Ethiopian Elections Strained by Shenanigans

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“The Ethiopian government is waging a coordinated and sustained attack on political opponents, journalists, and rights activists ahead of the May 2010 elections”, Human Rights Watch said in a recent report. On May 23, 2010, Ethiopians will vote in the first parliamentary elections in Ethiopia since 2005, when the post-election period was marred by controversy and bloodshed. Security forces loyal to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi killed 193 people in the aftermath of disputed 2005 elections and thousands more were jailed.

The Ethiopian Americans Council (EAC) is alerting elected officials and associates that the upcoming May 23rd elections are being rigged by the TPLF/EPRDF though rigorous control of the media, elections boards and the country’s security apparatus. The voting process should be is a form of free speech, but the EAC has compiled reports showing the Ethiopian election environment is already strained by shenanigans, widespread fears and undue pressure on voters by unfair and illegal vote canvassing. Ill-treatments, harassment, killings and imprisonment of opposition candidates, party members and their supporters are widespread.

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  1. atuba dolla
    | #1

    Guns and Bullets don’t vote people do.Zinawi is extremely angry at Ethiopians and has already dispatched heavly armed cadres throughtout Ethiopia to ambush voters and robe off their invaluable vote.In 2005 Ethiopians crushed Zinawi and its unwanted regime to a complete defeat.To Zinawi,guns and bullets is an option;Zinawi’s security forces murdered many,many Ethiopians in just few hours.

    Guns and Bullets don’t vote people do.Zinawi has remained a fugitive for the last 19 years hiding behind his security forces blaming everyone and everything else for his utter failures.This man can not get it;he just can’t chiefly because he could not step out of the old and dictatorial track sees himself how much a lacks people skill.Guns and Bullets don’t vote people do.

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