“ Medrek Develops a New Political Culture in Ethiopia” Medrek Officials. By Mhahidere- Andinet

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Atlanta, Georgia: A high level delegation of Medrek, a coalition of eight political parties, stated last Saturday in Atlanta that the party is striving to develop and nurture a new political culture in the life of Ethiopian political arena—a culture based on the principles of co-existence and the ability to accommodate each other’s opposing views. (more…)

Atlanta, Georgia: A high level delegation of Medrek, a coalition of eight political parties, stated last Saturday in Atlanta that the party is striving to develop and nurture a new political culture in the life of Ethiopian political arena—a culture based on the principles of co-existence and the ability to accommodate each other’s opposing views.

Members of the delegation who are currently on a working tour in North America arrived in Atlanta on Thursday April 15, 2010 and addressing the Atlanta community explained at length the prime objective and mission of one year old Medrek. The high level Medrek delegation includes engineer Gizachew Shiferaw, assistant president of Andinet party, Dr. Negasso Gidada, the ex- president of Ethiopia and Ato Gebru Asrat, former member of TPLf and former Chief Administrator of Tigrai region.

Since its very inception, Medrek has strived to bring under one umbrella other parties who believe and uphold the unity and territorial integrity of the Ethiopia. Members who at one time enlisted in opposing political parties are now working hand–in-hand for the betterment of the county and establishment of genuine democracy in Ethiopia, the officials stated.

The officials who openly admitted that we Ethiopians lack the ability to work together stressed the need going forward to develop understanding one another for a common goal. To this end, they called upon every Ethiopian to follow the new political culture outlined by Medrek.

The officials further stated that the diverse composition of the delegation as well as representatives within the rank and file of Medrek speak a lot by itself asserting the policy that the party stands for.

The meeting that lasted for more than three hours was opened with a solemn moment of silence in honor of those who sacrificed their lives while fighting against one of the worst tyrant regimes in Africa and for thousands of other political prisoners including Birtukan Medeksa, president of Andinet Party who is still languishing at the notorious Kaliti prison, serving life sentence.

During the question and answer session, Medrek executives re-iterated once again that to form good governance and resolve the complex socio-economic problems of Ethiopia, peaceful struggle is the only viable way of bringing the desired change n Ethiopia.

The trio sited the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of South Africa as a time-tested model which can be applied to Ethiopia, if we need to advance and create a society that lives in peace and harmony.

Referring to the forthcoming election, Medrek officials re-affirmed that the best way to address and reach out the general public is to make use of the opportunity, albeit small, created by the government.

Earlier on Friday members of the delegation had a meeting with the Honorable Tyron Brooks, a member of Georgia House of Representative and Joseph Beasley Regional Coordinator of Rainbow Coalition.

Mr Brook, a renowned civil rights veteran and president of Georgia Black Elected Officials (GABEO) recently appealed to president Barak Obama and Mrs Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State to use their good offices and exert maximum effort to free Birtukan , an icon of human rights movements and civil liberty in Ethiopia.

During the meeting, the Ethiopian delegation briefed US officials about the current political and economic situation of the country. The honorable Tyron Brooks re-assured the delegation GABEO’s stance and promised to double their efforts to free Birtukan and support the Ethiopian people in their struggle for long lasting peace, equality and respect of human rights.

Both parties agreed to establish a permanent institutionalized linkage between them to reassure continuity of the joint struggle for the respect of human rights and rule of law in Ethiopia.

Video clips on the on-going political debates among the various parties were screened before and in-between the meeting showing the outstanding courage and the unflinching stand of participants from Medrek, exposing the ill-conceived and irresponsible nature of the ruling party, right at the heart of the battlefield—Ethiopia.

Those who watched the clips found the courage and commitment of the opposition parties beyond comprehension and at the same time were able to gauge the magnitude and level of dedication and sacrifice being paid by these heroic members of the opposition parties 24/7 right in the face of despotic regime in Addis Ababa.

The clips also created an opportunity for most of the attendees to see and examine themselves and question their share in the struggle to fulfill the wishes and aspiration of the Ethiopian people to live in harmony, peace and freedom.

When the former leaders of kinijit came to Atlanta three years ago, soon after they were released for prison, the Atlanta gathering was greeted with a flashing” V” sign—a sign used to herald victory –by then “V” was the official symbol of Kinijit.

Unlike in the past, Atlantan Ethiopians this time were greeted by top officials of Medrek with a high-five – a hand being the official symbol of Medrek which is running for local and national election to be held next month throughout Ethiopia. The crowd in turn saluted members of the delegation raising their hands also in an expression of utmost respect and admiration for the sacrifice they pay.

At the end of the meeting a plaque was presented to the young but promising Medrek party in appreciation and recognition of its continued struggle to bring about a fundamental change in the country.

A flame symbolizing the dawning of a bright future with the birth of Medrek is engraved over the plaque, according to Ato Girmaye Gizaw chairman of the Atlanta Andinet Support Group. The flame represents the aspirations of the Ethiopian people who after 19 years of Dark Age under Meles Zenawi’s regime, begin seeing light at the end of the tunnel, Ato Girmaye added.

The Atlanta Chapter of Andinet support group housed by ever galvanized and exceedingly dedicated professionals have vowed to tirelessly contribute their fair share towards the on-going peaceful struggle to create a nation that renders equal opportunities to all its citizens. The chapter deserves appreciation for a job well done in organizing Medrek meeting last week in Atlanta.

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    Thius is good news! It is wons\dering as to what to do and how to tackle the problemds og the more than 80% uneducated poor farmers who can be easilit manipulated by the tyrants? Because if one sees the the composition ohf the population, 80% i.e., ca. 60 millions of the 84 millions are poor, uneducated, and easliy controlled bythe tyrant dictator. And yet, the constitution is even more controlled by the tyrant and . It Is good to try hard through opther countries governments and international organs or organisations which are very vital in supporting this dictator.

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    Majority of the population is deprived of basic education. Hence they can be controlled by the tyrant dictators.
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