International Society of Ethiopian Economists.

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A group of like-minded Ethiopian economists based in Europe (Germany), Asia (Japan) and The US have been engaged on the issue of how best to mobilize the large community of professional interest in the Ethiopian economy and synergize the dynamics of individual and group efforts at understanding its evolution; reflect on and evaluate possible developmental options; enhance research and create venue for their dissemination as well partnering with the Ethiopian Economic Association to assist and support the broadening and deepening of economic knowledge in Ethiopia.

For a better part of 2009 this group (the Working Group hereafter) evaluated alternatives and short-listed the best options and developed possible modalities capable of meeting these and related challenges.

After consultation with many; brainstorming among themselves, and taking due regard to the quantitative and qualitative critical mass of interest in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Economy residing abroad, the Working Group was convinced of the viability and benefit of creating a professional association.

The planned Society, tentatively referred to as “Society of International Ethiopian Economists” and “Society of Externally Based Ethiopian Economists” (the final selection of which rests with the General assembly) is wholly aimed at mobilizing economists and related professionals domiciled outside Ethiopia. It aims at supplementing and complimenting the home based Ethiopian Economic Association and is in no way intended to compete with it.

Motivated to and driven by the creation of the Society, the Working Group has so far:-

a) prepared draft constitution for perusal by potential members

b) created a web site

c) established an e-mail account

d) taken the first steps of populating the website with data and articles.

The Working Group feels it is has gone the distance of the possible on its part and invites interested persons to institutionalize the exercise and assume the responsibility for its management and further development.

To this end the Working Group proposes the following activities as part of the exercise to create the Society.

a) those interested should go to the provisional website of the society at:

b) download the draft Constitution

c) If, after going through the draft constitution you are interested, fill in the membership form ande-mail it to the Society.

Please note that this is a professional society. Presumed Membership is open to all interested individuals with a minimum of first degree. Full membership is limited to those with at least one degree in economics (broadly defined to include all areas of economics and statistics). All others would be accommodated as Associate Members.

In the meantime, the Working Group, in consultation with others would work towards organizing a one day Virtual Conference and General Assembly. The Conference would reflect on selected topic(s) of critical importance to the Ethiopian Economy and/or The Role of an Externally Based Professional Association in a country like Ethiopia and/or an appraisal of Economic Theory and Economic Development or all of the above.

The General Assembly comprising of to-that-date registered members would create and launch the Society.

Exact dates and further developments will be announced in due course.

Please visit your Society’s Website for information, news, questions, and development hereafter.

The Working Group.

  1. tewbel
    | #1

    What about the Ethiopian Economic Association ?

    Are they affiliates or working together ?

  2. Yonas
    | #2

    This is a good news! Keep it up!

  3. Qum-Neguer
    | #3

    This is a wonderful news. Such an Association could be of great benefit to Ethiopia if the Association will focus on the right vision, strategy, action program and performance measures.

    Among the items that are currently causing a great deal of confusion but which could be clarified by the Association are claims by the current Ethiopian regime about GDP grow rates and other development achievements.

    The Association could strengthen transparency in Ethiopia thereby being a watchdog for the benefit of the Ethiopian people.

    Major issues such as the on-going rampant corruption being perpetrated by the regime whose party owns over 80 companies, the utilization of land and fertilizer products for political purposes, the prevalence of a grinding poverty and endemic diseases in Ethiopia could be disected and analysed by the Association with recommended practical solutions.

    Best wishes.

  4. Negussu
    | #4

    The website is not responding.

    As internet explorer cannot display the page I was unable to see the draft constitution.

  5. Yinegal
    | #5

    Dear Negussu,

    The website has to be
    and not I think it is an error.

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