Will the EU embark in the farse, by observing Ethiopian elections while main opposition leader is jailed for life? – Free Birtukan Medeksa

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At the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly meeting this week in Tenerife (Canary Island, Spain), MEP Ana Gomes (S&D, Portugal) questioned the European Commission on the credibility of the coming elections in Ethiopia if, apart from the lack of media freedom and other crucial conditions, the leader of the main opposition party could not run for the elections for having been thrown in jail, for life, by the regime of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

Commissioner Piebalgs, responsible for Development, stated that the imprisonment of “popular” Ms. Birtukan Medeksa “can undermine the credibility of elections” and that that view had been conveyed by the EU Commission to the Ethiopian authorities. Nevertheless, he informed, High Representative Ashton had just made the decision to send a EU Election Observation Mission to Ethiopia.

For Ana Gomes this is “disturbing news”.

“I fear the EU will embark in legitimising a farse. As Head of the EU Election Observation Mission in 2005 I know that Meles Zenawi regime, despite all the rethoric on transition to democracy and development, only seeks international endorsement to continue its oppressive and repressive rule in Ethiopia”, Ana Gomes said.

Ana Gomes noted that Ms. Birtukan Medeksa, a 36 years old African woman politician and a young mother, was jailed for a pretext which cannot be a crime in any democratic country She was sentenced for life in 2008 for having publicly stated that she was forced to sign a pardon request, upon which in 2007 she was released from jail, where she had been since the massive opposition arrests in the aftermath of the 2005 elections.

MEP Gomes also alerted to reports that Ms. Birtukan Medeksa is now being denied medical assistance in Kaliti prison.

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  1. alula
    | #1

    what ethiopian say about ISSAYAS the GREAT
    know you guys will fart by this post but it is true Issayas would have done based his record in Eritrea the last 20 years.

    If Issayas was Ethiopia PM 20 years ago, he would not give away Ethiopian lands to Sudan despite he was financed his struggle by Sudan.

    Issayas would not sale Ethiopian lands to foreign countries at any cost, rather he could have mobilize all Ethiopians to work harder and brought a lot of tractors and push Ethiopian skilled people to work in the fields and eradicated starvation from the face of Ethiopia 10 years ago.

    Issayas could not accept any donations or beg any country on behalf of Ethiopia, he rather produces enough crops to feed all Ethiopians and export the extra crops produced in the country.

    Issayas would not the slave of American and invaded Somalia for the interest of America rather he may take over the whole Somalia and united with Ethiopia to stabilize the region.

    Issayas would not allow any Ethiopian to loot Ethiopian treasuries and allow anyone to import fancy goods from abroad by embezzling Ethiopian hard currency reserve.

    Issayas would never install his wife to run any company as CEO

    Issayas would not allow any foreign religions other than the traditional religions existed for centuries in Ethiopia.

    Issays would not allow all the Mosque built in every corner of Addis Ababa and other cities around the country.

    Issayas would not allow Idol and break dance the ghetto culture and weird hair style our men have today in Ethiopia to destroy the youth brains.

    Ethiopia could have been in a good hand and strong father, not orphan fatherless Ethiopia today.

    Ethiopia would not have paid over $10 billion dollars for port fees since we would have our own ports.

    ONLF, OLF TPDM, EPP, G7 and others would not have existed today and making all the troubles Ethiopians are facing and spending all the resources and death of so many people in those regions.

    Ethiopia would not have war against Shaebia and wasted over $3 billion dollars and over 100k Ethiopians died and buried at the borders.

    Most likely Issayas could have change Ethiopian national language from Amharic to English to accommodate all ethnics on fare ground to advance Ethiopian youths.

  2. true
    | #2


    The Brussels group to come to Ethiopia to observe for election is a hoax! Meles paid billions to these groups so that they can falsely say that Meles has won the election! Even if Meles now kills people, they will give him green light. So the point is, either sacrifice for your country as one Ethiopia supporting Medrek or just continue Meles rule. Shame on Hailu Shawel for dividing the people and weakening Medrek which embraces Birtucan, many tribes that really is genuine! As usual , these narrow minded are going to betray Ethiopia as they did Prof. Asrat. Down with greedy people who are in fact anti Ethiopia while they are screaming for one Ethiopia! Medrek embraces and will unite Ethiopians from all walks of life.

  3. Sam
    | #3

    Ana Gomes is a woman who have no idea to distingush Right from Wrong . Ethiopia is a Great country with a Visionary Great leader, Meles Zenawi .This days Ethiopia is Enjoying a fast Economical growth and freedom of expression is enjoyed by every Ethiopians the country free private Newspapers and Magazines are the result of great Gvernment policy. the avove commentater ” alula ” must be crazy ‘ God bless Ethiopia

  4. goitom
    | #4

    Sam you better focus on attacking the substance of the idea or opinion orchestrated by Ms. Ana Gomes rather than telling us she is a woman and therefore she doesn’t have the capacity to make rational judgment. T think this reveals your idiocy and chauvinism. Know that thousands of woman have shown great character, intellect and wisdom. Women have shown that they are competent decision makers. Your testimony for Zenawi’s leadership quality is one thing but justifying it with evidence is another. Again your illiteracy has compelled you to blindly heed to Zenawi’s destructive vision. Stupid commentators like you are the ones sustaining Zenawi’s evil regime on the shoulders of the Ethiopian people. Unless we begin a cleansing campaign of dulls like you, there is no way. Sam if you recognize that the ruling party’s media outlet are the only newspapers in Ethiopia, yeah there is freedom of expression for nonsense EPRDF cadres and their fans. But there is no such freedom of expression for courageous Ethiopians who have independent thinking. But for guys like you who are the downpipes of a corrupt dictator you do not need freedom of expression. Because you don’t understand what it means to be free and you are subhuman full stop.

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