[Part Two] The Rebirth of Ethiopia: Medrek the Winner – By Tecola W. Hagos – Removed

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This article has been removed for some of its offensive remarks!

  1. tewbel
    | #1

    A compliment from Tedla Hagos could pass for an obtuary.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    I thank Prof. Tecola hagos for his outstanding summary, for highlighting the salient features and symbolic significance of the Medrek meeting in DC. People like Tewbel should learn to grow up.

  3. Alelegn
    | #3

    Bravo Ethiopian Intellectuals. Show us the way like this.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    Why Is the author reporting the outcome of the conference from the point of view of UDJP, wearing two hats: one for ethnic agenda and the other for national agenda, mostly with the new members, who surfaced to the top. Do those view points represent the other 7 parties.

  5. Tedros Alula
    | #5

    Wonderful analysis prof. Tecola. I really appreciate for your positive thinking and a very nice obsevation. I would like to use this opportunity to call other intelectuals to follow his motivating steps.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    In the absence of editorial comment and news ankormen from ethiomedia,and/or Abugidainfo, the author is serving as commentary and ankerman on “the process of unity Medrek created in the opposition” and question answer session in part II. What unity is he talking about, the coalition of ethnic-based parties? Would he have said the same thing about about KAEUP from his knowledge on their website presentations and their attempts to rally the Diaspora for unity of Ethiopia, rather than unity of loyalist opposition parties and the question answer session by the three ex-TPLF/edprdf officials and one ex-aeup official as a resolition to the crises to ethnic and seccessionist politics and policies brought about by TPLF/eprdf and the ones sustaining it, and/or the struggle for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopians will be restored by way liberal ideology/democracy to the silent majority of Ethiopians.

  7. Why
    | #7

    Dear Abugida,


    Professor Tecola regrets ‘offensive remark’
    Letter to the Editor | April 25, 2010

    Dear Abugdida, Did Prof. Tecola wrote his regret to Abugida?

    “….Thus, the April 18 Medrek Conference is drastically different in its composition than the three-day Symposium of a few weeks back of April 7-9, 2010. At that Symposium the stage was managed by one ethnic group and the attendees were overwhelmingly from that same ethnic group. There was very limited effort to bring together all the members of the diverse population of Ethiopia. In fact, there was an active effort to exclude some scholars from participating that forum. The number of Tigrayans or Oromos as participants or as members of the audience was very limited.”

  8. Guest
    | #8

    ‘The rebirth of Ethiopia’! This writer is really a good comedian. He can’t help showing his ecstasy thinking that Siye and co. are going to provide the required safe landing for the existing minority government in case things go wrong. Dr Tekola is so preoccupied with ethnicity that he has lost all the intellectual rationale to put things in perspective. MEDREK is not different from EPRDF, even if it was, it won’t bring any change in Ethiopian politics through the coming election.

  9. aha!
    | #9

    Guest! Thank you for the meeting of the minds between you and me. All this effort is to dampen the advance KAEUP is making on the home front and put the silent majority of Ethiopians to choose between Ato Siye and Prime Minister Melse Zenawi. Fom what we know and understand from the Article by Ethiopian American Org?, TPLF/eprdf has clamped down the opposition in every front, including Medrek. The very chance they have is to take away votes from KAEUP and others from the Amahara region throurough UDJP for Medrek, and Rival Meles as UDJP candidate for Medrek from Tigrai region. Nothing more, nothing less, with no chance to overpower TPLF/eprdf regime, but to maintain a sizeable seats in the bicameral chamber of parliament by the coalition of loyalist opposition parties. It is all the same, where both sides persuasivly present their their positions.A stay in power of eprdf and efdr is baffling to me and to the silent majority of Ethiopians.

  10. ተኩዋለ
    | #10

    ዶ.ር ተኮላ ሀጎስ – ታረጁ አይበጁ!

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