Kinijit North America formation of Youth League conference successfully completed.

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Abugida / July 5, 2007

Kinijit North America formation of Youth League conference successfully completed at Hilton Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

The Conference was an important milestone, hosted with the support of Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America and Kinijit North America Association of Organizations, and attended by Kinijit International members, human right advocates and Kinijit North America Youth League founding members from: Dallas, DC-Metro, Las Vegas, Minnesota and Boston. Kinijit Youth from Atlanta and Uganda sent out letters stressing their solidarity with the Youth Movement.

The opening of the conference was with the Premier of Betrayal of Democracy in Ethiopia followed by speeches:

- Artist and Human Right Activist Tamagne Beyene stressed the importance of the Youths participation in the struggle for freedom and democracy and our responsibility on passing of the struggle to the younger generation.

- Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam of Coalition for H.R. 2003 emphasized that H.R. 2003 needs the support of the Youth.

-Ato. Berhane Mewa, a member of Kinijit international congratulated the youths on their struggle and affirmed that the heroes in kaliti will get the news about the formation of the youth league by tomorrow.

Newly Elected Transitional Coordinating Committee members are:

-Tesfaye Mamo, Meeting Coordinator from DC-Metro

-Michael Deribie, Vice Meeting Coordinator from Boston

-Tsigie Beshah, Secretary.

Prior to the conference, The Youths attended a session sponsored by TESHAI CONFERENCE.
The session included prominent Ethiopian speakers such as Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam; Selam Mulugeta, a Special Assistant to Congressman Mike Honda and Alemayehu of Kinijit DC-Metro sharing their perspectives on grass root movements.

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    nunu Says:
    July 6th, 2007 at 6:58 pm e

    very,,,vey great job!! God bless you!!

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    Mimi Says:
    July 6th, 2007 at 7:44 pm e

    Evil Meles and his followers should know that Ethiopia is a mother of millions and millions. Meles and Shebhate will go to hell, and Ethiopia will live forever. Not to long from now, we will talk about how son of a witch Meles was. The next generation readiness and an indication of this fact…

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    kendie Says:
    July 6th, 2007 at 8:44 pm e

    Well done, this is what guaranties to model the future democrat leaders. Today our country is bleeding abundantly because of lack of honest leaders, those truly disinterested, who are ready die by advancing the struggle for redemption from our mental slavery. I dare say that because Ethiopia the only black nation who fought valiantly to prevent from being subjected by outsider, we never being able to win against ourselves. Look what is going on everyday in Ethiopia and Eritrea two same people agonizing under so called civilized leaders,democrats, self appointed presidents, prim ministers, modern era emperors , the peoples are starving they are building their empire laughing like Julius. Again for me the mid age generation is a lost generation, every body is saying if Mengistu, Melesse or Legesse did it, I can do it, I can get there and make myself a multi-millionaire like them, if it’s not the case why we cannot build consensus around ideas, there are only one right solution and many different approaches for any given problem. We have to free ourselves to accept someone’s right opinion and give up ours if it’s not one ” la raison le plus fort est toujours le meilleur” from French, close translation ” the stronger reasoning is the better approach” it require mental strength to identify the right approaches no matter who gets it first, for common goal ” THE COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE”
    Kill the I,I,I Build the WE, WE, WE. I got to stop here until next time good bye everybody, keep up the good work, win against yourself first, so your country benefit from it.

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    Muluemebet Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 12:29 am e

    its very embarassing to Hijjack the ethiopian SPORT event to a Political theater

  5. | #5

    Netsanet Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 4:52 am e


    It is our right to advance our cause whenever possible. Do not try to intimedate us by trying to justify that sport and politics don’t mix. Weather you like it or not they both are parts of our everyday life. and you cannot pick one leaving the other.Infact ethiopian sport should be used more than ever to strength our nationalizm in a time where there is a government that is determined to break the ethiopian spirit at any cost.

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    hayalnet Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 5:25 am e

    Wow! How an interesting News it is.
    The youths will play key role in the future struggle for Democracy.
    Therefore, please keep it up!

    Thank you to all who initiated and performed!

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    j.p.h Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 8:05 am e

    What a great Patriotic job done?
    This excellent example should be spread through out the glob wherever we Ethiopians live.
    Thank you indeed!

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    TATEK Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 9:41 am e

    What have ESFNA with AAPO/knijit to do?

