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Honorable Barack H. Obama

President of the United States of America (more…)

Honorable Barack H. Obama

President of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20500

President Barak Obama

It is evident that, man’s creational value and his inherent dignity is measured against the value and dignity he renders to fellow humanity. Humanity is an inalienable essence of being human which is a crown of one’s cultural identity and governing systems. When this crown assumes its rightful position as it ought to be, then our planet will experience subsequent peace, development, and democracy.

Your honor president Obama,

I am not an American citizen; I trace my origin from Ethiopia, in the ill-reputed Eastern African region, which is characterized in the vast world by starvation, lacking a bare minimum, forced incarceration and arbitrary imprisonment, heinous murder, and all sorts of human evils.

East Africa is where humanity is degraded, insulted, and furthermore, it is as if people are doomed to all troubles; it won’t be an exaggeration if one equates it with earthly hell. My attempt elucidate the human ignominy in this region fails me; a mere writing of it can’t reveal the extent to which a human being is degraded!

If a comparison should be made , a pet dog that is lucky enough to be born and raised in your part of the world is much better in terms of its entitlement to decent living standard such as in the acquisition of its rights to life, provision of food and shelter, in stark contrast to the people in this part of the world.

President Obama,

Is there any thing worse than witnessing such an ignominy on our planet, in this modern world of affluence and astounding human development? The irony to this phenomena is that these people are evidently endowed with all the natural resources it takes for one to develop ,yet due to lack of good governance , they couldn’t even rightly utilize their resources as it ought to be. All most all those who came to the power were and are still bent on enthroning themselves and bankrolling their stay in power at the expense of the populace, through the instrument of building an iron-clad army, rather than investing on building up democracy and sustainable development .As a result , their despicable act and inclination makes this region an insult to being human.

Mr. President,

I have one question to you , Where is the precious resources in the world found? As far as I am concerned our world precious resources are not in the earth rather in the humans mind. When people take their right position and think freely, they can definitely maximize their potential. As a result scarcity of natural resources, can’t be a bone of continuation-so to speak. We can only achieve the maximization of these potentials in the air, water, and under the earth , by first recognizing the dignity of human beings and making sure that people have the right freely think and communicate. When humans start to use their full potential there will not be scarcity of natural resources.

Your honor,

Could there be any loss if all respective nations’ mutual benefit and common market where to be synchronized in such a manner as to recognize humanity as a crown of all human existence? Never, Never, Never! On the contrary, the world could have been a better place to live in.

It is insane to think as it is widely rumored that ill reputed dictators subject their own people under a barrel of a gun; as the same time keeping the national benefits of developed nations. Is it true that ,these anti-human right s guarantee the sustainable national benefits of those developed nations , the US being chief among them? As far as I am concerned, these dictators are rather stumbling blocks to American endeavor of building common values in most parts of the world. By any measurement , they can’t be sharing any communality with Americans ,so to speak. Where as American people think in equality and hold human dignity in high status, these ill reputed dictators are very contrary to that, Hence, they prove to have a negative influence on the American endeavor to gather momentum from all corners and came up with a common value.

Your honor,

The repercussion of human indignity that emanates in east Africa has a far reaching effect, as it is believed to be the origin of human kind it is an indignity to all humanity! these same dictators who are bent on a smear campaign against humanity are attempting to convince their donors and the other part of the world people , It takes a lot of time and ‘’maturity’’ for the oppressed people to bear democracy-they even go to the extent of sarcasm and tell the people that they are not capable of embracing democracy; considering their perceived “immaturity and irresponsibility”

President Obama,

It is sarcastic to think about their misguided claim against exercising democracy! How comes that we can not bear democracy; where as we could bear the brunt of insult, imprisonment, murder and all sorts of ills? How on earth we can not manage or afford to free think, to be part of development, and to safe guard our own rights as humans? On the contrary, any sane person agrees it is out of the natural phenomena to entertain imprisonment and murder.

Mr. President,

Democracy in a real sense is some thing whose burden is easy , and whose yoke is simple. No one ever created or claimed to have invented Human rights , They are our inherent calling of humanity. Even the struggle for human right is an acts of preserving and restoring this natural gift. Democracy is not an end by itself rather it is a means of humanity development.

Your Honor,

Most of these very bad dictators have three dimensional faces. One that claims to represent peoples’ stability democracy ; having a disguised appearance with seeming hunger for justice. The mask that obliterates it is none other than a constitution on paper, but far from being implemented in a right manner it deserves. This aspect of their face is visible to you and which is used as a pretext to solicit funds in the name of the starved mass, and latter which is channeled to acquire weapons of destruction to be used for perpetration of oppression to be used for perpetration of oppression.

Their second face is very deceptive and the one shown only to those in their circle of interest. These are few people whom they indulge them in to a corrupt practice and subsequently made to be less of a human. Such Hench-men are denied of their rights-apart from meeting their basic needs. They are subjected to a web of complicated eavesdropping, which they can not escape from such act serves the purpose of prolonging anti-human right leaders in power.

Their third face is the one visible to the mass, and it reminds one that of chieftain of the abyss, namely the devil !. It is a representation of mercilessness, one which clearly speaks for itself that they are willing to sacrifice the mass, in order to further their own gain at the expense of the poor. These bad dictators derive pleasure from perpetrating untold atrocities on their own people. Witnessing such incidents make one to lose hope in life, despair being a human being worse enough; it forces one not to have a vision toward a bright world.

President Obama,

I was an ardent and enthusiastic follower of your campaign, for presidency. I earnestly admire your vision to humanity. You promised to cloth emaciated bodies of the poor people with a flesh that it deserves; through making sure that their farms flourish once again with life giving vitality.; such a sacred purpose is confronted with an arch foe, which comes in a form of anti-humanity governance.

Your Honor,

Dictators are our common enemies. They are the one who put a stumbling block on the way of world peace, development, and equality. Say NO YOU CAN”T for dictators and say YES YOU CAN for oppressed.

President Obama,

My intention in writing this letter is not to coerce the united states of America to fight for the rights of these oppressed people on their behalf, while they are seated with folded hands; rather it is aimed at appealing to your honor personally and your country as a whole to wield the power vested on you from God , under the sun ,in order to mobilize powerful countries to raise against anti-humanity , for it is obvious that God has bestowed on you a magnanimous responsibility of leading one of the supper power nations in the world. When you stand for human right with your maximum effort , the spirit of oppressed poor people will revive and also the American religious leaders , humanitarian activists, and the people as a whole will be glade.

When Human right is violated in a certain part of the world, it should pain all parts of the world, and it should be a reason to facilitate for compassionate governance that has the interest of all humanity at heart. Humanity is our Common element.

President Obama,

There are millions of Obamas in East Africa, who can astound the whole world with their acumen for political leadership and innovation as you do/are, but, are gagged and made to not walk with heads high due to lack of fundamental right of liberty.

When you won the election these poor people were elated like Americans; because of your clearly stated vision for our planet. Let these poor people see your high respect for humanity. You can exercise your authority and credibility with its full momentum for the sake of safeguarding human right.

I am to wrap up my letter that has the tears and groaning of millions over millions of people as a driving force behind. I am writing this letter , not from Ethiopia where free press, free jurisdiction , free police, free thinking, are all but non-existent, under a brutal government that runs all supposedly democratic institutions single-handedly, rather I am writing from where I reside in Korea , as I am savoring the sweet aroma of democracy. I call it off here.

I hereby submit a copy of this piece to you and another copy to the God of heaven
May God bless your Government and your nation
May He also wipe the tears of the oppressed

Thank you !

Geletaw Zeleke

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