The rights of Birtukan Mideska and the principled rights of UDJ’s Officials to visit her in Prison. – By Teodros Kiros (Ph.D)

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If the ruling regime’s Prime Minister it true to his words that Birtukan is in

“perfect condition”, he should then command the prison guards to visit the

prisoner, who is wasting away her youth and considerable intelligence in Kaliti

I appeal to the prime minister to let UDJ’s officials visit the chairman of
their own party. Such a move will give the election credibility in the eyes of
Ethiopian voters and the observing world.

Let the officials observe for themselves and judiciously report to the anxious
Ethiopian public. Seeing is believing. Not seeing is disbelieving.

At such a tense time, it makes no sense to play right against, dignity, and
respect against humiliation.

A sound leader of a ruling regime will act as a mature leader and create a
peaceful atmosphere for the elections to take place smoothly and
democratically. Only then would the nervous Ethiopian public trust the prime
minister’s words that Birtukan is in perfect condition, or else the public
would rightly conclude that the prime minister is hiding something.

I appeal to the prime minister not to create the condition of war, at the wrong
time, for the wrong reason, at the wrong space and in the wrong way.

  1. koster
    | #1

    Meles/Woyane is smart at eliminating what they consider as “enemies”. It is very unfortunate but Birtukan will face the same fate as Professor Asrat but how long will this rule by terror (state terrorism) continues?

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