiopian Airlines is guilit by its association with that employee because, in fact and law, employees are the true representative of the organization.

    Having said that, let me add this: Ethiopian Airlines is profitable in africa not because it is or was excellent than any other airlines but there are no major computators coming to Addis Ababa to take its customers. Which airlines and at what frequency other airlines come to Addis Ababa to take the market from ETHIOPIAN. he answer is few or none as far as I knew. OF COURSE, IN THE ABSENCE OF COMPETITION ONE IS A WINNER and that is not the measure of performance. In my 30 years of residency in the Western World, I have travelled to Ethiopia countless time but never fly by ETHIOPIAN because I wanted to spend my money (which I get it the hardest way) to other service providers and I do not reward anyone that mistreat you as a matter of poorly trained aircrew of ETHIOPIAN. Similarly, when I grade my college students, I NEVER become easy in grading their performance but pressed them hard to show me their competency. THAT IS MT NATURE, Perod.

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    Dear Mr Teklu Teklai,
    Ethiopia does not have any Jews at all? Where did you get that from? That is not of course true.There are still many BETE ISRAEL in Ethiopia.You can not wish them out of existence.And as far as those majority in living in State of Israel are concerned,yes,many have been encountering racism on account of their color.That is such a staggering shame particularly for the Nation of Israel.The country that has courageously and skillfully executed their ALIAH should have also done an equally good job of their reception and subsequent integration into the society.Despite the success of the few,many are experiencing difficulties various kinds.However,politicians of all parties and many of the religious leaders have since been deeply embarrassed and ashamed of this blight on the name of Isarel and their are now urging measures to be taken that would ensure fair and just treatment for their fellow Jews from Ethiopia.Isarel,unlike Ethiopia,is a democracy.It is sensitive to the needs of its citizens which,once again,is a perfect contrast to TPLF’s Ethiopia.

    Dear Mr Ethiopian Jew,
    Could you please wait till the full facts that led to that fateful incident come to light? Your speculations,I am afraid,are not helpful either.If you don’t mind me saying this,you seem to come across as controversial for controversy sake.

    One last point about ARAB racism against Africans exposed due to the airplane crash.
    The prejudice may be widespread and long standing.But look no further than the middle east itself for its spurious and stupid claims.

  8. Bereket
    | #8

    Dear mr Ethiopian Jew

    When you said “OF COURSE, IN THE ABSENCE OF COMPETITION ONE IS A WINNER and that is not the measure of performance.” your english is good but it is non sence. Just you stop one place like old watch. Do you know that Ethiopian air lines got four world award last year. Do you know ethiopian air lines have 56 destination. Do you know they have more than two hundered flight a day. Do you now 12 pilot working for other african countery and 72 pilotes are working for areb countery. Just you talk. you need to search or read before you say somthing.I thought jew’s are smart your idea is meaning less. Before we say somthing let us wait the black box.
    god bless you

    | #9


    Thank you for you testimony as to the existance of Ethiopian Jews wherever they are. As you suggested, I may assent to limit certain things for the sake of national interest.

    | #10

    To Bereket:

    I appriciate your effort in expressing your opinion. Let me correct your English spelling and comment on the points you have discussed. My other comment on the performance of Ethiopian Airlines also follows – not in a political sense, however.

