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An Ethiopian woman, a friend of passengers of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed in the sea on January 25, holds candle at Rafik Hariri University Hospital as the Ethiopian consulate receive the recovered bodies of five nationals who were killed in the plane. (more…)

An Ethiopian woman, a friend of passengers of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed in the sea on January 25, holds candle at Rafik Hariri University Hospital as the Ethiopian consulate receive the recovered bodies of five nationals who were killed in the plane.

The Airlines/Airport Examiner has received exclusive information confirmed by four separate sources and reported by a Swedish journalist for the Lebanese Arabic language newspaper Al-Akhbar that a second aircraft on final approach to landing at Beirut may have played a role in the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET409 on January 25, 2010.

Statements made anonymously by Lebanese airport sources report that Captain Habtamu Benti, the pilot in command (PIC) of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 encountered engine problems, perhaps a flame out, during takeoff, and requested permission to abort the flight and return to Beirut. He was given clearance to do so, but another aircraft, a Etihad Airlines flight from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates was in the process of landing and could have interfered with his emergency maneuvers. Exactly what happened under this scenario is as yet unknown.

There may have been miscommunication in vectoring both aircraft, possible oversights by flight controllers, or other circumstances that are still to be determined. What is clear is that the issue of blame has nothing to do with national pride or skin complexion, but rather with the color of money. Maneuvering and spin control by the Government of Lebanon appear based on issues of liability for the crash, and subsequent financial responsibility and payment to the families of the victims.

Also on Monday, February 15, Lebanese marine commandos have recovered a critical missing part of the cockpit voice recorder from Ethiopian Airlines flight ET409. The Boeing 737-800 crashed five minutes after taking off from Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) on January 25. All 90 persons aboard perished.

The missing component, the recorder’s solid state memory drum, was found close to where the aircraft’s other black box, the flight data recorder, was located in about 150 feet (45 meters) of water off the coastal village of Naameh, south of Beirut. It was turned over to BEA, the French government agency in charge of the technical analysis of the crash.

The Government of Lebanon Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi announced this news at a media conference yesterday.

Whatever develops, there’s much more information that is starting to unravel and reveal itself. We will continue to update this story. Our heartfelt appreciation go out to our many readers around the world for their encouragement and assistance.

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  1. Anonymous
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    thank you for the updated info

  2. abesaha simma
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    good piece of info.
    thank you guys

  3. Anonymous
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    የዚህ ነገር ዘርፉ እየተመዘዘ ሲቀጥል “ማለቂያው የት ይሆን?” የሚያሰኝ ሆነ:: አሁን የተባለው እውነት ከሆን እስከዛሬ የነበረው ትረካ ሁሉ መቀየር አለበት::

    በትዕግሥት እንጠብቅ::

  4. Gossa
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    ET is not to blame at all in this crash.. All fingers should point at those brainless arab

    Thanks you

  5. Anonymous
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    Very interesting. There should be something that someone is desperately trying to hide. Thanks for trying to find out the truth.


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    Whether ETHIOPIAN is free of blame or not is a matter of investigation yet to be prove in the near future. But your insult to the ARAB race as “brainless” is manifest of your stupidity. Let me tell you how stupid people think in all matter of life: 1st, they think very narrowly and limit their social understanding in like manner. 2nd, ethnic identity or “GOSSA” is their central belief as to their social membership in community. For this reason is why people are called tribalist or Gossa or Gossegna. And you are one of them as your name tells us wihout ambiguity. My ousins Arabs are not mindless but one who fail to distinguish mindless from that are NOT.

  7. Ethiopian
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    Ethiopian Jew, please only comment on the subject related too ET409; you have no right to preach on gossa right now, as you yourself appear to be one ie. calling yourself Ethiopian Jew, when you could just call yourself Ethiopian. With respecty.

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    People, poor or rich, loyal or dishonest, farmer or Woto-Ader (soldier) share the name “ETHIOPIA” as their common denominator. However, when one use his religiously cognized phrase “jew” outside Israel is not using the very name of “jew” as an ethnic identity. Therefore, “Ethiopian Jew” manifest affiliation of religion and not “gossa” or tribe. “Ethiopian Jew” also does not mean a person is “israelite” just as much as Ethiopian Muslim doesn’t mean an Arab or Arabian. Therefore, I am not using Jew as you have erroneously interpreted.

    As to the fate of ET409, I have extensively commented that the mistake could be a “human error” because as a former employee of Ethiopian Airline I knew many things more than any other people who may profess to know likewise. I will not write further as fellow Ethiopians suggested to me to discontinue writing on the matter for the sake of national interest and the Ethiopian Airlines as well. Thank you for your comment, however, and remember the phrase than Mr. Gossa used to denegerate ARABS is offensive and should not be repeated whatsoever.

    | #9


    If you want to review my PREVIOUS comment (and other) on the fate of Ethiopian Airlines, see at this web site under the title “MAIN PARTS OF ETHIOPIAN JET FOUND OFF THE COST OF LEBANON” dated February 6, 2010.

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