Rewarding Wrongdoing – By Bekele Debela Woyecha, United Kingdom.

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Ethiopians are once again to witness Meles Zenawi being rewarded for his yet other wrongdoing. (more…)

Ethiopians are once again to witness Meles Zenawi being rewarded for his yet other wrongdoing. It was not that long since he was widely criticised by African leaders and other prominent human rights defenders and climate change campaigners for betraying Africa during the climate change conference that took place in Copenhagen in December 2009. It has now been normal for the Ethiopian tyrant to be rewarded for all his wrongdoings as we have seen him on different international platforms, be it political, economic, climate or any other important meetings despite resistance from human rights defenders, civic groups and pro democracy media outlets. The Ethiopian despot will once again co-chair the new High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing as he has been selected by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon along with Gordon Brown of Britain. The meeting will take place on 31st March 2010 in London and it is expected to study the potential sources of revenue. Of course the Ethiopian dictatorial ruler will use the opportunity to strike a deal to his interest and seek financial assistance from Britain and others which he would in return use to silence dissents. The tyrant has been hungry for money for decades even when his fellow citizens in whose name he was waging war were dying from famine. We recall the recent revelations by the BBC world service. Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia know that Meles Zenawi and his regime are badly in need of money as they have to build many more concentration camps and prisons before the forthcoming election. They are presently spending sleepless nights with fear of public unrest following the so-called election that would take place in May 2010, which many people think to be neither free nor fair. It is the prime minister and his junta that have created the ethnic tension by controlling every sector of the economy and the country as if the country and its people were under slavery. It is the junta that have created the tension by using inflammatory techniques that could endanger the lives of innocent people. It is the same junta that have incarcerated the leader of the main opposition, Birtukan Midekisa and other political activists and human rights defenders. It is the same group that have started terrorising fellow citizens before even the election has taken place. How can we have a credible election in a country where the entire electoral machine is used to the interest of a few cliques?

We have recently heard from the tyrant that he will use everything under the sun to punish those who oppose his divide and rule principles. The prime minister has made it public that his regime is compiling evidence to persecute citizens for their political difference. Hence it is high time to confront the Ethiopian dictator before many more lives are lost following the so-called election. It is another opportunity for Ethiopians and those who stand for human rights and democracy to come together to protest against the presence of Zenawi in the London meeting. The best place the Ethiopian tyrant could be is the dock in the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the crimes he and his comrade in arms have committed against humanity in different parts of the country, such as Addis Ababa, Gambella, Awasa, Ogaden and other parts. He should not be part of the international community that cares for the future of the world as he never cares for his fellow citizens. There should be no place for tyrants in this world. Hence we should unite and come together as one voice to stop the long suffering of the voiceless Ethiopian people. It is only by standing up to dictators in unity that we can liberate ourselves and many others from tyranny. As the renowned American thinker once put it. “If men, through fear, fraud, or mistake, should in terms renounce or give up any natural right, the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such renunciation. The right to freedom being the gift of Almighty God, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave.”

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