    YOUR ENGLISH: (A) non sence should have been spelled as “nonsense” (B)four world award should haven been in a plurat form as “four world “awards” (C)ethiopian should be spelled as “Ethiopian” because noun or name always start with a capital letter. you spelled correctly only on one place but made mistakes in other. (D) E… air lines should have been only two words such as “Ethiopian Airlies, British Airways etc….. I will not blame you on this because even the native English speaking people made same mistake. (E) do you know …. 56 destination should be in the plural because 56 is more than one and the proper word is “destinations” (F) similarly your statements ” more than… “flight” should “flights) because 200 is greater than one. (G) Your question “do you “now” 12…. should be “know” (H) the word used th ecrew 12 “pilot” should be “pilots” because they are more than one (H)the word you used for the 12 pilots working for other African “country” should be “countries” because 12 pilots are not expected to work only for one country alone. (I) the correct word for the 72 “pilotes” should have been spelled as “pilots” (J) similarly the word you used “areb” and “country” should be “Arab” / like Soudi Arabia, not Soudi Arebia/ and “countries” (K) the word ” I thought …. “jew’s are smart” should be spelle as either ” I thought Jews were smart or “a jew’s smart”. (L) the word you used to invalidate my point “meaning less” should be spelled as one word “meaningless” for otherwise, meaning less means “little, or too little meaning. (M) And finally, the word/name you used “god” should be “God” because a noun. In Judaism, it is wrong to use the letter “O” whenever we referred his identity or name because “O” resemble the number zero and therefore, we use (-) such as
    “G-d”. Brother Bereket, I put the above correction just to help you and dont give it another meaning.

    ON THE ISSUE OF ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES: In your concluding remark you said that I “should make research before I write anything about the airlines history or performance. But where is your source that ETHIOPIAN pilots work for 12 African countries and had 72 pilots for Arab countries? I WILL APPRICIATE YOU IF YOU INDICATE YOUR SOURCE TO ME. If your statements are true, it is NOT what the Ethiopian government nor the people be proud of but saddened beyound measure. WHY? because those pilots are working (and choose to work) because they are paid poorly or some do not like the government and prefer to serve other country where the feel comfortable to live as they please. Although I will not put figure, just as you did, I heard from many people that there are more Ethiopian Medical Doctors in Washington D.C. while our people are dying every day not because of the lack of medicine but shortage of Doctors as well. Mr. Bereket, therefore, see reality from the point of what it is only but also from what is not. Shalom and G-d Bless you.

  11. atuba dolla
    | #11

    While the unending suffering of our sisters coupled with the arroganse of the lebanese traffic controllers,which is well known by the majority of Ethiopian Pilots, and the mafia regime in the land it occupied and made suffer our sisters is known, and it is a fact and true, hence our sisters fleeing to Lebanone on top of being taxed by the cruel regime of Meles Zinawi, is that all Ethiopians must keep in mind.

    Sharp turn at what altitude,sharp turn at what speed,why? Did the traffic controllers notice a critical and alarm situation and notified the pilot to be ready for all eventuallities? Or,did they wait too late until the occurance of the mishap?

    Rumers,rumers,and rumers!!!

    Our sisters who are still suffering in Lebanone never had a quiet day or night;throughout their lives they are suffering.Ethiopians must find a lasting solutions for this persisting problems.May our dear Lord rest the soul of our dear and loved sisters in eternal peace.Amen.

    | #12

    TO Atuba dolla:

    Are you writing a political comment or an ex[ression of your desire to know the truth about the loss of human life and property?. I said this because you are asserting facts that are not yet shared by many. The Ethiopian Airlines (and it seem the government, too) repeatedly asked the Lebanse Transportation minister not to make any statements before the final finding of facts. Likewise, many of us including individuals far and close to the homeland, are waiting to know the truth in due course of time. BUT YOU ARE ACTING AS AN AUTHORITATIVE FIGURE PASSING JUDGEMENT FROM THE ABOVE basing only on your rumoures……rumours… and ……rumours, (to repeat it as you wrote it three times but your spelling is wrong)

    Let me tell you why your alleged “rumours” are not even rumours but your speculative statments put foreward as you please:


    QUESTION No.1: Where is your source of information that the Lebanese Traffic Controllers were allegedly blamed by “the majority of Ethiopian pilots, when, by what majority vote and, do you presided on the proceeding of the collective verdict???

    QUESTION No.2: you also alleged that the Lebanese Government was a “mafia” (which, the relation of which to the accident is unclear to me) and caused the suffering of our sisters in the land. How the Lebanes government cause the suffering in relation to the air crash?.

    Thank you in advance for your effort in providing me the source of your staements. Ethiopian Jew.

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