Raswork Mengesha

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Melse zenawi’s savagery seems to know no bounds. He locked up our leader Judge Birtukan for more than a year now. she is under excruciating conditions. Her health condition has deteriorated to such an extent that it has become our cause for grave concern. She cannot get a proper medical attention; no body is allowed to pay her a visit except her mother and Daughter,

While this is the fact on the ground, Zenawi wants us to believe that Judge Birtukan was in excellent health condition, and she is even gaining weights as result of the excessive nourishment she gets in prison that should have been checked by work outs.

There is no other instance that could better showcase Zenawi’s defining character: annoyingly compulsive lair; and that he enjoys making fun out of the suffering of his own fellow countrymen &women.

From this situation one can also see that Zenawi is still reckoning with”jungle mentality”: treating political opponents like sworn enemies. Thus Zenawi deals with his charismatic &popular opponents by imprisoning, killing or sending them into exile.
IT is our firm belief that unless and otherwise the international community exert due pressure, Melese zenawi will never release Judge Birtukan before it is too late to treat her conditions in any medical procedure possible.

Zenawi did it in the past with out suffering any political consequences. He incarcerated the legendary dissident Professor Asrat Woldeyes denying him access to the basic amenities. He refused to release the ailing professor until he is too weak to positively respond to any kind of medical attention. Now Zenawi is doing it again .This time against a young, out- spoken, intelligent fierce opponent with strong popular base.

Call for release of judge Birtukan:

Our ancient country Ethiopia is experiencing a mounting political tension with a potential of eruption into yet another civil war that could disintegrate the country and further destabilize the sub-region. International political analysts have already labeled Ethiopia as “a fragile nation”. Obviously the responsibility for the fermentation of this political crisis squarely rests on the ethnocentric, dictatorial administration of the TPLF, which operates its systematically arranged oppression machines under the euphemisms of good governance, democracy, security, law and order.

Neutral and well-respected international organizations of human rights, and civil societies as well as the media have time and again testified the oppressive and inhumane nature of the TPLF regime. Among several atrocities perpetrated over the last 19 years by the TPLF regime against its own people, one that stood out in our recent memory, is the massacre of over 200 unarmed civilians protesting over the 2005 general election fraud. The TPLF regime has shamelessly defended its genocidal act as a legitimate act taken to maintain law and order.

And now, on this election year, as a part of its well planed and organized terror campaign aimed to secure quiet and undisputed victory, TPLF has thrown the leader of our party, UDJ, Judge Bertukan Mideksa, back to jail along with hundreds of our active members and supporters, under various excuses and set ups .The pretext TPLF used to imprison our leader for more than a year now is nothing but the speech she made to her supporters at series of gatherings held in Europe and the US.

TPLF professes commitment to ensure level grounds for free and fair election, while incarcerating a leader of a major opposition party in its notorious jail, which is not fit to accommodate animals let alone human beings. This is none other than a mockery and an offence on the intelligence of the international community.

In addition to imprisoning our leader, TPLF has been masterminding several undercover attacks and killings of our party members and supporters, particularly in regional towns and rural areas. Public meetings organized by our party have been frequent targets of TPLF sponsored mob attacks.

In light of these undisputed, well-documented facts, we request the international community to unanimously denounce TPLF the gross human rights violations and brutal repression of democratic rights in that country. In particular, we request the EU to exert utmost pressure on the TPLF regime to affect the immediate release of Our Leader from prison where she is serving life term , handed down by TPLF kangaroo court.

Judge Bertukan has already entered the list of high profile political prisoner around the world by the US State Department. So far, calls for the release of Judge Bertukan by several international organizations have fallen on the deaf ears of the TPLF regime. TPLF’s refusal to release our leader succinctly encapsulates its blatant disregard and disrespect for the values of human rights, democracy ,justice and accountability.

We do hope that the international community would come to realize the gravity of the situation in our country, and act in timely and effective manner before things spiral out of control. The international community should not allow Zenawi’s regime to get away with the crimes it is committing against its own people. We strongly believe that Zenawi has to be held accountable for his actions.

We will remain steadfast and rally around the noble cause our gallant freedom fighter Judge Birtukan is sacrificing herself for.

Ethiopian living in Sweden and Denmark must be ready for mass demonstration.

Long live Ethiopia!

Raswork Mengesha

  1. Real Ethiopian
    | #1

    You were a number one supporter of EPRDF, You used to go to the Ambassador residence (I am sure you remember your friend, Ambassador Tewold). You were a co founder of ERSIS and board member. The chair man was the late professor Kinfe Abraham. I remember how active you were. In fact you used to tell that you have learnt Tigrigna from your times in Massawa and became a Tigringa speaker during this period. How can one change colour like a chameleon. You are a very excellent example of what the opposition is about. You did not get or achieve what you want personally from the EPRDF, then you change channel. It is sad. Ethiopia lucks genuine opposition. Disappointed and self centred individuals can not fill the space.

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