Message of Condolence for Mikre’s family – Andinet Los Angeles Support and Development Association for Democracy

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Our dear brother and colleague, Mikre Yigebiru, passed away after battling with pancreatic cancer for the last six months. This tragic news has shocked all those who knew him. Mikre’s cheerful manners didn’t abandon him even in his difficult last days.

Mikre was always willing to help, serve, or benefit others, if necessary at the sacrifice of his self interest. This altruistic character of his drew him to stand with the oppressed people of Ethiopia in their struggle for basic human rights.

Mikre was always willing to calmly discuss and give a benefit of the doubt even to those he disagrees with. He served as a Vice-chairman in Andinet Los Angeles Support and Development Association for Democracy and played an important leadership roll to support the struggle to form a democratic and prosperous Ethiopia he had always envisioned.

Mikre’s selfless journey of life has touched every one of us, directly or indirectly, we are lucky to have worked with such an honest and dignified man and we will always cherish his memories and carry the obligation to continue the struggle to fulfill his dream of a new democratic Ethiopia.

We will miss him so dearly and treasure his memories forever. Our prayers are with his family.

May his soul rest in peace.

Mikre Yigebiru’s Funeral Service will be on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 9:30 am at Virgin Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church 4544 Compton Ave, Los Angeles CA 90011.

Andinet Los Angeles Support and Development Association for Democracy

  1. Sam
    | #1

    We miss him very much. He was a true Ethiopian.

  2. Nasru
    | #2

    I know Mikre. Mikre was more than anything a well liked teacher, a professor of Mathematics. Mikre taught Maths all his life. He taught pupils in the former Tigray province, in Addis at Addis Ababa University.
    Here in the United states he taught what he loved to teach, college maths, to students of varying backgrounds. He was availanle for them and others who needed help all the time outside of class.
    I felt that this part of his biography should also be told.
    May he rest in peace!

  3. Andargachew tachibele
    | #3

    What a tragedy!!! I was deeply saddened when I read the passing away of Ato Mikre Yigebru. He was indeed a man of integrity whose intellect and degnified mennerism to be emmulated by others. I have a vivid memory of him when we both were quite young. I used to see him on his way to the then Haile Selassie I university when I was heading down to Menelik II Secondary School. We both came from the same area of Northern Shewa. Our fathers had so much in common, both were prominent members of the region. Now come to think of it, I think, Ato Mikre took all these common factors into consideration and was so nice and encourging to me. I haven’t seen this gentleman in almost 40 years,but his dear friend and causin Ato Amare had told me about his whereabouts and doing well in life. I am profoundly saddened by his early departure. I send my condoleces to his immedite family,his many friends and especially to my dear friend Ato Amare Woldeyes. May God rest his soul in peace!!!

  4. Binyam
    | #4

    He was a great perosn. God bless you and may your soul rest in pease.

  5. Binyam
    | #5

    Binyam :He was a great person. God bless you and may your soul rest in pease.

  6. Afework Meshesha
    | #6

    Mikere has touched all of as with his genuine kindness.he will be missed by all of us yes it is very sad….we all waiting waiting in line.May God rest his soul in peace…R.I.P Mikre!!

  7. Bemelekot Tewahade
    | #7

    Mike Yigebru is my first cousin.I always had a pleasant and great exprience with all of my dealings.
    As teacher he was the best, as a husband he cared for his beloved wife Gennet,as a father he was there for his son Mathias and his lovely daughter Leyla, as a brother he was always there for his siblings Menker,Girma,Hailleule,Tsilalot and Demisse. He is by far the kindest human I have ever meat. He was very considerate for other people time, money and feelings.
    I will always remember him for his gentle approach to life. We can all learn to be kind to one another as there is no example of tolerance as Mike Yigebru. Mikerye, rest in peace

  8. Mekonnen Gessesse (Atlanta)
    | #8

    It was a great shock for me. Mikre and I go way back to Lab School days. He was one year senior than me. I have some pictures of him back then. We were both imprisoned during the Red terror days at kef. 2 kebele 13 – Serategna Sefer). We lost our good friend “Tsegaye Manyazihal” – Tsegaye was torutured to death by the Kebele’s. My self and Mikre survived after being tortured severly. Tsegaye and Mikre were both teaching at Misirak Atekalay while I was at Lul Mekonnen.
    I never forget my friend – brother Mikre. Mikre was kind and very soicable.
    Like Tirhas, I also felt that this part of his biography should be told.
    Mikre – REST IN PEACE my friend

  9. Getachew,L
    | #9

    I was saddened to read the news on the death of Ato Mikre Yigebru. He taught me math in gr.12 in Misrak comprehensive secondary school when he was a teacher. When I needed letter of reference to apply for a scholarship which was offered by socialist Ethiopia higher education commission at that time, he was the teacher who wrote me a letter which made me selected. He was a fearless man even that time where fear and terror silenced the people. I was always wondering where Ato Mikre could be when I think of my old highschool days, my teachers, classmates and friends. These news is really very much saddening to hear without knowing the whereabouts of people who have made an impact in someone’s life like me. May God rest his soul in peace.

    My heartfelt condolence to his family.

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