Prophesy 2010 – (By Sahlu Bekele-Toronto)

February 6th, 2010 Print Print Email Email

There hangs an election
A pseudo election
It’s on the horizon
On a sunny day with little rain
No one is sure
But all are ready
Some are excited
While most look inert
Despair feels the air
Yet hope is around
The heat is on
It is warming by the day
The eggs seem to hatch
And come to life
Just at some time
When least expected
On the Habesha land

No one could tell
How the untouchables fail
The detested and the horrible
Will perish like the morning dew
Hard to believe
Tough to grasp
It’s a change so desired
It’s a wind so gusty
But calms down gently
Astounding all
Ending its role

Nothing explains this
Neither synthesis nor analysis
It’s going to happen
Some will bend their neck
Most will lift their head
Embarrassed will be those
Who created terror
Who brought in chaos

Here it is written
And there it will be told
Nothing could stop it now
It is going to happen
The result unknown
Neither predictable
Nor calculable
It will defy your sense
It will amaze your soul

Make you astonished
And leave you wondering
How it is turning

The struggle of forces
The skirmish of Habeshas
Form inside, from outside
Is simmering down
Is about to cease
For there is time for everything
To be born and to die
But this is it
The dreamt time
Is coming true
Across and through

Your cry is heard
Your sorrow is felt
Your agony is observed
Your misery is sited
Now you will prosper
Won’t starve anymore
Now you’re free
Don’t panic no more
Now you’re who you are
Celebrate much more

You will be a magnet
They will come to you
They will ask for mercy
They will seek you help
They respect your honour
They value your valour
The admit your wisdom
Your nation is rising
Your people will be rejoicing
You will be a great land
For you have the resources
The rivers, the lakes
The jungle, the valleys
The finest just humans
Who have endured suffering
They will suffer no more
This is there time
This is it and this is it
Hear it if you can
See it if you can
Wait if you can’t
So it’s written
So it’s spoken
The prophecy for twenty ten

  1. ትርጉም
    | #1

    For those who might not get the message clearly can you translate it in to Ethiopian languages such as Amharic, Tigrigna, Oromigna…?
    Thank you

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