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Aid money for weapons abuse, dirty old tricks of Mr.Zenawi, the ‘naive WESTERN donors’ and the ‘negative net benefits’ of Mr.Geldof’s BandAid legacy in Ethiopia.

The recent investigative report by the BBC World Service journalist Martin Plaut may have come as a surprise to the ‘naïve western donors’ and Mr.Geldof’s BandAid team, but it has been public knowledge throughout Ethiopia for many years. In fact, Ethiopians around the world have been crying out loud, helplessly for the last two decades whilst the same guerilla leaders of TPLF, headed by Mr. Zenaw have been practicing their dirty old tricks all over again by suppressing, killing, jailing, harassing and ultimately destroying the country. Whilst he is busy building the biggest business empire and conglomerate under the name of Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) using the aid money, hard earned Ethiopian tax payers’ money and the country’s natural resources.

More recently, following the 2005 election where the popular opposition party (CUD) won swiftly, the TPLF regime demonstrated its absolute and truly murderous nature by killing indiscriminately over 200 people who were peacefully demonstrating innocent young civilians in broad daylight in the high streets of Addis Ababa, the capital city. Slaughtering innocent citizens of all ages was not enough but also over 100, 000 ordinary citizens have been rounded up and extradited in masses by lorry tracks as disposable goods to the most hostile ‘concentration’ camps and jungle prison dungeons for torture and killing. There has happened, so much untold horrific stories one day history will recognize all those who have perished terribly under the hands of Mr.Zenawi’s murder squads. In the midst of all this catastrophic humanitarian crises, Ethiopians around the world have staged a concerted effort to campaign to alert the world, but regrettably the response has been too little and too late. This nightmare lasted over two years (200520007) before relative normality was resumed by Ethiopian standard. After lengthy and partly secret interventions and mediations most jailed leaders of the opposition party, journalists, member of civil societies were allegedly pardoned. It was such a one sided and muting deal that any attempt to disclose such terms cost Ms Birtukan Mideksa a life imprisonment again over a year ago. Ms Mideksa was the vice chairman of former CUD party, a mother and currently the head of the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party Ms and her party was perhaps the only viable opposition party at the time dare to reengage in the peaceful political arena.

Such draconian rule and absolute dictatorship that deprives citizens any right to engage in any political activities has forced many leaders, intellectuals and ordinary citizens to leave the country in despair.

Most Ethiopians have been appealing to the international community, leaders and individuals including Sir Bob Geldof, who have failed to respond to any of the letters and repeated calls.

Aid money for arms, private business and power is still all too obvious in Ethiopia by the current Ethiopian regime, perhaps this is only the tip of the iceberg. If only people such as Martin Plaut, dare to break the silence, the taboo, think outside the box and drill a bit more they certainly uncover the most heinous crimes committed by mankind ever in Ethiopia. May we also advise that any one who has the guts and commitment to pursue this could almost start straight away from such masses of correspondences and comments generated from Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia with the knowledge and experience about the current regime do highlight some insights?

The Devilish Intellect of Mr. Zenawi

However, never underestimate the devilish intellect of the TPLF’s mafia ring leader, Mr.Zenaw in master minding tricks with unimaginable ability and facility to sneak through the international stages and is able to rub shoulders with G20 leaders. He has also managed to infiltrate into the position of Copenhagen Climate Summit where he once again played his dirty tricks betraying Africa. He has invested millions and aligned many sympathizers including celebrities of all kinds and hired powerful lobbying agencies in Western governments and donor organizations around the world to silence the voices of Ethiopians, looting and destroying Ethiopia forever.

Mr.Zenaw and his most trusted cronies are still milking billions of dollars/pounds/Euros for the last two decades at the name and expense of dying Ethiopians where he stashed money in foreign banks with his money laundering agents around the world.

Mr.Zenawi’s real crimes in this modern day and age are equivalent to if not more than that of his predecessors; Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. But this evil man is even capable of deceiving so many so far he had won the backing or indifference of The White Men.

BandAid’s ‘Negative net benefit’ legacy for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

There is no question about the integrity, good intention and wellmeaning men and women of the world for their heart felt humanitarian mission to reach out and help their fellow mankind at the time of their most desperate moment such as famine and natural disaster.

