Woyanne law forces journalists to reveal sources – ADDIS ABABA (AFP)

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Ethiopia’s new anti-terror law strips journalists of the right to protect the identity of their sources, a top official said in a statement carried Saturday by the national news agency ENA.

“The anti-terrorism law revoked the rights of journalists not to disclose their information sources when they report on terrorism,” the agency quoted State Minister for Communication Shimeles Kemal as saying.

“The new law revoked this right taking into consideration the magnitude of disasters caused by terrorism,” he added.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, only one other African country has jailed more journalists than Ethiopia and only last week it imprisoned a columnist for criticising the prime minister.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch voiced concern before the bill was passed last year that some of its provisions were targeted at the nation’s media.

“A journalist interviewing an opposition politician or a supporter of an armed opposition group could be deemed to be ‘encouraging’ terrorism merely by publicising the views of the interviewee,” it said.

The Ethiopian government describes as terrorism the rebellions it has been trying to stamp out for years in the Oromo and Ogaden regions.

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    the TPLF regime terrorized the ethiopian people for the last 20 years the ethiopian people suffer under one party dictatorial regime of melesse zenawi.the regime that terrorize it;s own people like the current ethnic based brutal regime in ethiopia can not be an allie to the free world. the ethiopian peopleare demanding for the release of tens of thousands of political prisioners who are suffering since the coming of the rebels a splinter group who also called them selves th e tigrai people liberation front in ethiopia.there is no freedom of press no freedom of speech no freedom of asembly no basic himan right in ethiopia today.The ethiopian people must excersise its right and elect whom ever they wish.god bless the ethiopian people victory to the ethiopian people!!!!1

  2. Drogba
    | #2

    Is there anyone ask how the profession of journalism misunderstood by most independent media in Ethiopia?

  3. Ferenj lebaw
    | #3

    AFP again on media theatre. The Ethiopian Government is Ferenj. Meles is a white boy, oh sorry not even worth that, I meant an oreo cookie! Whatever meles stops, is what his Brit consultants believe the enemy is.

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