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Hundreds of Ethiopians on Wednesday said Ethiopia’s ruthless tyrant Meles Zenawi deserves to stand before the International Criminal Court in The Hague and not represent Africa at the Climate Talks. (more…)

Hundreds of Ethiopians on Wednesday said Ethiopia’s ruthless tyrant Meles Zenawi deserves to stand before the International Criminal Court in The Hague and not represent Africa at the Climate Talks.

The protesters called on Western governments to stop extending aid to a man who has held a nation of over 80 million people hostage to his divisive and destructive politics of ethnicity.

The activists, who included elders and youths braving a severe London weather, chanted that history will judge [British Prime Minister] Gordon Brown, for financing someone who has committed genocide, perpetuated repression and poverty. The demonstrators also called for the release of Birtukan Mideksa, the prominent opposition leader widely regarded as the female Mandela of Ethiopia but has been thrown in jail for over a year.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has been in power since 1991, when he single-handedly lobbied for UN support to recognize Ethiopia as a landlocked nation, and has ever since committed serious crimes, including crimes against humanity, war crimes and what is known as the Gambella Genocide.

In the aftermath of the 2005 election, Zenawi forces killed at least 200 protesters in Addis Ababa while jailing the entire opposition leadership, and ran five detention camps each of which housed tens of thousands of opposition supporters, a measure very harsh even by African standards.

  1. tafesse
    | #1

    Was it really hundreds or is there something wrong with the camera? I see only 30 or so second generation former Ethiopians.

    | #2

    If Gordon Brown loves his yes master boy Nazi meles,that tells us that Britain and the West still are into their old games,of putting these African Dictators in power so they can kill and destroy innocent African People and their Resources.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    መለስ ዚናዊ ትሊቅ ሰይታን የኢትዮፕያ ተላት

  4. Alebu
    | #4

    Good job, Londoners. Help tighten the noose. We will all help the Ethiopian people , God help us, hang meles. He is in his way out.
    Even the IMF can lo longer support him. They are tired of the ‘cooked up’ numbers they get regarding the economy from Meles. They have now openly came out and have demanded that the Central Statistical Agency of the minority regime provide ‘reliable and accurate’ numbers.

  5. Lord Thomas H
    | #5

    Most of these demonstrators are Red Terror actors.Directly or indirectly their hand is soaked with blood.As most of them are uneducated,they are all on welfares(on dechassa).They have no future and hope.In my view,these people should be locked in a zoo.They are not fit enough to live with humans.They are sub-humans.

  6. Ferenj Lebaw
    | #6

    We Ethiopians do not have ethnic problems. Those who write and exaggerate ethnic situations should be investigated for their writings and be asked for evidences. We should start believing they are serving the white man’s mission in Ethiopia via Meles cronies. These type of Ethiopians usually have ethnic complexes and we should be able to identify them, point our fingers and say you have the devil in you. They love to talk about ethnic this, ethnic that….. Ethiopia has been a blessed country for centuries. We should as well condemn any foreign media that writes about ethnic problems in our country, because the problem doesn’t exist. They are trying to make it existent with their ficticious rebel fights here and there. The Afar conflict is all a theatre. It is created by Meles cronies. They bombard places, shoot guns overnight, kill few, and claim through ferenj media there was a rebel’s attack last night, bla bla. They are the one’s creating the crisis. It is all ficticious and a drama. Who are they fooling? Ferenj can dream on to separate Ethiopians by language differernces. We know what is up? Bob Marley once said I and I will see you through and we are doing it.

  7. visitor
    | #7

    re TAFESSE

  8. atuba dolla
    | #8

    Zinawi is visibly nervous;and mostly dingutt when he faces Ethiopians;so are messengers of distructions on the pay list.The shelf-life of those paid messengers is limited as their survivalbiity is entirely dependent upon the existence of the unwanted regime and those of looters who established it.

    Ethiopians in UK in particular are tough and determined as the rest of Ethiopians who joined them;londoners don’t preach;they do act.whereas Zinawi preaches and sins.Zinawi’s Cadres don’t have flavor and will be digarded for the mice to consume on them.

  9. Asse
    | #9

    You people and agia it is not how many people were there that is important it is the message.Did you get it.

  10. Real Ethiopian
    | #10

    I read, most of you are children of Derg, children of old corrupt Amharas (not to be mixed with the genuine and innocent mass who were the same victims as the Tigreans and Oromos during the Hailesselassie and Derg). You are disappointed because you lost your privileges at the cost of all who were not in power, the mass. If you people were to size power, hundreds of thousands would be killed if they would be against your interest (800 000 were killed by Derg). You are all psychopaths. Go and join your lord in Zembabwe and let my people be. Saying this I want to warn the EPRDF not to be pwoer hungry and run a fair election process

  11. Real Ethiopian
    | #11

    I mean,
    EPRDF has a big responsibility to see that the election process is fair.

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