TPLF ‘silencing its critics’ before election – BBC

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The Ethiopian government is waging a sustained attack on its opponents in the run-up to an election in May, US-based Human Rights Watch says. (more…)

The Ethiopian government is waging a sustained attack on its opponents in the run-up to an election in May, US-based Human Rights Watch says.

The group accuses the ruling EPRDF party of using its control of local government to withhold services and job opportunities from political opponents.

The activists also said new laws had severely restricted the activities of activist groups and journalists.

Government officials said the claims were ridiculous and outrageous.

Spokesman Bereket Simon told the BBC that the report was aimed at tarnishing the image of the country.

Deadly protests

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was hailed as one of a new generation of democratic African leaders in the 1990s, but rights groups have increasingly accused him of cracking down on his critics.

One of the country’s most prominent independent newspapers – the weekly Addis Neger – was closed in November.

And last week Mr Zenawi admitted to jamming transmissions from the Voice of America’s Amharic language service, accusing it of broadcasting “destabilising propaganda”.

“Expressing dissent is very dangerous in Ethiopia,” said Georgette Gagnon, Human Rights Watch Africa director.

“The ruling party and the state are becoming one and the government is using the full weight of its power to eliminate opposition and intimidate people.”

The BBC’s Will Ross says opposition groups disputed the last election results in 2005, but when protestors took to the streets, they were shot.

Reports of the number of people killed varied between 50 and almost 200.

Human Rights Watch says the government has ensured these events will not be repeated when the country votes on 23 May, because there is no longer any way to protest.

Mr Bereket dismissed the claims and said people had a constitutional right to stage demonstrations.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1


    Millions of Oromos,Tigreans and Eritreans were systematicaly etNocleansed genocided by the last Amhara dominated governments(from 1930-1991).

  2. mateos
    | #2

    Meles and his boss Bereket are in their final hours; no matter how much they try to twist things around. They may bark, “Issayas or shaebia”, they may bark democracy, they may bark terrorism, they may bark economic progress, they bark global worming, they may bark election 2010, they may bark or jam VOA; and THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUETHFUL SCENARION ABOUT ALL OF THEIR BARKS: THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE WOULD LIVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY- – NOT BACK TO THE FEATURE WHERE MELES AND HIS BOSS WOULD LIKE THEM TO LIVE. Meles, his boss Bereket, and the rest of the weyane mafia family will be captured and serve time together in the dangeons of Addis; then there will be peace and prosperity in Ethiopia and if there is peace in Ethiopia there will be peace in Somalia and Eritrea!!!

  3. justice for all
    | #3

    #1, stop lying, only fools believe your fabricated story. You must be one of those along Issayas and Meles who made up this fiction to create division among Ethiopians. Haile Selassie was a mix race and so is Mengestu. Comparing Haile Selassie and Mengestu with tyrant Meles is comparing night and day.
    During Haile and Mengestu their cabinet members and their Highest Ranking Men and Women in the Ethiopian military were diverse from every ethnic group. But, now, as the recent report have shown, the whole high-ranking military leaders are taken by all TPLF members. Yes the other tyrant Mengestu had killed so many innocent young men and women, but at least he never sold his country’s land to foreigners and he did not rob Ethiopians blind as the members of TPLF have been doing since they came to power. At least try to have some credibility and argue with some truth.

  4. Mote Leleboche
    | #4

    Abugida should alert its readers on the coming of Meles Zenawi to London next Wednesday, March 31, 2010. There is a rally organized by Ethiopians in London which is posted two days ago on some websites missing on this site. This rally deserves proper space on your web page.

    March 31, 2010 is very important day to condemn Meles Zenawi and Gordon Brown. Like his predecessor Tony Blair who shook the blood socked hand of Meles Zenawi after he ordered the murder of opposition supporters five years ago, Gordon Brown is hugging his darling.

    Gordon Brown is welcoming the food aid looter, human right abuser, pre election terrorist and silencer to speak about environment. This is an insult to Ethiopians.

    Gordon Brown and UN should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Osama Bin Laden to co-chair “terrorism conference” that is exactly what they are doing by inviting Meles Zenawi to speak on environment next Wednesday in London.

    Meles Zenawi is the enemy of Ethiopians and those who are helping him to stay in power by organizing a fake election are our enemies too. NO !! to Meles Zenawi and NO!!! to Gordon Brown who goes to bed with criminal.

  5. Ferenj lebaw
    | #5

    Mr. Anonymous ice age, I am a minority member of the Ethiopian ethnics population. I don’t see myself as a slave. I am a courageous Ethiopian. you are one of those minority ethnics that have minority complexes and you need to examine yourself. You are an epidemic to society and yourself, a time bomb ready to defamate your own soul, an illitrate suicide bomber. You think you can outmanouver the Amhara with your guns. Idiot, you can not even count let alone mitigate the risk of Kaos. Don’t get it wrong. It only takes organization to get rid of your minority ass. A majority doesn’t need guns. It just needs to get pieced off. Don’t have a power trip and get us all killed. Collaborate to be a winning Ethiopian and a winning country. Hater,you are way too backward for the today’s world. You must have been EPRDF educated. What a mouron.

  6. Gobena
    | #6

    denez weyane . Bante bet ye tikuret aktacha maskeyerih new. denzaza

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