  9. | #9

    TATEK Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 9:49 am e

    KENDIE !! Do you think the future democratic leaders of Ethiopian will be born in Dallas,Minisota or DC area ??

    Why not , but please tell them ( if you come acros
    any of them ) Kality is by no means an alternativ
    they have got to go through the Ethiopian parlament. please.

    take care

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    yikerbelen Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 11:44 am e

    congratulation to all with the formation of kinijit’s north america youth league. The formation of ethiopians’ youth in diaspora will open a new opportunities to all youths to stand together, and involve in their country’s politics and stand by the ethiopia’s ppl at home for the struggle for freedom and democracy. I strongly believe that such a holly formation of KNAY league will follow all over the world under an umbrella of kinijit’s international youths league. GOD bless all of you. you are ethiopia’s future bright hope. amen

  11. | #11

    yikerbelen Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 11:46 am e

    tatek,what do you think about TPLF’S EVILE action against the wish’e of ethiopia’s ppl under the cover of eprdf?

  12. | #12

    Mohamed Ahmed Says:
    July 7th, 2007 at 8:47 pm e

    hey guys,
    Watch out, here again weyane’s cadres may infiltrate into the newly formed kinjit youth league.We need to be very careful, especially those who talk to much….

  13. | #13

    your people did that for the past 17 years and they will continue to cry for ever, so help your self Weyane help you b*ch and if any one is going to hell you will be first then haters like you so Ethiopia will continue to enjoy the freedom set by EPRDF

  14. TATEK
    | #14

    yikerbelen, i think you are talking about the democrtization of the ethiopian a lot of ethiopian and me too are not satisfied with. But that dose not give us any ground to be undemocratic and forward hate politik.
    i recommengd for you to start with the following points :

    1: Tolerance:
    Without tolerance, we cannot promote democratic ideals and help establish democratic institutions. Understand that individuals and groups have the right to be wrong. Provide constructive criticism when you can but always understand that they have right to be wrong.

    2. Respect for all peoples of Ethiopia

    Understand that Ethiopia is multi-ethnic nation. Without respect for all of its people we cannot create understanding among ethiopians and build civic nationalism. Civic nationalism the basis to build mature democracy – Civic nationalism provides a coherent view of a nation.

    3. Political groups need to present their view of governance to the Ethiopian people and test out their ideals. If the public did not accept it, understand that you are either misunderstood or ideal incompatible with the public ideals.

    4. In regard to political power sharing Let’s get rid-off the idea of “All or nothing”. I think that this idea has become chronic problem in advancing some democratic practice that has been gained through the sacrifices of Ethiopian public and political groups.

    This are some of the constractiv way of approching a democratica process for my test.
    Hate comes only from ignorance and poverty.
    Let God give us the wisdome to love Amen !!

  15. kendie
    | #15

    TATEK do you understand the meaning of your nickname “tatek” I leave that for you. You said “Kaliti not an alternative…” well I can guess you are against our Hero who sacrifice their cozy way of life and put in danger their existence by challenging the most cruel tyrant that our country never have had.
    My message above was to encourage the initiative of the young generation; I’m really sanded by this generation who is greedy, always on the look for someone to do the job for them.
    Mind you, the mercenary government in Addis Ababa is going to murder the elected peoples’ leaders under our watch… who cares’ life goes on as usual, that’s what you telling us, I suspect, you are one of the numerous paid wayane satellites.
    This is unprecedented in our country history, believe me they are not one of us, they are disguised under mask, where did you ever see a country leader no matter how bad is, slashing his own country selling it piece by piece. ETHIOPIA IS FOR SALE under wayane and LEGESSE ZENAWE and any price is good, and we are watching……. we want some miracle to take him down.
    I believe the previous military junta left bad scarce on the current generation mind set, fearful, careless, greedy, opportunist.
    Even though I’m toping the sixty’s I will feel responsible and guilty if these well educated clean purpose full individual, who stands for the people of Ethiopia assassinated by these murderers who high jacked our Ethiopia.
    It will be a shame and time will judge us all without exception.


  16. kendie
    | #16


  17. | #17

    Let us work together to bring peace,democracy and a better future. We have said a lot about the Hailesilassie regime when Derg wanted to take over. The same about Derg when Woyanne wnated to take power. Why can’t we learn from the past and do better than those that have passed before us.It is just a matter of time before this government is replaced.Hate and division is not going to get us no where.How about true reconciliation just like South Africa.

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