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For years many Ethiopians and I have been asking the perennial question, Which Way Ethiopia? This question has engaged the Ethiopian imagination, ever since EPRDF betrayed its revolutionary genealogy and became relentlessly tyrannical, unwilling to listen to the pulse of the Ethiopian people, arrogantly dismissive of its intellectuals, and incarcentrating the voices of dissidents, most notably the hero of justice, Birtukan Mideksa.

MEDEREK has now provided the definitive answer. Medrek’s respect for dialogue, the feature of genuine democracy free of domination provides the Ethiopian people, for the first time an opportunity to exercise their inalienable right to preserve the historic territorial integrity of Ethiopia, the origin of human civilization and the symbol of African pride by any means necessary.

Medrek also vows to replace Ethnocentricity with Ethiopianity, divisiveness with unity, war with peace and prosperity.

Only Medrek can lead the Ethiopian people towards the establishment of the people’s party with a new vision of a modern Ethiopian personality ground on Classical Ethiopian personality propelled by a vision of an original Moral Economy, providing a middle way, systematically articulated as an avoidance of the tyranny of democratic centralism and the excesses of the free market.

MEDREK is well positioned to provide the middle way, the way of reason and moral action, an ethical balance that the deprived Ethiopian people deserve.

The time is now ripe for the Ethiopian people to be guided by a Moral Economy found on a democratic political form which encourages the practice of the inalienable rights of free expression, unhindered dissent, the right to vote and the right to recall by democratic means incompetent leaders at all levels of government.

I appeal to all thinking Ethiopians to engage their thinking hearts and support MEDREK with the brightest future that the resilient and patient Ethiopian people have been waiting for.

The time is now. Now is the right time for change

Written by Dr. Teodros Kiros Senior Editor, Ethio Quest News

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