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For years many Ethiopians and I have been asking the perennial question, Which Way Ethiopia? This question has engaged the Ethiopian imagination, ever since EPRDF betrayed its revolutionary genealogy and became relentlessly tyrannical, unwilling to listen to the pulse of the Ethiopian people, arrogantly dismissive of its intellectuals, and incarcentrating the voices of dissidents, most notably the hero of justice, Birtukan Mideksa.

MEDEREK has now provided the definitive answer. Medrek’s respect for dialogue, the feature of genuine democracy free of domination provides the Ethiopian people, for the first time an opportunity to exercise their inalienable right to preserve the historic territorial integrity of Ethiopia, the origin of human civilization and the symbol of African pride by any means necessary.

Medrek also vows to replace Ethnocentricity with Ethiopianity, divisiveness with unity, war with peace and prosperity.

Only Medrek can lead the Ethiopian people towards the establishment of the people’s party with a new vision of a modern Ethiopian personality ground on Classical Ethiopian personality propelled by a vision of an original Moral Economy, providing a middle way, systematically articulated as an avoidance of the tyranny of democratic centralism and the excesses of the free market.

MEDREK is well positioned to provide the middle way, the way of reason and moral action, an ethical balance that the deprived Ethiopian people deserve.

The time is now ripe for the Ethiopian people to be guided by a Moral Economy found on a democratic political form which encourages the practice of the inalienable rights of free expression, unhindered dissent, the right to vote and the right to recall by democratic means incompetent leaders at all levels of government.

I appeal to all thinking Ethiopians to engage their thinking hearts and support MEDREK with the brightest future that the resilient and patient Ethiopian people have been waiting for.

The time is now. Now is the right time for change

Written by Dr. Teodros Kiros Senior Editor, Ethio Quest News

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    So far so good…………

  2. Wetu Enewta
    | #2

    I wonder if the author is clear about the utility of the words/phrases employed in his piece. For instance, what is a “moral economy”? Perhaps it is a revist of classical economics ala the author!!

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    ግን ይምገርመው ነገር በኖር የስው ሊጅ እኮ

  4. Ferenj lebaw
    | #4

    Theodros Kiros is a dreamer. How in the hail can Medrek be Ethiopia’a future when Birtukan is in prison and the rest are fighting with each other? Maybe in ten years. Be realistic. Are you one of the propogandist trying to full us? or do you work for ferenjis? Come on now. You can do better than that. You just get out of now where and write an article like that. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, where is your evidence. Is there something you know and we don’t. Maybe you do. Are you the weyane who is helping eprdf put our fighter in prison? Maybe you know something we don’tknow. what a non-sense.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    Mederk is a title for discussion forum not a party name. It is a conotes a consotium perhaps to wean the loyalist opposion parties and the dissidents of TPLF to wean themselves of ethnic agenda, as might be appropriate. This is the most ludicrous claim that Medrek stands unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, “As the author put it “Medrek also vows to replace ethnocenticity with Ethiopianity”, meaning Ethiopiawinet, “divisivenes with unity”, meaning there is no more ethnic and seccessionist rights, politics and/or policies of divide and rule form of governace concoted by the same people of loyalist opposition, teletafi parties and TPLF dissidents for the last 19 years. There is not even a need for dialogue. What is needed is to unite over the goals for unity, territorial integrity and sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to tip the balance from the negative forces of disintegration to the poisitive forces of integration.
    As you may peceive according to the existing layout of political parties as TPLF/eprdf, Medrek or Tigrai Harena/fdd/efdr, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, vis avis it has absorbed UDJP, KAEUP and others with national agenda; there are only two forces.

    For the Ethiopian elites to fall under the wing of those with ethnic agenda in the name peaceful struggle and to fod under the wing of the president of Eritrea does not bring freedom and democracy to the silent majority of Ethiopians. It is more of the same but a lip service and deceptive politics with lofty words taking about democracy.

    What this middle way concession you are talking about: there is no middle may to achieving freedom of individuals.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    Addendum: In the first sentence of the last pargraph insert in the pretext of ill conceived notion of “your enemy’s enemy is your friend”…

  7. Abe
    | #7

    At the moment MEDREK under the leadership of Bitukan is best suited to bring change and stability in Ethiopia.It is simple If not MEDREK then who else??????????????

  8. Bruktawit Solomon
    | #8

    To organize Ethnically,regionally and by the region and languge lines and call it The Coutries future is an Insult to Ethiopian people .Organizing Ethnically by it self is non-democratic(TPLF) ,Like Organizing racially also undemocratic(KKK) ,Please donot try to use NAACP as an Example ,this oldest human right organization is founded for real oppressions of blacks by well organized White americans .that does not fit the feudalistic ethiopia never one Ethnic Organized to rule Other in Ethiopian history until 1991 .this time and age to organized Ethnically and tribally is to say the least absured and sensless.People should and must organized by Principles and Ideologies who can benfit all

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    For the reader who asked about Economy, I gently direct her/him to my article in, called Moral Economy: A Manifesto for UDJ. I am now sending this piece to Abugida, so that it could be read here, to craft our dialogue.

  10. teodros kiros
    | #10

    For the reader who asked about Economy, I gently direct her/him to my article in, called Moral Economy: A Manifesto for UDJ. I am now sending this piece to Abugida, so that it could be read here, to craft our dialogue.

  11. አባቡ
    | #11

    “መድረክ የምንመኛትን ኢትዮጵያን እውን ለማድረግ አይነተኛው መንገድ ነው” ቢባል ይሻል ይሆናል:: አሁን ያለውን ሕገ መንግሥት ተጠቅሞ ስልጣን ከያዘ በኋላ ነው እውነተኛዋን ዲሞክራሲያዊት ኢትዮጵያ መገንባት የሚችለው:: ይህን በዲሞክራሲያዊ ማዕከላዊነት የተተበተበ ሥርዓት መለወጥ የሚቻለው መጀመሪያ እነመለስን አስወግዶ ሕዝቡን የስልጣን ባለቤት ማድረግ ሲቻል ብቻ መሆኑ ግልጽ ይመስለኛል:: ሕዝቡ የመብቱ ባለቤት የሆነ ጊዜ አሁን በመድረክ ውስጥ የተሰባሰቡት ኃይሎች ተለያይተው የየራሳቸውን ፓርቲ ቢያቋቁሙ ዲሞክራሲውን ያጎለብተዋል እንጂ የሚያመጣው ጉዳት አይታየኝም:: በተለያየ ጽንፍ ሆነው ሲራኮቱ የነበሩት ኃይሎች በሰለጠነ መንገድ በዋና ዋን ጎራዎች ተሰባስበው በሕዝብ ድምጽ የሚዳኙበት ሥርዓት እንደሚመጣ ነው የሚታየኝ::

    በርቱ መድረኮች!

    | #12

    (1) TO Wetu Enewta:

    The phrase Professor Tewodros Kiros used “Moral Economy” is not a “revisit of classical economy” as erroneousely understood in your part. Moral economy is a phrase used in a number of contexts to describe the integrity between moral or cultural belief and economic activity. For further reading on the subject (in addition to Prof. Tewodros Kiros’s article posted on see Moral Economy- Wikipedia the free encyclopedia at

  13. Alem
    | #13

    I would not mind rooting for Seye except I don’t trust him. Would Professor Kiros have promoted Birtukan with similar gusto, I wonder.

  14. teodros kiros
    | #14

    Let me simply say this. Please read my numerous articles on Birtukan, through Google, and then draw your own conclusions.

  15. Tulu Oda
    | #15

    Thank you Bruktawit Solomon for youur enlightening comment

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