Kinijit International – Statement on the Union Government of Africa – By Kinijit International

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The Heads of States and Governments of the African Union (AU), at their forthcoming Summit in Accra (Ghana), are expected to put another milestone in the political history of the Continent. (more…)

The Heads of States and Governments of the African Union (AU), at their forthcoming Summit in Accra (Ghana), are expected to put another milestone in the political history of the Continent.

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  1. shotolay
    | #1

    kinijit statement is for the union of africa it,s not for ethiopian. kinijit haiding the treuth must you have to condemn those terrorist,recist,facist killers tribal groups.
    this terror groups after woyane collaps they gonna control ethiopia region by region.becous they are keep killing and terrorized the enocent civilian.people afraid and terrorized by them this means after woyane ethiopia she gonna disappear.

  2. Mimi
    | #2

    I don’t believe Ethiopia will disappear at all. Ethiopia was there before Meles existed, and it will be there long after he is gone. The future generation will think of Meles how evil he was. That is it. Meles want us to think that the fate of Ethiopia, all the prisoners, and the life of every Ethiopian is on his hand. I feel sorry for him to think like that. He is one ridicules looking, short and bold man that can’t even stop himself running to bath room a couple of times in a day. He is some one with identity crisis, who would do anything to be seen as a powerful man. He wants to portrait himself as if he is some one who knows it all and some one that no one could defeat. Basically, he wants us to see him as a God that would do everything as he wishes. Well, my attitude towards him is what every Ethiopian attitude should be. That is, hey Meles you are not God and you don’t have any control over our country and our life. Every one of us has control over our destiny. It is not up to you Meles. You will just be one black spot in our long history. That is pretty much it about you.
    That is how I struggle against the evil deeds of Meles, and I think we all Ethiopians should have the same attitude on this. Let us stay positive and move on.

  3. yaphet
    | #3

    I will never imagin these shabby kinijit leaders to lead a small community in semen Shoa. Kinijit was promoting its evil politics against my Tigrean people ,but they forgot the old saying of, if you spit while you are lying on your back never forget that the spit will come back on your face. So who is crying now , not my beloved people of Tigray not even one person care for these assholes. Just for y’all lesson when things get tough we, Tigreans, get tougher we dont back down or cry.

    We run Ethiopia as we please!!

    Woyane for life!

  4. Mimi
    | #4

    Weyannes are Nazis except they are stupid and ugly. The Weyanne messenger, on this site, “yaphet’s”? messages carry this Weyannes ideology. Having this evil ideology Weyannes are excluding themselves from the rest of Ethiopians and the world as a day go by. As they trying to dehumanize the rest of us, they are dehumanizing themselves. Actually, from “yaphet”? post, I can see how deep in dark Weyannes are. They desperately need our attention. That is the only reason why they keep posting on this site. If they are supernatural as they think they are (that is funny by the way), why do they bother about what we think of them. The fact of the matter is they are feeling the pain of the rejection from every where. They will never get acceptance that they are desperately seek. They need to get out of this darkness that they put themselves into and think like human beings. Then they may get love and respect from the rest of Ethiopians.

  5. gebeyehu
    | #5

    for your inforation dictators come and go all the time. evil duers and their followers will never be successful for along period. our dictators fate face their fate at the hage court like cnarles taylor liberia* meles is an evil man and who fall for his evil work will be punish when the time comes. there is time for everything and everyone.

    God bless Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.

  6. zalalm
    | #6


  7. | #7

    Can some one tell me what exactly this knijit thing is doing now. One of the leadership group “KIL” is advaicing how to create United States of Africa to African leaders. The other one “KIC” declares that they have a talk with US congress. I don’t know why? Probably the US congress will pass the magical bill H.R. 2003 so all our problem will go away. KIL or KIC I don’t know who is leading Kinjit now. First organize yourself have one voice. Then organize the different Ethiopian groups to have a stronger voice. Then everyone will listen. At this time we are just a Woyane joke.

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