But an absolute respect, gratefulness and honor to those people who passionately mobilized BandAid such as in 1985 and other subsequent aid assistance to Ethiopia. Unfortunately, there is also other ‘ugly mankind’ such as Mr.Zenaw and his cronies who are not only capable of abusing and misusing such honorable missions but also specialize and trade on it for their personal power base and building empire at the expense of millions of their citizens.

On the other hand overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem, urgency and desperation of the situation, some of the aid agencies may have overlooked putting in place accountability and transparent systems. Regardless, nobody should have a moral authority to criticize those now or at that time. However; when such facts are revealed however late it might seem, all should not only fully cooperate and engaged but should also be in the forefront of such investigations so that an important lesson is learnt and those who are still profiting from such ventures are brought to justice.

BandAids’ campaign has also brought, unfortunately, an unintended but ‘very powerful negative legacy’ to the perception and mindset of people around the world. This memory and legacy still freshly resonates in people’s minds which affect Ethiopians present day engagement at all levels. This creates a scare, stigma about Ethiopia and Ethiopians collectively as a constant nightmare haunting them down with depressing association.

This subject and issue alone dominates when Ethiopians are engaging routinely in social, business, political or private matters with other citizens of the world, shadowing Ethiopians long and proud history and civilization. For most Ethiopians of a young age at the time, we were not aware of such a campaign or did we not benefit from it as the whole world is led to believe, but we are constantly being reminded all the time and every where.

To mention some example of negative encounters:

Expectation of Ethiopians to be draught stricken, starved and skinny looking figures. This led many people to think that the famine was all over Ethiopia and to the present day.

The perception that all of Ethiopia is a desolate and barren landmass; most people still struggle to conceptualize, if one tries to explain to them about the modern and vibrant towns and beautiful green sceneries, lakes, rivers and historical heritages.

When traveling to Ethiopia people still think about carrying food supplies for all their duration with them, if one tries to recommend about the unique and delicious Ethiopian cuisine, people take it that you must be joking.

Association of high business risk; if one dares to propose a viable export/import business opportunities from and in Ethiopia, again most people take it that you are not talking about the same country.

So, I am afraid this is the day to day experience of Ethiopians around the world why we feel and believe that the net benefit of BandAid is negative as the beneficiaries were solely the mafia groups of TPLF while Ethiopians have to live with the scare and stigma for life.

Moreover, such activities tend to be a oneoff stage managed performances at the climax of such human crisis which lacks consistency and long term commitment.

Sadly, to date, Ethiopia is still in crises, a nation being hostaged by the TPLF gangsters inflicting a horrifying misery and disaster, but ignored. Unfortunately, these incidents are not attracting the attention of media and celebrities apparently it appears to be no longer saleable news.

Mr.Zenaw is staging a façade of another socalled election in this coming May 2010, forget the democratic outcome but only God help us how many innocent civilians he is prepared to kill this time round.
What does it take to think outside the box, break the silence and break the taboo?

Politicians and celebrities all too often have big egos and ‘passion’ which could blind and deafen their rational sights and ears in questioning and scrutinizing under the surface. We have relied so far on ‘big leaders’ to listen and investigate, expose our mistreatment by the very group (TPLF) claiming to be a government of the day which are still enjoying the baking of Western governments and institutions.

Maybe after all what it takes to unravel the ‘mystery’, challenge the unchallenged and break the silence is down to the perseverance of a talented journalist who doesn’t giveup against the odds in search of the truth. We are very grateful to Mr. Plaut not only for his initial investigation and starting the debate of the so called aid money in the wrong hands which undoubtedly proves his dedicated effort, ethical and professional curiosity to get to the bottom of matters, but also to take on his stride professionally all the bigmouths and institutional threats.

Finally, in Ethiopia’s case there are plenty of untold human tragic stories, but this is only perhaps the tip of the ice berg. Please! Please! continue your brave work! However; needless to say we are also aware of the brutal nature of the TPLF squad and we pray for your safety in your journey of exposing more uncomfortable truths.

God bless Ethiopia!

By Yegonchaw,

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