Teddy Afro in Boston

April 20th, 2010 Print Print Email Email


  1. Mezgebe Berhe
    | #1

    Can you please organize a musica-mishit to raise money for the Medrek?
    We should do this all over the USA!

  2. Go Medrek
    | #2

    Medrek is the best political idea since Kinijit!

  3. tedla
    | #3

    ahun degmo be teddy seme linegede new yebertukan alebekan bilon ere tinshim bihone enefer eyewashachu ye medrek sebseba raise liyarege new ateblu newer new please leave alone teddy he is our hero .

  4. helina
    | #4

    teddy teddy we can’t wait we plan to drive all the way from NH

  5. Binyam
    | #5

    all Ethiopians should come and attend this special evening with our beloved Teddy Afro. This is our opportunity to thank him for his courage and profesional contribution in advancing love and unity among Ethiopians. See you all there on May 1, 2010.

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